A wonderful night of sex between dad and his daughter

A wonderful night of sex between dad and his daughter

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “A wonderful night of sex between dad and his daughter“. I am sure you all will love it.

Ridhima … Caretaker of sir’s house. I am 10th fail. But before that, she used to study very hard in every class… This means she used to pass one class in two years or three years. My age is around 45 years. Looking at my size, it seems as if I am wearing food and drink at home.

Ever since I have been in this sir’s house, I had learned to operate a computer with his inspiration. Sir always used to say that in their free time, use this computer, it will not be bad… Yes, you will learn something. Sir used to say that if you learn typing on this, then you will start giving work in future.

Not only did I learn typing because of the net… and also learned a lot in the company of sir. My father, whom I call father, has a roadside hotel or dhaba, call it. It runs very well, but the fault of alcohol ruined the house. father used to spend whatever he earned on alcohol.

Mother used to work as a midwife for two houses. The house used to run with his money. Not a day passed when father did not quarrel with Mother. Due to this, I could not read. Sometimes father used to come after eating from his hotel and used to sleep at the outpost.

Once, due to the ill health of grandmother, her Mother had to go to her maternal home for 10-12 days. She had left in the evening, then had said that if father comes, then tell him. If I ask to leave, I will be refused.

The house was completely empty as soon as Mother left, so I was flaunting wearing Mother’s saree blouse. Thinking about a boy working in my father’s hotel was melting in my thoughts. At that time I was having sex and was so lost in my thoughts that if any dog had been seen at that time,

My pussy was itching so much. While thinking, I didn’t care about time and I forgot to cook. When father came, he understood as soon as he saw that the food was not cooked. I was lying wrapped in a saree, and could not even turn on the light.

father only shouted and asked – what the queen… will you not be able to eat even today? Mine was tied up. When I was about to get up, my father mistook me for my mother, pulled my hand, and made me lie down next to him.

He was lying behind my back, but the smell of alcohol was coming down my nose. He was caressing my stomach by bringing his hand forward, so I could feel his slowly rising cock in my butt gap. I was a Chudasi anyway, but there was a lot of conflict in my mind. My mind was saying that this is your boss, this is going wrong… but my body was not supporting me.

My butts were shouting by pressing the cock more. father pushed my bra over my boobs while inserting his hands in my blouse. Everything was loose due to Mother’s clothes, so the hand was going easily everywhere.

Smelling my hair, he said – Chammak chhallo… Today you are sitting after taking a bath… What is the matter she used to beat bass all day, even the cock standing upside down used to fall? Do you feel like giving Randi a tremendous fuck today?

I had never heard these words from my father’s mouth. father had no match in choosing words even in a fight with Mother, but today the matter was different, so I just laughed. father said to Tapak – stop the cheeky one… she is laughing, if your ass’s instrument is not played with your pussy today, then say.

father was caressing the black grapes of my teats with his one hand, then he also got completely tired. The kisses taken on the neck after removing the hair were creating shivers in my whole body.

First man’s touch… that too of father, I had not even thought that the first sex is going to be from father. I was melting at double the speed. I was shaking off all the thoughts and leaving my whole body loose to fully enjoy the present moment. Was feeling happiness at every moment.

father took out my blouse and bra and dropped them under the post. He drunkenly was drinking my teats coaxingly, caressing the teats with the other hand, had opened the pulse of the petticoat… and had removed the panty along with it.

What teats does father drink… He was sucking the whole teat after inserting it in his mouth. First sucking the nipple, then sucking the whole milk in the mouth, then it was enjoying. Then, as soon as father found the green and wild area clean and tidy by taking his hand down, he said – take care of your pussy today… I will make curd out of it.

They were slowly coming down. Started licking around the navel with the tongue. While licking the pussy, put his mouth on it and said – Hey, till yesterday I used to rot here… Today the fragrance… Masha’Allah, today I enjoyed it.

My condition was getting thinner very quickly. But the condition of the pussy queen was that she was crying bitterly. The more father used to suck the pussy and grain, the faster it was melting. When father inserted one of his fingers in my pussy and took me to any one place, I used to scream, he would start caressing at the same place.

Together with the tongue kept caressing the grain of the pussy, kept sucking it, and pressed it lightly with the lips. I was in such a fire that it seemed that if father continued to suck my pussy for some more time, I would definitely fall.

Intoxicated by alcohol, father was talking many nonsense things, which was making me hotter. Till now they were considering me as a mother only. father kept his cock on my pussy and started giving heat to my pussy.

