My Sali Seduce Me To Fuck Her Hard – Hot Sali Fuck Story

My Sali Seduce Me To Fuck Her Hard – Hot Sali Fuck Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “My Sali Seduce Me To Fuck Her Hard – Hot Sali Fuck Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Hot Sali Fuck Story of fucking my unmarried Sali’s pussy. I had sex with my Sali all night long in my in-laws’ house. I had a great trick on that winter night.

My name is Rupesh. I am currently 23 years old and I am preparing for govt. exam by staying in a hostel in Lucknow but I am married.

This incident happened to me in December which I am going to tell you today.

My maternal uncle’s son was getting married, so I left for the wedding the very next day after the exams were over.

My in-laws’ house was in a nearby village and my wife had come to her parents’ house when she was in her ninth month of pregnancy. (Hot Sali Fuck Story)

Due to exams, I could not meet my wife for 3 months. For this reason, I went from my maternal uncle’s house to my in-laws’ house.

In my in-law’s house, I have my mother-in-law, my two brothers-in-law and my Sali.
Both brothers-in-law live in a nearby city.

Because of this, only my in-laws, my wife and my Sali were at home.

Formal talks took place for some time.

After having dinner with everyone at night, at around 10 o’clock I went to sleep in another room.

Other people had gone to sleep in another room.

My bed was placed on the cot there. My Sali was also sleeping on the ground nearby.

She had a headache so I told her to sleep on the cot.

So she came to the cot.
I lay down.

Until then I had not had any bad thoughts about my Sali Sahiba, whose name is Dolly.
I couldn’t sleep so I started using my phone. (Hot Sali Fuck Story)

Dolly was having a headache so she got up and started applying Vicks on her head.

But her headache was not reducing so I told her – can I give you a head massage.
So she got down from the cot and came down.

It was winter time so she slept with her head in my lap and I started massaging.

While massaging my penis also started erecting. She also came to know about but she remained lying like this and started examining my penis.

After getting the massage done for a while, she lay back on the cot.

Now the thought of fucking her also started coming into my mind.

But I didn’t even want to take the initiative, so I started using the phone while lying down and Dolly was also looking at me while lying on the cot.

Now her pussy also started itching, so she got down from the cot and entered into my quilt and put her ass in contact with the penis.

Now I had got the signal from Dolly, so I also started massaging her boobs and kissing her neck.

And with this, light moans started coming out of her mouth.

Now my hands had reached her salwar while caressing her boobs.
I opened the hem of the salwar and lowered it to my knees.

She was wearing panty underneath, so I started caressing her pussy from inside the panties.
Her pussy was already getting wet.

I put one of my fingers in her pussy, as soon as the finger entered her pussy, her moans became louder and with this, I also pulled down her panty.

Then I also lowered my lower to my knees. Now my six inches long and 3 inches thick penis started rubbing against her pussy from behind.

Now Dolly’s pussy was also on fire and she started saying – Jiju, don’t torment me anymore, now put your cock in my pussy! (Hot Sali Fuck Story)

As soon as she said this, I came over to her and placed the tip of my penis on the mouth of her pussy.

Then I asked her – should I put my penis inside?
So she nodded her head yes.

Sensing that the hot bitch was ready for sex, I gave a slight jerk and half of the penis went into her Tight Pussy and a slight scream came out of her mouth.

But in time I placed my lips on her lips.

Now when I gave the second blow, the entire penis had gone into her pussy.

As soon as my penis entered Sali’s pussy, I knew that she is not a virgin.

When I asked her about her sex, at first she refused.
But when I asked again, she told me that she had been fucked twice before.

Now she was sighing slowly.

Slowly now I started moving my penis in her pussy and also pressing her big boobs.

After fucking for about ten minutes, her body started stiffening and her pussy released water and I started feeling the hot fountain on my penis.

Although I had not ejaculated yet, I continued fucking her pussy like this for five minutes.

Then I came to her side from behind and inserted my penis into her pussy from the side and started fucking her pussy from behind.

After fucking her from behind for about 10 minutes, I too was about to ejaculate, so my thrusts became more intense and with 20-25 thrusts, I took out my penis and spilt all my semen on her Big Ass.

That night I fucked her once more.

And now in the morning we both went to our respective beds and slept because everyone in the village wakes up early in the morning.

After that, I stayed there for one more night and I fucked her badly.

After that, I came back to Lucknow.

So, friends, this was the story of my Sali’s pussy fucking.
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