Hot Sex Adventure With My College Friend – College Fuck Story

Hot Sex Adventure With My College Friend – College Fuck Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Hot Sex Adventure With My College Friend: College Fuck Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in the College Fuck Story that while studying in college, I became friends with a very handsome boy. Once I fell ill, he took me to the doctor. What happened on the way?

Friends, I am Simran, first let me tell you about myself.
I am 21 years old.

If I talk about my figure, I am a girl with a very voluptuous body. My size is 36-32-38. I have very full boobs and a prominent ass.

If any boy sees me, he keeps looking at me for a few minutes.

This incident happened to me a year ago when I was in college. At that time I did not talk to anyone much.

One day I bumped into a boy.
It was his fault so he said sorry to me.

When I saw him, I don’t know why I automatically felt like talking to him.

I told him- Oh sorry, leave it. It was my mistake too. In this way, I also had a little hello-hi conversation with him. (College Fuck Story)

Then we both went our separate ways after knowing a little about each other. That day I was sitting in the college library when suddenly he appeared to me again.

He was also looking at me. When our eyes met, I smiled. He immediately came closer to my desk.

Then we both talked and learned a lot about each other. After that, something happened and we both started studying together and having lunch together.

I don’t know when I started hanging out with him after class, I lost all consciousness. Gradually we both became very good friends.

I should tell my friends about him so that they start having sensations in their pussies too.

His height is 6 feet 4 inches, he has a gym body, and he looks very good. Any girl can get settled with him in a minute, like I did.

Then one day my health suddenly deteriorated and I was admitted to the hospital. I called him and told him – Hitesh, I am not well.

He did all the information and he immediately brought his car. Even though my health was fine, he was not agreeing.

He took me to another doctor. After getting everything OK from there, he started taking me back.

Then when we were returning, he suddenly applied the brakes of the car. When I fell forward, he put his hand in front of my chest to save me.

My boobs got pressed by his hand.

I had never seen him this way before but then the lust within me had awakened. Something had happened inside him too, but I did not say anything.

Both of us had kind of ignored that thing.

Then while changing the gear of the car, he was touching my boobs and sometimes he would touch my thighs. (College Fuck Story)

I was already having a very strong sexual desire and the desire to take the penis was becoming stronger.

He started driving me more crazy.

I also thought why not take advantage of the opportunity? I just do it if I like it. What will happen to me if I have sex with him?

Now I had made up my mind and could not stop him. I also moved my hands on his thighs as if I needed his support.

If I get a shock due to braking again, I can use its support to stop myself from falling.

Now as soon as my hand reached his thighs, he understood. After driving some distance, he stopped the car at a deserted place.

I looked at him and smiled lightly. He also smiled, held me with his hand pulled me towards him and started kissing me.

I was also supporting him.

While kissing, he was sometimes pressing my boobs and sometimes caressing my Big Ass. I was kissing him like crazy and moving my hands in his hair.

After a few moments, Hitesh said – Simran, get up and come in my lap. When I opened the gate and went to him, he made me sit on him.

He had to stretch his seat back.
I was sitting with my face towards his face.

We both started lip kissing.

Sometimes they would kiss each other’s cheeks… and sometimes they would bite each other’s cheeks. Sometimes I would kiss his neck… and sometimes he would press my boobs with his hands.

I was feeling very good.

In between he was also spanking on my ass.

After some time Hitesh got up and took me to the back seat. He made me lie down on the seat and took off my shirt. (College Fuck Story)

My boobs were showing the black bra. He went crazy after seeing my fair boobs encased in a black bra.

You also think about how the 36-size white boobs of a young girl will look in a black bra… will the penis become erect or not?

Hitesh said – Simran, why have I never seen you like this before today… What a piece of shit you are, man… You could have enjoyed it every day.

I pulled his mouth and placed it on my boobs and said – Now enjoy, my lover.

I was rubbing his face between my boobs and he was pressing both my boobs very hard with both his hands.

I was feeling pain too, but I was enjoying it more. The only sounds coming out of my mouth were ‘Ah ah ah Hitesh, please take it easy…’.

But he did not stop. Now where was he going to leave my tight and Big Boobs that had fallen into his hands?

Then he took out my boobs from my bra and started sucking one and massaging the other.

He was busy making pudding of both my boobs one by one and was pulling my nipples with his mouth full.

Friends, when a girl’s boobs are sucked, the juice starts dripping from her pussy. This was what was happening between my legs.

Juice started flowing from the pussy and started wetting the underwear and the only sound coming out of my mouth was ‘ah ah Hitesh’.

He was also kissing my boobs and lips in between. The tongues of both of us also started giving pleasure.

Then suddenly there came the sound of a car moving at a high speed.

That car came back after going some distance and a voice came from it saying, Brother, let me know if you need me. (College Fuck Story)

By then both of us had recovered our senses and separated.

That car moved ahead suddenly.

We both sat eating Sanaka for a minute, then looked at each other and laughed. Now I wear my clothes. My shirt was a little torn while taking it off, but it was so fine that it could be worn.

Hitesh started the car.

But by now my pussy was on fire. I was yearning for his cock. His penis was also becoming very tight, it was visible through his pants.

I couldn’t control myself and started moving my hand on his penis.
He was also going crazy.

Then I opened his pants and took out my penis from his underwear.

I got scared as soon as I saw his penis… it was so thick and long… it must have been at least 7 inches long and 3 inches thick.

After taking out the penis, I was moving my hand up and down on it.

Then Hitesh asked me to suck his penis. Before I could say anything, he held my head and pressed it on his penis.

I also immediately took his penis into my mouth. Now he was driving the car and I was sucking his penis.

His eyes were also closing in pleasure; A sigh was coming out of his mouth also. He was pressing my head with one of his hands.

I took his entire penis in my mouth. I liked his taste so much that even today when I think of his penis, I remember its taste in my mouth.

Then we came to a friend’s room.
His friend had gone out somewhere.
The friend said that the key was under the pot.

We both came there.
There was no one in the flat.

We both took advantage of the opportunity and went inside. I lay down on the bed; He quickly locked the gate and came inside.

As soon as he came inside, he kissed me and we both started taking off each other’s clothes.
Started kissing each other’s bodies.

He had also removed my bra.

He took both my boobs in his possession and started playing with them.

He was sucking one in his mouth and squeezing the other one.
I was only in panties.

I also removed his underwear and started sucking his penis again.
I was showing him my ass by shaking it. (College Fuck Story)

He was spanking on my ass again and again. Whenever he would put a finger in my pussy, I would start sucking his dick even harder.

Then both of us reached the stage of 69.
He took me upon himself.
He was licking my Tight Pussy and I was sucking his cock.

After some time, he made me lie straight came on top of me and started kissing me as soon as he came. Then I don’t know when he inserted his penis in my pussy. (College Fuck Story)

A very loud scream came out of my mouth but he continued kissing.

I started crying.
He was not pushing.

When I stopped crying, he started pushing.
He started pushing harder.
Aah aah aah Hitesh’s voice was coming out of my mouth.

He was fucking me while sucking my boobs… and making a hole in my pussy by thrusting fast. After some time, we both calmed down, kissed each other hugged each other and slept naked.

When I opened my eyes after about an hour, he was licking my pussy.
Hot friend sex started again.

This time he asked me to ride his dick. I rode the cock with pleasure and made my lover drink my boobs.

After having sex that day, I don’t know how many times I have been fucked by Hitesh.

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