Fucking My Innocent Sister | Bro Sis Sex Story

Fucking My Innocent Sister | Bro Sis Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Fucking My Innocent Sister | Bro Sis Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

My name is Poonam. I am a resident of Sonipat. I am 28 years old and my figure is 34-28-38.

I have a younger sister, a younger brother, and parents in our house. My brother’s name is Rohit and my sister’s name is Komal. My Brother is one year younger than me and my sister is 3 years younger.

I was watching my mother getting fucked by Mausa ji, then I came to know from her words that my father is not my real father… and neither is my brother my real brother. I am the daughter of my mother’s first boyfriend and my brother and younger sister are the offerings of my mother’s aunt’s son’s cock.

Ever since I came to know about this and ever since I saw mummy ki chudai with mausa ji and his boy, everything had changed. I slowly started seeing things from a different perspective, as I was growing up, I was getting addicted to sex. This bro sis Sex story is from when I had sex with my cousin. My boobs were getting bigger.

Now I used to secretly watch my mother getting fucked and also started doing all this by putting my finger in my pussy. After going to father’s shop, often mother used to call any of her new boyfriends at home and used to fuck her to the fullest. On the days when I did not go to school or come back from half-time, that day my mother used to get to enjoy the live sex.

Seeing my mother’s sex, I also wanted to take cock. Instead of carrot radish, I also wanted a real cock in my pussy. But I used to go to girls’ school and there were no boys around who looked so hot. And those who were there, they were very big… so there was no point in trying on them.

One day I made a plan that neither my brother my real brother nor my father is my real father, so why should I search here and there for cocks. I decided that now I will not wear a bra and panty at home so that my brother or father or both can notice my nipples and pussy.

I mostly used to wear skirts or mini skirts at home. Whenever my brother and I used to play Ludo or anything sitting face to face, I would purposely bend one knee up so that he could see my pussy clearly. I used to pretend in front of him as if it had happened unknowingly.

Every time he would see my pussy, he would try to see if I didn’t know. I used to act like I didn’t know anything. I would deliberately drop things in front of him and my father and bend down to pick them up so that both of them could see my boobs.

It went on like this for some days. I was wondering who would come and take the initiative. I did not lock my room so that my brother or father could come easily. One night I was sleeping in my room, wearing only a skirt and a flimsy top.

Then it will be 1 or 2 o’clock at night. At that time brother came to my room. Brother gently shook me and called – Didi. I didn’t give any response. He shook a little again, I didn’t give any response again. He felt that I was sleeping very deeply.

He slowly put his hand on my nipple and started pressing slowly. Then he slowly lifted my top and skirt and started playing with my mom. After playing with my boobs, he put his finger in my pussy crack and slowly started rubbing my pussy.

My pussy was already wet. He slowly reached my pussy hole. And as soon as he slid his finger into my pussy, due to my pussy being wet, his whole finger slid inside. He probably got nervous and immediately took out his finger.

Then after a minute, he felt that I was still sleeping, so he again put his finger in my pussy and opened my legs. Now he spread my pussy with one hand and started fingering with the other hand. He probably forgot in his enthusiasm that I can wake up. He entered two fingers into the pussy, and increased the speed a bit.

Now I was having a lot of fun; I felt like supporting her by lifting my ass and shaking it, but I kept lying quietly. He would put his fingers in my pussy, then lick it. Pours it again, then licks it. After some time he mustered up the courage to spread my legs a little more and put his mouth on my pussy. He started licking my pussy.

He kept licking my pussy for about 5 minutes, then he took out his cock and held it in my hand, and clenched my fist. He started moving his cock up and down with my hand. His cock was much bigger than the boys of his age. His penis was 6 inches long and 2 inches thick. His cock had become like a man at such a young age.

After a few minutes he put his cock on my lips. I felt the taste of cock after a long time. Last time I had sucked my cousin’s cock, after that today I was enjoying the taste of cock. He tried to open my mouth with his finger, so I left my mouth loose so that he could open it comfortably. He opened my mouth and inserted the tip of his cock into my mouth.

Then after doing a little more inside, he slowly started taking out inside and started pressing my mom along with it. After 5 minutes he squirted in my mouth and while taking out his cock in a hurry, he dropped half of the juice inside my mouth and a little over my mouth; He put the rest of the juice on my pussy.

Juice had spilled out of my mouth, so he picked up the juice with his finger and started pouring it inside my mouth. The juice he had spilled on my pussy, he rubbed it in the crack of my pussy and went back after fixing my clothes. After he left, I drank all the juice that was in my mouth and fell asleep.

The next day was Sunday. When I woke up in the morning, I saw that Rohit was still asleep in his room. Papa has gone to the shop. Mommy is in the bathroom. I went to Rohit’s room. His cock was clearly visible from the top of the sheet. I slowly lifted the sheet and saw that he was not wearing his tights.

