Rough sex with virgin girl | Neighbour Girl Sex Story

Rough sex with virgin girl | Neighbour Girl Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Rough sex with virgin girl | Neighbour Girl Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

In neighbour Girl Sex Story, I Fucked A Virgin Girl In My Own Home! How did I pacify her and then persuade her to get her pussy killed? Have fun reading.

Friends, my name is Sahil, I am a resident of a small village in Lucknow. This neighbour girl’s sex story is about my sex story with my neighbor girl Rachita. She was always ready for sex after kissing me. It is based on his sex life.

At present Rachita is married to someone else and has a son too but she still talks to me. Maybe she hasn’t forgotten me and my cock yet. This story is about one of my girlfriends who was always eager to take cock in her pussy, even if it was someone’s cock.

First, let me introduce him to you. Rachita’s height is 5 feet 3 inches. She is the owner of an amazing figure of 34-28-36. She wears clothes in such a way that on seeing her, any man’s penis would stand erect. She used to wear very deep-necked clothes and mostly backless clothes.

Looking at her, it seemed as if her clothes were hiding her legs and showing her more. We used to go to study in a city 5 kilometers away from our village. She used to go to join a computer class and I used to go to a coaching class to prepare for the entrance exam.

Both of us used to come together in the tempo many times. Initially, I could not talk to him much. Maybe she didn’t even talk to anyone outside the house that’s why I didn’t have the courage to talk to her.

Once when we were coming together in a tempo, my leg accidentally touched his leg. She didn’t say anything, nor did she move her leg. Instead, she smiled. As soon as we reached the village, we got down and started walking. My courage had increased a bit, so I asked him for his phone number.

He also told me his number without delay. We started talking on the phone. After a few days, I started talking to him in every way. Then one day he asked to meet me. When I agreed, he called me to his terrace. I went to her terrace in the evening, there she was alone. I asked – why did you call?

He saw me and immediately hugged me. I also put my lips on his lips and started sucking hard. I put one hand on her breasts and put the other on her big ass. Then pressed it hard with both hands together. Rachita started sighing and both of us got very excited.

The matter went on like this for some time. Now he put his hands on my cock from the top of my jeans. My 6-inch cut cock was completely erect. He put his hand in my jeans and caught my cock. I also put my hand inside the kurta and touched her breasts. I felt very good because, for the first time, I touched the boobs of a young girl.

I liked her boobs very much, so I put my whole hand on one of her boobs and touched her nipple with my thumb. Her nipple was fully erect. She started stopping me. I couldn’t stop being excited. I said to him – Let me do it, man, I am having fun.

She refused and said – not now, never again. This is my first time and here on the terrace, someone will see me in the open. I said – so what to do with it, it is standing. He quickly removed my water by moving his hand. I also came to my home after kissing him.

As soon as I came home, she said on the phone – If it would have been completed, it would have been fun, man… I also had a lot of heart. I said – you only refused. She said – No problem, then right. Now we will continue to meet. Friends, this was my first meeting with Rachita.

Now I was getting very worried. I wanted to see her pussy. One day I asked him to show me the hole. But he refused. She said – this will never happen because I will let her remain untouched only for my husband. If you want to love, then love only this upper one, otherwise leave it.

I explained a lot to her but where was she going to agree? Then finally that day has come, when I have seen the pussy of that neighbour girl. It happened that day it was 11 o’clock the night and we were talking on the phone. I made her very excited with the sex chat.

I asked – where are you now? She said – on the roof. I said – I am coming. She also agreed. I went to his terrace. There she was alone. I started kissing her as soon as I left. Rachita was also supporting me. Then she stood with her back towards me and put both my hands on her boobs.

She said – Take my boobs, press them hard, today squeeze them completely. I also pressed her boobs very hard. My cock was fully erect and was piercing in her ass. When she felt it, she also caught hold of my cock by bringing her hand behind.

While caressing her belly with one hand, I started taking her pussy inside her leggy, then she stopped. She said – I had forbidden to come here, hadn’t I? I said – Friend, I have not seen it in real till date, please just show it, I will do nothing.

