Fulfilled all my lust with my mom | Stepmom Sex Story

Fulfilled all my lust with my mom | Stepmom Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Fulfilled all my lust with my mom | Stepmom Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Stepmom sex story. One day I saw her naked doing video sex with a boy. So I also took advantage.

My name is Aman. I am from Lucknow. After the death of my real mother, my father remarried. My dad has his own business and he is always busy with his work and doesn’t give much time to mom. Dad leaves early in the morning for his business and has no fixed time to return.

My mom’s name is Shehnaaz, she is 44 years old and her figure is 36-32-38. Mom’s cool sexy boobs and raised ass look very hot. His complexion is also fair. My mom looks so sexy that even an old man’s penis gets erect seeing her. This Sex story is from the time when I was 23 years old.

Once upon a time, I was at home watching porn on my laptop in my room. At that time my cock was in full swing and I was masturbating. I didn’t know when mom came to my room because I had headphones on. Mom saw me masturbating along with watching porn. Then as soon as my eyes fell on mom, my ass burst as to what happened. I was absolutely scared.

But till now what had to happen had already happened. Mom said to me angrily – don’t you feel ashamed, you do all this! I said sorry but she got angry and left the room. Now I was feeling very scared. I was bursting to think that mom will tell this thing to dad for sure and my class is going to start.

The whole day passed like this… I kept running away from my mother with my torn ass. Dad came in the evening, he got fresh and ate food, and went to sleep in his room. I was seeing that dad did not say anything to me. This made me understand that Mom must not have told me anything to Dad yet.

The next day I went to a friend’s house and when I came back, I could tell from the sound that mom was in her room and talking to someone on her mobile. When I started listening carefully, it seemed that Mom was fingering her pussy as there were some sensuous tones included in her voice.

I slowly entered the room because the room was not locked. Mummy was completely naked. My skull got crazy that what is this matter? I quietly came inside. Mom was so engrossed in fingering her pussy with her eyes closed that she could not see me.

I took out my mobile and started making his video. She was talking to a boy named Sunny. I made the entire video properly and quietly went out of there and went to my room and lay down. Now thinking of my mother, I started fisting. For the first time, I saw mom completely naked. What a cool fair body and big milky tight moms were there. Perfectly smooth pussy, like you, just shaved today

My cock was about to explode. I couldn’t bear it anymore, I wanted to go and fuck my mom, but I didn’t have the courage. One thing was clear from today’s scene dad is not able to quench mom’s thirst properly. Now I started dreaming of fucking my mom. I wanted mom herself to ask me to fuck, so I started planning.

Dad came in the evening, then the same routine went to sleep after having dinner. The next day mom was working in the kitchen. I went and hugged her from behind and started saying sorry for that day because after that day mom was not telling me. Mom didn’t say anything. They gave me breakfast and after eating I went to my friend’s place. 

Now an idea came to my mind why not send that video to mom, which I had? After thinking about every point for some time, I decided that no matter what happens, I will continue to fuck my mother. Then I went to my aunt’s house for some important work. I was missing mom.

At night I watched mom’s video and called mom’s number shaking cocks. Mom said hello. I inquired about his well-being and asked – what is dad doing? Mom said – Dad has slept. I said – Mom opens the net, I have sent you something.

He said – what has he sent? I didn’t say anything and cut the call. Then I sent the nude video of mom to him and switched off my mobile for a while. Maybe mom’s mood is bad that’s why she is calling back. But my number didn’t work. That’s why after ten minutes mom called on aunt’s mobile and asked her to talk to Aman.

Taking my aunt’s mobile, I said hello. Mom said – where did you get this? I deliberately said – what? Mom said – first turn on your mobile and talk to me. I will talk about that. I immediately called from my mobile. Mom said- Son please tell me, from where did you get this video? I said – don’t worry. Then mom started asking me forcefully.

I said – should I send it to dad too? She started crying and said- No, please don’t do this. I said – I used to consider you a lot Sati Savitri and you talk to a boyfriend! Mom was just saying sorry. I said – listen to me and tell. How many times have you fucked with Sunny? Mom heard the words ‘Kitni Baar Chudi ho…’ from my mouth, then Mom was shaken and said – what nonsense are you talking about?

