I fucked Bhabhi who work with me in the factory

I fucked Bhabhi who work with me in the factory

Greetings to all of you my friends, I am Aman Today I am going to tell you how “I fucked Bhabhi who work with me in the factory”

I am a resident of Hauz Khas, my age is 28 years. I am healthy. My height is 5 feet 7 inches and my penis size is 6 inches. This fucking story is just recent, which happened to me.

Because of my work, I often go to a factory in Lajpat Nagar. I have a wholesale business. During this time, I met a bhabhi, who used to work in the same factory in Lajpat Nagar

where I had to go to buy goods. bhabhi’s name was Kritika. Her age was around 30 years and she was very beautiful. His size was 32-28-34. bhabhi was a slim body queen.

I didn’t miss a single chance to see him. Perhaps Bhabhi had sensed this sight of mine, but she never said anything to me.

Whenever I used to go there, I used to talk to him a lot. Kritika Bhabhi used to get all the orders for my goods ready. (I fucked Bhabhi)

When I went to Lajpat Nagar in June, I met my bhabhi. This time the order was more, so the goods could not be packed quickly. For this reason

I took Kritika Bhabhi’s number so that I would not have any problem talking to her to get my luggage packed quickly.

I moved to another place in Lajpat Nagar for the rest of my work. I can get my luggage ready before my arrival. That’s why I took his number from Bhabhi.

With this number, I was also going to have the facility that if I ever wanted to buy a little less goods, I would call them and tell them and I would get the delivery of the goods sitting at home.

Now I often started talking to Kritika Bhabhi on the phone. Since it is the era of WhatsApp, sometimes we started talking to Bhabhi on WhatsApp.

Once the conversation started on WhatsApp, then morning and evening hello and hi also started happening. bhabhi had started talking to me too much.

I also used to get interested in bhabhi, so I also started getting attached to Kritika bhabhi. Within no time, both of us started opening up a lot to each other.

Meanwhile, both of us had started telling each other a lot about ourselves. Kritika Bhabhi also told me about her life. bhabhi, despite being married,

was working in Lajpat Nagar after living separately for five years because of her husband’s drinking. When she told me to stay away from her husband

I started seeing a thirsty commodity in her. I turned them towards some similar things, so that they start sharing their heartache with me.

The fire was probably on that side as well. That’s why the result was that Bhabhi slowly started talking to me very openly. There used to be adult jokes in both of us.

One day when I told him – I like you very much. He also replied by saying ‘Same here..’. It was as if I had been blessed with a garden of grapes.

Such a traitor was showing his liking to me, that means there was a need of cock in her pussy too.

I started talking about love with him and Bhabhi also started telling me the condition of her heart. Both of us had now started doing video chats as well.

Had started talking with Bhabhi till late in the night. Maybe we both started loving each other. Meanwhile, bhabhi also made me see a few parts of her body.

One day I asked to meet her, so she was also yearning for sex. He readily agreed. We both decided to meet at a hotel. I booked a hotel room online and told my bhabhi that I would be coming on 25th July.

bhabhi had leave from office for two days. I reached Lajpat Nagar at 12 o’clock that day and called him. He said that I will come till four o’clock.

He suddenly got some work. I agreed and told him to wait. Knowing that Bhabhi would come by four o’clock, I rested in the hotel room and started waiting for her to come.

I was eagerly waiting for the arrival of my bhabhi but time was running short. Thinking about fucking her, my cock also got stiff and started hurting. (I fucked Bhabhi)

When Kritika Bhabhi’s call came that I will come in 15 minutes. So I became very impatient and started waiting for his arrival.

He came outside the hotel and called me. I asked him to come to room number 107. When the bhabhi came out of the room and knocked on the door. So I asked them to come inside.

When Bhabhi came into the room and turned around after locking the door, I kept looking at her. She was looking very cool and hot today.

On seeing them, I spread my arms and Bhabhi also opened her arms towards me. I took her in my arms and hugged her tightly to my chest.

He also spread his arms and took me in his arms. For a long time we just kept feeling each other and were lost in each other’s arms.

Then slowly I kissed Bhabhi’s forehead and kissed her on her cheeks. bhabhi shuddered and was ashamed.

I kissed her delicate lips with her flower, so this time she also supported me completely in this. We both kept kissing each other while standing.

Sometimes he started kissing the upper lip, sometimes the lower lip and Bhabhi also helped in kissing me.

Sometimes I would put my tongue in her mouth, which she would take in both her lips and start kissing and would try to take it further inside her mouth.

While kissing him, I started kissing his neck, cheeks, and the flame of his ear. At the same time, he started pressing both her nipples with one hand.

