Unforgettable Sex With My Sexy Aunty – Neighbour Aunty Sex

Unforgettable Sex With My Sexy Aunty – Neighbour Aunty Sex

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Unforgettable Sex With My Sexy Aunty – Neighbour Aunty Sex“. I am sure you all will love it.

My name is Jatin and I am from Jaipur I am 32 years old. The size of my penis is 6 inches long and 2.5 inches thick and there are prominent veins on my penis.

I have fucked many sisters-in-law and aunties, all of them were happy with my cock.

Now let’s come to my past.

Friends, I have an Aunt living in my neighbourhood named Anjali and my uncle lives in Africa. She has a son.

Aunty’s age is 35 years her figure is 34-28-36 and she is a very nice blonde girl. Anyone who sees her will feel like fucking her. (Neighbour Aunty Sex)

I wanted to fuck Anjali Aunty since the time of marriage. Shortly after marriage, I started joking with her.

This continued for a long time. After that, I also started making jokes related to sex with them.

Aunty Anjali was probably a very active woman, one day jokingly Anjali told me – Always joke slowly and pointing with a finger and said – It should be done from top to bottom.

I gathered courage and said – Aunty, I joke slowly but I joke from bottom to top.
Anjali Aunty said- How is that?

At this time I was lying on the bed in her room and she was sitting on a chair near me.

I said- I will do it and tell you. You just don’t stop me for 2 minutes!

Touching Aunty’s leg, I put one of my hands inside her saree and caressed her thigh and took it to her pussy.

Aunty was wearing panties, I removed them a little from her side and caressed her pussy a little.

As soon as her pussy was touched, Aunty closed her eyes with pleasure. After that, I took out my hand.

Friends, while doing all this I was having a hard time. Thought that if I want to fuck Aunty’s pussy, I will have to have courage. (Neighbour Aunty Sex)

After leaving my hand, I immediately took out my penis which had become very hot. I asked Aunty to hold my penis and she held it in her hand.

I asked- how did you feel?
Aunty: Just like foam.

Meanwhile, when I heard her father-in-law’s voice in the house, we adjusted our clothes and I got up and left.

Friends, all this happened till 2 years after Aunty’s marriage. Despite many efforts, I was not able to fuck Aunty, I was not getting any chance.

A little kissing, a little massage of the pussy and a little massage of the penis… all this kept happening.

After that, the circumstances became such that I got a job in a company in Bangalore and I left without fucking Anjali Aunty.

Meanwhile, Aunt also gave birth to a son. I was in touch with Aunty over the phone. We both used to have sex on the phone many times.

I used to come to my house also but did not get a chance to have sex. I would just kiss Aunty, finger her pussy and go away.

I left my job 6 months ago to do my work.
My uncle went to Africa a few days after my arrival.

I thought that now my work would be done, Aunty also wanted to take my penis.

The very next day after my uncle’s departure, Aunt called me and asked me to come at 10 pm. Her room is separate from the house, so there was no problem in going there at night. (Neighbour Aunty Sex)

I went at night. She had made her son sleep with his grandfather.

As soon as I left, I closed the door of the room took her in my arms and started kissing and licking her in a devouring manner.

Aunty said- My dear, I have been lying there the whole night. Today I am only yours, fuck me however you want.

My passion for fucking Aunty was also old, so I quickly removed all the clothes except the panty and bra of Aunty and I also removed my clothes.

After making my sexy Aunty lie down on the bed, I pounced on her… she had bought and worn the maroon-coloured bra and panty on the same day when I asked her to do so.

For a long time, we both kept kissing and licking each other as if we had met lovers who had been separated for years. (Neighbour Aunty Sex)

After that, I opened Aunty’s bra and panty. There was not a single hair on the pussy, it was a very swollen pussy.

I started sucking her Big Boobs… it seemed as if I fell on Aunty’s boobs… my Aunt was just sighing.

After that, both of us came into the 69 position. Friends, I forgot to tell you one thing I am very fond of sucking pussy, I can stop fucking but cannot stop sucking pussy.

After coming in 69, Aunty started sucking my cock and I started sucking Aunty’s pussy. We both Aunt and nephew were having a lot of fun.

Aunty was also sucking my penis whole in her mouth like a hungry person.
And I was trying to insert my tongue completely into Aunty’s pussy and licking it.

Aunty’s pussy was slowly releasing water. Meanwhile, Aunty got up and lay down next to her and said – My love, I am yearning for this cock… no more, fuck me quickly. (Neighbour Aunty Sex)

Uncle’s penis was much smaller than mine, She had told me this long ago.

Aunty spread her legs and set my penis on her pussy and kept pushing slowly.
I looked at her face and felt as if Aunty was suffering from some problem.

I even asked Aunty… but she said – Dear, there is no pain in front of this penis! You put it in my pussy!

I slowly inserted my entire penis and started.

I started moving my penis in and out of Aunty’s pussy, and she started making moaning sounds like ummm… ahhh… hay… yeah…. I started feeling like travelling to heaven and Aunty was sighing.

I was fucking Aunty’s pussy slowly.

Aunty said – Honey, keep fucking me like this… from today onwards yaa sh… aah aa… from today onwards I am only yours… my love is only for you aaa ssss… fuck me whenever you want, rub me whenever you want.

Here I was continuously pushing my penis inside her pussy. In between, I would also suck and crush her boobs.

After fucking like this for a long time, I asked Aunty to become a mare. So she immediately became a mare due to which her pussy was turned outwards.

Aunty brought her hand back and held my penis and set it on her pussy. I held her Big Ass and started fucking her.

Aunty just moaned ‘Aaaa oom sssssss aaa aah aah… fuck me faster… just keep fucking… I wish you were my husband… aah aaaa… no problem from today onwards you are my fucking nephew!

Here, just don’t ask me… I was enjoying fucking Aunty. Stopping in between, I would take out the penis from the pussy and ask Aunty to suck it. She kept sucking my penis like a lollipop.

After that, I would again insert my penis into the Tight Pussy and then fuck vigorously!

Aunty’s pussy was oozing water. There was great lubrication in the pussy, the penis was moving in and out of the pussy like a piston. (Neighbour Aunty Sex)

I was about to cum so I increased my speed. I asked Aunty- where should I cum?
Aunty: Cum in my pussy, I want to be satisfied with its water. Uhm oooo ssssya!

I was pushing with full force aaaa…
and we both orgasmed together.

Aunty orgasmed with me while making ooooon sssss….

I pulled out my penis from the pussy and lay down next to Aunty, hugged her and started caressing her entire naked body.

Aunty: If I had married you, my whole life would have been colourful.

My penis was very wet, there was a little bit of my semen on the head of the penis. I picked up the semen with my thumb and filled the semen in Aunty’s pussy.

And said – Take my love… now you are married to me and my penis. In this happiness, Aunty licked and cleaned my penis.

Aunty was completely satisfied after getting fucked by my penis, it was visible on her face.

After this, I fuck Aunty whenever I want. Whenever she feels like it, Anjali Aunty also gets her pussy fucked with my cock with full passion.

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