Nephew And Aunt Wonderful Sex Story Part-2

Nephew And Aunt Wonderful Sex Story Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Nephew And Aunt Wonderful Sex Story Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

The story of the pussy sex story with my husband’s nephew has fulfilled my lust. Seeing the nephew’s dick, the desire to have sex with him awakened in my mind.

In the first part of Fatima Khan story, you read that my husband’s nephew i.e. son of my brother-in-law came to live in  Karol bagh with us, so I felt that he looks at me with lust. My mind also fluttered.

Now the next story:

I went to sleep and waited for Kunal. After a while Kunal came and slept, he didn’t do anything yet. At night I realized that Kunal was shaking me so that he could check if I would wake up after taking the sleeping pill. Now putting his hand on my boobs, he started pressing them hard and untied all the hooks of my blouse one by one.

Putting my bra down, he released my boobs, grabbed them and pressed hard and put his fingers on my nipples, and started moving them vigorously.

He grabbed my nipple and started moving the boobs with the help of the nipple itself. My boobs were 34, so they started giving fun as well as pain due to their rotation. Then he started licking my boobs with his mouth and biting my nipple. He was pressing only one of my boobs with both his hands and licking it. My sex was increasing because he was enjoying a lot with one boob but was not even touching the other boobs.

Now he took my hand and put it in his shorts, now I was taking the measurement of his dick. His dick was huge. He took out his dick and grabbed the dick from my hand and started hitting his fist. He did this for 10 minutes and then when he was about to take out the water, put my hand down and spilled all his water on my boobs. I thought it would quench my fire now but he took off the hooks of my blouse and went to sleep.

Now I started getting angry with him because he used to cool himself for so many nights but he used to leave me hot. I made a plan to kiss him at any cost. So I called Kunal.
Me- My back is starting to hurt, so will you give me a massage? Kunal- Auntie, it is my good fortune that I can help someone and relieve their pain.

Me- First you massage my shoulders, then do the back. Now I sat on the bed and Kunal stood on my knees behind me. He first pressed my shoulder. Kunal- Auntie applying oil will spoil the blouse, so should I lower the blouse below the shoulders? Me- yes, you are right; Take it off, He did the same. Now he could see my cleavage, bra, and upper part of my boobs.

He took oil in his hand and after pressing his shoulder for a while, his hand was slowly moving towards my boobs. He started mashing the upper part of my boobs and simultaneously started rubbing his dick on my back. Me- Kunal, now you massage my back! Now I lay on my back and he untied my blouse hook and bra without asking me. Sitting on my thighs, he took oil in his hands and started applying it to my smooth waist.

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As he was taking his hands from my lower back to the top, the rubbing of his dick was felt in my ass. After a while, he reduced the speed of massaging his hands and increased the speed of rubbing the dick on the ass.

Now I did not stop him and gave him a green signal. Kunal- Auntie, you get tired of doing household chores. May I massage your feet? I also wanted the same because now Kunal could even take his hand near my pussy. Kunal put his hand inside my sari and started pressing his feet.

Due to full body waxing, his hands were running very cool. Now he came to my thighs and started pressing my thighs. Kunal- Auntie, you take off your sari, otherwise, it will get spoiled while massaging now. Me- Yes, rightly said. I am a little tall and you take my saree out of the petticoat and put it on the side. Kunal deliberately made his fingers touch the upper part of my pussy while removing the sari from the petticoat.

I- ah ah ah! Kunal – what happened aunty? Me – nothing! He pulled the sari and left. Now I lay in front of her with a petticoat and an open blouse and an open bra. Kunal- Auntie, where should I apply the oil? Me- All my legs hurt, so apply oil to all the legs.

He raised my petticoat so high that he could see my red panties. He took oil in his hands and slowly started applying oil to my legs, calves, and thighs one after the other. After that, with the pressure of his hands, he started making pressure from bottom to top.

Kunal- the Auntie, spread your legs a little so that I can massage your thighs deep inside! I spread my legs a little, but the very next moment Kunal spread the legs with his hands and sat down between the two legs. Kunal could clearly see my red panties. He started massaging the inner thighs and slowly moved his hand towards my panties.

Now he slowly started massaging around the panties due to which my panties started getting wet. Kunal’s control was also broken and he started caressing the pussy slowly from the top of my panties. My hissing started coming out, this gave courage to Kunal and he put his hand inside my panty and started mashing my clit. Now I had reached the seventh heaven.

He put his mid-finger in the pussy and started looking for my G-spot. As soon as he got the G-spot, he rubbed it so much that my water came out within 2 minutes. Water came out with my scream and filled both his hand and my panties with water. Kunal- Auntie, since when have I wanted to have you? From the day you became my aunt, I was chugging after seeing you. Today my dream is about to come true. Me- Yes Kunal, now I am yours, you fulfill your dream.