This made Kritika Bhabhi very hot and the sound of ‘ah ah..’ started coming from her mouth. I slowly started taking off his clothes.

As soon as I took off her shirt… Both her beautiful pigeons, imprisoned in a silky red bra, were seen yearning to come out.

I looked at her juicy nipples for a moment and while caressing the nipples with one hand, slowly removed her bra. Ah, suddenly both the breasts were thanking my hands.

bhabhi’s breasts started fluttering in the open air outside. I licked both her nipples alternately with the tip of my tongue. bhabhi’s pride came out and she pulled me into her breasts.

I started drinking by taking one nipple in my mouth and started pressing the other nipple between my two fingers.

Kritika Bhabhi started feeling bad while having fun. At this time she was suffering like a fish without water. As soon as I wanted to put one hand in her salwar while drinking her mom’s, my bhabhi quickly stopped my hand. (I fucked Bhabhi)

When I grabbed one of her breasts with one hand and pressed it hard, her hand moved away from her salwar. I kept sucking the other mommy and with the first hand quickly pulled the nada of her salwar.

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bhabhi’s salwar fell down as soon as it became loose. As if the light of Poonam’s moon spread. Very milky and smooth like marble thighs started spreading their charm in front.

I put my hand on Bhabhi’s pussy. Her hand touched her pussy from the top of her panty, then found that her pussy was very wet and flowing with juice. To torture the bhabhi further, I put one finger inside her panty and put it in her pussy.

As soon as my finger went into Bhabhi’s pussy… then a hot sigh came out of her mouth. I felt her pussy very tight. Slowly I started fucking my bhabhi with my finger.

At this time my cock was getting bad. Don’t know when the cock was stiff, but I forgot everything in the process of pleasing Kritika Bhabhi and I felt like kissing her dripping pussy.

I removed her salwar and panty that had slipped down from her legs and made Bhabhi completely naked. I put her a little far in front of me

and started gazing merrily at the river of her booming youth. When the bhabhi peeped into my eyes, she immediately got shy and hiding her eyes with the palms of both her hands

said – I am feeling ashamed. I put my hand around her waist and took her towards the bed. bhabhi lay down on the bed and I spread both her legs.

bhabhi’s eyes were closed and I was trying to inhale the smell of pussy by putting my nose on her pussy.

bhabhi had cleaned her pussy completely and some scent was applied to the pussy. The smell of some chocolate flavor was coming from her pussy.

I sharpened my tongue and moved it from top to bottom in the slits of the pussy. bhabhi let out a long sigh and she clenched the bed sheet with the fists of both her hands.

When I moved my tongue on the pussy again, her legs kept opening. Perhaps Bhabhi was starting to enjoy getting her pussy licked. (I fucked Bhabhi)

The salty water from her pussy was giving me great pleasure. For the third time, I put my tongue inside the pussy, this time bhabhi helped me by lifting her ass.

I kissed her clean shaved pussy hard and started licking her pussy with pleasure. I started licking my bhabhi’s pussy by putting my tongue inside

then Kritika Bhabhi started pressing my head on her pussy more forcefully. Her body had started giving up and within a short time, her pussy released its waters.

As soon as the water came out from the pussy, Kritika Bhabhi pulled me on top of her and started kissing me loudly.

Meanwhile, bhabhi got up and removed my pant and shorts with one hand and made me naked as well. Then she took my cock in her hand and started moving it up and down and took my cock in her mouth and started kissing and sucking it.

After kissing for a while, I felt that if Bhabhi continues to suck my cock like this for a while, then I will fall into her mouth. I didn’t want this.

I took cock out of Kritika Bhabhi’s mouth and gestured for her to lie down while kissing her. bhabhi lay down and I lifted both her legs and set cocks on her pussy.

The cock moved its mouth once in the cleft of the bhabhi’s pussy and hit it with a forceful push. My fat cock while ripping Kritika Bhabhi’s pussy hit her uterus directly.

A painful sigh was about to come out of the bhabhi’s mouth, which she suppressed in her lips.

I started fucking Bhabhi forcefully. I was engrossed in fucking my bhabhi’s mom in my hands and bhabhi was also taking cocks in her pussy by lifting her ass.

While fucking my bhabhi like this, I asked her – would you like to change the position? bhabhi agreed. So I told him to be in doggy style. She quickly became doggy.

Then from behind I put cock in her pussy and started enjoying the fuck. After about twenty minutes, I asked my bhabhi, where will you get the goods? bhabhi put it inside. (I fucked Bhabhi)

I filled her pussy with cock juice. In this way, I fucked my Bhabhi 4 times in the whole night. For the next two days, both of us had sex day and night.

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