She agreed when I asked more. Then she said – but not here, someone will see. Come on down to my house on the other side. There is nobody there. I went with him to his other house. I looked at her lustfully. He said – you take it off yourself. I removed her leggy, she was wearing red colored pants.

I caressed the pussy over the panty. As soon as she touched her pussy, she sighed, then removed my hand and said – now look, nothing to do, ok! Taking me away, she took off her panty herself and said- Look. There was light hair on her pussy.

I said – please touch it once and see. She agreed. I touched pussy. Then got up and started kissing her. I had one hand on her pussy, the other on her boobs. She got very excited.
Taking advantage of the opportunity, I also came down and started licking her pussy.

Rachita’s pussy had become very wet and salty water was coming out. When I got scared, I removed my tongue. I said to her – now you also suck me … and she sat on her knees and started sucking my cock. When I got out of tolerance, I said – now let everything happen, please.

She refused again but lust was riding on her so she could not refuse properly. I also made him lie down there, there was a sack down there. She was lying down with her pussy on the sack. I put my cock on her pussy. When the pussy was open, the top of the cock went inside with a little pressure.

As soon as a little bit of cock went inside, she moved upwards in pain and a scream came out of her mouth. I was also feeling a little pain from inserting cock in her tight pussy. He refused me. She said – don’t sigh, I am in pain. When she started crying, I said – then what should I do with this erect cock of mine!

He said – you take it out first, please. I took out the cock. She got up and sat down and started shaking the cock with her hand. I said – take it in your mouth. She started sucking with her mouth. She may not have been able to enjoy cocks in her pussy, but she was sucking hard in her mouth.

For a few minutes she sucked cocks with pleasure and I also started enjoying oral sex by holding her head. My intoxicating sounds started coming out and the cock started to swell.
Now when I was about to leave, she understood and started removing her mouth, but I held her mouth tightly and took out all my goods in her mouth.

She also drank but she vomited. After some time I left from there. I called her after coming home but she didn’t pick up, she was probably angry for putting semen in her mouth. Then I fell asleep… The next day I messaged her. His response did not come.

I didn’t do anything, just started thinking that when she sucked the cock, then my sister-in-law will surely fuck too! I also started ignoring Rachita. Now when both of us went to study, I did not speak to him. She was also ignoring me in the beginning.

Perhaps she was thinking that I would speak to her, but I did not speak. Then after four days his message came – you are showing a lot of arrogance. Even then I didn’t say anything. He texted again ‘What happened?’ I said – nothing happened. I don’t expect anything from you anymore.

She said – Hope is not right… but can you maintain a friendship? I said- Yes like there are many friends, in the same way, I can consider you my friend. Then both of us started talking. That day he said – I felt very bad in my mouth. I said – then don’t take it in your mouth… what was wrong with the pussy?

She laughed and said – let’s do it today. I said – ok. But today, not tomorrow. She said – what is wrong with me today? I said – tomorrow the people of my house are going out for the wedding. I will stay at home only. She said – so? I said – you come to my room from the terrace.

She became happy. The next day she came to my room after eleven the night. I took her in my arms and she too clung to me as if I were her angry husband. Soon both of us were naked. She started sucking my cock by herself and I also licked her pussy.

After twenty minutes she said – don’t be late now. I said – there will be a pain. She said – let it happen. I said – you will shout. She said – Tie a cloth around my face and don’t care about my pain. I made her lie down in the position of sex and set her cock on her pussy and pushed her.

Before she screams, I put my mouth cover on her face. She was sputtering. But I started beating him like a butcher. After a minute’s struggle, my entire cock had torn her pussy. Blood was coming out. But I was possessed by the ghost of sex.

My cock made a place in the pussy and started moving back and forth. She got well in no time and started supporting me. He said – don’t leave inside. I said – ok. After ten minutes of intense pussy fuck, I pulled out the cock and left juice on her stomach.

Rachita was panting and smiling. I also saw her smiling and started rubbing my cock on her stomach. Friends, I fucked her thrice that night. After this, understand that she was infatuated with my cock. I only instigated the fire in her pussy.

After taking the cock in the pussy once, Rachita started getting sensual and when she started fucking with the other cock, I could only know. I must have fucked her hundreds of times too. 

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