My First kiss & Sex with My Friend’s Younger Sister Part-3

My First kiss & Sex with My Friend’s Younger Sister Part-3

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan from Delhi, I am back again here to tell the story of “My First kiss & Sex with My Friend’s Younger Sister Part-3“, I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

Read in the story how my girlfriend was naked in front of me for her first sex, I was licking her smooth bum. She was restless to take dick. I read by now that Aisha Khan and I were lost in each other while we were in bed.

Aisha Khan’s perfectly smooth pussy was leaving its water. I slowly kissed the thigh under the clefts of his pussy. She was inviting me to kiss my pussy.

But I wanted to hear from his mouth. He said the very next moment – Imran please yaar… why are you craving? I bowed to his sensual desire and had just moved forward to kiss his virgin pussy when the room bell rang.

Maybe it was Isha.

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As soon as Aisha Khan realized it, she quickly took off her clothes and ran towards the bathroom she entered inside and closed the door. I got up, put on my clothes, and headed toward the door. When the door was opened, Isha was standing at the door. She was in a suit which was dark blue in color. She had probably taken a shower which made her hair look a bit wet.

Her wet hair was making her immaculate face more beautiful. Her transparent dupatta was on the boobs that were trying unsuccessfully to cover her deep throat. From that, the line between Isha’s mummies was clearly visible. The depth between the mummies was easily measured.

I kept looking at her, it felt as if a nymph was standing. I could not take my eyes off him that suddenly I felt ‘No Imran bas kar’.

But the thing was that even Isha had not stopped me from seeing her till now. When I looked at her face by diverting attention from her momma, her face was facing downwards. When I looked down, I realized that my dick was still standing which was making a tent for my pajamas.

To divert his attention, I called out to him – Isha, you have come? Isha’s attention broke and she raised her face and said – Yes, had gone to get food, where is Aisha Khan?

As soon as Isha lost her attention, I hurriedly set my dick and told Isha that Aisha Khan is in the bathroom, she is taking a bath. Isha took out two boxes from the bag and brought a small box to me and said – I will come by 10 o’clock, I have booked a movie ticket in the cinema hall nearby.

The film will end by 9.30 pm and I will be back by 10 pm after having dinner. Till then take this thing for both of you… and I went to watch the movie. Yes, take this too. She took out a bottle from his bag and gave it, which was liquid chocolate. I said – this? 

She said in the ear – for both of you… enjoy well and don’t use it all at once, is it not left for next time! She walked out of the room with her small pouch smiling. I put the chocolate bottle on the table and closed the door and opened that small box, then it had black mesh bra panties.

Then from the bathroom, Aisha Khan called out – Isha you have come? “Isha had come, she went back after giving food. She has gone to see the film, while coming, I will come after having food.” “But alone… oh got it!” I put that little box near the bathroom door and called out to Aisha Khan – Aisha Khan, there is something for you at the door. Without asking anything, he opened the door and picked up the box.

After some time, when she came out of the bathroom after taking a bath, she wrapped a towel. He had tied the towel over his mummies. Light wet hair, mascara in the eyes, lovely pink lips, a lovely fragrance emanating from it, and the same new bra strap on the shoulders. 

I could not take my eyes off him. My steps automatically moved towards Aisha Khan, with each step like a wave rising from his body, that fragrance was filling me with more enthusiasm. My breathing started to pick up and I started moving towards the Aisha Khan with more rapid steps. 

Both my hands began to rise and went to him, touching his soft cheeks, kissed his forehead. Touched him tightly in my arms for a moment and the next moment I twisted him and tightened him in my arms from behind.

As soon as Aisha Khan turned, her wet hair started showering drops of water on my face. As soon as I went near to kiss his cheeks, he turned his face back and our lips met and kissing each other. For a moment I was astonished as to what had happened all of a sudden. And the very next moment I felt his lips feeling happy.

I thought of taking her to bed and picked her up in my arms when she blushed. I took him to the bed and kissed a lot! As soon as I threw Aisha Khan on the bed, I hurriedly took off my T-shirt and looked at her half-naked. 

Then as a lion moves toward its prey, I slowly started moving towards it. She kept looking into my eyes and was moving backward to squirm.I kept moving toward her, but she stopped near the pillow and I almost came over her.

I put my lips on her lips, and she also started kissing and got lost in me. I do not know when my hands caught both of his pigeons and started mashing them. Then suddenly Aisha Khan stopped me and hurriedly threw off the towel. She was wearing the same transparent black bra panty that was inviting me to tear her apart.

Aisha Khan was asking her boobs kissing to be eaten. I quickly targeted his marble neck and started kissing and sucking like a thirsty lover. I was trying to kiss every part of his body at that time. My hands were clinging to his waist.

I slowly moved my lips to his shoulders and start kissing on that. She too was filled with this joy and was just sighing. I removed one side strap of her bra with my teeth. Then slowly, without separating his lips, he started taking it to his mother. Showing the way to when I was kissing her lips, he inserted his lips and his nose into the line between his boobs. Aisha Khan was also becoming intoxicated due to my hot breath.

His breathing was getting faster, and he was getting pleasure, due to which his hiss was increasing. I slid down her bra and stuffed her nipples in my mouth, drinking their juice. As soon as I put my face on her right nipple, she started chirping while taking my name. Keeping both his hands on my head, he started pressing me on his chest.

I kissed his upper body for about ten minutes. Aisha Khan was going crazy. She was bending me down and I wanted the same. This time without delay, I came between his legs and took charge. I looked into his eyes for a moment and poked his tongue over the panties with the net on his pussy. I was losing consciousness from the intoxicating scent coming from her pussy and she went crazy.

