My Secret Love Story And Sex With My Office Friend

My Secret Love Story And Sex With My Office Friend

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you the office sex story of a girl that’s named “My Secret Love Story And Sex With My Office Friend”. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

My office sex story is of my first sex with my office friend. Once he and I reached the office in the rain, no one else came.

Friends, this office sex with my office friend is of my friend Sana. I would like to present this sex with my office friend story in front of you through the words of Sana herself.

Hi… I am writing Sana, I am sharing sex with my office friend story. I joined my first job two years ago at Mayur Vihar. Soon everyone there had become my good friends. One of them was Harry! Both of us had grown too much attachment to each other. He would come to pick me up and drop me off every day, we would eat together.

All this happened and soon everyone in the office started teasing us by calling us a couple. It had been 6 months since I worked. It was the month of August, and every day the rain started coming in full swing. On one such rainy day, I reached the office at 9 am with Harry getting wet. Going there and seeing, the peon had opened the office… but no one else came.

When Harry called Sir to find out, he came to know that only when the rain stops, everyone will be able to come. The peon also went home after doing his work. Now only me and Harry were left there. Me- man, it is raining a little more today. Harry- It’s good…today we both got a chance to meet alone. Then there was strong lightning and I fell on Harry’s chest in fear.

Harry also took me in his arms and held me tight. Today for the first time I was in Harry’s arms. The cold bodies of both of them, soaked in rain, started heating up as soon as they came into their arms. We both started caressing each other’s wet bodies. After a few moments of warmth, we both looked into each other’s eyes.

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Then, feeling each other’s colliding breaths closer, our lips began to tingle. Wet bodies we both started kissing each other wildly. Don’t know what was this thirst that our lips were trying to quench, but with every kiss, that thirst was increasing. While kissing the lips, we both started kissing each other’s cheeks and neck as well.

While kissing me, Harry held my waist with one hand, and with the other, he started pressing my butts. I started feeling Harry’s penis near my vagina. I was wearing a palazzo and shirt that day. While kissing my neck, Harry started opening the buttons of my shirt. Opening the top two buttons, Harry started mashing my boobs from the top of the bra.

Me- oops… umm! He unbuttoned all my buttons one by one and took off my shirt. Now I started unbuttoning Harry’s shirt. With every button open, I would kiss his chest. I opened both Harry’s shirt and pants. Now he was just standing in front of me in his underwear.

Harry came after me and grabbed my boobs and started pressing hard and started kissing my back. Then Harry’s hands slowly came on the hook of my plazo. As soon as the hook was opened, the palazzo fell to the ground. Harry made me lie down on a table and started sucking my boobs in his mouth from the top of the bra.

I also pulled Harry towards me and started kissing his neck and chest. Now Harry took both his hands on my back, opened the hook of the bra and grabbed it with his teeth, and removed the bra. As soon as my 32-inch boobs came to the fore, Harry eagerly lashed out at them.

One by one, Harry started caressing both of my boobs with a lot of eagerness. While sucking my boobs, when he took it in his lips and started sucking my nipple … then I started flying in the air. I started having a strange addiction. He would take one of my boobs in his mouth and suck it, then he would start rubbing the other with his hand. He kept doing this for a long time.

While kissing and sucking the boobs, Harry slowly started going down. Now kissing my stomach and navel, he came near my vagina. He put his fingers in my panties and slowly slid them down. To tell the truth, now I was starting to feel that panty too heavy on my body. The very next moment I was completely naked in front of my Harry when Harry also took off his tights.

We once again came tightly in each other’s arms. I- ah jaan… I love you. Harry- I love you too jaan. Ever since I saw you, I am only in your thoughts. The wish of kissing to love you was fulfilled today.

Me- good ji… just love and kiss… now I had to take off all the clothes and do just this? Harry- No my dear… Now it is the turn to fulfill the biggest wish. To fuck you by taking it under your dick. Me- well and since when was all this going on in my mind? Harry- Ever since you came to the office. Since then I am yearning to suck your boobs, mash your ass and put my dick in your pussy to fuck you.

