I Fucked Uncle’s Daughter at my home | Cousin Sis Sex Story

I Fucked Uncle’s Daughter at my home | Cousin Sis Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Fucking Uncle’s Daughter at my home | Cousin Sis Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Cousin Sis Sex Story My Bua’s Young Daughter’s Virgin Pussy Fucked. She came to stay with us. One night both of us were alone in bed. I put one hand on her boob.

Friends, my name is Faiz Ali. I am from Udaipur. I was 20 years old at that time. There are four of us living in my house, my mother, father, me and a younger brother. There are 2 rooms in our house. Ammi Abbu sleeps in one and we both brothers live in one room.

This was the first sex in my life which happened between me and my cousin’s girl i.e. my cousin’s sister. So enjoy my cousin sis Sex story. My cousin’s sister’s name is Shehnaaz.
Shehnaaz was 19 at that time and her complexion is very white. Her figure is 34-32-36.

You must have understood that seeing Shehnaaz, anyone’s cock will stand erect. I had never thought of Shehnaaz like this till now. This thing happened when Shehnaaz came to stay at our house for a few days during the winter.

Both those seasons were a bit too cold. I was very happy when Shehnaaz came home as we were good friends since childhood. It had been ten days since Shehnaaz had come. Everything was going fine.

One day my younger brother had to go to Delhi for the marriage of his friend’s sister. He left for a week. Now Shehnaaz and I used to sleep on the same bed. One night I could not sleep. Shehnaaz was fast asleep with her back towards me. I put my one hand on her boob. 

For some time I kept my hand like this. After a while, I started caressing her boobs. Suddenly she turned around and started sleeping with her face towards me. I was scared of her moving completely, but standing cocks just want pussy.

Courageously, I put my hands on her breasts again and started caressing them. I kept doing this for 5 minutes. When there was no movement from her side, I dared to take my hand down on the same pussy.

I put my hand on her pussy from the top of her salwar and started caressing the joints of her legs. Still, there was no movement from his side. Seeing this, my courage started increasing. I pulled the cord of her salwar with my hand and loosened the salwar.

When the salwar opened, I put my hand inside her salwar and started caressing her pussy. Then a sigh came out of Shehnaaz’s mouth. I understood that Shehnaaz is having fun. I said – Shehnaaz, don’t pretend to sleep now, have fun freely and give me fun too.

Shehnaaz opened her eyes and smiled. I understood that there will be a fuck tonight. Then I started kissing Shehnaaz on her lips, then Shehnaaz also started supporting me. I said to Shehnaaz – Shehnaaz take off your clothes.

Shehnaaz said proudly – take it off yourself brother. After taking off all her clothes, I kissed her whole body. Shehnaaz said- wait man, you have made me completely naked, now I will also make you naked. I said – yes kill me!

Shehnaaz started taking off my clothes. Her delicate hands were touching my body, so I was getting very sensation from Sis Sex. After removing all the clothes, as soon as Shehnaaz lowered my neckerchief, my 7-inch long and 2.5-inch thick cock came in front of her. 

She got scared seeing my big cock and said – it is so big… how will it go inside me. This will tear my pussy apart! I said – I will do it comfortably. Shehnaaz- Brother, I have never had sex before… So please do it comfortably.

I said – yes my sister, now at least love her. Take it in your mouth and suck it. Shehnaaz- No Babu, I will not take it in my mouth. You just grease it with oil. I said earlier – why what thorns are there in it?

She started laughing and said – Hey, I will clean its thorns by rubbing them with my pussy. I said – Hey man, have you ever sucked the taps… or leg piece not chachora. Just take it as it is and suck it. She said – you have refused, you rascals… agree. Otherwise, I will eat after deep frying by applying spices.

I understood that my sister-in-law will not suck cock. Today is the first time, I take the pleasure of making his Pussy’s Bhosda. I didn’t say much to her because today she is refusing, and tomorrow she will suck cocks.

Then I said – Come on Shehnaaz my dear, today I will take you on a journey to heaven. Come get into my arms She got into my arms. I put my mouth to her lips and started kissing and sucking her. After some time I came on her boob and then came down.

I spread Shehnaaz’s legs and started kissing her pussy. Shehnaaz started shivering and started pressing my head on her pussy. I started licking her bare pussy. Now it was barely a minute while I was licking my sister’s pussy that my sister’s cramps started increasing and she opened both her legs completely and started pressing my head on her pussy.