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She started pressing my face on her pussy and I started kissing. In wet panties, her pussy had become too sensitive. It was as if the flood of lust had swelled in his body. Then I slid his panties from his mouth and started caressing his bum with my hands. I looked at her pussy and looked into her eyes once and continue kissing, she was looking at me with a killer smile.

Then I got back to my work. I kissed her pussy, put the tongue right over her hole … so it was as if her breath was stuck. The mouth was left open in the Aisha Khan of ‘Aa…’. I started kissing from the middle of her legs and pussy and first licked the entire pussy area. Taking its fragrance by putting his nose inside the pussy, he moved the tongue over the cracks of his pussy.

She got up, grabbed my hair, and pulled it, I buried my nose in her pussy. She felt a sweet pain and was lost in joy. I was engaged in kissing her pussy with all my heart as if this is my favorite sport and I am a proficient player of this game.

I separated the clefts of his pussy with my two fingers and, while sharpening my tongue, inserted it into his pussy. With the touch of my hot tongue, her pussy melted and started releasing water.

As much as it was happening to me, I was sucking with my tongue in his pussy, even though I was having some difficulty in breathing. But the scent of her pussy juice had made me crazy about her. She had become so hot that she could not last long and fell down. I still did not remove my mouth, I was drinking its juice in fun and I was in no hurry at all.

After kissing and licking the whole juice, I cleaned her pussy. Then moved up towards her. Her eyes were half closed and there was a happy smile on his face. Her hair, which was slightly wet from the bath, added a little more moisture from sweat, which made it look frizzy and she started looking more lovely. I was looking at his face and with my fingers was removing the hair on his face.

This opened his eyes a little. As soon as his eyes opened, I put my lips on his, which closed his eyes again. She had become lifeless now, but her lips gave a full reply that she is with me now. I was kissing her and making her taste the juice of her pussy. 

After two minutes his hands came on my head and started playing with my hair. We were again kissing each other’s lips wildly and our hands were playing with each other’s bodies.

I parted my lips from his lips and started taking off my brief. She stopped me and started lowering it with her own hands. As soon as my briefs came down, the dick came out jumping with a sudden jerk. Seeing this, she started looking at me in amazement. When I touched his cheeks, he got some courage.

She looked down and started admiring my dick. I asked – what happened? “Man, I feel a bit strange in my mouth, maybe I can’t take it right now, do you have any problem?” I interrupted him- mad ho kya man… it is yours, do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Hearing me, she was making a strange face, as if in deep thought. Then all of a sudden he pulled back the foreskin of my dick and kissed him. As she looked at him and said – my king, it cannot go in the mouth now, so what happened, this sir can go somewhere else inside me. After saying this, she lay down with her back on the bed and spread her legs.

I knew the work ahead. I put my dick on the mouth of his pussy and started rubbing it lightly. The greasiness felt less, so I put a lot of spit from my mouth on her virgin pussy. Seeing this, Aisha Khan also took out a lot of spit from her mouth on her hand and applied it on the dick so that it becomes completely lubricated. 

I rubbed the dick for a while on the pussy and made pressure gently on the side of its hole, due to which it slowly started going inside.

I gave my shirt in her mouth of Aisha Khan so that the sound does not come out much. But I couldn’t stop the tears… His tears came out! She wanted to say something and maybe I knew she couldn’t stand it. I started thinking of taking it out. But I stayed there. For a few moments, the dick was bent there.

When Aisha Khan calmed down a bit, I applied a little more pressure. His hands tried their best to stop me but where was I going to stop? I had given full pressure, due to which more than half the dick was absorbed in his pussy. Aisha Khan’s eyes started watering again, but this time she tolerated it. I jerked the remaining dick into his pussy.

She sobbed like crazy and started crying. I removed my shirt from his mouth, from which the faint sound of his crying started coming out. I went to his ear and said – my dear, sorry … if I had stopped and done it later, it would have been a lot of pain. You would have to bear the same pain again. Now please shut up man.

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The Aisha Khan slowly started falling silent. He held me by the back and hugged me. When she became completely calm, I slowly raised my waist so that I could take the dick inside out. But as soon as I started earning money, Aisha Khan was in pain again. I stopped and said – is there still pain? He just shook his head and I stopped for 2 minutes.

Then before pushing from the waist, I said in his ear – shall I start? He shook his head yes. This time I moved my waist slowly, due to which the dick started coming out very slowly.

I slowly started pouring in again. That’s how I started pushing him at low speed for 1-2 minutes. When the intoxicating sizzle started coming from Aisha Khan’s throat, I slowly started increasing my speed.

Simultaneously, the sensual voices of the genre also gradually started increasing. Her voices were proof that she is happy and enjoying herself now. Aisha Khan’s grip was getting looser, due to which I got up from her chest and came into the proper missionary position and now started pushing with full force. Aisha Khan was happy, her pain was now over… Now all that was left was her sarcasm.

I kept pushing for ten minutes so that both me and Aisha Khan started reaching their peak. In the next few moments, Aisha Khan suddenly came out of her mouth – Aah Faster Imran… I’m Coming. I got up as fast as I could. His singing was filling me with enthusiasm and I started pushing at full speed.

After about fifteen pushes, the Aisha Khan fell. He told me while screaming with all his might. My enthusiasm also increased, so I also pushed with full speed. After two minutes, I too fell and fell down on the side of the Aisha Khan.

This was the story of my and Aisha Khan’s Sex. I hope you liked it.

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