Wonderful holiday with my uncle | hot girl sexy story Part-2

Wonderful holiday with my uncle | hot girl sexy story Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Wonderful holiday with my uncle | hot girl sexy story Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it.

Hot girl sexy story. Fufa Ji made me enjoy my virginity by fucking me in the hotel room. I enjoyed it too.

Hello friends, I am Ridhima once again present in front of you with a sex story of taking uncle’s dick in his virgin pussy and fucking him. In the previous part of the hot girl sexy story, you had read till now that I had become close friends with Fufa Ji. They wanted to taste my youth, so they used to touch me here and there. I loved Fufaji’s erotic actions, so I also did not miss doing obscene acts with him.

The situation was such that both of us were eager to have sex as soon as we got the opportunity. As soon as I got such an opportunity, I was going to Aerocity with him on the pretext of sightseeing!

Now further hot girl sexy story:

Due to these incidents in the last two-three months, there were many changes in my body. Oh yes… I forgot to tell you about my figure in the last part. My height is 5 feet 5 inches and my figure is 28-26-32. My hair used to reach my back, it was not very big but it was fine.

My complexion was very fair, my face was puffy. You can believe that I was a beautiful girl in appearance. Anyone looking at me could say 22-23 years old stuff. If you want to compare it with someone’s image, then I look like Alina D’Cruz. A thin, young girl. My figure was like this.

That day I wore a skin-tight dark blue kurta and light blue jeans in which my figure looked different. I had put a band on my hair and the hair was left open at the back. Fufaji was also in black jeans and a green T-shirt. His age also seemed close to 30 years, although he was 35 years old.

We had only one laptop bag in the name of luggage which we were hanging behind. The rest of the luggage was loaded into the airplane. As soon as we entered the airport, we did not see anyone we knew. Now we were completely free, due to which I was walking hand in hand with him and we both were roaming like a girlfriend and boyfriend.

There was still half an hour for our flight to arrive. During this, we went around the airport. Then when the announcement of the arrival of the flight was made, we went inside. In no time we boarded the flight. The round of laughter and jokes continued between Fufa Ji and me.

As soon as I sat on the flight, Fufa Ji told me that his work in Aerocity is only for 2 or 4 hours, and after that, he will be free. Then we will meet to visit Aerocity for 2 days and 2 nights. They can take me around Aerocity. I was happy too. Meanwhile, we kept on talking and did not realize when two hours had passed.

Today he learned something special about me, I also learned something about him. Yes, we were sitting on the last seat on the flight. This uncle had deliberately selected, where people did not come and go. He took advantage of this too. In between, he used to caress my whole body and kissed me once or twice on my cheeks.

To which I used to protest laughingly and invite them to kiss further. We both were traveling on the flight like a good couple. We reached Aerocity around 1:00 pm. After getting off the flight, we had lunch and we went to an office for Fufa Ji’s work. Wherein uncle took about 3 hours to finish his work.

Then Fufa Ji came out of the office and told me that his work is over and now he is free. Fufa ji told me that he has already booked a room to stay in a resort. in which we have to live. We left for the resort. Very nice and our room was on the first floor.

We reached the resort around 6:30. Keeping the goods there, Fufa Ji said that now we will go to the disco at night. I said yes. He said – you first take some clothes according to some disco. We both went to a mall near the resort. Where uncle got a red short frock for me. His size was also reduced by one number.

While I was telling that I feel the medium size. On this he said – Try it first! But due to paucity of time, we came back to the resort. Now it was eight o’clock. Uncle said – You call me Raja in private. I said ok.

He said – get ready quickly. By the time I went to freshen up and came out fresh, uncle was ready. He told me – you also get ready soon. I receive tickets for the resort’s disco so that we don’t face any problems. After this uncle left the room and I started getting ready.

It took me about 20 minutes to get ready. After that, I started fixing my hair and doing light makeup. After some time, I was completely ready and was looking at myself in the mirror, that’s why Fufa Ji came inside. He looked at me and said – Wow Ridhima, you are looking hot. I have never seen you like this before today. Seeing you like this, anyone would fall in love with you.

The red-colored short frock that I was wearing was getting very tight. Due to this, the size of my boobs started appearing from 28 to 30. This frock was below 3 inches above my knees. The frock was very short, I was feeling a little shy that how would I step out in these clothes. But I was ready on the advice of Fufa Ji.

The frock was backless at the back and had a hookup at my neck with a strap. The neck of the frock was closed from the front so nothing was visible, but from the back, the frock was completely backless. I wore my light heel sandal, which was black.

Now both Raja and I have reached the disco. Yes, now uncle had become a secret for me. When I saw in the disco all the couples were there and everyone was enjoying themselves. Me and Raja also went inside and sat for 10 minutes and kept taking a look at the place.

After that Raja danced with me for some time, and after that Raja and I sat back in our seats. This time Raja had ordered 2 pegs of vodka. He insisted me drink a peg so that I could enjoy it freely. I drank, We started dancing again but this time Raja was dancing freely with me. Sometimes he would dance holding my hand, sometimes holding my waist, sometimes hugging me to his chest, and sometimes standing behind me and dancing.

