Sali Wants to enjoy jiju’s Dick | Jiju sali sex story

Sali Wants to enjoy jiju’s Dick | Jiju sali sex story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Sali Wants to enjoy jiju’s Dick | Jiju sali sex story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Jiju sali sex story with my 19-year-old sister-in-law. I wanted to enjoy myself with her so I started getting close to her,

My name is Parvesh. My body is average and my cock is also such that I can satisfy anyone. I am a resident of Aerocity and this sex story is of me and my sister-in-law. my sister in law name is Poonam. I got married seven years ago and our sex life is going great.

My sister-in-law was 19 years old at the time of my marriage. I saw her only on the day the marriage was fixed. As soon as her lustful youth fell into my sensual eyes, I kept looking at Poonam. Poonam was a beautiful slave girl. Her figure was 32-28-34. But now I have made her teats 36 inches by pressing them.

Even before and after marriage, we used to talk on the phone for hours and started laughing and joking. Poonam used to do the job and she had hired an auto for commuting. Often when the auto did not come, she used to call me to drop her home.

On the way, I used to feed him something or we both used to sit in the park for a while and start laughing. There was nothing like this between us in the initial phase. But it is said that if you have a pussy written in your destiny, then you get it.

After getting married, I often used to bring her home on Saturdays and she used to sleep with us at night. When the second day was Sunday, he too did not worry about going. Once there was a program in my house and work was also going on in my house, so I brought Poonam home two days in advance.

More guests had come on the day of the programme. Everyone had to sleep in the same room at night. I started sleeping in the corner on the floor. When Poonam could not find any place, she came and lay down near me. I was happy to see him by my side.

After a while everyone had fallen asleep, perhaps Poonam had also fallen asleep. I put my hand on his face. She didn’t say anything. Then I pulled her towards me, and even then she moved with great love. Don’t know whether she was awake or asleep.

Then I started drinking her lips and I got that pleasure, which has not come with anyone to date. After some time she started removing me and said in my ear – what are you doing brother? I said – love. Poonam – This is wrong. My – Sister-in-law is a half housewife and I am loving my half-housewife.

Poonam- Please don’t, someone will wake up. Me- It is dark man… no one will see anything. She fell silent. I started kissing her again. She kept supporting me for a while but after a while, she started protesting.

Meanwhile, I tried to touch her nipples and pussy many times, but she did not allow this to happen even once. Just let me kiss for a while and then remove it. I expressed my love many times and thus it was 4 o’clock. Then she said – brother-in-law, now the day has come, friend… now let me sleep. My head is hurting.

I also left him and I also fell asleep. When I woke up at 10 in the morning, she was neither looking at me nor talking. I tried to talk to him several times but he didn’t respond. In the afternoon she went to the terrace with her sister, so I also went there.

I sent my wife down on the pretext and asked her – what happened? She started crying. Poonam – I thought you were so nice and you did this to me… I will tell Didi. Me- Sorry man, I thought you love me too.

Poonam- All brothers-in-law must be doing the same with their sisters-in-law, as you did. Me- Yes, they do a lot and they do a lot. Poonam- You drop me at my house. Me- when will you come now? Poonam- Do you still think that I will come here sometime?

I tried a lot to persuade her, but when she did not agree, I left to drop her at home. I asked her on the way – what will you eat? She said – Nothing, I have already fed you so much… which I will never forget.

I also started riding a fast bike in anger and said – okay, I am also not going to eat or drink anything after going home. She said – why what happened? I said – why are you so angry?
He said – I don’t want to talk about it. I dropped her home and we didn’t talk for a few days.

Then one day she got a call and said – Now you don’t even remember me? I said – you have stopped talking, I have not! In this way, we started talking again and I would often start talking about that night with her and she would remain silent.

One day I told her I love you on the phone, and then she again got angry. But I convinced her and she too said I love you. I started speaking to meet him. She said – You see, what should I tell? I picked him up from his office two days later and took him to the park.

From there I asked her – will you come to my house? She said – what will I say at home and what will you say to Didi? I said – don’t worry about sister, just tell home that today will be late. He said so and I took him to Tughlaqabad fort.