I said – ok, don’t tell. Then understand yourself. Mom spoke slowly – just 3 times so far… It hasn’t been many days since I met him. I said – doesn’t dad fuck well? Mom said- Your dad didn’t have sex with me for many years, that’s why it was a mistake. I will never do this with anyone from now on. But please delete the video.

I said – on one condition. when you make me happy So mom got angry and disconnected the call. I messaged – If you will let me fuck too, I will not tell dad… and yes, think comfortably. You have only two days’ time. Now the next day at 10 am mom called. Maybe called after dad left. I asked – tell me what you think!

Mom said- But all this will happen once… and the video will have to be deleted. I said – ok, but I will not do it at home, go out somewhere. Mom started getting scared again and said – what is the problem at home? I said – I will enjoy it well. She said – Ok, manage everything yourself. Now the fire of sex was burning inside me. I left my aunt’s house the same day and came home in the evening.

Mom was still scared of me. We both didn’t talk. After Dad’s arrival, I told Dad – I am going to Mussoorie with Mom for 4 days. Mom suddenly said – Hey, why 4 days? But till then dad said yes – yes what will be the fun of Mussoorie in less than four days? Mom kept cursing and I started smiling seeing her.

Then the next day we both left for Mussoorie in our car. During the journey, both of us did not talk much and upon reaching there, checked into the hotel. I had already made my booking in this hotel. It was a nice hotel and was on the hills.

After coming to the room, I went to freshen up. Mom was not able to understand anything as to what would happen. After I got fresh, mom went to the bathroom and after a while, mom came out in a beautiful black gown. Seeing her my cock got tight.

I hugged mom tightly. I started pressing her ass. Started kissing mom’s neck. Mom was a bit sad. I asked – what happened, you have come so far from home, don’t you enjoy my dear mom! Mom said- Delete the video, I made a mistake. But I said – you get yourself satisfied with someone else, this is not acceptable to me.

She became silent after listening to me. I could not stop seeing them silent and started kissing them. Now I was pressing mom’s boobs too. Mom was slowly getting hot and her protest had also become negligible. Now mom said softly – all this could have happened at home also, why have you brought it here? I have a request for you, please delete the video.

I didn’t listen to one of them. I put my lips on his lips and started kissing. At first, mom did not open her lips for a long time, but due to my hand moving in her pussy, now mom’s pussy juice started coming out. This means his mood was set. Then mom started sucking my lips and she put her tongue in my mouth.

Now even I am not patient. I threw mom on the bed and removed her gown. Mom didn’t say anything. I started pressing her boobs hard. Within a short time, Mom had come into the fun and started sighing. I immediately inserted my two fingers in the pussy. Mom immediately jumped up ‘ah died… Oooh…’ After some time mom started enjoying herself with my fingers.

Then mom forcefully filled my cock in her fist and started pressing. Now I also quickly took off my clothes and climbed on Mom’s bare body. I tore mom’s bra too. Mom didn’t say anything. Mom had already removed her panty, so now she was lying completely naked in front of me and was looking very sexy.

I started sucking mom’s milk and pressing hard. I pressed mom’s breasts so much that the nipples became very red. I started sucking both the mom’s moms one by one and came down while sucking their milk. I inserted my tongue in his navel and then came straight to the pussy. I put my mouth on mom’s pussy and put my tongue and started tasting the pussy.

Very juicy salty water was flowing. My mom was also in full swing. She said – now give it quickly. I sucked mom’s pussy for ten minutes by inserting my tongue. Within no time my mom had left her pussy water. After licking my pussy for some time, I got up and asked mom to suck cock. 

At first, mom refused but then took cock in her mouth. I started enjoying and I slowly inserted my entire cock in mom’s mouth. My cock got stuck in his throat. Mom was writhing badly but I kept on thrusting cocks. Mom’s face turned red in a few moments. I was so excited that I threw all my goods in Mom’s mouth.

When the cock was around his neck, all the contents of the cock went inside the mother’s mouth. Mom started howling and immediately got up and went to spit. The food left in his mouth was forcing him to spit. I caught her hair and put my mouth on mom’s lips, started kissing her.

