Making love with my Horny Aunt | Indian Aunty Sex Story

Making love with my Horny Aunt | Indian Aunty Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Making love with my Horny Aunt | Indian Aunty Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Nude Indian Aunty Sex Story Lustful fun with my young Aunty living in our own house. Aunt herself used to come in front of me in a bra.

My name is Abhinav, I am a resident of Goa. And now I am 25 years old. I work in a private company. This nude Indian aunty sex story is not of anyone else but my own aunt’s story and it is a very true incident. This incident happened a few years ago when I was young.

My aunt’s age is now 37 years. She has 3 children but you will not believe that even at the age of 37, she looks like a young lady. This thing happened when I was in school and my aunt was 30 years old at that time. At that time her body was very tight and her breasts were at their peak.

Aunt’s chest was 36 inches and I found out from the number on her bra what size bra she wears. Her waist would probably be 30 or 32 and her ass would have been 38 or 40 because XL was written on the packet of her panties, so she must have been 36 or 38 sizes.

I had the desire to have him when I saw him half-naked. One day my aunt came from the market and I remember it for sure, I have not forgotten that day even today. It was the summer season and it was the month of May.

I remember every single scene of that day’s incident completely, I have not been able to forget it till today. That day aunt came from the market, then it was 7 in the evening. I was sitting on the chair nearby. Aunt took off her saree as soon as she came.

Till then everything was going well; No such dirty thought crossed my mind for him. Then aunt went inside to her bedroom and came back in a while. Because there was no light in the house and there was a lot of heat in the room. Aunt had also taken off her blouse.

Seeing that, my senses started to split. Then the aunt took the dupatta taken with the nightie and wrapped it on top of her body. Even then their milk was looking like a mountain. For the first time, I saw someone in a bra from the front. Then it would have been fine if the matter had stopped here also, but the aunt took off her bra and sat on the chair.

Their milk became completely free. His dupatta was trying to hide his mother but he was also failing to hide it completely. Then when the aunt stood up from the chair, her mother was visible inside the very big clean dupatta. When she turned and went to go inside the bedroom, her milk was shaking like a person who is not conscious after getting drunk.

Seeing both the aunt’s mothers, my eyes widened. But aunt did not look at me. They thought I was still young. Then she went inside and came back wearing her nightie. But, still, the bulge of her moms was clearly visible. His walking sometimes left and right, sometimes up and sometimes down, it was clearly visible from his nightie.

From that day onwards my attitude towards my aunt became totally different and I shook my cock 4 times in her name that night. I started getting lost in his memories. Every evening I used to go and sit near him to see this scene and started talking to him.

Now every day I started sitting and waiting to see his mother and father, wishing that I would get to see them all again. Get to see aunt’s boobs naked. Something different was starting to feel in my mind for my aunt. I started thinking of making my aunt my girlfriend.

As easy as it was to think, it was equally difficult to do. But I was also not one to give up. I started keeping an eye on him every day. From morning to evening, after coming from college, I just kept waiting for when I would get to see my aunt’s milk. I started hitting his fist every day. I couldn’t sleep at night when I didn’t chant his name.

One day there was no water in the tank and that day the light was not even coming on since morning to fill the water. Aunt was not bathing, it was summer season. She was not able to live without taking a bath. Their children were small and had to go to the hand pump to get water. That’s why my aunt called me.

Those days my college summer vacations were going on, the month of June had arrived. I used to spend full time just keeping an eye on my aunt. As soon as he asked me to bring water, I immediately picked up the bucket. Not the big-size bucket, but the smallest-size bucket… because a dirty idea had come into my mind.

I thought that I would make 5 rounds with the small bucket, then the big bucket and the plastic tub would be filled. I took the first round and filled the big bucket with water, then the aunt went to the bathroom and said – let’s get a little more, it will be done in this much. I said – no problem aunt, I will keep bringing, you take a bath comfortably, there is no problem.

I went again to get water and brought water after 5 minutes and saw that aunt was washing her face but the saree was missing from her body. A lovely scene started playing in my mind again. Then when I came again, Aunty was sitting below on a plastic stool and showing her slightly semi-naked thighs by lifting her petticoat a little above her knees.

She was applying soap by putting her hand inside there. Seeing this, a tent was made in my lower. Aunt’s legs were absolutely fair, just as white as milk, just as if milk is heated a little in the fire, it turns a little pink, in the same way, aunt’s legs were fair.