Some couples were already kissing in the fort. When I asked her for a kiss after going there, she started shyly refusing. When I spoke again, she said – that day also you had asked me… what are you asking today?

I just got the signal and started sucking her lips. Today she was also supporting openly. Then I started pressing her nipple over the shirt, then she held my hand and said – not here.
She started saying – come from here.

I said- Ok, now tell home that the auto has not come… Have called brother-in-law. They are taken home. He got permission from his house and I came home with him. Even at home, I said the same thing that I called him.

When it was time to sleep at night, we Jiju sali started playing Ludo and switched off the lights. I started molesting her. Sometimes I would hold her nipple, sometimes I would touch her thigh. After some time when my wife fell asleep, I asked her to sleep on the floor beside me.

When she came down, I made her lie down with me and filled her in my arms. I started kissing Poonam. Now she started sighing in a low voice. Then I started rubbing her tits from the top of her shirt. I started having fun by rubbing her soft as cotton teats.

I pulled her shirt and bra up and took out her nipples and started sucking. She started pressing my head on her nipples in fun and started rubbing her hand on my head. I started kissing her stomach and navel while sucking her nipples.

His navel is very deep. Both of us started having fun. Suddenly I put my hand in her laggy panty. She was completely shocked by this attack and started holding my hand from above. But all was in vain. Till then I had caught her pussy.

It was a very smooth pussy, there was no sign of hair. Maybe he would have cleared it today itself. I could get some idea from her clean pussy that the captive has come today in the mood to get fucked.

I started caressing her pussy and she uncontrollably started tossing her head here and there. Then I got up and started taking off her leggy but she held tight and started refusing. When I started persuading her, she said – don’t take it off!

I said – I am not taking it off, I will kiss you just once by going down a little. She didn’t agree. I went down again and this time started kissing her feet. Sometimes kisses her soles, sometimes fingers!

She started writhing like a fish out of water and started pulling me up. This time when I put my hand in his laggy, he did not stop. I started caressing the pussy. By now her pussy had started leaking. When I tried to put my finger in my pussy, even my finger was not able to enter.

My younger sister-in-law had not done any work other than peeing with her pussy. Here my cock was getting worse. It was about to explode. I also took off my pants and came in underwear. Holding his hand and putting it in his underwear, he started holding his cock.

When she started pulling her hand, I caught her forcefully and holding her hand started making her cock up and down. I kept caressing her pussy and kept rubbing her pimples.
My younger sister-in-law was fisting my cock.

We both fell in each other’s hands just like that and I took out my hand and licked it clean. Then she got up, fixed her clothes and went to the bathroom to wash her hands and pussy. Then I also went and urinated.

Taking her in his arms, he lay down and started talking. I said – man, your pussy is very cool. She said – You are so dirty, you speak like this. I said – My dear, it is fun to speak like this. She didn’t say anything.

I told her – I want pussy. So she said – whatever you have done, that much is enough. Tomorrow I will get married and if I get to know him! I said – nothing is known. She said – No brother, I will not do it. There is so much pain in the finger itself. When the finger has not entered, then how will it enter?

Teasing her I asked – what is that? So she said – I do not know. I swore to him and asked – now tell me that you do not know what is this? She said – wait, I will tell you now. Saying this she grabbed the cock and scratched it with her nail and said – now I know what it is!

When I asked her to swear, she said that I am ashamed. It doesn’t even feel good to say all this. I said – no problem, today I have sworn, speak for me. Then he said shyly – dick. In the same way, I called her pussy, cock, and ass fuck and started scraping her pussy again. 

Now I asked him – he is your BF, you must have had a lot of fun. She said- What brother… I do not have any BF. If it had, it would not have been with you now. I asked her again – Poonam, I want to fuck you anyway. She said – where will you do it?

I said – in the hotel. She said – No, if someone sees it, there will be trouble. I said – no one will see. I tried hard to persuade her to go to the hotel but she was not ready to go to the hotel. What happened after that, I will write in the next sex story. Till then cock guys keep shaking their cocks and pussy girls keep caressing their pussy.

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