Widow Sister and brother having fun | Widow Sister Sex Story

Widow Sister and brother having fun | Widow Sister Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Widow Sister and brother having fun | Widow Sister Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Friends, my name is Rishab and I am from Ahmedabad. When I read the sex stories of Invasion, I loved it. I felt that there could be no better platform than this to express my point of view. That’s why I also felt that I should also tell my real sex story to you guys today.

I and my family have two sisters. I am the youngest, my elder sister Ridhima is 35 years old and she is married in Ahmedabad only. She lives in the village near our village. The other sister is Shehnaaz, who is 32 years old. He was also married, but my brother-in-law had died in an accident. I had gone outside Ahmedabad due to a job.

After the death of my brother-in-law, I always used to take care of my widowed sister who is elder than me. My sister, her five-year-old daughter, and her father-in-law live together. The last time when I went to Ahmedabad, I thought that if I stay at this sister’s house for two days, she will also like it.

When I went to her house, she was cooking food in the kitchen. I saw that my sister was looking amazing. At that time, she was wearing leggings and skin tight kurta, from which the roundness of her thirty-six-size big breasts was clearly visible and a thin lane was also visible between the nipples, which was going straight till the navel.

Underneath her leggings, her smooth legs were showing in such a way that anyone’s penis could stand erect.

After getting the sound of someone’s arrival, she turned… and seeing me happily said – Hey brother Rishab, when did you come… and how are you? I told them that I had just arrived … and was all right. Then we talked for a while. His father-in-law was sitting with the neighbor near the house.

After some time they also came and then we had dinner together. His house had a kitchen, a bedroom, and a small room to keep luggage. There was a big room in which those people used to sleep. There was no double bed in his house. Since my sister, her daughter, and her father-in-law used to live in the house, she did not like that all of them should sleep on the same bed.

After having food, we talked for a while. By now it was eleven o’clock the night. My sister said – It’s been a long night… We should go to sleep. I make the bed, My sister put my bed on one side and her father-in-law’s bed in the middle, and she and her daughter’s bed together on one side.

Around one o’clock in the night, I heard some sound, which woke me up. From the thin sheet I had covered, I saw that my sister was sleeping on her father-in-law’s bed in a nightgown. At first, I was shocked to see that my sister’s father-in-law makes her sleep with him.

Then I thought that it might be an agreement from the sister’s side to satisfy all this physical hunger. Even then today both of them were lying silently together like this for fear of waking me up. All these thoughts were rapidly filling my mind with anger… and seeing the two of them lying together, I was on fire.

A thought came into my mind that I should slap my sister’s father-in-law right now. After seeing my sister for a few moments, sex started rising in my mind and again I thought that maybe my sister likes the company of her father-in-law… after all, after the death of her husband, she also had sex with men. be needed

Thinking all this, I also kept lying like this and kept taking stock of my sister’s intoxicated body. Then after some twenty minutes, my sister sat down and took off her father-in-law’s night dress. Then she started sucking her father-in-law’s dead cock.

However, then his father-in-law said softly – Shehnaaz let it be today, if your brother wakes up, then there will be a problem. But my sister said – no, I want it today. She started sucking his cock with great enthusiasm. My sister’s father-in-law also started getting hot and he started pressing her mother.

Within a short while, his father-in-law’s cock became tight. That’s why my sister took out a condom from under the pillow and put it on her father-in-law’s cock and kissed it and lay down beside her with her legs open. Then her father-in-law climbed on top of her and asked my sister to raise her legs.

My sister raised both her legs up. When my sister’s legs got up, her pussy mouth opened and her father-in-law pushed his entire cock inside my sister’s pussy in one shot. A slight ummah… ahh… hi… yah… came out of my sister’s mouth and she ate her father-in-law’s cock.

Her father-in-law also started moving the cock back and forth. They started taking out their entire cocks inside the pussy. My elder sister was going ‘aaa aah oh…’. After some time, her father-in-law stopped like this by inserting cock in her pussy. I felt that his juice was about to come, so he stopped. But they weren’t over yet.

This is also done in the middle of sex by an experienced man because when the juice is about to come, the man often stops. Due to this, its juice also stops from coming out. Now father-in-law started enjoying my sister’s body. He started pressing my sister’s breasts and started sucking like a mango.

After a minute, he started pushing her in the pussy from the back. Then in a few minutes, my sister started falling. As soon as she came to her peak, she started taking the whole cock in her pussy by bouncing her ass. She might have started falling. That’s why my father-in-law’s cock also started falling into my sister’s pussy. After a minute they both calmed down.

The father-in-law took out his cock from my sister’s pussy and kissed my sister’s smooth pussy and said – Now take out her umbrella and clean it. My sister took out the condom on his cock and then cleaned the cock with a cloth. After some time they both fell asleep at their respective places.

The other day, when my sister’s father-in-law went to the market to buy vegetables, I wanted to talk to my sister about similar things. After talking to him here and there, I asked him – should I ask one thing? He said – yes ask! I said very clearly – it’s been four years since my brother-in-law’s death, so after that, you don’t need sex?

On my question, Didi blushed and said – Damn it… don’t talk like that. I said – Didi, I am also a married man, so I can understand you. She didn’t say anything about my words. I said – Sister, don’t take my words otherwise, I have seen with my own eyes what happened last night.

She was surprised to hear my words and started asking – what did you see? I said – Don’t be… Now you tell me whether you do all that with them of your own free will or they do it by force? She took a deep breath and said that she had hugged me just on a festival day, but after many years a man’s body was touched, so I also hugged him.