Kunal first took off my blouse, then took off the bra, and then the petticoat from above. Now Kunal climbed up on me and put his lips to my lips and started pressing my boobs with one hand and pressing my other boobs with the other hand. Slowly he started licking my neck and started exhaling hot breaths.

He took my boobs in his mouth and started sucking, biting, and pressing hard. I was screaming but he cut it and made marks. Now he slowly moved down and started taking me to the extreme level by shaking it with his hand from the top of my panties. I wanted him to take off my panties but he was not doing it.

So I said – please take off my panties and do peace again! Kunal- Auntie, that’s what I wanted to hear. Saying this, he put both his fingers in my panty the very next moment and pulled the panties apart from my body.

Now he started licking my pussy and put the finger of one hand in my pussy and started moving my clit with the other hand. I had lost control of myself. Kunal- Auntie come and suck my dick! He raised me from the bed. I sat down in front of him on my knees and as soon as I lowered his underwear, his dick came out and became free. He had also cleaned the hair of his private part, which means that he too had made a complete mood to fuck me.

I took his dick in my hand and took the cap off his dick in my mouth and started sucking. Then I sucked both his pills alternately. I took the dick in my mouth again and only Topa was sucking because I had never sucked a dick before today. Then Kunal grabbed my head with both his hands and pushed and put half his dick in my mouth.

Gu Gu’s voice was coming from my mouth. He gave another push and put all his dick in my mouth. Now I was having trouble even breathing. I tried to get rid of him but he grabbed my mouth harder and increased his speed and started licking my mouth. Now I felt that I would not be tolerated anymore, so I suppressed the bullets of peace with my hands. It hurt him too and he took his dick out of my mouth and started ah ah oo ah.

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Now I went to Kunal – Kunal forgives me. I could not breathe so I did this. Kunal- Never mind aunt, it’s not your fault. I had become too obsessed. Now I put my lips to his lips and fell on the bed going back and I also dropped Kunal on myself. I said in Kunal’s ear – Kunal, please do not delay now, I am suffering.

Kunal stood upon hearing this, he held his dick in his hand and put it on my pussy, and pushed gently. His Dick cap entered my pussy the very next moment. He hit hard 2 and with my scream, his whole dick went inside tearing my pussy.

Now he stopped for a while and started pushing. Me- ah aa ah and do it louder! Kunal – dear aunt! He increased the speed of his bumps. My boobs were shaking a lot so I held them in my hands. Then Kunal put my hands to the side and held my boobs tightly with his hand. Kunal- Aunty do it in the doggy style, it will be fun.

I stood up and came doggy style on the bed. He put one of his legs on the bed and slapped me vigorously 3-4 times on my ass and grabbed me by the waist. He put his dick in my pussy and started choking. I also started supporting him and started moving my ass.

Kunal’s stamina was quite good. I had a fight twice but Kunal was still getting fucked. Kunal- Auntie, I am tired of hitting, my water is not coming out. I had taken a sex pill, and because of that, this is happening. Now I get to know how Kunal is going to fuck so long in the first place.

Me- You lie down and I’ll come over to you. Kunal lay down. I sat on Kunal’s dick and set the dick in the pussy and put my hands on Kunal’s nipple and started moving my waist. After a while, Kunal also raised his waist and started supporting me.

I had a fight for the third time but Kunal still did not fight. I took his dick in the mouth and started sucking because now I too was tired and Kunal was going crazy. He grabbed my mouth tightly and began to lick my mouth. I was screaming but Kunal did not hear a scream. His water had not yet come out.

Me-Kunal, I lie down and you climb on top of me! As soon as I lay down, Kunal put a dick in my pussy and lay on top of me. I wrapped my legs over Kunal and on Kunal’s push, I would also apply pressure on my legs so that Kunal would not have to exert too much stress.

After 5 minutes of terrible sex, Kunal said – Auntie, I am about to leave! Me- leave it in the pussy, mine is also going to come out. Kunal- ah ah… aah… cha chi… aunty mine is gone! Saying this he fell on me. I was under him, his dick was still in my pussy and my pussy was filled with his water and my water so the water was coming out.

I didn’t have enough strength to wear clothes on the side of Kunal, so I lay like that. When I woke up at 4 in the morning, I saw that Kunal was sleeping. I stood up with great difficulty and went back to sleep with 2 painkillers. Woke up after 2 hours and I picked up Kunal.

Kunal started kissing again as soon as I woke up, but I was very tired and my pussy was also hurting, so I refused and came out wearing clothes. So, friends, this was the story of the sexual relationship between me and my nephew.

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