I looked around and went back to get water. But her fair legs were running in my mind. Then when I came again, even then aunt was rubbing her legs with soap made in a different way. My mind went completely crazy about my aunt. Then as soon as I brought the next round of water, the aunt said – just do it, Abhi, it’s done.

So I said – No problem, I will bring it, aunt. Now how did they know that the son is no longer that son, he has become a complete bastard. When I brought water, I saw that aunt had taken off her bra along with her blouse. But she kept her legs folded in such a way that her breasts were buried between her petticoat and thighs.

I could only see the little bumps of my aunt’s mom. Aunt said – now stop Abhi son, it is done. But where was I to believe, I came again with a bucket of water and saw that this time the bathroom door was closed. I thought let’s push it, is it closed or open?

As soon as I pushed, the door opened. Seeing only a glimpse of an aunt, she immediately locked the door. I said – Aunty takes to water. A voice came from inside – Hey son, don’t worry, I will be done in this much. I said – take this more, now I have brought it. Aunt said from inside – ok keep it there, I will take it.

I said – ok aunty. I went away with a heavy heart. But the sight of that one moment really showed me the sight of heaven. Aunt was completely naked, there was not even a single cloth on her body. To tell the truth, I could see only a glimpse that the aunt closed the door.

That’s why I can’t tell you much, just understand that after seeing him I had fist bumped 7 times that day. Then in the evening, he started talking sitting near his aunt. To tell the truth, before today I only wanted to see my mother, I was excited to see my mother, but after the incident in the afternoon, my mind started wanting to see my aunt.

I wanted to get them by any means. Then I started thinking of different ways to impress them, started mixing with them more and more, and started talking to them. I used to think that my aunt had not the slightest doubt that I could think such a thing about her.

Then one day it happened that my uncle’s phone rang on my father’s number. He asked her to talk to her aunt. Father gave me the mobile and said go and get the task done. At that time, not many people used to have phones, just one phone in a house.

I took the mobile. Perhaps at that time, it was 11 o’clock the night. I called out but no one picked up. I called again, but no one picked up. I went inside. Went to their bedroom and saw that aunt was sleeping. She was in deep sleep. I raised my voice and turned on the light in the room. 

The sight I got to see as soon as I switched on the lights was unbelievable, I could not believe my eyes. Aunt was in a short nightie, and her fair legs were visible in black color. In the light of the white colored bulb and being asleep, probably her milk bulges were visible. I called again but aunt did not wake up even then.

Then I put my hand on his shoulder, I swear my body was on fire. Her nightie was as soft as silk. I gave him a little jolt but his breathing was going on for a long time. When I raised my voice and pushed a little harder, she suddenly got up and sat down and said- What happened?

Then I said – the phone is from my uncle. He adjusted his nightie and talked. Uncle said – I will not be able to come today, don’t wait. Both of them talked for some time. Then I came back with the phone. Still, the thought of my aunt could not leave my mind.

Then an idea came to my mind. I thought why not go to my aunt’s room at night? Anyway, she is in such a deep sleep that she does not know. At that time in my mind I just wanted to see my aunt, no matter how I could see her. At that time, I had no idea what would happen after I was caught.

Just had the desire to see my aunt and due to this desire, I went to my aunt’s bedroom, and slowly went to the bed with my feet buried like a thief. Aunt and her children were all fast asleep. I went to my aunt’s side, it was about 1 o’clock at night.

I courageously pushed my feet a little but there was no effect. She was taking long breaths. Next time I pushed a bit harder but there was no effect on the aunt. Then I lovingly put my hands on the feet and started caressing. Caressed only from the knee down for five minutes, I swear I was shaken.

How can I tell you my feeling, I am not able to understand anything. After some time I took my hand a little higher. Wow… what a wonderful soft thigh it was, it was feeling like butter. Much wider than my palm, if I join both my thighs, they can become one thigh.

Her nightie was so tight that the hand was not going inside much. So I turned my hand away from above. It felt like she was wearing panties inside. Then I put my hand on the waist and took my hand to his navel. As soon as I put a finger in her navel, she turned and I hid under the bed in fear.

After some time, I gathered my courage again and went ahead. Caressing the stomach, he came near both their bulges. Aunt’s milk was suppressed by her hands due to taking turns but the other milk was completely open. Was just hidden inside the nightie.

