Unexpected Sex With My Niece | English Sex Story

Unexpected Sex With My Niece | English Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Unexpected Sex With My Niece | English Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

I got a chance to fuck sexy hot babe’s pussy when my niece was injured. When I massaged her, my dick got erect seeing her ass.

Friends, my name is Punit, I am a resident of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. My height is 5 feet 11 inches and my age is 27 years. Let me tell all you hot ladies and girls that my penis size is bigger than normal.

Today I also thought that I should also share with all of you one cool sex story from the sex experience of my life. I hope you all will like my sex story of this sexy hot babe. This sex story is about the sex between me and my niece. In this, I will tell you how I fucked my young niece.

This is about 2014 when I came back to my city after completing my studies. Due to the circumstances at home, I needed work, so I started looking for work in my own city. A friend of mine referred me to a physiotherapist he knew. There I started working diligently.

Everyone was very happy with the massage done by my hands. Among them were many of my female customers. She called me to her house many times… but till that time I did not know why she was calling me to her. I was now so engrossed in the work that I used to mean my home to clinic… and clinic to home.

One day the daughter of my elder uncle’s son from my village, who seemed to be my niece, came to my house and started living in our house. Her name was Ridhima. Ridhima was 19 years old at that time and her nipples had come in their size.

Whenever she bent down to do household chores, her white nipples used to come in front of me, due to which my penis used to stand erect. In fact, I used to look at the breasts of my female clients as well, but Ridhima was 4 years younger than me.

At that time, the texture of her body was visible from her clothes, due to which my inclination was increasing toward her. One day when I came back home from work in the evening, my mother told me that Ridhima had gone to dry the clothes on the terrace and while coming back her foot slipped from the stairs. Because of this, he is having a lot of difficulties walking. You go and have a look in his room. I am going to cook.

I immediately went to her room and saw that Ridhima was lying comfortably in her room without her dupatta. I asked Ridhima – what happened? Ridhima- Nothing uncle, just got a little hurt… and it is very painful.

Me- so tell me where is the pain… I work with a therapist only, so I can help you. Ridhima said after thinking for some time – Uncle, my leg and back are hurting. I told him – can I see? He showed me his leg but did not show his waist. She was hesitating a bit.

After seeing her, I brought a hot pack and some medicine from my room. After fomenting her, I gave her medicine and after bandaging, I asked to see her waist. When she started hesitating a bit, I said – If you don’t show me, then how will I be able to do anything.

After thinking a little, Ridhima lifted her shirt. Ridhima was really hurt. Now I was treating his injury by baking it with a warm cloth. After some time I asked her to lie down and started massaging her waist from behind. Pressing lightly with my palms, I started massaging her fair waist.

By doing this for some time, she also started getting hot and relaxed. I said to Ridhima – can you lower your salwar a little? She started looking at me. Then she said while lying on her stomach – do whatever you want. I feel very good. Taking this as a green signal, I got engaged in the massage.

Now I started massaging her buttocks with my hands. She started trembling a little. As my hand was going near her pussy, she was slowly getting hotter. Because for the first time a man had reached near her pussy. I got an idea of this from the fact that when I asked her to lie down straight, I felt something wet on her pussy.

I understood that Ridhima has become hot. I did not want to miss this opportunity, so without speaking to her, I started touching her pussy from the top of the salwar. She was enjoying herself by closing her eyes without any protest. Then as soon as I touched her pussy, she understood my mind and then started making soft noises.

As soon as all this happened, my dick was erect. Now I said to Ridhima – should I take off the salwar? She pulled me on her and said – not now uncle, everyone is awake now. After listening to this, I started sucking her lips with my lips. My one hand was fixed on one of her nipples while the other hand was caressing her pussy from inside the salwar.

Ridhima said – Don’t do much now uncle… because your massage was very cool. My water has come out from this very message of yours. If you do more than this, I will go mad and my voice will start coming out. That’s why if you do something now, everyone will know. We will meet again when the right time comes.

Understanding the delicacy of time, I also did not do anything further and separated after kissing and licking him. When I came out, mother had cooked food. He asked – did you give him medicine? I nodded yes and sat down.

After some time everyone ate food together. Ridhima was looking very happy today and was smiling at seeing me. I had thought that now I will continue to fuck her… because a young and beautiful girl like Ridhima is very fortunate. Whose height is 5 feet 3 inches, a thin waist, a nipple size is 32 inches, and whose lips are pink?

To be able to fuck such material and that too for the first time, my dick’s fate was like waking up. Now when she was ready to hand over you to me, my dick was eager to enter her pussy. To pacify my dick, I shook it so much that the thick water of my dick came out.