Shehnaaz- ah ah just do it… ah brother something is happening to me… ah ah something is going to come out of my pussy. Saying this, Shehnaaz fell down. But I didn’t leave her pussy. I kept licking pussy continuously and kept rubbing her boobs with my hands.

Within no time, Shehnaaz became hot again. Now she said – Babu, it is no longer possible, you quickly put cock in my pussy… tear my seal. I also did not think it right to delay and put Vaseline on her pussy. Along with this, I also applied Vaseline on my cock and started rubbing the top of the cock on her pussy.

Shehnaaz raised her ass and said – Ah Babu, why are you torturing, don’t put it inside! I said – dear, it will be a little painful, bear it. Shehnaaz- I will tolerate everything, you put the cock inside quickly.

I put my lips on his lips and gave a loud shot. My cock penetrated 5 inches inside breaking the pussy seal. She could not scream because Shehnaaz’s lips were close to mine. Tears were flowing from his eyes telling how much pain he was feeling.

Seeing this, I stayed like this for some time and kept kissing her, caressing her breasts. After a minute he started shaking his back. I said – start life? Shehnaaz- When I was having pain, I did not ask then… Now you are asking, but now the pain is less, you start fucking.

I said – darling, my cock is still 2 inches out. Shehnaaz- Babu, leave it as it is now, it was only this much that had saved my life. I said – ok dear. I started moving my five-inch cock back and forth in my sister’s pussy. Shehnaaz enjoyed it. 

She started saying – yes babu, keep doing like this, now it is enjoying. Kissing her lips, I hit another hard shot. This time I had removed my entire cock from Shehnaaz’s pussy to the root. Once again Shehnaaz felt pain, she tried to remove me and said – you bastard… you fucked my mother.

Bastard, you tore my pussy… I had forbidden you motherfucker to leave it like this. She was fuming and the abuses coming out of her mouth were giving me pleasure. Fateh’s poisonous smile was on my lips.

Seeing my smile, Shehnaaz was getting furious – mother’s brother-in-law, then I will put wood in your ass, then smile somewhere, bastard. I kissed her and said – Dear, even the abuses from your mouth are giving me pleasure.

By now his pain was over. Kissing my chest, she said – Really, friend, you are a complete butcher. You made my pussy. Now tell me, is there anything left or has the full been given?

I said – Shehnaaz my dear, now you will not feel pain, my whole inside has gone. Now you just enjoy and have fun. Shehnaaz – you are not a bitch, you have already torn my pussy. Now, why has Motherfucker stopped… Fuck your sister, sisterfucker.

While abusing me, I also hit the cock and said – So take it, what about your pussy, today I will tear your ass too. I just started fucking Shehnaaz with all my might. Shehnaaz Mast started sighing- aah aah hmm aaiye… faster… faster… hahah aah hmm hmmm … I went. 

I said – yes my love, I am also coming. Saying this, I started fucking Shehnaaz very fast. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz’s body started cramping and she fell down. I was about to collapse too.
After about 15-16 hard thrusts, I fell in Shehnaaz’s pussy and lay down on top of her.

After some time Shehnaaz got up to go to the bathroom, and then she saw that the sheet was soaked in blood and her pussy was swollen. As soon as Shehnaaz got up, she immediately fell down. I laughed at seeing this.

Shehnaaz- Babu doesn’t laugh man, I am feeling pain. I said – my life cannot be in pain if I were there. Saying this, I lifted Shehnaaz in my lap and took her to the bathroom. Saw on the other side that her pussy was swollen like a dumpling.

I cleaned her pussy with hot water by turning on the geyser and brought her back to the bed. After some time I said to Shehnaaz – Jaan one more time? Shehnaaz smiled and said – Babu, my mind is also mine, but do it tomorrow, it is hurting now. Just look, what have you done to my pussy.

I said – now the whole life will enjoy this, the pain that was to happen happened. Saying this I went to the kitchen and brought a big vessel for hot water. I took hot water from the bathroom and massaged Shehnaaz’s pussy, and gave her painkillers.

Then we both put on our clothes and I removed the bed sheet. I put it in the tub of water in the bathroom. Shehnaaz said – I will wash it in the morning. Now come take me in your arms and put me to sleep.

I fell asleep with Shehnaaz in my arms. Since then till today whenever we get a chance, we both fuck. Friends, if I have made any mistake in writing, then forgive me. This is the sweetest story of my life.

I will be waiting for your mail about this cousin sis Sex story of mine. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “wildfantasystory.com

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