Me- how are you waiting now? Now my pussy is also yearning to take your dick. Let us both end our yearning now. Now Harry and I fell in love while kissing each other wildly, caressing each other’s bare bodies. Harry took me to his cabin and laid me on his desk. I was just ready to take my boyfriend’s dick in my pussy. But there was mischief in Harry’s eyes.

He opened my legs and put his mouth on my smooth pussy between my legs. This was unexpected for me. To stop him, I grabbed his hair and started trying to remove his head from my pussy. But it was as if Harry had become ruthless. He forcibly rubbed his tongue in my pussy. I shuddered all of a sudden. I tried my best to remove Harry from my pussy but I failed.

When his tongue licked the clefts of my pussy three to four times from top to bottom, my legs started opening and Harry also let me loose. Within a few moments, Harry started licking my pussy with full gusto. He started pulling the grain of my pussy with his lips and started tearing my pussy.

After the next few moments, I suddenly woke up and I lost my taste. Harry was still on my pussy licking the juice of my pussy. Even after licking the whole juice, Harry kept licking my pussy. This made me warm again in a few moments. The devil of sex appeared on Harry’s face and he had a triumphant smile in his eyes.

I too was looking at Harry with chubby eyes. I was feeling like sucking his dick but at that moment ants were crawling in my pussy. I wanted to kiss you as soon as possible- Harry my love… come now. Harry shook the dick and came in between my legs and he started rubbing his dick on my pussy and rubbed it.

Me- oooh oops… Harry- my dear… get ready. Me- yes ah huh? Till now Harry and I were kissing each other. My pussy started kissing the betel nut of Harry’s dick. Harry slowly started putting his dick in my pussy. I grabbed Harry’s shoulders tightly and wrapped my legs around Harry’s waist.

Main- ahhhhhh babu… love you. As Harry’s dick started going deep into my pussy, lines of pain started appearing on my face, after all, for the first time a dick was measuring the depth of my pussy. After going half dick in the pussy, my legs started trembling with the pain in the pussy. Then Harry caught my lips in his own lips and he started kissing my lips. Harry took my body well in his lap and slowly took off his entire dick in the pussy.

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The pain was clearly visible on my face – life is hurting a lot. Harry- So should we stop here now, should I leave our meeting here incomplete? Me- no my darling… don’t leave anything unfinished today. Today our two bodies are becoming one… so let it be completed. After a while, when my pain subsided, Harry started licking me with full force while putting his dick inside out.

I too was now raising my ass and adding rhythm to Harry’s rhythm. Harry picked me up and pulled me towards him. Now Harry and I were tightly in each other’s arms, from below my pussy was pecking with Harry’s dick.

How loudly Harry started to fuck my pussy. I was having fun with the sex – aaaah ahhhhhhh my darlings… uhf uumm huh. Harry- Sana janu, today I will open your pussy completely by covering it… ah ah, my darling… what is your tight pussy.

Me- ah ah aa… Jaanu oops ahh ahhh… how cool are you fucking… Aah, intensify. In this chat that lasted for about 15 minutes, Harry wrote his name in my pussy with his dick. I and Harry had come very close to reaching our peak.

Harry-Jan, my water is about to run out. I know pour your water into my pussy. I want to feel Harry being given jerks in my pussy with his dick. With every blow of his dick, I was supporting him by shaking my ass. Below his dick was playing with my pussy, our lips were making a fuss. My legs were wrapped around Harry’s waist.

Now both of us were at our peak; We held each other’s bodies tightly. Then suddenly I started flying in the sky. Harry had left his sperm in my pussy. After a long run, both of us started to control our breath. When I went outside, the rain had stopped. I signaled Harry to step away from me and we both put on our clothes.

Whenever he gets a chance after that kiss, Harry never misses a chance to kiss me. After that, we had sex several times in the hotel also.

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