For the first time, I was taking the taste of my cock from my mom’s mouth. I started kissing mom by putting my tongue in her mouth. I enjoyed it so much that my cock started to swell again. After kissing for some time, I made mom lie on the bed and I stood down and put my thick cock in mom’s tight pussy.

Once I looked at mom and pushed her hard. Due to mom’s pussy being wet, the whole cock entered inside the pussy. A scream came out of his mouth. She started cursing- aaaah haaa son oooooh aah ooooo aya son don’t do it comfortably… please it is hurting. Then I locked mom’s lips in my mouth and started fucking her pussy with strong jerks.

After two minutes, mom also started enjoying getting her pussy fucked. She lifted her ass and started taking cocks. Now I told mom – I am having fun. Mom smiled and said- I was longing for fuck for a long… That’s why I had to fuck my pussy with Sunny. But now I am happy. I said – now you ride cocks, I pulled the cock from the pussy and lay down on the bed.

I made mom sit on my cock. Mom also stuck her pussy and sat on the dick and started getting her ass licked. Mom’s boobs were moving and her intoxicating hissing was filling me with excitement. After being fucked like this for a few minutes, mom started stiffening and fell on me. She fell down on my chest and became exhausted.

I wrapped her in my arms and started kissing her face. My cock was still hard and was inserted in mom’s pussy. After some time I turned mom upside down and climbed on top of mom. Once again, I started fucking mom’s pussy with full enthusiasm by pelting my cock.

Mom said- oh fuck quickly son… aah hahah it’s a lot of fun. I kissed his neck and said – Mom, now you will never feel the lack of cocks. You can enjoy my cock whenever you want. Mom was happy to fuck me. Now, mom pressed me in both her legs and immediately all my material came out in her pussy.

Mom held me down till the whole material fell in her pussy. My cock was also feeling the lava coming out of her hot pussy. Now my cock got loose and I too kept lying on top of mom like this. Both of us mother and son were so tired from this sweet fuck that we didn’t realize when we fell asleep.

Late in the evening around 9 o’clock, my eyes opened. I saw mom sleeping naked. Next to me, naked mom was looking very hot to me. That’s why I saw the light of the mobile start burning. The Mobile was on silent mode. I picked up the phone and saw that dad was calling.

I said hello to dad. Dad asked about my well-being and asked about mom. I woke up mom and handed over the mobile to her. Mom was still blushing. She got up to go to the bathroom but I did not let her get up. I started pressing her boobs. Mom was talking to Dad on the phone and was lying naked with her son.

Mom’s sigh came out because of my pressing boobs hard. Papa asked – what happened? Mom – nothing. Then mom cut the call. After that, I got up and went to freshen up. Mom also came inside naked. I smiled and looked at him. She said – I want to sleep. I said – yes do it.

That’s when I realized the fun. I made mom stand against the wall and put my tongue in her pussy. I gestured – now you pee. Mom stopped me a lot but I did not agree. Mom’s pussy started dripping water. Mom herself started jerking in my mouth and suddenly said – now move… Susu is coming.

But I was holding her ass so hard from behind and sucking it by putting my tongue in her pussy that Mom could not do anything and her urine started coming out. All the urine from mom’s pussy went into my mouth; Some leaked out too.

Friends, I enjoyed drinking my mom’s urine so much that what can I tell? On the other hand, my mother turned red with shame and said with a mischievous smile – crazy, who does this? I said – Mom, your son does it.

Then I got up and then mom turned on the shower. We both stood naked under the water, started bathing in the water, and started having fun. Both of us soaped each other and when the flared up, we did another round of Sex.

Now, mom was opening up to me. Mom told me – I have never had so much fun in my life. I told mom I love you. Mom also told me to love you to Aman. Like this, both of us had a lot of fun for 4 days. I also got many hot sexy dresses for mom.

Mom took promised me that Dad should not know about this and I should call Mom by her name in private. My mom said to me – from now on you will fuck me as your wife and not as your mom. In this way, the mother had started giving pussy pleasure to her son’s cock.
Even today daddy doesn’t know about stepmom’s sex that my mom fucks me. Friends, I will write you in the next Sex story that after coming back home, in what way mom gave me the pleasure of pussy and ass fuck and also made a special friend of hers fuck me without informing me about her sex.

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