Then we both got heated and then this happened. I wanted all this too. Either I would go out to get it… and if someone saw it, I would feel very bad. That’s why I thought it is better that the matter of the house remains at home. All this happens only with the mutual consent of both of us. Please don’t tell this anyone.

I said- I am talking right now… So I can understand but don’t you mind, I am so hot after seeing and hearing all this… that I can’t stand it anymore. My sister understood my lust and she laughed and said – Ok you promise me that you will not tell anything about me and my father-in-law to anyone, then brother, I will give you a chance too.

I said laughing – what should I not tell anyone? She started saying that was the talk of the night! Teasing them, I said – what is the matter… just tell it openly, won’t you? He said in a suppressed voice – Sex talk with father-in-law! I said – speak in native Hindi?

Now he puffed up his chest like a prostitute and said – a matter of pussy-fucking with my father-in-law. I also said – if I also get that pussy to fuck, then I will not tell anyone. Didi said- Ok… but you can do it when my father-in-law is not at home. I said- No… Will have sex together tonight and will do it in front of your father-in-law.

My sister said – this cannot happen. I said – you just tell me that you want to fuck in front of them? On this, he shook his neck in yes with a whore’s laugh and said- every pussy lover likes young cocks, if you can juggle something… then I am ready to fuck both of your cocks. I also have a great desire to enjoy sex with two at the same time.

After listening to the warm words of my sister, I cannot describe what was the condition of my cock in my pant at that time. I said – you do one thing, like last night you guys fuck even today. At the same time, I will suddenly wake up and then hold both of you red-handed and start shouting what is all this happening? This will embarrass your father-in-law and then your father-in-law will have to do what I say.

Didi understood the whole story and started kissing me by hugging me. I said while churning sister’s milk – just then all three of us will have fun together. Didi agreed while separating from me. I said – today we will all have a party before the time of disclosure. After this, we will enjoy sex. Didi shook my cock and said ok and pushed me and asked me to leave.

I went out while caressing my cock and lit a cigarette and started thinking about my widowed sister’s pussy. Then I went to the market for a while and started roaming around caressing my cock. While coming back from the market, I took two sex power pills and a bottle of whiskey and came home.

According to our plan, after having dinner at night, we all went to sleep after turning off the lights. There was only one zero-watt bulb burning in the room, so not much… but we could definitely see each other. After some time we all fell asleep and then after about forty minutes, as soon as the father-in-law of my prostitute sister felt that there is no problem now, he got naked and started shaking his cock and showing it to my sister.

My sister also got up and sat on his bed. She started caressing his cock by holding it in her hand. Then she started sucking her father-in-law’s cock in her mouth. Due to this, his father-in-law’s cock started shaking completely, and standing towards the sky, he started saluting. My prostitute sister started sucking her father-in-law’s cock with a full mouth.

Her father-in-law slowly started taking off her sister’s clothes as well and brought her only in panty and a bra. Seeing all this, my condition was getting worse. That’s why the sister’s father-in-law also removed her bra and panty and started sucking while kissing and pressing the sister’s mom. Slowly going through the stomach, he started licking and sucking my sister’s pussy with his tongue.

This made my sister sob. That’s why, while pretending to wake up from sleep, I shouted loudly – Shehnaaz Didi, what are you doing? They both suddenly separated… That’s why I got up and switched on the light and caught both of them red-handed. I started looking at him in astonishment.

Both of them started looking at me with fear and were not even capable of saying anything. In a fit of anger, I slapped my sister’s father-in-law hard and said to him – You would have taken care of your age… Aren’t you ashamed of doing this with a daughter-in-law as old as your daughter?

Frightened by this, my sister’s father-in-law caught hold of my feet and said – forgive me, I was deluded seeing your sister’s youth and made a mistake. I slapped my sister as well and said to her – Sister-in-law, you are not even ashamed of getting fucked by your father-in-law like your father-in-law.

Both of them were not able to say anything… They just fell at my feet and started apologizing and said whatever punishment you want to give, give us, but do not tell this thing to anyone. Meanwhile, my sister gave me a signal by winking. Being a little soft, I said to his father-in-law – I will forgive you… but after punishing him.

My sister said – Punish whatever you want… But brother, our shame is in your hands. Her father-in-law also became a bit normal and started looking at me with hopeful eyes. Meanwhile, my sister had picked up the sheet and put it on her body and she was trying unsuccessfully to hide her youth.

I looked at his father-in-law and asked him – since when has all this been going on? Fearing, he told – since two years. Lighting a cigarette, I said that I want to hear everything in detail. He didn’t say anything seeing me smoking. I told my sister that you also sit in front. But first bring three glasses, cold water, and some salt… We will all sit and talk while drinking.

My Father-in-law and my sister were silently looking at me. The father-in-law was not able to understand what to do and what not to do. Meanwhile, I pulled my sister’s sheet and asked her to go naked like this. As soon as my sister went inside… I told her father-in-law with a smile you don’t worry…

Today I also want to fuck this prostitute sister of mine. After listening to me, he also started laughing and said – what difference does it make to me. You too take a dip in its flowing river of youth. Till now my sister had also brought the goods. I made pegs by opening the liquor bottle and all three of us started putting the pegs.

The entire arrangement for the sex of my prostitute sister was made in some way, in which her father-in-law felt that he was the one who was guilty because of which his daughter-in-law i.e. my sister had to be fucked.

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