After that, I started looking for opportunities. Also, whenever I would get Ridhima alone, I would do everything with her from the top of her clothes. By now, according to Ridhima’s statement, I had come to know that she was an untouchable bud, so I wanted to complete my work comfortably. Because elders have said that haste is the devil’s work… and the fruit of patience is sweet.

I started spending the day waiting for when my dick would get the taste of Ridhima’s pussy. Then one day my mother told me that your uncle’s health has suddenly deteriorated, so me and your father are going to see him. If Ridhima has classes, she has not been told. I am leaving her here alone. You come early in the night, it may take 2 or 3 days for us to come.

After hearing this, my dick and I jumped with joy because now there will be no one except Ridhima and me in my house. After the departure of my parents, I also called my doctor and said that I will not be able to come for 2 days. Uncle’s health is bad at home. After this, started waiting for Ridhima.

Ridhima came from her college at 2 o’clock, then seeing me in the house asked – uncle, where is grandmother… she is not visible? I told him everything. After hearing this, she became very happy and put her weight in my throat and connected her lips with mine.

We both started kissing lips connected to each other like a loving couple. At the same time, both of our clothes came off like onion peels. I had already done my preparations before Ridhima came from college. I had brought some medicines and condoms from the medical store.

When I took off Ridhima’s clothes, I could see her whole body naked for the first time. There was a mole on her right nipple which was making her even more beautiful. If I write everything in one line, it was a very beautiful item.

Now, without wasting much time, I lifted Ridhima onto my lap and made her lie down on the bed. Climbing on her, I started kissing her lips and moved to her waist. Then after being in 69, I put my mouth on her pussy. I was doing all this for the first time, but it is very difficult to describe the thrill that was arising between both of us. She was also shocked to feel the tongue of a man like me on her pussy.

Still, as soon as I started sucking her pussy, she lost her temper and started writhing like a fish out of water. She was also caressing my dick with her hand and was also scared to see my dick. She said- Uncle, your dick is like an Indian porn star. How will it go in my pussy?

I said to her – Ridhima will definitely go… You get it first by taking it in your mouth. Then it will go comfortably in your pussy and you know a lot about porn stars. She laughed. After thinking for some time, Ridhima touched my dick with her mouth and started kissing it while pulling it in her mouth.

She started running her tongue on the front part of my dick i.e. on the betel nut. She was sucking my dick like a pro. I asked him how he learned all this. He laughed and told that I watch a lot of blue films, because of which I am able to do all this. Seeing that, I praised your dick.

Hearing this, I rubbed the grain of her pussy and she immediately woke up with a sigh. After this, both of us came into the right position. Now we were doing all this very comfortably.
I was also enjoying it because it was my patience for many days.

Now Ridhima took me over her and said – I can’t tolerate it anymore. You put this fat carrot of yours in my pussy. I also thought that now the iron is hot… so let’s hit the hammer. Thinking of this, as soon as I picked up the packet to open the condom, Ridhima refused. She asked to fuck without a condom because she had not had sex with anyone to date.

I picked up the Vaseline lying next to me and rubbed it on my dick and put it on her pussy as well. Then slowly started putting his dick in Ridhima’s pussy. Ridhima started feeling pain and started shouting- Umm mmh ah ah ah chacha slowly… I am not going to run away anywhere.

After hearing abuse from her mouth, my enthusiasm doubled and I put half my dick in her pussy with a jerk. Tears came to Ridhima’s eyes and she started refusing to fuck. But I kept my grip on her body strong. Tearing the membrane of her pussy, I pushed the dick forward.

Now Ridhima had become unconscious, her eyes were turned away. I was also scared but I did not take my dick out. After some time, Ridhima herself started moving her waist from below and opened her eyes and started telling me to fuck fast.

Now Ridhima and I had become like one body and two souls. Sometimes he is on me, and sometimes I am on him. Meanwhile, Ridhima’s water had gone out thrice. When I was about to ejaculate, Ridhima took the juice of my dick in her pussy.

She was very happy to kiss me. He told- I had a great urge to fuck after watching the blue film. Then who else would have got more safe dicks than you. Now I have found you in the form of a cool fucker at home. keep fucking me

The series of Ridhima and my sex went on continuously for 3 days. Then after the arrival of mother and father, we started having sex on the terrace at night. Now Ridhima’s ass had become fat and her nipples had also become big. Ridhima and I started enjoying sex almost every day.

Meanwhile, Ridhima’s marriage was fixed and she went to her in-laws’ house after living together for a few days. My sex had become such that whenever she came to my house, she used to go after getting me fucked. But now I was feeling lonely because I was not getting a chance to fuck anyone.

Although my work was such that whatever female customer used to call me to her house, I used to go to her house and start giving her a full body massage. Some ladies used to take massage only but some used to get my pussy sucked or fucked too. I am also always ready to fuck them.

How did you all like the sex story of this sexy hot babe of mine, must tell. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “wildfantasystory.com

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