I wanted to grab his cock in my mouth, but I was waiting for the right time, so I left from there. Mummy came out of the bathroom and quickly started making breakfast. Perhaps she had to go out, her mind must have been to fuck with a boyfriend.

After having breakfast, mother left immediately and while leaving said that if I will be late in coming, then I am going after preparing lunch, just have to prepare vegetables, eat them and feed them to my brothers and sisters as well.

I said – ok, I will make it. Now the conditions were becoming more favorable to me. Both my father and mother were not there, only me and my brother were at home. Komal was still small so she had no fear. I had breakfast and reached my brother’s room, woke up my brother, and said, “Take it brother, have breakfast quickly, otherwise it will get cold.”

Right now I was wearing the same night skirt, without panty… because I had stopped wearing panties and a bra anyway. Brother could not get up and go anywhere because he was naked under the sheet. I sat on the bed with my legs folded. We both started having breakfast. After a minute I bent my one leg from the knee so that my brother could see my pussy.

Brother was having breakfast and was looking at my pussy by saving my eyes. We finished breakfast. I went out with the utensils and went to my room and wore a mini skirt. I found and wore a mini skirt from 2 years ago because it was so short that if I bend even a little, my pussy is clearly visible from behind. I had seen such seduction in many Sex movies.

But I knew that whatever is shown in movies is pre-decided. But here I have to pretend that I do not know anything, everything is happening unconsciously. Brother had come out of the room and was sitting downstairs in the TV room. I went there and started wiping. When I was wiping in front of my brother, he must have clearly seen my boobs moving because my top was very loose.

Then I went towards the corner and started wiping. From there he must be getting a clear view of my pussy. That’s why when I went to change, I put the lipstick in my ass so that when I bend down to wipe it, my brother will see the lipstick stuck in my ass and he will think that I want cock. I wiped and left there.

After leaving there, I went to the bathroom and deliberately did not take the towel. I had kept the towel in the cupboard of my room and had rubbed my pussy under a panty so that it would fill with the smell of my pussy and also get wet with the juice of my pussy. So that when my brother goes to pick up my towel, he can smell my panty and lick it.

The door of the bathroom of my house has been installed a little above the ground so that too much water does not fall on it and it does not spoil quickly. Taking advantage of this, if someone peeps from under it, then he gets to see the inside view clearly.

I knew that brother would definitely come to peep in the bathroom. So I went to the bathroom, took off my clothes, and started fingering my pussy sitting in front of the gate. Started taking out the lipstick in her ass. Brother was watching from outside. His shadow was coming inside.

After fingering for a while, I started taking bath. After that I called my brother-Brother please give me my towel, I have forgotten it outside. Maybe in my room. My Brother came to give me the towel after some time. Again I intentionally put my half behind the gate and let the other half be visible. I expressed as if I have hidden everything from my understanding.

But my brother had become very excited now and after seeing my wet nipples and half-wet pussy, his patience was broken. He entered the bathroom and started pressing my tits. I pushed him back and tried to cover my pussy and nipple with one hand and said angrily – what are you doing… get out. He didn’t say anything, just kept staring.

I turned back and I said again – go from here… otherwise I will tell my mother. He took off his lower half and grabbed me from behind as if he had not heard anything from me. His cock was rubbing in my ass crack. My pussy and his cock were already wet. He bent down a bit and pulling me a little towards him, he inserted his cock in my pussy.

He started pushing as soon as the cock was inserted. I was telling him to move, what are you doing… move. But I was enjoying rubbing her pussy with his cock. I was enjoying bro sis Sex. But I didn’t want to show it now, so I was repeatedly asking him to leave but was not doing anything to remove it. Brother was saying again and again – just sister, let me do a little bit… just a little bit more…

He was being pushed hard. His cock had started coming out completely in my pussy and my pussy had also become juicy. In some 5 minutes he fell in my pussy but still, he kept on pushing. After pushing for a while, he took out the cock and separated, and went out of the toilet.

I stayed inside for 2 minutes, then came out wrapped in a towel. He was sitting there in my room. I said – why did you do this? Don’t you know I’m your sister? Is all this done with his real sister? On that he said- Didi sorry… but you are very beautiful and when I see you, I cannot control myself.

I said – how can one lose control like this. Do you have any manners left? I was trying to scare her so that she would follow my orders and fuck me when I say. He started saying sorry again and again. I said – ok no problem… for this time I am silent. But next time nothing like this should happen. When you don’t have control over yourself, then tell me.

I will write the next bro sis Sex story in the next part. You tell me by mail and comments how do you like the sex story. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “wildfantasystory.com

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