Fucking My Innocent Sister | Bro Sis Sex Story Part-2

Fucking My Innocent Sister | Bro Sis Sex Story Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Fucking My Innocent Sister | Bro Sis Sex Story Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it.

Friends, today I am Poonam again present in front of you with the second part of my sex story. In the first part of the story till now you had read that I had sex with my brother in the bathroom and after scolding him falsely came to my mother’s room wearing a towel.

Now further Bro Sis Sex Story:

My younger sister Komal was still asleep. I picked her up and told her to go freshen up quickly, then I will serve her breakfast. Then I went to my room and after changing again wore the same mini skirt and top without bra panty. I was smiling slowly when my brother started fucking me.

I gave breakfast to Komal and sat down to watch TV. I also sat down with my feet on the table and started watching TV. Brother sat on the sofa by the side. He was getting a clear view of my pussy from there. He was busy looking at my pussy by hiding his eyes from me and I was watching TV without being aware of it.

In between, on the pretext of itching, I used to open my pussy with two fingers and start caressing it with the middle finger. I tried to pretend that no one had seen me. Seeing the pussy, saliva was dripping from my brother’s mouth, I knew. I got up from there and went to my room. Komal sat there watching TV.

Brother came after me after some time and said- Sister, what just happened in the bathroom, I feel like doing it again. But I don’t have a girlfriend. I said – then go make it! He said – Sister, it does not happen to me… I tried a lot. Then he pointed towards my pussy and said – Sister, well you let me touch that, I will not do anything else.

I said – ok, but just touching and nothing else. He said – Ok sister. I said – go, first come after closing the door. He ran and came back after closing the door. As soon as he came, he raised my skirt and started rubbing my pussy.

He was rubbing my pussy very vigorously and was engaged in thrusting his fingers in and out. Because of her rubbing and fingering so hard, my pussy released water very loudly. His whole hand got wet. He began to feel that I was also having fun; He started rubbing harder and daringly he put his lips on my lips and started drinking heavily.

I said nothing. This increased his courage. While kissing, he removed his lower and put his cock in my pussy. I pulled him and inserted his entire cock into my pussy. Now he was pushing me hard and I was supporting him by lifting my ass from below. He started sucking my milk and started fucking me hard.

I was also getting great relief from getting my brother to rub my pussy. He again fell in my pussy in 5 minutes and I grabbed his ass and pressed his cock tightly in my pussy, pressed it tightly with my legs. He lay down on top of me. I told him in his ear – you are not my real brother.

He suddenly got up shocked and said – what are you saying, sister? I told him the whole thing. I thought he would be angry or upset. But on the contrary, he became happier and started kissing me loudly by holding me. I removed it and said softly in her ear – come to the room at night. After going to mom’s room.

He became happier and pressed my nipples tightly and took another kiss. Then we both went out of the room and I started cooking. Mother came a little before father’s arrival in the evening and after some time father also came. Everyone started doing their own work here and there.

Dinner was cooked and everyone went to their respective rooms after eating. My brother would come to fuck me, so I had already prepared for him. I sat without clothes covered with a sheet. My Brother came only after 5 minutes. I told him – first go and lock the door of your room so that it looks like you are sleeping by locking it from the inside.

He went and came quickly after putting the lock. I said – whenever I call you at night, you must come with a lock in your room. He locked my room from the inside. I switched on the light and he immediately came and started kissing me. I started taking off her clothes.

I quickly removed her clothes and pulled her over the bed and started kissing her loudly. He started fingering my pussy and I started shaking his cock. Then I came in 69 positions and sat on his face and started sucking his cock, he started licking my pussy. He was inserting his fingers in my ass hole and licking my pussy with great pleasure.

I was engaged in sucking his cock. Brothers and sisters were no longer brothers and sisters today. Then I got up and sat on his cock. She also raised her waist from below and pushed her cock in her pussy. I started getting up and down. I was having a lot of fun getting fucked by a real cock.

I bent over her, put her hands on my tits, and started shaking my ass while kissing her. His cock was going deep in my pussy. Then I lay down and called her upstairs and inserted my cock into her pussy again. That sister started pushing hard while fucking and started saying in my ear – Didi, your pussy is very hot. I want to kick your ass.

I said – not today, tomorrow. Do it out loud now. He started pushing harder. I said – when you are about to fall, then fall in my mouth. He was pushing so hard that after two minutes he quickly got up and sat on my tits and put his cock in his mouth.

I shook his cock vigorously and poured all the juice into my mouth and drank it. Then I sucked his cock for 2 more minutes and then made him lie on me, brother’s cock inserted again in my pussy. I told him – just sleep like this now. He started having fun while cocked. We both fell asleep.

He woke up in the night and started fucking me again. In this way, he kept on fucking me throughout the night. After falling several times, he fell asleep at 4 in the morning and then let me sleep. My eyes opened at 6 in the morning. My brother was lying naked and was sleeping holding my nipple.

I kissed him and made him lie straight and took his cock in my mouth. I knew that mom and dad would not wake up before 7 o’clock, by then there would be another round. As soon as I put his cock in and out of his mouth 5-6 times, my brother got up and started pressing my head on his cock so that his cock goes further inside my mouth.

I started taking his cock completely inside. He was having fun. I pointed to my pussy and said to her – Do you want this? He got up and immediately started licking my pussy. Then while kissing me, he inserted his cock in my pussy and started fucking. After fucking for a few minutes, he filled my pussy with his juice.

His hot juice was making me more excited. Then I told him – looking here and there, quickly enter your room. I got dressed and went downstairs and then went to school. Now I did not come to school even wearing bra panties. In school, I was in a hurry to go home so that I could meet my brother soon and kiss him again.

In the afternoon I came back home from school. At that time father had gone to the shop and mother was at home. Brother had not returned from school yet. I came after changing and had food. Till then brother came and started smiling upon seeing me. Mummy asked – how was your day at school today? We all said – it was okay.

Komal was showing pampering sitting on her mother’s lap. Brother came after changing and he also ate food. Mummy sat down in the TV room there to rest and we both sat behind her head by placing a chair facing each other. I put my leg on the handle of my brother’s chair so that he can see my pussy clearly inside my skirt.

He raised his leg and started inserting his toe into my pussy. But he was not able to enter because my pussy was still very tight. I caught his thumb and quickly inserted it in my pussy. Now he started moving his leg inside and outside my pussy.

Mummy and Komal were lying very close to us and both of us were intoxicated separately. I was caressing his cock with my feet. He had put his cock out of one of the lower legs. Brother’s cock and my pussy started getting wet slowly. I bowed a little forward and holding my brother’s cock started fisting him.

Because his cock was already very wet, so he fell within 2 minutes. All his semen fell on her leg. I quickly got up and licked all the juice from her leg and drank it. Then I sat there and started calling her towards my pussy with a gesture. He understood what he had to do. He slowly got up from his chair and sitting on the ground started licking my pussy.

After some 5 minutes I was about to ejaculate too, so I picked her up and took her to the bathroom. There she rubbed my pussy so hard that juice started flowing from my pussy. I kept falling continuously for a few minutes. Then both of us came out.

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