Then first kept moving his cock up and down on the crack of the pussy, when his cock was completely drenched with pussy juice, he put his cock on top of my hole and gave a strong blow. Due to this sharp jerk, half of his cock kept entering inside the pussy. I felt tremendous pain, but I pressed my lips, brought tears to my eyes, and yearned.

I was not a virgin, but it was my first experience of taking a man’s cock. Earlier she used to soothe her virgin pussy with carrot radish with her fingers, but cocks… oops how much fun it was. The first cock in my pussy… that too of father, I was very excited.

Then father pulled out a little cock and gave another push. Ahh, it’s fun! I felt the cock inside. Now if I had just given one or two more pushes, I would have left. I was not saying anything in this whole fuck. Then don’t know what happened, father immediately took out his cock and lay down on his back.

When I was about to come up, he stopped me. He Fell asleep hugging me to his chest. His cock was still standing. The light of the moon was coming from the window, in which his cock was shining clearly. In a short while, his cock shook and shot him. A thick paste of semen spread all over the cock.

He was sleeping snoring, but the stream of tears was coming out of his eyes. When I saw his semen in my hands, it felt smooth and slippery. When I woke up in the morning, I was completely naked but a sheet was on me which covered my whole body. There was a wet smell coming from the kitchen, it seemed that father had cooked the food. They are very good cooks.

father brought two cups of tea and kept them beside him. Kept caressing my hair, then tears welled up in his eyes. He was about to move away with a kiss on my forehead when I hung on his neck. There was a flurry of kisses on his face. I was saying ‘Thank you, father… Thank you, father..’ every time.

A lovely smile floated on his face. I got up in the same way and sat naked in front of my father and started drinking tea. Then getting up and sitting on his lap, hugging his neck, she said – father, you are very dirty.

father shook his head and said – Yes son, there was a mistake. But you were also wearing your mother’s clothes, due to which this mess happened. Suspicion arose when my cock did not enter your pussy comfortably, then felt that something was wrong. When I looked carefully, it was you.

I kept my lips on his lips and said- No father, you are thinking wrong… You cannot leave a girl suffering. I have no regrets… You complete the unfinished business. father – Hut Pagli, this is wrong. Me- now be it wrong or right. father, complete what has happened, otherwise, I will die.

I searched his cock under the lungi and started caressing it. The more father argued, the more she would have made him non-responsive with sophistry. Finally what I wanted happened. father’s cock started booming. Because of the incomplete sex of the night, my pussy was flooded.

Me- father, do not start from there… where you had left. Don’t milk the chicks yet. Don’t fuck straight! He laughed and said – Oh wow daughter, you have become a chudakkad in just one night. father took me down from his lap and made me lie on the post.

Kissing my pussy, he said – The first rule is that doesn’t stop the emotion in sex, speak whatever comes in your mouth. This makes it fun to fuck. Me- ok sir. Without moving the cock up and down in the crack, father set it over my hole and hit it hard.

father’s dry cock did not enter inside because my pussy was not completely wet. father started caressing my pussy with his tongue, then my pussy juice started flowing. father once again set the cock and pushed it with a little force. But due to his dry cock, he could only go inside while rubbing. Simultaneously, a jolt of pain shook my body.

I said – Mother’s brother… could not do it slowly… You left the pussy vein destroyed… Why is the mother’s revenge being taken from her daughter? Till then father gave another push and his cock got completely inside. I fainted in pain. father took out the cock after stopping for a while, then pushed it inside with full force.

I was stunned. father-sister-in-law Joru’s daughter… you turned out to be even more than her. Today, I will remove all the heat from your pussy… She will think for the rest of her life about which father she was brought up with.

Me- yes then don’t take it out… let’s see how much power is there in your cock. I could never fuck my mother completely… The elder has come to try my daughter… Fuck… Let’s see who falls first. The dialogue between the father and daughter also continued and the bickering between cocks and pussy also continued unabated.

Along with thap thap, chhap chhap, was resonating in the whole house. Sobs were coming out of my mouth too – ummh… ahh… hi… yah… Even before this, I used to hear the sound and used to guess that father must be fucking Mother with money.

At that time I would have pacified the pussy by fingering it. Today she was actually taking cock. When the pain in my pussy subsided a bit, I started groping my father’s cock. You are enjoying the Ridhima sex Story… This sex story has just started. Stay connected with wildfantasystory to enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t forget to send me Mail.

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