Sensual Fuck With A Beautiful Neighbour Sister – Sister Fuck

Sensual Fuck With A Beautiful Neighbour Sister – Sister Fuck

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Sensual Fuck With A Beautiful Neighbour Sister – Sister Fuck“. I am sure you all will love it.

Sister Fuck story is about fucking the sister who lives in my neighbourhood. Sister herself took the initiative and seduced me and cleared the way for us to have sex.

Hello friends, my name is Prince. Right now I am 36 years old. I am a resident of Vadodara.

I am going to tell you all my true Sister Fuck story.

This is about those days when earlier those small red coloured cameras used to come, in which naked photos of sex could be seen.

Friends of my age must have seen it.

At that time I was studying in the eleventh class.

Many girls and sisters-in-law lived in my neighbourhood, but one girl was extraordinary among them.

Her name was Himani Didi. Everyone used to call her Himani.

Whenever I got out of school, I used to spend the entire afternoon and evening at her house. At that time Himani Didi was 24 years old and I was younger than her.

We both got along very well. Sister did not hide anything from me. When sister became of marriageable age, she was very curious to know about sex and boys’ penis. (Sister Fuck)

One day it was raining heavily. I had come home from school.

That day Didi called me. My house was right in front of hers.

I ran there to avoid the rain and suddenly bumped into Didi. Then her boobs got pressed against my chest.

I apologized to her, but it was the first time I got a chance to press someone’s boobs… which is why I felt very good.

Her boobs were not very big but still, I enjoyed it.

I asked Didi- What is the work?

While caressing her boobs, she said- Why did you not come home today?

I said- It was raining so I did not come.

Only she and her elder brother lived there. her brother worked as a brokerage, so he often stayed out of the house.

Sister asked me- Have you ever seen any girl naked? I said- Not really, but my friend has a camera, I have seen it many times. (Sister Fuck)

It was raining heavily at that time. Sister was getting very hot and was talking more openly to me.

She asked me about the camera and what comes with it.

I told her openly that it contained photos of a boy and a girl having sex. She said to me- what kind of photos are these, please tell me openly.

Hearing that, my penis started getting turned on.

I was not able to look into her eyes.
I remained silent.

Didi asked me in a loud voice – Tell me! I refused – I can’t tell… I don’t know how to tell.

Sister started getting excited and told me – I am going to get married. I want to learn everything. Otherwise, there will be trouble later.

I started looking at them and thinking how to tell.

Didi held my hand and asked me to help – You don’t know how to tell, but you can tell by doing! I still didn’t say anything.

Didi then touched my penis.
I felt very good.

Then I asked my sister – Will you tell anyone?

Sister looked at me and shook her head and agreed not to tell anyone. Now sister caught hold of my hand and placed it near her thigh, touching it with her pussy. (Sister Fuck)

She made me intoxicated by letting me touch her pussy. My penis became tighter.

She wanted to have sex before marriage.

Then she caught hold of my penis and made me place my hands on her boobs. I started singing all at once.

I pressed her boobs.

The next moment sister placed her lips on mine and started kissing me. I also started pressing both her boobs with pleasure.

I touched a girl for the first time.
My penis became wet.

After kissing for a long time, sister asked me to remove my pants.

I quickly took off my pants and she cleaned my wet penis with a cloth and put it in her mouth.
She started sucking the penis.

Within a short time, my semen was released in her mouth. She kept sucking my penis like a mutton bone and drank all the juice. (Sister Fuck)

Now she too became completely naked. She made me lie down on the floor and started rubbing her wet pussy on my face.

I felt disgusted but I had to lick my sister’s pussy. I didn’t think she was getting fucked for the first time.

Within no time, all the salty water from her pussy came into my mouth.

Then sister took my penis in her mouth again and sucked it thoroughly. When my penis became turned on again, she sat on my penis.

My penis was in bad condition. It seemed to me that there was blood coming out of it. I pushed Didi and started getting up, saying – Go away Didi, I am in pain.

She removed the penis from her pussy and again took it in her mouth and started sucking it. I was enjoying getting my dick sucked so I didn’t say anything.

Now she brought Vaseline and applied it to the penis. Again she pushed me and quickly climbed on top of me and inserted my penis into her pussy.

This time the penis was smooth so it went inside.

