Fucking my best friend’s little sister at her home

Fucking my best friend’s little sister at her home

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Fucking my best friend’s little sister at her home“. I am sure you all will love it.

Sexy girl oral sex story I have sex with my best friend’s little sister. She is very bubbly. When we got a chance to spend time together, it became a matter.

Friends, my name is Krishna. I am 28 years old and am from Gulmarg. I am a professional photographer and work as an event planner. My father is a wealthy landlord and there is no shortage of money.

The story of a sexy girl’s oral sex is of those days when my friend’s sister was about to get married. My friend’s name is Rohit, he used to work for a software company in Canada.
There are 5 people in his family. Her father is a government engineer and her mother is a government teacher.

He has two sisters and both of them have studied engineering. My friend called me from Canada and asked me to do all the preparations for the wedding. Since he was not able to get long leave, he was able to come to India only a day before the wedding.

I had not visited his house for almost 5 years. One evening I went straight to his house from my office. When I reached there, the aunt opened the gate and asked me to come inside. I bowed to the aunt and came inside. Uncle was doing some work in his office inside.

I bowed down to my uncle and sat on the sofa. That’s why aunt asked Ridhima to bring water. Ridhima was the same girl who was about to get married. When Ridhima came in front of me with water, I kept looking at her.

She was the owner of a full body full of 38-30-40 and was looking like complete doom. Ridhima said hi on seeing me and bent down to hold the water. At that time, my eyes fell on her beautiful boobs, and then the cock showed its bastards.

She also took my eyes and went away from me by giving me a small smile. Well… Now we have all started talking about the preparations for the wedding. Then someone closed my eyes from behind with his hands. It was Rachita, Rohit’s younger sister.

When I saw her, she was more ruckus than Ridhima. When she caught me from behind, her boobs were pressing into my back. I was liking the velvety feel of her nipples. That’s why the aunt scolded Rachita and said – she has grown so much, but your childishness has not gone yet.

Regarding the preparation for marriage, my uncle told me – You have to make all the preparations son. I am unable to get leave due to some urgent office work. Got the leave just a week before the wedding. You have to complete all the preparations together with your aunt. Now everything is your responsibility.

Don’t worry about money, just do all the work well. Saying this, my uncle gave me a check of 10 lakhs in my hands and said – book a good marriage place and see the rest of the booking etc. I agreed and talked about the rest and left his house.

The next day I went to his house in the morning. Aunt made me tea and breakfast. I told Auntie – Auntie, we have only 20 days left. We have to book the marriage place first. Aunt called Rachita and said – you go with Krishna and book a good marriage place.

Rachita went to get ready to go with me. After some time when she came out, she was looking like a wonderful item. We both came out of the house. When I was taking her along, everyone was staring at Rachita.

Rachita was wearing jeans and a top. Her full breasts were eager to come out of her top. We both went to all the marriage places one by one and talked. All were already booked, could not understand what to do. Rachita was also looking a bit upset.

Then we left for another place. It was in Gulmarg at a distance of 15 km. There was silence on the deserted road. Suddenly Rachita asked me to stop the gipsy. I stopped the car on the same side. Rachita started looking here and there.

When I asked, she said shyly – I am very tired of going to the bathroom. I said – we will reach there in just 5 minutes, do it right there. But she did not agree and went some distance there and started sliding down her jeans to urinate.

With great difficulty, she could unbutton her tight jeans and there she sat peeing with her back towards me. When she was sitting, seeing her smooth ass and pussy, my cock also started coming into its position. I just pressed my cock and started explaining to her.

Then when she started coming up, I was looking at her. She turned red with shame on seeing me. Then we went to that marriage place. Work was still going on there, so those people also refused us. Now we reached back home disappointed.

By then it was evening. When I told the whole thing to the aunt, she was also looking upset. When I came home, my father was talking to someone on the phone. I went to my room. Then my mother called me. When I went, I had a conversation with my father.

Papa told me that some farmhouses are being sold at a distance of 10 km from Gulmarg, so why not buy a farm by selling some land in the village? I have almost fixed the conversation about taking the form, just see once more.

I thought about it and said yes. Papa said – Why are you looking so upset? I told them that Rohit’s sister is getting married and the marriage place is not available, all the places are already booked.

Papa said straight away – Hey, let’s see the form, on the other hand, talk to any decorator and get it ready for marriage. Nothing will be required for the place, just the cost of decoration will come and that too will cost less than the marriage place.

I was very happy to hear this and agreed to visit that place with my father. In the morning we all went to see the place, everyone liked that farm very much, so we got ready to buy it. Being on the National Highway, the rate was a bit high, yet we bought it.

On the other side, a house with twenty rooms was also built, which needed some cleanliness. The rest of the sofa beds etc. would have been fitted with decorations. Now I was worry-free about the place of marriage. When she got rid of this tension, Rachita’s rebellious youth started appearing in front of her.

