Hot & Amazing Delhi College Girl Sex Story Part-1

Hot & Amazing Delhi College Girl Sex Story Part-1

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Hot & Amazing Delhi College Girl Sex Story Part-1“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

Read in the story that a dark girl lived next to my house. When she started hitting the line at me, I showed her my dick. what happened after that?

Hello friends, my name is Gopal and I am from Mg Road (Delhi). So my dear friends, do not mail me for all these things. If you try, you will get some girl or sister-in-law. Don’t expect from me all these things. This Delhi sex story is from January 2022. A family lived near our house. In it is an uncle, aunt, and daughter Maya!

Maya had two brothers. I have named Maya a fictional one. Maya was the middle child. He had one brother older than him and a younger one. The wall of his house was adjacent to the wall of our house. Maya was 23 years old. She was a virgin then, but now she has gone to her in-laws’ house after getting married.

His elder brother is married. His elder brother and sister-in-law used to sleep downstairs. Maya and her mother used to sleep upstairs. His father used to sleep in the living room downstairs. Maya’s younger brother was in an academy in Sonipat and he lived there. His father and brother used to work in agriculture. I used to talk to his brother and father a couple of times. But only work was talked about, nothing more than that.

Everything else in his house was done above. His kitchen and bathroom, etc., were all built on top. His brother and his father used to come downstairs only to sleep. Now let me tell you about my house. There is a buffalo’s room on one side of our house. The ceiling of that room matched the roof of Maya’s house. For two years that room was empty because now we did not keep buffalo etc.

The stairs leading to the terrace in Maya’s house were attached to the wall of our house. Whenever those people used to go up and down, we used to see them. Earlier, I ignored Maya because I had many girlfriends and friends. All the time was spent roaming like this. Twice a week, I used to go to Delhi to meet my girlfriend.

Now let me tell you about Maya. She was a dark-colored girl. His teat was small and his body was also lean and thin. She had stopped studying after 12th and now she was handling the household work. She used to see me many times while going on the terrace and kept looking. I would point to her with a hand and ask what happened, she used to go inside with a smile.

Sometimes when I used to get up in the morning, I used to make Ram Ram with folded hands. I used to smile too. Doing this, two months passed. Even if I thought of talking to him, I used to back down thinking that it was a matter of the neighborhood. If anyone finds out, it will be a disgrace.

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In Delhi, the slander of boys is considered equally. Girls have too many. That’s why I used to ignore Maya gestures. I did not want that anything should get messed up in the affair of fucking it. One day Maya said something that I was stunned. It was 10 o’clock in the morning and I was on the side of my buffalo room. At that time Maya was coming down from the terrace with a tub of clothes.

When she smiled seeing me, I gestured for her to look ahead. Maya said – Sisterhood! Why are you eating so much? Don’t you dare? Hearing these words from his mouth, I could not believe it. I used to think of him as a simple Sharif, but it turned out to be very fast.

I started laughing at her words and she went downstairs in a rage. After that, after two minutes, she came up again and stood and started watching. Then she went inside. After two minutes of that again she started coming down. I was on my phone. Suddenly he threw a piece of paper towards me. He had wrapped the paper on a pebble.

She immediately ran downstairs. When I picked up the paper, a phone number was written on it. Once I thought that I should tear the paper. But then Cupid started showing effect. Then the thought came that the thirsty go to the well. But here the well itself is coming to give you water… so you should drink it. Then I dialed that number on the phone and tore the paper.

Only two minutes after that, she was seen coming up again. Maya had a mobile with a keypad in her hand. She took him and started roaming here and there on the terrace. I came to know that there is complete itching in its pussy. When I called the phone, he picked it up on the very first ring.

He said – hello?

I said hello too.

So he said – why is he eating so much?

In a joking manner, I said – what is the sentiment, I eat bread. She started laughing.

Maya said – How many girls have you set?

I said – what?

She said – girl, what else?

I said – none.

She said – lie! If there is not even one, then how do you run your own work?

I said – I’ll hit my fist. And now you have also come.

He said – Happ… how does the first hit?

I said – show me?

She said – yes.

I said – I am going to the room of the buffalo. You come down two or three steps and come down.

She said – okay.

I entered the room with the phone on my ear and Maya came down a bit. As soon as he came in front of him, I opened the chain of pants and took out the dick. She was on the phone line and my dick was standing while talking to her. I took out the dick and made the fist of my hand in such a way that it looks like a round hole. I told him that this hole is your pussy and this my dick will now go in your pussy.

She said – you are very shameless.

I said – are you not?

Then she started laughing.

I said- Look, now this dick will enter your pussy and tear it. She was looking at my dick and there was a phone from her ear, on which my words were reaching her. In front of him, I started licking his dick. Friends, there is more excitement in masturbating when a girl is also watching from the front.

