Complete her sexual need | software engineer sex story

Complete her sexual need | software engineer sex story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here with another sex story of Rahul that’s named “Complete her sexual need | software engineer sex story“. Rahul will tell you his story, I am sure you all will love it.

Read in the software engineer sex story that a hot girl called me to the hotel for a fuck. As soon as I entered the room, she took out my cock and started sucking it.

My name is Rahul. I’ll tell you about myself. I am 25 years old and my height is 6’1″. Smart looking. The body is slim. And the size of the cock is good, long and thick. I am very fond of Sex since the beginning.

I like girls with broad asses. Cocks start saluting just after seeing the one with wide butts. I live in Delhi. I am a playboy

Friends, I have had a good experience with Sex. To date, I have fucked 9 pussies and have fucked about 250 times. Will talk about him again. This thing is about 2021 February. Due to the lockdown, my cock was agitated due to not getting pussy for many days. Lund was also upset after fisting.

One evening it was raining, so I also sat down to drink alcohol. And while drinking suddenly got a call from a girl. Started talking to him.

She called her name Srish. That girl was from Jaipur. She was a software engineer. Used to do the job. She told that one of her friends has given me my number and she was very happy with my service.

I told him – you know that I charge. He said – don’t worry about money, darling. Just satisfy me by coming! He got my train ticket done. I left home on time. She came to pick me up at the railway station in her car. As soon as I saw him… I just kept on watching!

He was wearing jeans and a top. She was looking very beautiful… Fair… It seemed as if she was bathing in milk. and figure 32 28 34. He had booked a room in the hotel for me. She brought me to the hotel and said – let me suck cock once… then once I come home, after that we will fuck.

Saying this she opened my jeans and took out my cock and started sucking it. The way she was sucking cocks, it seemed as if she was hungry since birth. After about 10 minutes I fell in his mouth. After sucking cock, she drank the whole material and cleaned it by licking the cock.

Then she said – You take a bath and get fresh. I will come home by then. She came after about 2 hours. Even now she was looking like a hero’s angel… She had come wearing a one-piece black dress!

She came into the room. We opened the bottle of liquor and drank 3-3 pegs while talking. Now both of us were in a bit of a rush. Then I smoked a cigarette. And Srish was constantly looking at me with thirsty eyes.

Then suddenly she got up and started kissing me hard. I took off her clothes while kissing her. Now she was in front of me in a black bra and panty. I was pressing her nipples.

Meanwhile, Srish took off my shirt and shorts. Clinging to me, she started kissing me again. Within a short time, both of us were completely naked. She quickly caught my cock and started sucking like a thirsty bitch.

For about 15 minutes, she took out my entire material by sucking and drinking it. We again came in the 69 positions. She was on top of me and was getting cock sucked. I was licking her pussy and ass.

Ahhh… what a lot of fun it was. I was also slapping Srish’s butts in between, due to which she was getting hotter. Here she sucked my cock and made it stand again. Then I made her lie down and put my cock on the door of her pussy and in one forceful jerk inserted half of the cock inside.

Srish screamed because of this, and said – sisterfucker… entered comfortably… Will your cock tear my pussy? Then I suddenly hit the second blow and put the cock completely inside. This time Srish’s tears came out.

But seeing all this, I was not going to have mercy because after so many months my cock had gone inside some pussy. I started fucking without wasting time. After about 5 minutes, Srish also felt less pain and now she too started enjoying sex.

After fucking like this for a few minutes, I changed the position again. Friends, my favourite doggy style is… I like doggy style the most because only an ass lover like me can understand the pleasure when the girl’s butts collide around the cocks.

After about ten minutes of fucking like this, Srish had already fallen once. And till then I was also slapping her big butts in between. Now my goods were also about to leave. I asked him – I am about to fall. Where to remove inside or outside the pussy?

Srish said in a moaning voice – take it out inside the pussy. Just I shot 4-5 shots and fell inside the pussy. After that, Srish fell asleep there. After sleeping for about 2 hours, she got up and went to the bathroom. She was not able to walk properly.

I asked him – did you enjoy having sex with me dear? She said- Yes dear… I have never had such a fuck to date. Never before has there been so much fun. We took full advantage of Sunday.

Srish also had a holiday and in the meantime, we had a lot of sex. He paid for the hotel and the next day I came back from there.

That’s all my story! Hope you guys liked my software engineer sex story. All of you readers must email me and tell me your comments. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

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