Didi started bouncing her Big Ass on my cock while saying aah aah.

After a long time, her pussy squirted.
I also cum during the sex.

She sucked my penis and cleaned it and thanked me by kissing me a lot.

I felt very good. Didi gave me money and the next day she said to bring the camera and dark chocolate.

I thought she must have said to bring chocolates to eat. But it was something else.

The next day I came home from school quickly changed my uniform and started going towards my sister’s house.

I picked up the camera and chocolate from the school bag and kept it in a bag so that no one could see it. (Sister Fuck)

Then, making the excuse of going to play, Himani quickly reached Didi’s house. I had earlier hidden the chocolates and the camera to tease my sister.

As soon as I called my sister.

She had gone to the bathroom to take a bath.
Sister asked me to stay in the room.

I started feeling restless and my penis started getting tight.

There on the bed, I saw sister’s bra, which she had taken off before taking a bath. I picked up the bra and started smelling it.

My penis became turned on. I quickly took out my penis and started masturbating over the bra.

Just then the sound of the bathroom door opening came.

I quickly put my penis inside and threw the bra on the floor and sat down. After some time, sister came after taking a bath.

She wore a pink coloured gown.

How wonderful she was looking. There was a wonderful fragrance coming from her body.

She asked me- Where are the camera and chocolate?

I said mischievously – Sister, I forgot to bring that.

Sister got angry and ran to hit me.

I started running away from there.
Didi started running after me.

Then I stopped suddenly and sister collided with me.

I pressed her boobs with pleasure. Then I laughingly gave her the bag containing the camera and chocolates.

She became very happy and started kissing me. Then both of us quickly reached the bed and Didi started looking at the camera. (Sister Fuck)

There were sixteen photos in the camera.

Sister started looking at all the photos one by one with pleasure. I sat close to her and started caressing my penis.

While looking at the photo, Didi said – Today we will do like the fifth photo. I said yes while nodding my head.

It was doggy style.

Sister started caressing my penis from above. I started pressing sister’s boobs.

After some time, Didi picked up the chocolate and I asked – Didi, what do you want to do with the chocolate?

She said- I will lick your penis sweetly.
I enjoyed hearing the cock.

She asked me to remove all my clothes and made me completely naked. I was feeling shy.

Then she opened the chocolate packet and made a paste of it and applied it on my chest, on my nipple, in between the holes of my ass… and on my penis.

Kept half the chocolate aside.

Then she laid me down and climbed on top of me and started licking the chocolate on my nipple with her tongue.

I started getting tickled a lot but was enjoying it.

Slowly she came on the penis and swallowed my entire penis.
Licked all the chocolate on the penis.

When I cum, she drank it happily like ice cream with chocolate.

Then Didi made me lie face down and inserted her tongue in the crevice of my ass and started licking all the chocolate.

In this way, within a short time, she ate all the chocolate on my body.

Now she gave me the remaining chocolate and asked me to apply it to her body.

I applied it to sister’s Big Boobs and her wet pussy.

She asked me to lick and eat the chocolate, so I pressed my sister’s boobs and started sucking them.

‘Ahh…ahh…ahh’ came from her mouth. The sound started coming out.

Now she asked me to lick the chocolate from her pussy. I refused.

So she slapped me hard, grabbed my hair, pressed me on her pussy and started rubbing my face.

At the same time, sister started abusing me- you motherfucker dog… not only you, even your father will lick my pussy. (Sister Fuck)

In this way, sister got her pussy licked thoroughly and also made me drink the salty water of her pussy.

Then while kissing me she also said sorry.
I also enjoyed it a lot after licking it.

My penis had become loose so she again started sucking it in her mouth and made my penis tight.

She became a mare on the ground like the camera photo and asked me to insert my penis with one stroke.

I came behind her shaking my penis.

She set my penis on her Tight Pussy with her hands and asked me to push hard. I pushed with full force and inserted my entire penis in one go.

Didi screamed – Oh mother… she is dead.
She had to enjoy that pain.

Then slowly I started moving my penis back and forth.
I also started enjoying it.

Friends, in the next part of the sex story, I will tell you how I enjoyed threesome sex with Himani Didi and with the help of one of my friends, I fucked her pussy and ass with two cocks simultaneously.

How do you like my sex story tell me in the comment section.

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