As if during the dance itself, he had created a disturbance in my whole body and I too was ashamed because I too had taken a peg of vodka. We both spent 2 hours dancing like this.
During this, I had taken four pegs of vodka down my throat. I was swinging in fun and was very cool with Raja.

After the last dance, we left the place and came to the restaurant at the resort to have dinner. where we had dinner. After having dinner, when I saw the time, it was 11:30 pm. Raja said – Let’s go to the room now. We both left for the room.

On reaching the room, Raja opened the door. As soon as I entered the room, I stood in front of the front mirror and Raja came to me after locking the door from behind. He stood behind me and pulled my hair forward with one hand and my waist with the other hand from the front and pulled me towards him. Now my backless waist had collided with his chest.

There was a difference of only one or two inches in the height of both us, so now he started kissing me by keeping his face on my neck. I was feeling faint, I was also supporting them. While kissing, he came on my backless back. There also he started kissing and then got up and turned me towards him, and started kissing my cheeks.

Now I could not resist, I also brought my lips to his lips and our smooch started. We both stood and kissed each other for at least 10 minutes. Then after that uncle untied the hook of my frock from behind, due to which my throat became slightly free. Now, uncle started kissing again.

I could not help it, I was clinging to Fufa Ji. I felt as if a torrent of water had started flowing from under me. Uncle picked me up and brought me to the bed and he himself took off my sandals. Then uncle came upwards through my feet and both of us were on top of each other.

Uncle, when, where, and how many times he kept kissing me, I do not remember anything. I could not bear it anymore, so I told Fufa Ji- Raja, don’t know what is happening to me. On this, he lowered his hand and started removing my panty.

Due to the frock, he had no problem removing my panty. He removed my panty from my body. Now both me and uncle were eager to have sex. Fufa ji also took off his pants quickly and came between my legs. Uncle came up to me and asked – wouldn’t you like to have the thing you were waiting for till date?

I winked and indicated to Fufa Ji, which he had understood. Uncle started rubbing his dick, which I could not even see till now, on my pussy. Now it was impossible for me to remain silent. I was pulling him towards me and he was rubbing my pussy.

When I could not bear it, I said – Raja, now I cannot bear it anymore. On this, uncle set his dick on my pussy and put a little pressure. His dick entered my pussy but I was feeling slight pain. I asked him to go further. He put more pressure on it.

Now, Fufa Ji’s dick had entered my pussy, I was feeling a lot of pain. It seemed as if my pussy had burst. Perhaps uncle was also wishing for the same. Uncle kept kissing me for a minute. After that when I became a little normal, Fufa Ji again hit me with a slight blow. This time his dick went further inside. I started moaning in pain.

On this, he again stopped. But this time when I started having fun, I told him – yes do it now. On this, Fufa Ji hit his last shot with a little force, due to which my pussy was completely opened by his dick. Tears came out of my eyes due to pain. Seeing my pain, my now uncle stopped for a while and wiped my tears, waiting for some time while caressing my hair.

When I became somewhat normal, Fufa Ji said – did you enjoy it, baby? I was shaking my head in no but I was enjoying a lot inside. Even I could not help it, so I signaled Fufa Ji. On this, uncle started taking his dick in and out of my pussy. There was no limit to my joy. Now I was enjoying myself so much that the sound of my intoxicated sobs started echoing in the room, hearing which Fufa Ji started getting more excited and started making my pussy dirty.

After about 15 minutes of sex, Fufa Ji said – My dear, my juice is about to come out, do you want more? Here the juice had come out of my pussy twice, so I told them that you come. Uncle said – I will not take it out. Saying this, he gave a strong push and took out his dick.

The dick had just come out of the pussy that the dick left the pichkari and the semen fell on my thighs. I had a lot of fun getting fucked by Fufa Ji. I could not forget that fun for the rest of my life. After all, for the first time, my pussy was torn and there was so much pain in the pussy.

After the initial pain, I enjoyed getting fucked so much that I cannot tell. Uncle picked me up and took me to the bathroom. There I saw carefully that my pussy was torn and blood was oozing from it. Uncle cleaned my blood with his own hands. After that again picked me up and brought me back to the bed where uncle’s dick was once again ready for my pussy.

This time uncle took off all my clothes without hurrying to penetrate my pussy. Gave me freedom from frock. After that uncle once again started to fuck me. This time I had a lot of fun getting fucked by Fufa Ji. This time I was having more fun than the first time. During this, he was holding and rubbing both my moms as well, which made me feel better. This time my sensual sounds were coming out very loudly and I was having immense pleasure.

The second time, twenty minutes had passed since my pussy was being fucked, but Fufa Ji was not taking the name of ejaculation. I said – Raja, now I am just feeling jealous below. After that uncle again dropped his semen on my thighs and we both slept like that without clothes.

When we both woke up in the morning, it was already 8:00 am and my pussy was hurting a lot. Although I could bear the pain, I got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. When she came to the room after getting fresh, uncle was lying naked. I also lay down naked clinging to Fufa Ji.

After some time I don’t know what came to my mind and I started feeling ashamed for kissing Fufa Ji, then I got up and wore my night frock again. Friends, this was the story of my virgin pussy fuck, which Fufa Ji i.e. Raja had done with me. I had a lot of fun kissing Fufa Ji.

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