Then she said – your mother!

She went downstairs right away.

I also closed the chain at lightning speed and turned around by putting the dick inside and while talking fake on the phone said – yes … yes … well, I will tell by talking.

Mother came and said – eat bread.

I said – come, mother.

After saying this, the mother left. Then I called Maya and said that I will talk after some time. Then I went inside and started eating food. From that day onwards, I started having sexy talks with Maya every day. She used to tell about her friends, whose setting with whom. I used to show him dick every day. He gestured for her to lift the shirt.

She also did not refuse to lift the shirt and used to get my fist killed by showing her nipples. In this way, seeing his teat every day, my water used to flow out. I started asking to meet him. She was afraid because there was always some person living in her house all the time.

She used to go to Mg Road with her mother for two months. She used to go shopping in Mg Road and go many times to get her mother checked up because her mother was suffering from a blood pressure problem. Apart from this, she did not go out anywhere else. One day when his call came, I told him to come to my house when I signal. She said – I will not come. I don’t like your intention. I don’t want to do what you are thinking.

I said angrily – well, if you do not trust me, then do not call me after today. Saying this I hung up the phone. Then after a day or two, her call did not come, but after two days she started calling again. I didn’t pick up his phone. She used to write in the message to pick up the phone, but I did not answer.

One day again she kept on calling. I thought I would pick up the phone and tell me not to call. When I picked up the call, she started saying sorry. I said – when you think I am wrong then why are you talking to me? It’s not okay for us to talk. You don’t call me in the future. Neighborhood work. There will be defamation. At this point, she started crying and said – I had said the same way. Just be my friend. I won’t say anything in the future but don’t get angry like that.

I said – well, I will not even ask you to kiss. Let me know if you have any work. Now we will be friends. Then she was happy and said – Kiss is yours. She started kissing me on the phone itself.

Then I said – well, if you want to do it, then do it today.

She said – how today?

I said – that I will tell you how to do it!

After that, I hung up the phone. But we could not kiss that day. Then after that every day Maya started flying kisses to me while coming upstairs. Then I also thought that someday I will suck it well. Then one night around 9 o’clock Maya’s brother and her sister-in-law went downstairs. My focus was there that Maya’s mother should go down and I should go over to her.

After a while, again Maya’s mother also went downstairs. Now Maya was alone upstairs. Now lust was already awakened in me. Half the tension in my dick had already come. I put a ladder on my buffalo room and sat on the terrace above the room. There was only a two and half feet wall between Maya and our terrace. After that, I slid and went near and peeped and saw Maya lying inside the room. When I called, he picked up.

I said – come towards our roof. Saying this I hung up the phone. She came near the wall after two minutes and said – you will definitely die. Slowly I said – no, if you die, what will happen to me… just give me a kiss, and then I will leave. So she said – my mother can come up anytime and if you are seen, then see what will come!

I said – in such a long time, even if it happens, man… hurry up… come here on our terrace and give kisses quickly. She said- Stop, I come once to see my mother. Then she went downstairs. After a while, she came upstairs and came straight to me. She came and sat beside me. She said – whatever you want to do, hurry up, my mother can come up anytime. If caught, you will die a lot.

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I didn’t say anything and took my face near his face. Then his lower lip was imprisoned in his lips. Now Maya closed her eyes and we both started sucking each other’s lips. Maya suddenly got up again and said – okay now go. She got up and went to her house from the top of the wall and I also got down and entered my house. After kissing, Maya had become like a fan of mine. She started giving me kisses by calling me.

The next evening nothing happened again. Then the next day she said on the phone – yesterday my brother had taken my phone and I was scared because of that you should not call! I said – crazy, have I ever called you without asking you? She said- Well then, when I call you up and call you today, then you will come at the same time.

Then I said – okay, but you don’t do anything in a hurry. Will do it comfortably. She said – That’s why I am saying that you come only when I call. After this much talk, we ended the call. After that, I started waiting for the night to come. My dick was raising its mouth again and again thinking about Maya’s pussy.

I just wanted to fuck him now but with his will. Somehow at 10 o’clock at night. Then after a while, Maya’s call came and she started saying – come up, the mother is asleep. In response, I said – well, I have just come, understand? After that, I put the phone upstairs in the room itself. I forgot to tell you that there are five rooms in our house. Four are down and one is up.

I used to sleep upstairs at night. I used to be only in underwear and sendo at night. So just like that I walked wearing underwear and a sendo. I got down from the back side of the house and put a ladder near the buffalo’s room and climbed to the roof of Maya’s house. Maya also came quickly and sat down near the wall of our terrace.

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