Fucking my best friend’s little sister at her home part-2

Fucking my best friend’s little sister at her home part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Fucking my best friend’s little sister at her home part-2“. I am sure you all will love it.

In the best friend’s little sister Sex story, I plucked the virgin bud of my friend’s younger sister and made her a flower from the bud. She was being killed for the first fuck in her life.

Friends, Krishna was telling you the story of his friend’s crazy sister Ridhima’s fuck. Till now you had read that in the night I cooled Ridhima’s pussy by fingering her and also fell asleep by fisting myself.

Now forward to my best friend’s little sister Sex Story:

My decorator called at 3 O’clock that night. He was calling me down. Everyone was very tired when I went. I made arrangements for tea and snacks for everyone and also made arrangements to call a puncture seller from the nearby petrol pump.

At 6 in the morning when I went to wake up Ridhima, she was lying completely naked and in a very deep sleep. This means she had removed her panty as soon as I left. I took her nude photo on my phone and once again pressed her boobs lightly. Kissed one near her pussy and put a sheet over it.

Then I forcefully cut an ant on her leg, then she got up in a hurry. Due to her getting up like this, the sheet separated from the mother. I was looking at her naked boobs. Following my gaze, she looked at her mother and was shy. Here my cock was standing.

Then Ridhima picked up her bra and started wearing it in front of me. Her breasts were looking very big when she was standing and wearing a bra. The hook of her bra was not even visible. Ridhima asked me to hook the bra. When I started hooking behind Ridhima, my standing cock started touching her ass.

Seeing this, Ridhima started smiling. When I took her in my arms, she started kissing me. I said – should I take off my clothes again? She laughed and said – When you had taken off, then your sent had gone to graze grass. Now let’s go home. I said – now the grass sent will not go to graze. She said – not now, will see later.

He got dressed and we both went to his house. Aunty gave me tea and sent me to Ridhima’s room to freshen up. When I reached the room, she was taking a bath in the bathroom.
I sat there watching TV. Then Ridhima came out of the bathroom.

She was not wearing anything, she was completely naked. The drops of water on his body were shining like pearls. Seeing me in the room, she got a little shy and started speaking – what are you doing here? I also said – Aunt has sent me to graze grass in your room. She laughed.

Then I went inside the bathroom, I kept the door slightly open to see outside. When I looked outside, Ridhima was massaging her body with oil and was pressing her hands with her hands. She was fingering her pussy with oil in one hand. She had become very hot.

Seeing all this, my cock also demanded to shake me and I removed the water from the cock by fisting. That’s why Aunty gave voice to call Ridhima. Ridhima wore a loose top without a bra and didn’t even wear panties underneath. I understood that today it is ready to fuck. I came out fresh.

Aunt served breakfast. We all were having breakfast while talking. I told aunty – all the work has to be completed today itself. Today both of us will have to stop there. Aunt approved. Ridhima was looking happy. After some time we left for the farmhouse.

First got the generator fixed, then got the bungalow cleaned. All the work was completed throughout the day. There was nobody there tonight. There was a separate place for the servants. A room was made in the rear part of the farmhouse.

When I took Ridhima out for dinner, she looked very happy. First I ordered whiskey for myself and Ridhima also expressed her desire to drink it. We both drank two pegs and after having food I lit a cigarette. Ridhima also extended her hand, she also stuck the cigarette in her lips with great style and started drinking it with pleasure.

When I asked, she told that she had learned with the girls of her college. Then we both came back and started sleeping. Ridhima had become very intoxicated. I wanted to see what she does today. I started pretending to sleep and secretly started looking at her.

Ridhima removed both top and jeans together and started sleeping completely naked sticking with me. After some time she started rubbing her leg on me. I had already removed all my clothes. My cock got erect as soon as her soft leg came on top of me. I started sleeping with my face towards him.

Now my cock was on her pussy, then she started moving her pussy back and forth. If I could not help it, I started pressing both her nipples straight away. He was sucking one in his mouth and rubbing her pussy with one hand. She started sighing and she opened her pussy. I started fingering in pussy.

Her pussy left the water very quickly. She was very hot now. I came between both her legs and put cock on her pussy. She started asking to roll inside. I started inserting my dick in the pussy. Her pussy was very tight so my cock was not able to go inside.

I spit on my cock and her pussy and jerked hard, and then a little bit of cock entered inside. His painful ‘ah died…’ voice came out. Without delay, I hit two more consecutive blows. My whole cock was peeled off but regardless I started fucking continuously. After some time of pain, now both of us were enjoying ourselves a lot.

