Nephew And Aunt Wonderful Sex Story Part-1

Nephew And Aunt Wonderful Sex Story Part-1

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Nephew And Aunt Wonderful Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

Read in the story of sex lust that when my husband’s nephew came to live with us, I felt his erotic sight on my young body. But I ignored it.

My name is Fatima Khan and I live in Karol bagh. I have been married for 5 years. Our family used to live together in Udaipur earlier. Later we had to come here because of my husband’s job in Karol bagh. My husband stays at home only 3 days a week, the rest of the day is out for work. Here me, my husband Nitin and my 3-year-old boy Sumit live together. My figure is 34-28-30, due to which all eyes are on me, which I do not like.

My nephew had to take coaching from a good institute in Delhi so he was going to come to stay with us. I was very happy with this because when I lived in Udaipur, I and her used to get along a lot and we also spent a lot of time together. After a few days, he came to our house and we were all very happy to see him.

He needed a separate room for his studies, so we gave him a separate room. He put all his belongings over there and I helped him to set the same, after that we sat down and had dinner together. Nitin was not going to come home at night and we had only one AC installed, so I asked Kunal to sleep with me on the day when their uncle is not at home so that he does not have to sleep in the heat in front of the cooler.

It was Nitin who told me to say this. At night I slept on the corner side of the bed and I told Kunal to sleep on the cot. The bunk was placed adjacent to the bed in such a way that my head was next to his head. Kunal has a habit of getting up early in the morning and taking bath, so he got up early in the morning and went to take bath.

I was woken up by the sound of water and the gate opening. I was facing the bathroom. After a while, Kunal came out of the bathroom in only underwear and went to his room.
When I saw him, I found that he was no longer a child and had become a boy with a good physique.

In the morning I made him breakfast, and after that, he went to his coaching. In the afternoon he came from coaching and after having dinner we started talking. I noticed that he was touching my bar and looking at the cleavage between my blouse. But I didn’t doubt him much because I thought he was my nephew and my husband and I had full faith in Kunal.

It went on like this for a few days. Then one day in the evening, when I went to the market with Kunal on a motorcycle to bring goods with Kunal, I noticed that Kunal was unnecessarily hitting the brakes due to which my boobs were touching Kunal’s back. Now I was starting to suspect that Kunal’s thoughts about me were changing.

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After coming home we had dinner and went to sleep. After sleeping I felt that someone was sliding my sheet. He corrected the sheet back a while after removing the sheet. Kunal woke up early in the morning and went to take a bath.

Then after a while he came and picked me up and said- Auntie there are many cockroaches in the bathroom. So I told him that he should take a bath outside the bathroom. He agreed to this and started bathing outside.

He could be clearly seen taking a bath from the window of my room. When he stood after taking a bath, I saw that when he was changing his underwear, he took off his underwear by wrapping a towel, and when he started wearing another underwear, because the underwear was completely tight, when he tried to remove the towel from the underwear, his The underwear slid down a bit and I got a glimpse of his dick.

His soy dick was at least 4.5 inches long and 2 inches wide. At this time I too was hot seeing him, maybe he too had seen me looking at him. Now he started bathing outside every day.
I too was starting to get a little warm after seeing him and his weapon from the top of the underwear.

One day I brought him a shirt. He liked the shirt very much, he went inside the room to change the shirt. Then his voice came from the room and he called me. When I went inside, I saw that the shirt was a little small for him, so he started taking that shirt off in front of me.

He took off the shirt in front of me, seeing which I felt ashamed and I came out. One day my husband and his friends came to our house early in the morning. Due to having 2 rooms in our house, my husband and his friends were sitting in one room and Kunal was sitting in the other room. When I went to take a bath, when I came out, I went to Kunal’s room to wear a sari.

Kunal was already studying there. I was standing in front of him only in a petticoat and blouse. Now when I started wearing a sari, Kunal was being watched turn by turn and my cleavage was being stared at. So now I stood with my back to him and came out wearing a sari.

As soon as I came out, Kunal also went to the washroom immediately. I knew what Kunal had gone to do in the washroom. That very night I felt Kunal twirling his hand on my waist.
This was the second man in my life who was touching me like this. His hand was slowly coming on my boobs and now he put his hand on my boobs.

Now I deliberately shook a little, so he took his hand to the side. When he went to take a bath in the morning, I saw that he is licking my back today. Seeing this, I too became hot. The next day on my way back from the market, I was hit by a motorcycle, so my back was hurting. She went to the doctor with Kunal. So the doctor said to apply gel and massage in the evening.

