Opening Ceremony Of My Bhabhi’s Pussy – Sexy Bhabhi Story

Opening Ceremony Of My Bhabhi’s Pussy – Sexy Bhabhi Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Opening Ceremony Of My Bhabhi’s Pussy – Sexy Bhabhi Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Hello to all my friends my name is Annu. I am from Amritsar. I am 30 years old.

Today I am going to tell you the real story of my life. This story is from 2016 when I was living abroad. I had my work there. 

My body is neither too thin nor too fat. My height is five feet nine inches and my penis size is 6″ long and 2″ thick.

Now I start my Sexy Bhabhi Story.

I was abroad for one and a half years. I made a friend there, he was also from Punjab. He did not know English.

That’s how we got acquainted and we both became friends. Both of us used to stay in his room during holidays.

One day when I went to his room, he told me – I had received a message from some girl on my Facebook.
When I looked, her message was ‘Can you help me?’

Then I messaged her from my Facebook ID and then she messaged me back.

That girl’s name was Dolly. I asked her – Madam, what type of help do you need?
So she said that she lives in India. His Jiju is also in the same country as you. And my Jiju never calls my sister nor sends money. (Sexy Bhabhi Story)

I asked her for the name and photo of her Jiju. I thought, that if someone benefited because of me, then I would help someone else. She told the name of her Jiju but did not give his photo.

Then gradually we started having normal conversations. We started talking about normal things till late at night. Our conversations slowly started moving towards love.

I had already had affairs with two girls, so I was not in love with them. I was just passing the time.

Then one day she told me that she was married and had a daughter.
And the man she is looking for is not her Jiju but her husband.

Friends, I was very angry after hearing this from that girl but I controlled myself.
Then I thought, no problem, if not a girl, then Bhabhi is fine.

Four months passed like this, talking. Then I also slowly started falling in love with her. Again we both kept talking till late at night and the talk turned into love.

Gradually our conversations started turning to sex. When I asked her about her figure, she said that her figure was 32-30-34. Then every night I started talking sexy to her on video call, showing her my penis and making her cum. (Sexy Bhabhi Story)

She showed it to me and fingered her pussy and enjoyed masturbating. She told me that she has not had sex for a long time, so her pussy is yearning for sex, it is thirsty for cock.

After a few days, the marriage of my maternal uncle’s daughter was fixed and I too had to come to my country India on leave. I told her this and she was very happy about my coming to India.

I got my ticket for the last week of February. The wedding was at the end of March.

I had also come to Amritsar. After coming here, Dolly and I rarely talked. I was busy with the wedding, so Dolly started getting angry with me that you didn’t talk to me. I told her that I was busy with the wedding.

After my sister’s marriage, we started talking freely again.

So I told her- I want to meet you. If you say so, I will come to your city.
Then she said- Let’s make a program for one day and meet somewhere!
So it was decided that we would meet in her city.

I told my family that I was going to meet a friend and I would be late.

I left home early in the morning by car and after 1 hour I reached her city.
When I called her, she said – You wait for me at the bus stop; I am just coming.

I started waiting for her and after 10 minutes she came. When I saw her I just kept looking at her. With her height of 5 feet 2 inches, fair complexion and blue suit, she was looking very cute. She had brought her daughter along. Her daughter was one year old.

I put her in the car and we left from there.

The forests start at a short distance from her city. I took my car in that direction.

We stopped the car on the roadside and started talking. We hugged in the car and then started kissing and it had also started raining. We kept kissing in the car for a long time. (Sexy Bhabhi Story)

She had less time that day so we left from there after some time. I dropped her at the bus stop and came home.

A few days later I told her that we would meet in a hotel.
At first, she started refusing, then after my persuasion for some time, she agreed.
We met in a hotel in my city.

I had booked a room there for 3 hours. After reaching my room, after some time Dolly also arrived. We hugged and sat on the bed.

Even today she had brought her daughter along. I told her – Friend, first put your daughter to sleep, then we will do something.

She took out her boob and gave it to her daughter’s mouth and when her daughter fell asleep, we started doing our work.

We kept kissing while sitting on the bed, sometimes I would suck her lower lip and sometimes I would suck her upper lip. Then I kissed her cheeks and started kissing her neck.

Just like that, we started taking off each other’s clothes. After taking off my clothes, I laid her on the bed and started kissing her again and we kept kissing for some time. (Sexy Bhabhi Story)

Then I started sucking one of her 32-size Big Boobs and pressing the other one. The large light brown nipples on her 32-size boobs also looked very cute.

While sucking her boobs, I started kissing her everywhere on her stomach. Sometimes I would have fun by putting my tongue in her navel and sometimes I would bite her on her stomach.

Then I started kissing her clean-shaven pussy and also started moving a finger in and out slowly. After that, I put my tongue in Bhabhi’s pussy and started sucking it.

After sucking Bhabhi’s pussy for some time, I asked her to suck my penis and she started refusing. I also did not put much emphasis on it.

I asked her if she was ready now.
She said- Yes, I am also ready.

I told her- You hold the penis with your hand and place it on the Tight Pussy hole.
She held my penis and rubbed it on the crack of her pussy and then placed it on the hole. I slowly started putting my penis inside her tight pussy by applying pressure.

Dolly was getting fucked after a long time, so her pussy was tight, she was also feeling a little pain, but Dolly tolerated the pain. (Sexy Bhabhi Story)

Then I started moving my penis in and out slowly and started increasing the speed.

Now Dolly was getting fucked with pleasure and was making sensual sounds – Aahhh… aahhh… ohhh… my love, take it easy.

Then after some time, she started moaning – Ummm… Ahhh… Hay… Yeah… faster and faster, fuck me with all your might. Quench my thirst today; I haven’t been fucked for 2 years.
I was also fucking my Bhabhi with full force.

After 10 minutes, Dolly Bhabhi orgasmed once but I kept on fucking her.
Actually, on the advice of one of my friends, I took the medicine from a medical store and its effect was going to last on me for a long time.

Dolly remained lying on the bed exhausted but I continued to fuck her. I also kept kissing her; Kept playing with her boobs.

After some time, Dolly Bhabhi once again orgasmed and started telling me – Stop it man… now I am feeling pain.

But I was not done yet, so I ignored her words and kept busy fucking her. It was becoming difficult for Dolly to bear it now, so I told her – hold it with your hand and make me cum. She did the same.

When I came out, we lay down clinging to each other for a while.
We rested for some time, put on our clothes and left from there.

Even after this, we have met twice in the same hotel… and I have also fucked Dolly Bhabhi’s Big Ass.

Then Dolly’s husband came back so we stopped talking.
When I remember the moments spent with Dolly today, my penis becomes erect again.

I hope you guys liked my Sexy Bhabhi Story.
You can mail me. I would love it if you commented more.

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