My wife cheated on me and did sex with neighbour boy

My wife cheated on me and did sex with neighbour boy

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “My wife cheated on me and did sex with neighbour boy“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in my Wife’s sex with a neighbour boy that I got married to a very beautiful girl. Later I came to know that she had many boyfriends. Then one day I saw her with the neighbour boy.

Friends, my name is Rahul Meena, I live in Noida with my wife Poonam. I am from Almora by the way. I got my job in Noida in 2016 when I was 28 years old. My cheating wife’s Sex story starts from here.

Then after two years, my family members got me married to Poonam. She is 28 years old now and very beautiful. She looks like a model. When I went to see him, I liked him at once. Poonam is very fair, while I am dark. Her figure is 34-30-36. She looks very sexy.

When I got married to him, I was very happy because he is very cool in bed too. After marriage, I came to know that she had many boyfriends. I thought that now she is married, what difference will it make now? It didn’t make much difference to me that she is not a virgin.

I am an open-minded person and I understand that in today’s world, all this is normal. After marriage, we went to Noida in 2018. At that time we were living in a flat. Initially, our married life was going well.

But due to excessive office work, I was not able to give much time to Poonam. I had malaria in 2019, so I was not able to keep her physically happy. She started fighting with me repeatedly over sex. It was my fault that I was not able to satisfy her physically.

She needed to be fucked at least two or three times a night, whereas I was not able to fuck her properly once. Then I noticed one thing about her that she started praising other boys in front of me.

She used to say that that boy was good or she liked such and such a boy. If only I could get married to that handsome boy, I would be so happy. He could have quenched all my thirst. Would have been burnt but I was not able to do anything.

Then after some time, a boy came to live in my multistory building. His name was Jatin, his body was very good. He seemed very smart. He was 22 years old and a gym goer. He started living in front of our flat, because of which I got to know a lot about him.

Whenever my wife Poonam used to go to put clothes on the terrace, Jatin used to do exercises there. Earlier Poonam used to go to the terrace for 5 minutes but now she started staying there for half an hour talking to Jatin.

Within a few days, Poonam had also taken Jatin’s WhatsApp number. They both started talking on the phone and WhatsApp. Jatin also started teaching exercises to Poonam so that her figure remains cool. After a few days, I noticed that Poonam used to talk about Jatin all the time in front of me.

I thought maybe they both have become good friends, that’s why it is like this. But then a couple of times when I saw Poonam coming out of Jatin’s room soaked in sweat, I felt something strange.

I also noticed that now Poonam did not even allow me to touch her. I could not understand what all this is going on. On the other hand, the workload was also increasing on me, so I was also not able to think much about this.

Now Poonam had also started going to watch films with Jatin and started going for walks with him. When I would not find her in the flat and would call her, she would say bindass that I had come to watch the film with Jatin. I will come now You go to sleep after eating.

I used to keep listening to him like a bitch. Poonam was 28 years old and Jatin was 22 years old, so I thought that I am thinking unnecessarily, they cannot have an affair. Jatin was 6 years younger than Poonam, so I could not believe that there could be an affair between them.

Then one day when Poonam was working, her mobile was kept on the bed. I picked up his mobile to check like this and started checking his WhatsApp. My first glance fell on Jatin’s chat. He pinned Jatin so his number was at the top.

When I read the chat, I was shocked because in the chat both of them were talking as if they were girlfriends and boyfriends. I saw that both used to message saying love you janu. Then when I checked more history, I saw that Jatin had sent blue films to Poonam.

Now I put down the mobile and lay down. I could not sleep that night. I just lay there with my eyes closed. Poonam was lying down beside me. Then Poonam got up at 2 in the night and started going out after picking her up, then I saw her from behind.

She went to Jatin’s room. When I tried to look through the window of Jatin’s room, his window was locked from the inside. Nothing was visible clearly but I could see faintly that Poonam climbed on top of Jatin and was kissing him.