After coming home I applied gel. In the evening I asked Kunal to massage my back. So he immediately agreed. I asked him to bring the oil that the doctor had given. He hurried and brought the oil. Then I lay down with my back to him. My blouse was hooked with just a 2-inch bandage so almost all of my back was bare. I removed the pallu of my saree from my back so that the Kunal oil could be applied properly and my clothes would not get spoiled.

Now as soon as Kunal took oil in his hand and placed his hand on my back, I was stunned by the touch of a man’s hand. Kunal was slowly increasing the pressure on my back, now I was enjoying it. Kunal- Aunty shall I untie the hook of the blouse? If not opened then the blouse will get messy. Me- Yes open it! Then Kunal not only opened the hook of the blouse and also opened the hook of my bra without asking me.

I was starting to get hot too so I didn’t tell her anything. Now Kunal sat on my thighs and started massaging my back. I could feel that Kunal’s dick had stood up because as soon as Kunal would bring his hands forward, his dick was rubbing on my ass. Now I was starting to like his rubbing and after a while, he was moving his hands towards my boobs while massaging.

I didn’t stop him because now I was enjoying myself. Then Nitin’s call came and he said – I am coming home in a while. You keep your ground clean, today I want the pitch very clean. Me- Kunal, Nitin is about to come and I have to prepare food for them so I am leaving. Kunal’s whole mood went off and he sat on the side of the bed for one last time, rubbing my ass hard and pressing my boobs from the side.

I wanted to give him the green signal – Kunal, clean my back and take off the hooks of my blouse and bra. Kunal came and cleaned my back first and then took off the hook of the blouse and bra. Now as soon as I turned in front of her, Kunal said – Auntie, if you have pain next time, feel free to tell me, I will message you well and remove your pain! I didn’t say anything to her and went to the kitchen to prepare food and then went to take a bath.

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Where I cleaned my bottom hair thoroughly and got ready to fuck at night. My husband came and after dinner took me to the room where first we both got naked. After that, he put his dick, which was only slightly smaller than Kunal’s, in my pussy. He became free within two minutes because his stamina is low. Now I wanted to get a massage from Kunal but I could not do it in the presence of my husband.

My husband stayed at home for two days, during which I and Kunal did nothing. The next morning my husband left early. Today I was waiting to see Kunal taking a bath. Kunal came in such a time and started taking off his clothes and today he also took off his underwear and started moving his dick facing me. Now I put my middle finger in my pussy and started shaking vigorously. Then after a long time, he spilled his water on the floor and left.

Today I thought that I will give full support to Kunal today, so today I wore a deep neck and deep back blouse without a bra. I was looking very sexy in it. When I went in front of Kunal, he kept looking at me. All day he started watching me in secret and I also deliberately let him see. Nitin was not going to come tonight, so today I and Kunal were going to sleep in the same room close by.

At night, I removed the safety pin to tie the pallu of the sari to the shoulder in front of Kunal and came to the bed. Seeing Kunal today, it seemed that he is wearing lower without underwear today. Around 2 o’clock the night, Kunal removed my pallu and started pressing my boobs from the top of the blouse. After a while, he put his finger in my cleavage and started rubbing it.

I was having fun, now I wanted him to go ahead with this and press my boobs hard. But the very next moment he withdrew his hand from my boobs and now I could hear the sound of his hissing. He seemed to have started fisting. I was ashamed to take initiative on my own behalf so I also fell asleep. The next day it is learned that Kunal has been invited to Kunal’s maternal uncle’s wedding, so now Kunal will have to go.

Kunal went to their maternal uncle’s house by afternoon bus. Now I was feeling very lonely without him. I was not feeling at home and it had been a long time since I went to the parlor. I went to the parlor and went there and got a Brazilian wax along with facials, manicures, pedicures, and full body waxing and came home completely smooth.
Kunal was to come the next day.

The next evening, Kunal not only came, but my husband also came along with me. Because of this, today Kunal could not do anything with me, and with her and here in bed, my husband could not do anything with me. When I went to the Nitin office in the morning, I started throwing strings on Kunal and Kunal on me. Kunal without underwear, I was in the house showing bare back without covering my head.

Me- Kunal, I am not feeling well, so I am going to sleep with sleeping pills. After a while, you too come to sleep and go to sleep. Hearing this, Kunal’s face brightened differently. I went to sleep and waited for Kunal.

Dear readers, this sex-lust story will end in the next part. How much did you enjoy reading the sex story so far? Let me know in the mail and comments.

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