As soon as I put my hand on it, oh my god, her milk was not coming into my hands. Aunt’s teats were very big, they were not coming in my hand. I slowly started pressing one of her nipples and I swear her nipple was softer than velvet. Kept pressing the teat for a few minutes. Slowly I felt that her nipples are getting tight.

There was so much tension in my cock that I could not bear it. I lowered my lower and started fisting. Dropped all the goods under his bed and came out after wiping his cock’s semen in his nightie. My goods were lying under the bed and I came back in hiding. I could not sleep even after coming home.

I felt like going again. Then it was two o’clock. I again went to my aunt’s room. This time I had a feeling that I would come only after seeing my aunt’s panty. I took the torch. This time luck was with me. Aunt was lying with both her legs spread and the nightie was also till half thighs. Her panties were clearly visible.

Hi kya maast panti thi chachi ki… It was fun! As soon as I gently put my hand over aunt’s panty, aunt stuck both her legs. Then I started pressing my aunt’s teat. I pressed both her nipples for 20 minutes, I swear her nipples were tight and her breath started getting hot.

Feeling his hot breath, my water came out again. I came back again and when I woke up in the morning, I could not see my aunt. Again I felt that I had not allowed my aunt to doubt.
I saw that the aunt had cleaned her nightie, so I thought that it was not possible that my goods were stuck, so she cleaned it.

The next day it was evening and uncle was missing even tonight. Laddoos were bursting in my mind that today I will caress the whole body of aunt. It was night, everyone went to sleep after eating till 10 o’clock. I was waiting for 12 o’clock. Finally, the moment has come, that was waiting for.

I quietly went inside and waited for a while. But today the aunt was wearing something else. She was wearing a petticoat and blouse. It seemed as if God had heard me. I slowly raised her petticoat and I felt like licking aunt’s thighs… but controlled. His stomach started caressing.

That’s why suddenly aunt said in her sleep – they just touch, they don’t do anything! Hearing this, my ass burst. I felt that aunt has got up. I got under the bed and sat quietly. I understood the meaning of his saying that it seems the uncle leaves only after heating and does not do anything.

After a few minutes, I started touching again and untied the hooks of her blouse. She has such big boobs that he got sent out. Such big boobs were seen only in the video of Chudai.
Enjoyed seeing the teat. I rubbed both nipples.

His body was shining like the moon even in the dark. Just like there is a brown stain on the moon, isn’t it? Similarly, there were nipples on her teats. Juicy like grapes. I even put my cock on her nipple and dared to put it on her lips as well. I swear his breath had become hot.

I could not help it, I removed the goods again. That night I stayed in his room till 2.30 am. Leaving only her pussy, I saw everything else very closely. I fisted 3 times in his room. I felt like giving my aunt a hard fuck right now, but I was also feeling scared.

The next day the uncle came and the fun of the night stopped. That day at night I read a sex story on intuition and came to know that if a woman’s nipples are erect, it means that she is getting hot. At that time, his fast breaths also start running. Now the movie of the incident of the night started playing in my eyes.

Aunt’s breathing was also fast and her nipples were also getting hard. I began to understand that something was the matter. Now, this thing started running through their mind that the aunt had not murmured that night because of uncle’s presence in her sleep.

I got worried again what the hell is the matter? Somewhere if I did something and there was a fight, then Izzat’s mother would get fucked. I fell asleep thinking all this. When I woke up the next morning, my uncle was gone. Aunt herself told me that uncle has gone out for two days.

I did not understand his saying that why he has said this to me. On the same day, my mother had to go somewhere and my father had left for his work. My aunt and her small child were the only ones in the house. The remaining two children went to school.

Aunt said while going to the bathroom- Abhi, will you rub my back with soap? He had said this for the first time, Shortly after I was behind my aunt in the bathroom and aunt was covering less than half of her body with her petticoat. When I started applying soap on her back with my hand, the aunt slipped the petticoat down and bowed down.

I was getting hot seeing the nude Indian aunty. That’s why aunt said in a low voice – Abhi, why are you scared at night? My ass got busted. I parted ways with him. Aunt looked back and smiled. She stood up and her petticoat slid down. Aunt was completely naked in front of me.

Then the doorbell of the house rang. I immediately ran out of the bathroom and started looking outside. Someone came to ask father. I made him walk in no time and came inside. Auntie had gone to her room after coming out of the bathroom.

Then his voice came – Abhi, I am waiting for you. Friends, after this only aunt’s sex, happened, just like you read in common sex stories. But till today I had not enjoyed anything as much as I had in impressing my aunt. 

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