Sister and brother having fun | Widow Sister Sex Story Part-2

Sister and brother having fun | Widow Sister Sex Story Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Sister and brother having fun | Widow Sister Sex Story Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it.

In the first part of my Widow Sister Sex Story, I learned that the thirst of my widowed sister’s body was being quenched by her father-in-law’s cock, which I saw and I started plotting to fuck my sister.

Now forward:

As soon as the first peg was over, the sister’s father-in-law said – Daughter, your brother will forgive both of us… but he has a condition. He wants to fuck you once as per your wish. My sister was already ready… so she did not hesitate and agreed to support us.

Meanwhile, the phase of the second peg started. Didi’s father-in-law started narrating the story of how he had molested my sister two years back. I will tell that story later in my second sex story.

While talking like this, it was one o’clock in the night and my cock stood up from my night dress and started showing them both. All three of us finished drinking and started peeing in the bathroom. Earlier my sister and father-in-law had gone, so both of them were urinating. I followed him to the bathroom.

Both of them started coming back after urinating. Father-in-law and sister were naked, I stopped sister and started urinating by taking out my cock. I started pouring all my urine on the top of my sister’s pussy. She also kept enjoying my hot urine. Then he cleaned himself and all three of us entered the room.

Then I took out the tablet that I had brought and gave it to his father-in-law and told him that if you want to enjoy the real pleasure of sex… then take it. Then my prostitute sister shehnaaz set my and her father-in-law’s bed together. We all came to bed.

Now both of us started sucking our shehnaaz Randi’s boobs. I was sucking one milk and his father-in-law was sucking one. My sister also took both of our cocks in her hand and started moving back and forth. I was also moving back and forth by putting my finger in sister’s pussy and the water from that pussy, which used to get on my finger, was sucking that finger by giving it in her mouth.

In this way, while sucking didi’s boobs, I started sucking her lips too. Started groping his tongue with his tongue and started giving spit off his mouth in his mouth. That’s why sister’s father-in-law put his mouth near sister’s smooth pussy. He started licking her wet pussy.

After some time my cock was ready to fuck my slutty sister’s pussy. I also wanted to kick my sister’s ass. I told her to come on my whore sister… now lie down straight. … Today your brother will put his cock in your pussy and that too without a condom … and will fuck you with fun. She also got excited and said- Yes brother… take fuck your sister’s pussy… and fill it with your semen and make me cool.

While swinging drunk, I said to sister’s father-in-law – Come on, gandu … spread your daughter-in-law’s legs wide and put my cock on her pussy. Father-in-law did exactly the same and set my cock on the mouth of my sister’s wet pussy. When I hit a tight shot, my cock slipped and went to the side.

His father-in-law set my cock again and kept it stuck inside the pussy. Just a strong push… Together the effect of alcohol and the bullet worked. The cock went on entering my pussy lying naked like a mast. Didi also sighed and said- ah, today for the first time a long cock has hit me… I enjoyed it.

I was also having a lot of fun. My sister also started taking my cock by lifting her ass. ‘Ummh… ahhh… hay… yah…’ It was as if a flood had come into Didi’s pussy. My sister was also raising her ass saying wow brother… what a cool cock… it is going till the navel… and I am having a lot of fun too.

That’s why sister’s father-in-law didn’t know what thought that he came close and put his cock in my sister’s mouth and started asking her to suck cock. My sister was also sucking her father-in-law’s cock like a whore.

I was also taking the cock inside and out of sister’s pussy with my speed. That’s why I thought that today I should give the pleasure of two cocks to this slutty sister of mine. Sucking the flame of sister’s ear, I said in her ear – will you take two cocks in your pussy? He also replied yes. I told him – come on me.

She came on top of me, took the cock back in her pussy, and sat on top of me. I kept pushing from below. Didi’s pussy was getting so wet that its water flowed and wet my eggs. I indicated to sister’s father-in-law that he should also set his cock and put it in her pussy after coming from behind.

The father-in-law started looking at me with surprise and started looking at his daughter-in-law as well… as if he is taking permission from her to put another one too? I said in a drunken state – what does the Bhosdi see… put your cock in her pussy… and you too start.

He also came from behind and started trying to insert another cock in my sister’s pussy. I could feel his cock on my cock. I made my sister lie on top of me and by taking my hands behind her from both sides, I made her pussy a little wider. That’s why my sister also helped in getting father-in-law’s cock inside.

As soon as the father-in-law saw a little way, he put the cock in the pussy, due to which my sister screamed and she started asking to take out the cock. I told them – have some patience… and leave your pussy loose. There will be some pain, but later it will be fun.

I put the mouth of the liquor bottle kept nearby to Didi’s mouth and asked her to take two big sips. Didi took two sips of neat liquor and after that took the third sip and made me drink it by touching my mouth. Didi had started feeling less pain due to intoxication and she loosened her pussy completely.

Then the father-in-law spits a little and slowly put his cock completely in the pussy. Now two cocks were going together in my sister’s pussy. In the beginning, there was some problem, but gradually she tolerated both the cocks, and now she was also enjoying them.