Ridhima was getting fucked by shouting. After twenty minutes I dripped my molasses in her pussy. In this way, we had sex three times the whole night. When both of us woke up in the morning, seeing the condition of the bed, the condition both of us deteriorated.

Ridhima was looking at her torn pussy and I was looking at my cock. Blood was visible in both of their bodies. Then uncle called that we are coming there with some goods. We both got up early and took bath together.

While taking bath, I wanted to have sex one more time, but due to lack of time, both of us got ready and came out soon. I gave a painkiller to Ridhima and ate one myself. Then got some rest. Uncle and Aunt Meenu all came there after half an hour. I took Aunty and Meenu with me upstairs to my room.

Uncle was looking after all the preparations and decorations along with Ridhima. Then we came out into the garden. I asked uncle – what is the news of Rohit, when is he going to come? Uncle told that he is going to come by tonight’s flight. For some time all this conversation went on as to when who was coming and whose responsibility it was to bring whom.

Later we all reached the airport to pick up Rohit at the right time. When his flight came, a very beautiful girl was coming out with him. I kept looking at her, what a wonderful girl she was. Rohit was seen behind him. I waved my hand and gestured to him.

Rohit had changed a lot, he had become very smart. He came and hugged everyone and called out to the girl. That beautiful girl came close to me. Rohit introduced everyone to him. Her name was Khushi. She also used to work with him.

She joined me hugging my chest. I was hesitant once when he touched my chest like this, but later I understood it to be a simple formality and separated from him. While parting from me, he said softly in my ear – You are very hot dear. Will not leave I smiled.

Now all of us have come directly to the farmhouse. There Meenu took Khushi to an upstairs room. Uncle aunty left home. Meenu, Ridhima, Khushi, Rohit and I all sat and started talking. Then Khushi praised the farmhouse and told Rohit that this place looked wonderful. So Rohit told him – My friend has arranged this place for rent for the wedding.

Ridhima started laughing. Rohit said – what happened, why are you laughing? Only then Meenu told Rohit that this farmhouse was bought by Krishna. Khushi and Rohit congratulated me. Everyone was looking very happy.

I told everyone to rest. I had a lot of work left. Rohit also separated from all of us to see the work. He went to see the decoration and other work in the garden. Ridhima also asked to stay with me and Khushi got up and went to her room. Meenu also went to my room. I didn’t know this.

I had started charging my phone in my room. When I went to the room to get my mobile, I was out of breath after seeing the scene there. Meenu was preparing to clean her pussy hair completely naked. She was rubbing her pussy with shaving cream and was also pressing her breasts with her hand.

Seeing this, my cock also stood erect. He had not seen me and I was about to call him that I thought I would fuck him today too. I also started pressing cocks with my hand. Then someone put a hand on my shoulder from behind.

When I turned back, Khushi was standing behind me. Khushi said to me while pressing her eyes – the AC of my room is not working. Looking at her boobs, I said – you go to the room, I will come now. She left. After five minutes I came inside his room.

When I saw, Khushi had removed her bra panty and kept it on the bed and she was standing wearing a transparent gown. Her pussy and milk were visible from there. When I saw the AC, the button was off. His MCB was down.

I happily said – I will lift you. You turn on the button. Khushi nodded while pressing her lips. When I bent down to lift Khushi on my shoulders, her pussy smelled very intoxicating. When I lifted Khushi’s leg, her pussy immediately touched my mouth. She started rubbing her ass on my neck.

Her pussy was on my face. I started licking her pussy loudly with my tongue and pressing her ass with my hand. Khushi had become so intoxicated by rubbing her pussy that she started whimpering while sighing. I dropped her on the bed and put my tongue in her pussy.

Then Ridhima called me. Khushi uttered foul language – this motherfucker also had to give voice now. I said – don’t worry dear… I will fuck you too by lying to him. She said with surprise – do you keep taking it to mean well?

I didn’t say anything, I just left him and went out. After calling the menu, I took my mobile and went downstairs. I started going out, then a hand caught me and closed my eyes. I understood that it is Ridhima. That’s why he said in my ear – what did you see the new pussy, you have forgotten me.

I said – sister-in-law, where did you get your old pussy from? Come on, let me remove the itching of your pussy. I grabbed Ridhima and entered an empty room and quickly undressed her and fucked her.

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