Wonderful holiday with my uncle | hot girl sexy story

Wonderful holiday with my uncle | hot girl sexy story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Wonderful holiday with my uncle | hot girl sexy story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in the hot girl sexy story how I got attracted towards my uncle under the influence of lust. I felt good when he touched my body. Hi friends, my name is Ridhima, my age is currently a few months less than 20 years.

This hot girl sexy story that I am going to tell you, happened between me and my uncle, in which I became a flower from an innocent bud. I am a resident of Indore and my uncle has a business in Bhopal. His business was doing very well. In connection with his work, he used to come to Indore occasionally. This is how I and he always used to meet him.

This thing started a year ago today, then I did not know about anything in sex because nothing like this had ever happened to me. Once upon a time, my uncle came to the house in the evening. Everyone had gone out for a walk. Grandma and I were the only ones at home. Grandma was doing the puja, I was sitting in the hall.

Then uncle came to the house. I happily went to him and hugged him. On this, he also hugged me and hugged me tightly to his chest. My milk got buried in his chest. At that time I felt something strange but ignoring that, I wrapped my hand around his neck, which he took advantage of by going a step further.

Uncle put his hands on my waist and back and hugged me even more tightly to his chest. Then picked me up and made me spin in a circle. Because of this, I was taken aback. I could also feel his cock getting hard. But I loved it all.

Then after getting rid of them, I came to the hall. After some time, uncle also came into the hall and sat down. I also went near him and sat next to him. This time also he took full advantage of me and started talking by putting his hand on my waist.

In between, he used to touch my face as well and put his head on my neck, but being my uncle, I did not have any doubt and I continued to talk freely with him. After some time I got up and went to get water. After some time all the people in the house came.

That time Uncle stayed in Indore for two days and during these two days he joked with me a lot but seeing the opportunity, he never forgets to touch me and caress me. His touch was now beginning to feel strange and pleasant to me.

After two days he went back to Bhopal. I missed him a lot for a day or two after his departure. Then one day I was coming from tuition when I got a call from my uncle. We talked for about fifteen minutes on the way. This was a normal thing, but before this uncle had never talked to me for such a long time.

Then on the second day also he called and we talked. When his call did not come on the third day, I felt strangely restless. On the fourth day, while going for tuition, I called him and now our conversation started every day. When I used to leave for tuition, I used to talk to him on the phone on the way.

This went on every day for about eight to ten days. Then one day he told me at what time do you sit for night studies? I told them that from 10:00 to 1 o’clock. He said that it is okay, and tonight I will message you on WhatsApp at 12:00.

Then at exactly 12:00 in the night, his message came on WhatsApp and our chatting started on WhatsApp. Now our chatting started happening every day between 12:00 to 1:00 at night. During this, he used to chat with me jokingly. Slowly, I started liking chatting with him on WhatsApp. Now I started chatting with him on WhatsApp every day for hours. I started enjoying it too.

Then one day his message came. He asked me what are you wearing now? I told her that pink color nightie. Next to this he asked me – he is fine, what is he wearing inside? I also told him about my inner bra and panty. He asked me the color, I told him that too – a white bra and black panty.

Now every night he started asking about my bra and panties in the message and started telling me about my beauty, knowing which I also started feeling very happy. One such day while chatting, he told me that you are really beautiful. After hearing this, I also said – what uncle, you are also joking. He said- No, I am telling the truth.

He also started sex-related chatting with me. I also used to enjoy chatting with him a lot, so I also started drinking juice. Then one day he asked me to show my bra panty. I also showed them in the message. Beyond this, he went further … and asked me for my photo wearing bra panty. I shared the photo with him.

After this, we started talking about open sex. I used to enjoy having sex-related conversations with him. It used to tickle my pussy. He said- This time when I will come to Indore, then once you will have to come in front of me in bra and panty. I also agreed to this.

Every day our talks continued like this. Then one day he got a call that I am coming to Indore with his aunt. After that, I will go to Aerocity for 2 days by flight from there. To which I said – can I fly with you? On this, he said yes but asked how will you be able to go. What will you tell everyone? I said – I didn’t even think of this.

Then he took out an idea and told me that you insist that I also want to visit Aerocity. I will manage the rest. Now I started waiting for his arrival and when he would come. Meanwhile, he told me that one day we will go to Amarkantak with everyone, which you will also go to. I agreed.

Then the day came when my uncle and aunt came to our house. He reached Indore around 7:00 pm. After reaching Indore, spent the night with us at home. That day uncle was completely normal. He did not do any such act, due to which I would be in trouble.

Then in the morning everyone together made preparations to go to Amarkantak. We all got up at 4:00 in the morning and got ready. My mother, grandmother, aunt’s two children, and aunt were sitting in the back seats of the car. Another aunt of mine sat in the front seat.

Now there was only one place left for me to sit, the driver’s place on the front seat. Uncle sat down to drive the car and I, between aunt and uncle, sat on both sides of the gear. Uncle said Ridhima, you are sitting in front and sitting next to the driver, so you do not have to sleep at all… keep talking to me so that it is morning time, I don’t even feel sleepy.

I also got ready and happily said yes. After some time we left. It was morning. Initially, everyone was awake for half an hour. But slowly everyone else started sleeping. Seeing everyone sleeping, my uncle’s actions started, which was making me emotional.

Uncle used to put his hand on my thigh and on this pretext used to press my mother with the elbow of his hands. Then looking at me he would have smiled. I was also smiling looking at him. And not only this, but now on the pretext of putting his hand on the gear, he would put his hand on my pussy as well and caress it.

My condition was becoming very critical. Seeing the opportunity, my uncle was caressing all my organs in between. All this seemed very good to me that it was happening to me for the first time. Now even I could not help it, I too would have put my hand on my uncle’s thigh. Then taking a step forward I put my hand on his cock. This made me even more excited.

Uncle also kept his hand on my hand and started rubbing his cock. I was also putting pressure on his cock but it was not in my knowledge what was going to happen next. Uncle had mashed my pussy many times and he had also rubbed the grain of my pussy from the top of the clothes, due to which light water started coming out from it.

Now I could not help it, after all, what could I do at that time? This is how we reached Amarkantak. We roamed there all day. After that, even while coming in the evening, the uncle’s actions remained the same. There was no change in Fufa ji’s antics, he was teasing me like that and I was supporting him.

Due to the lights being off, no one was able to understand what game was going on between the two of us. At last, we came back to Indore at 9:00 pm and uncle started talking to go to Aerocity at 10:00 am the next day. On this I said – Uncle, I will also go to Aerocity with you. Uncle refused on this but I was insisting again and again.

At last, uncle agreed. He said – it’s okay. You go along, but you will be bored there. I won’t be able to hang out with you. I am going for some work. On this I said – no problem, at least I will see Aerocity. My parents also got ready for this and started preparing for my departure with my uncle.

Fufa Ji booked another seat on the same flight in the evening so that I could go with him. I got ready too. My aunt specially told Fufa ji – You are going to take Ridhima but take care of her. Now I had to stay in Aerocity with my uncle for 2 days. No one even knew us there, so now I had no shame or problem in living with them… or doing anything.

After all, I also wanted to be able to spend some time alone with him. My wish was being fulfilled. We slept at night and left for the airport at 9:00 am after preparing for the next day.
Our flight was at ten o’clock. Papa came to the airport to drop us off and left us outside the airport gate.

Friends, after taking me to Aerocity, how did my uncle fuck me and made my little one seal-packed pussy like a bhosda. I will write this in the story of my desi uncle and niece’s pussy fuck.

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