I asked softly in Didi’s ear – Are you having fun? She also said – nothing will happen to me with two… If there was a third one, she would have taken that too. I said – even prostitutes cannot provide such service, sister, where did you learn from? He said – Sometimes you have given me a chance to serve.

All three of us started enjoying the fuck while laughing. For about fifteen minutes we kept going back and forth and made sister’s pussy a bhosda. Now the sounds of Pach Pach and Sur Sur were coming from Didi’s pussy and she was also enjoying herself.

After some time, his father-in-law had to take out his goods, so he asked – where should I take them out? Didi said – leave all the water in the pussy. Father-in-law also did the same. I also felt the water of his cock. Because of the water, the pussy became very greasy and my cock started moving in and out at full speed.

When I put one finger in shehnaaz didi’s ass hole, she giggled and started enjoying that too. I took the finger back out and wet it with water from her pussy and put it back in the ass. This time the finger moved easily. In this way, ten more minutes of fucking went on. Then she fell like a fountain and a lot of water came out of Didi’s pussy.

I also took out my cock from sister’s pussy and gave it to sister’s mouth to suck it. I started sucking cocks from sister. She was also sucking the cocks in such a way… like sucking candy. Meanwhile, my cream started falling into Didi’s mouth. Didi did not let even a drop of cock juice go waste. He drank all the goods.

I fell on the bed and started to relax. She also fell naked in between us and started taking a rest. After a while, we got up and went to the bathroom and after taking a good bath came out together and started trying to sleep. I was not able to sleep. Didi’s father-in-law was also not feeling well. I gestured to my father-in-law to the other room and we both had a drink.

I asked him – did you enjoy it? He also laughed and shook his head yes. I asked – should there be one more round? He said – yes why not. Actually, I wanted to kick shehnaaz didi’s ass. Her father-in-law was similarly affected by sex power pills and alcohol.

I went back to the room, woke up shehnaaz didi, and started kissing her on the lips… also started kissing on the neck. Because of this she also started getting excited. Then didi’s father-in-law also came and started caressing her boobs, hips, and pussy. Shahnaaz didi also started crying and supporting us.

Both of us i.e. me and her father-in-law got excited and started tearing shehnaaz didi’s clothes apart from her body. Started pressing their boobs and butts loudly. Meanwhile, I took out Didi’s bra and panty and threw them away. Now she was completely naked. I also took off my clothes. My tinkling cock came out and started saluting my sister’s pussy.

I picked up sister and by sticking to my body put cock in her pussy from below. I started fucking my sister while standing. Seeing this, her father-in-law also got excited and started trying to insert his cock in her pussy from behind. He soon put the cock in the pussy.

Now after some time, I took shehnaaz didi down and made her stand behind me with the help of a table. Now I asked sister’s father-in-law to bring the oil. My sister started getting nervous and started pleading – no, not back. Do as much as you want to do.

But where was I supposed to listen? Till then father-in-law came with a bottle of oil and I applied a lot of oil on my thick cock. Put some oil in Didi’s ass hole as well. Then he put his two fingers in her ass and started moving back and forth.

On the other hand, her father-in-law had put a finger in her pussy. They started moving their fingers back and forth in Didi’s pussy, due to which a lot of water started coming out of Didi’s pussy and she started hankering to get the cock back.

At the same time, I put my cock in sister’s ass in one stroke and took it down to the root. When she started screaming in pain from the sudden attack, her father-in-law put his cock in her open mouth. I slowly started pushing cocks in sister’s ass. At the same time, he started caressing her pussy with one hand.

After fucking like this for a while, all three of us came to our beds and I lay down. shehnaaz didi set her ass hole on my cock and came on top of me. His father-in-law put cock in shehnaaz’s pussy and came over shehnaaz and started fucking her.

Extending my hand forward, I was also pressing Didi’s mother and at the same time was kissing her neck. His father-in-law was also drinking his daughter-in-law’s milk and kissing on the lips. It seemed as if two pistons were going in and out simultaneously in two holes of a machine. The intoxicating sounds of sex were also coming out very well.

Similarly, after twenty-five minutes of steamy sex, my sister left her water and started getting tired. That’s why her father-in-law also left his water in her fluttering pussy. I also put two to four strong blows in her ass and filled all my goods in Didi’s ass. Even after falling, my cock was still erect.

That’s why she came down from above me and lay down with her pussy open. That’s why I suddenly got urine, so I filled the cock in sister’s pussy and started peeing as soon as I put it inside. After some time, his father-in-law also put his penis urine on the sister’s pussy.

Then all three of us lay naked on the same bed. I fell asleep by putting my finger on my sister’s bosom. In the morning his daughter woke up all three of us… then we all woke up with a commotion and put on our clothes. Then on the second day, whenever my cock was erect, I hit my sister’s pussy and ass with all my might. Made him drink his urine twice and also drank his.

Friends, this was the story of my Widow Sister Sex Story… How did you like it, please mail me?

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