Then Jatin switched off the light, so nothing was visible. I came to my room. Poonam sneaked into the room after an hour. I saw that Poonam’s hair was dishevelled and she was bathed in sweat. I understood that my wife Poonam had come after getting fucked by Jatin.

The next day when I came back home in the evening, I checked Poonam’s mobile. Opened Jatin’s number and started seeing WhatsApp history. I was stunned by what I saw. Jatin had sent a photo of his cock to Poonam.

I saw that his cock was very big and thick. He was 7 inches while mine is only 5 inches. I was surprised by this how can a 22-year-old boy’s penis be so long and thick. I went out of the house and came home drunk the same night. I had forgotten my sorrows in intoxication and fell asleep as soon as I came.

Poonam was also sleeping with me. Suddenly at 12 in the night, I saw that Poonam was not on the bed. When I went out, I saw that the light in Jatin’s room was on. Today his window was also open.

I saw Jatin and Poonam kissing and Jatin was pressing Poonam’s boobs. Poonam was also very excited. After kissing for a long time, Poonam got down on her knees and removed Jatin’s pants. Jatin’s cock was swollen from the underwear and it was visible that it was a huge cock.

Poonam started caressing his cock from above. Then he also removed the underwear. Jatin’s cock came out in a jiffy, it was a huge cock. Poonam started caressing his cock by holding it tightly. After some time, Poonam started licking Jatin’s cock with her mouth.

Poonam was sucking cocks with such love as if she had found her favourite cock. She had never sucked my cock with so much love. After some time, Jatin lifted Poonam and stuck her to the wall. He opened my wife’s blouse.

Poonam’s boobs were very cool and tight. Poonam was only in a bra at that time. Jatin was kissing her boobs. He sucked my wife’s milk for some time and started coming down. He also removed Poonam’s saree and the bottom petticoat.

Now Poonam was only in a bra and panty. Jatin pulled Poonam and threw her on the bed. He started kissing her and pressing her boobs with one hand. Jatin put his other hand in my wife’s panty and started fingering her pussy.

Then he opened Poonam’s bra and now he started rubbing his cock between her two boobs. After some time Jatin put his cock in Poonam’s mouth. Poonam started sucking cocks with great love. Jatin removed Poonam’s panty and started rubbing his cock on her pussy.

Poonam was very yearning for Lund and started sighing. My wife Poonam was fully ready to take cock from a non-male. Jatin also put cock in my wife Poonam’s pussy without delay. When he started jerking in Poonam’s pussy, I saw that my wife Poonam was enjoying it a lot.

It was true that I had never given such shocks to him. Maybe that’s why my wife was fucking a non-man in fun. I was wondering how a 6-year-old boy can give so much fun in fucking. That’s when I saw in Cheating Wife Sex that Jatin had now doubled the speed of his jerks.

Poonam was enjoying themself very much. After some time, Jatin took out the cock from the pussy and slapped Poonam’s ass and asked her to become a quadruped. Poonam quickly became a mare. Jatin started inserting cocks in my wife’s pussy from behind in doggy style.

When he used to jerk his cock in Poonam’s pussy, Poonam used to scream. Till today I had not seen Poonam getting fucked with so much pleasure. Jatin was jerking his full cock in her pussy and was slapping her ass hard.

Poonam’s ass was completely red. After some time both of them changed their position again. Now Poonam put Jatin down and she came up. My wife Poonam caught one of her milk with her hand and put it in Jatin’s mouth. Jatin started sucking hard.

Then Poonam put her second milk in her mouth to suck it too. Poonam came down kissing Jatin’s body and started sucking his cock. Jatin’s cock had become very tight. Poonam climbed on top of him and started rubbing her pussy.

Then Poonam took his cock in her pussy and started screaming very loudly – come on Jatin, tear me … and fuck me hard! I had never seen Poonam so excited before. Now she started taking Jatin’s cock twice or thrice a week like this.

After that, my wife Poonam took some other men’s cocks in her pussy with the help of Jatin. She started taking cocks of two men in her pussy and ass simultaneously. I will write all this to you in the next sex story.

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