Rachita called me in the evening and started saying – why didn’t you come home yesterday, there is still a lot of work left. I also said while enjoying – Yes, a lot remains to be done, nothing has been done yet. She could not understand my point and started asking – yes then tell me at what time will you come tomorrow morning?

I said – I am going out of work for a day. I will come after a day. She said- It seems that you are not worried about the marriage arrangements. I said – don’t worry too much… everything will be fine. learn to trust me After that, I talked to a decoration person.

Since it was all a matter of my work area, it did not take me much time to make all the arrangements. After a day, when I went to Rohit’s house after setting all the work, Aunty was sitting there upset and was waiting for me. Auntie said – How will everything happen now, I am not able to understand anything. 

Seeing Rachita, I smiled and said – Whatever work I have made up my mind to do, then understand that I keep on completing it. I told the whole thing to the aunt and told her not to worry about the marriage place. Everyone was very happy to hear about the farm.

Rachita said – I want to see that place. I told him – Yes, you will have to stay there and get all the arrangements done. Till the time I finish the rest of the running errands. She agreed and made up her mind to live there in the farmhouse.

Then I made the shopping list and I along with Rachita completed the entire work. Meanwhile, some intimacy deepened between me and Rachita. It was clearly understood from his antics that the captive is eager to come under my dick.

Whenever she got a chance, she would climb on top of me and do something or the other. I used to say to her – agree sister-in-law, otherwise I will climb on top of you. She would have laughed and said – what will you climb. The climbers look different.

It was decided by all these things that she is dying to have sex with me. I used to stop just thinking of Rohit. On Sunday I took everyone to my new farmhouse. They all liked that place very much.

Uncle wanted to know the cost of decoration, so I asked him – how much were you assuming for a marriage place? Uncle said – I had already given you a check of ten lakhs for advance, the rest, whatever it takes… that separately. Uncle had made an estimate of about sixteen and seventeen lakhs that there would be space in that much.

I said – in that amount, apart from the place of your marriage, arrangements for food and drink will also be made and some will be saved. Uncle was very happy. From there we all came back. In the evening I had to take the decorator.

I told uncle – now I have to make all the arrangements by staying in the farmhouse. I can’t stay here all the time because I have to deal with outside work also, so Rachita will have to stay here and look after the work.

Uncle aunty got ready and Rachita was already dying. He had understood that if he gets to live alone then the game of Sex can also be played. That’s all I was thinking too. Although in my mind everything would happen so quickly, it was not like that.

There was also a huge 20-room bungalow next to the farmhouse and it was empty. There were all the facilities to stop the procession. I had said that. By talking about cleanliness etc. in that bungalow, I had acquired it for very little money.

If uncle knew this, how could he refuse? Now I had started living in the farmhouse, along with I had also kept some of the people working there. When only 5 days were left for the wedding, I took Rachita with me to the farmhouse. Decoration work was going on there.

Work was going on there even at night, so there was an arrangement for everyone’s food and drink. Rachita used to stay there during the day and used to come home at night. My fun with him kept on increasing. It was 11 o’clock the night while finishing work that day, the time was not even known.

Rachita was asking to go home. When both of us went near the car, one tire of the car was punctured, the stepney was also bad. I told uncle on the phone – both of us are staying here, work is still going on and the car is also broken.

Uncle said ok. Rachita was very tired, she was feeling sleepy so I took her to my room. She became very happy to see my room. As soon as she sat on my bed, she jumped up. That bed was an air bed. She was having a lot of fun rubbing her ass on the air bed.

I was enjoying watching her bouncing boobs, so I also kept watching her bouncing. Then I changed my clothes and lay down. When I told Rachita to go to sleep, she told her to go to sleep in a while. Rachita woke me up at one o’clock in the night and started saying – electricity has gone out, I am not able to sleep in such heat.

When I looked, I found that the electricity had gone bad and the generator was also not working. I told him to sleep as you want. Nothing can happen at the moment. She lay down quietly and I fell asleep. After an hour Rachita put her one leg on me and started sleeping.

When I woke up and saw Rachita, I got a shock of 440 volts. She was only in a bra panty. He was feeling hot so he had taken off his clothes. I looked for a few moments and decided on the strong demand of dick that today the work of Laundia should be done.

If the sister-in-law is lying half-naked by herself, then she must have made a mood to fuck for sure. I slowly unhooked her bra. Now her 38-size breasts were exposed in front of me.
I slowly started sucking one milk in my mouth and started rubbing her pussy from the top of her panty with the other hand.

Within a short while, she started cursing and fell down lifting her ass. I put my hand inside the panty and saw that the pussy was completely clean. I didn’t think of going further than this and fell asleep enjoying the cocks shaking.

Friends, in the next part of the sex story, I will write you the story of Rachita’s fuck and also tell you how my friend’s girlfriend also wanted to fuck with my cock. 

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