Passionate love and sex with boss in jungle after office!

Passionate love and sex with boss in jungle after office!

Hello friends, my name is Ayushi Khanna, I am from a big industrial city in Uttar Pradesh. In this sex story, I will you how passionately I had sex with boss in jungle after the office.

I am a typist in tehsil office. Friends, this reality is from a year ago. When I was new in the office, I had Tehsildar Arun and Suresh with me. We all worked in the same office.
Both these officers were good. When I was new. then everyone used to support me a lot. Now I have learned a lot.

One day a call came in the office that some people were carrying sand from the river without permission.
Hearing this, Arun and Suresh started leaving.

Suresh said to me – Ayushi you will also go. Anyway, there is no work in the office today.
I said – ok sir. I will go with you.

We have three more drivers left. When we reached the river, some people were leaving with sand. We followed them. The car went a little further but the tire of the car burst in the middle of the forest and there was no Stepney in the car. Suresh said to the driver that you come early with the tire.

It was evening and due to the cold weather, it was going to get dark shortly.

Arun sir asked me- madam don’t you feel scared?
I said – no sir when both of you are with me then what are you afraid of?

Arun and Suresh were pointing at each other, but not saying anything.
Then he asked me- Madam, some soft drink or something will work?

I refused and told them that I take it only at home.. because my father was in the army, and he used to bring liquor for my grandfather. Our three sisters, Kangana and Preeti, and I used to drink alcohol stealthily.

Suresh brought liquor, Pepsi, and some food items from the car. It was dark now, Arun turned on the lights of the car and the wine program also started. Arun filled me a glass and gave it. Now I couldn’t refuse. I could smell alcohol from the glass. Since I was used to it.. so I emptied the glass.

Suresh filled me with another glass of Pepsi in the same way. Like I didn’t know that there was alcohol in it. I emptied the second glass also pretending that I was intoxicated.

When I looked at Suresh with a questioning eye, Suresh told me that he had mixed alcohol with Pepsi.
I smiled.. but I was too drunk. Perhaps Arun had increased the amount of alcohol.

I couldn’t say anything. At that time I was wearing jeans and a top. Suresh was staring at me and Arun grabbed me from behind and started pressing my nipples.
From my Maru figure of 34-32-38, you guys can guess how someone’s cock can stand… you must know all this.

In tight jeans, my ass and hips looked fat and big.

Then Suresh opened the chain of jeans from the front and put his finger in my pussy. Umm… ahhh… hay… yah… It all happened so quickly that I couldn’t figure it out. At this point in time, I had become half-hearted. I was so intoxicated that there was no opposition.

But now I understand everything. Arun was pressing my nipples so hard that I was in a lot of pain. Suresh took off my jeans and threw my eyes in front of the light of the car. I can’t see anything from this. The light was right in front of me.

In a few moments, both of them made me completely naked. Laid me on the ground and spread my legs. I was having fun but I couldn’t do anything.
Then a cock entered my pussy as if it had been shot with a gun. I started having a lot of pain as soon as the cock entered the pussy.

Now Arun had put his cock in my pussy and Suresh forcefully put his cock in my mouth. The cock was so big that it was going to my throat. I was not even breathing properly. On the other hand, the pebbles lying on the ground below were pricking my back. My big hips were also rubbing against the ground.

After Arun, now Suresh had stuffed his cock in my chute and Arun gave it in his mouth. Both of them were rubbing me a lot.. as if taking some old revenge from me. Arun left water in my mouth and he sat by my side.

Now Arun had turned me upside down and started pouring alcohol in my ass. At the same time, he was also going to put one of his fingers in my ass.

Then Suresh forcibly put his fat cock in my ass. I have had my ass killed before, so soon the mouth of my ass became big and after some time the pain of Arun was getting in and out of my ass comfortably.

After hitting the ass for some time, Suresh started putting his pestle in my ass by making me like a bitch and by making me stand on the support of the car.

After a while, Arun had left the water in my ass. He had separated from me and I sat down on a big stone without clothes. Arun had again brought liquor for me. I put the bottle of wine directly in my mouth without thinking and emptied a lot. In a few moments, I was cool again.

Now Arun turned me upside down and he also put a cock in my ass. I was not getting any effect due to intoxication. Then when Arun signaled, Arun took me in his lap and opened my legs, and from the very next moment, Arun put his cock in my pussy.

Now I was making sandwiches with both of them. One’s cock was in the front and the other was playing my ass from behind. I was so intoxicated that I was only taking the names of daddy and mommy. After a while, both of them put cocks in my mouth together and left their water fountains.

I lay there naked and both of them had gone to wash their hands and faces in the river. After some time and once again someone grabbed me from behind and put a cock in my pussy, I turned and saw that the driver of the car was Naveen. That madarchod had made a video on the mobile from afar. When I opposed him, he forced me to put the cock in my pussy by showing me the video and I kept on kissing him without saying anything. He fell quickly.

Later I took the video from his mobile to my mobile and deleted it from his phone because I had to decide to get my share from Suresh and Arun every time from this video.

So, friends, this is how your Ayushi had sex with boss in jungle full of passion and excitement. For more variety of desi sex story, visit wildfantasystory and have fun.

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