Story Of My Hot Wife’s Amazing Passion For Sex

Story Of My Hot Wife’s Amazing Passion For Sex

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Story Of My Hot Wife’s Amazing Passion For Sex“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

Friends, my name is Aman, my age is 34 years, and my hot wife’s Aisha Khan’s age is 32 years. We both live in Dwarka. We have been married for 10 years.

My wife is still a great commodity, she lives for crazy sex all the time! If anyone sees my hot wife’s Aisha Khan, he will not be able to stop himself from licking her name. Perfectly tightened body, breasts in perfect shape! Aisha Khan works very hard to keep herself fit.

He does not like hair on his body at all, so he always keeps on waxing, it always remains smooth. Aisha Khan is very educated and very religious, but she also loves to wear modern and short clothes and live in a modern way.

She left work after having children. Our children study in hostels and we both live alone. When we got newly married, both of us were clumsy in sex. On the night of the honeymoon, when a dick was inserted in my hot wife’s Aisha Khan’s pussy, she felt a lot of pain, and a lot of blood also came out. Seeing that blood, she was very scared, and fear also sat in her mind.

Whenever we had sex, she was very jealous due to fear and she could not have sex openly. Then we also watched a lot of porn videos together but it was not completely normal. But even then he started sucking my dick just to give me fun.

From the very first day, she liked sucking the dick so much that my hot wife’s Aisha Khan removed the water of the penis by sucking it on the very first day itself.

After that, Aisha Khan got addicted to drinking my dick. He doesn’t enjoy it until he sucks the penis every day. Every night before sleeping he had to drink dick. After drinking dick like this for a few days, he told me – I want to drink your dick juice. Why would I refuse… I said yes.

That day he sucked the dick very hard and as soon as the water came out he drank all of it. my hot wife’s Aisha Khan- Oh wow, it’s fun. What a tasty juice it remains! Well, today my friend’s call came and she advised me to drink semen.

She said that it is very tasty and the benefits of drinking dick juice are also many. For how many days I was letting this juice go to waste? From today you will have to drink this juice every day. Please don’t waste it.

Me – Hey, this is also something to say, it’s all yours! Now whether we should have sex or not… my hot wife’s Aisha Khan used to drink the juice of dick. Aisha Khan also now used to pacify her by rubbing her pussy with her finger. But he had a different hobby of sucking dicks.

As soon as I took off the pants, his saliva started dripping. She used to suck my dick like she wouldn’t get it again. Sometimes she would take out the semen of the penis and drink it three times a day.

Knowing what knowledge his friend had given to him and was also giving it, he would always have the urge to keep the penis in his mouth. Now after ten years of our marriage, she also started kissing me. Now Aisha Khan started enjoying kissing.

Once I asked someone else to kiss at the time of sex. So he flatly refused. Then I said – well just suck the dick. So Aisha Khan got ready for him in a hurry – when you speak, I will suck, but I will kiss only from you!

Me- then will you drink its juice?

Aisha Khan- I will suck only to drink the juice! I also want to taste the second dick’s tasty semen.

Aisha Khan- Now look, there is no good dick for my taste! But I will not take our city’s dick in my mouth nor will I take it in the city. If you want to fulfill my wish, then take me out somewhere.

Me- So let’s go out somewhere. But then you have to get the ass killed too.

Aisha Khan- Okay… take her somewhere abroad; I will get the ass killed there too.

Me- ok. Your birthday is also coming, I make some plans.

One day when I came home from work… my hot wife’s Aisha Khan had a different mood. As soon as I came, she was waiting for me in the next room. As soon as I came, he opened my pants and took it in his mouth with dick gap, and till he did not drink the juice of dick, He did not let dick come out of the mouth.

Me- what’s the matter, my hot wife’s Aisha Khan, today you stormed as soon as I came.

Aisha Khan- what to tell… Was watching a porn video this afternoon in which a woman was playing with a lot of dicks. Was just waiting for you since then when will you come and quench my thirst?

Me- I would have put a dildo in my pussy.

Aisha Khan- I had put… but you know that I don’t enjoy it until I get the juice of dick. But you came late today.

Me- I said to take you, I make arrangements for the land of this city so that you do not have to worry.

Aisha Khan- No Baba… Not of the city.

Aisha Khan- What happened to our going abroad?

Me – it’s too early to kill ass?

Aisha Khan- No, it is too early to suck new dicks. Now I always keep dreaming of a new dick, I will drink its sweet little thick stuff.
I do it soon. Let’s eat food first. A different kind of bed was made in the room at night.

Me- what is all this?

Aisha Khan- Our sleeping arrangements.

Me- But why is your pillow placed near my waist?

Aisha Khan- You just go naked and face me.

Me- well as you say. And I lay down as my hot wife’s said. Aisha Khan’s pillow was up to my waist, she also lay down, due to lying like this, my penis came to her mouth. He quickly took my withered dick in his mouth.

Me- hey what are you doing?

Aisha Khan- From now on I will sleep like this with a dick in my mouth!

Me- but how will you sleep?

Aisha Khan- Earlier I used to suck with my thumb in my mouth. I still suck my thumb sometimes. Today I understand why I didn’t have much fun anymore. This afternoon, I thought that I should sleep with a dick.

Aisha Khan- Now you go to sleep and let me sleep too.

Me- ok anyway where are you going to listen? And then my hot wife’s Aisha Khan fell asleep. How do I sleep… Your dick is in your wife’s mouth and you can sleep. In the middle of the night, when I tried to get out, Aisha Khan slapped me hard in my sleep. She kept sleeping by filling my withered dick in her mouth. I was really in a deep sleep.

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My goods fell twice the whole night but Aisha Khan got completely lost in her sleep. I got my eyes in the morning. When I woke up, I saw that my hot wife’s Aisha Khan had woken up. Seeing me getting up, she said – I have never been as sleepy as I did today. I had so much fun in my sleep that I can’t tell. From today onwards, I will sleep every day with this beloved of mine in my mouth.

Me – Then what will happen to me, how will I sleep?

Aisha Khan- Oh you will have fun. And speaking of sleep… it will become a habit.

And then Aisha Khan got busy with her work. Ever since my hot wife’s Aisha Khan started ejaculating, a different glow had appeared on her face. His skin was starting to glow.

At last, the day came when I had made a program to go abroad and both of us set out on our journey. Our program was for 5 days and we went on a cruise for which one has to go to Singapore first. On the very first day, we had to catch a cruise from Singapore. We reached the cruise, and my hot wife’s Aisha Khan was very happy.

Aisha Khan- We have finally arrived! But please find the good one.

Me- now shall I see in everyone’s pants?

Aisha Khan laughed and said – let’s get anyone. I want to taste the penis of a non-man first. Your wish will also be fulfilled to see me sucking the dick of a non-man. We both got ready and went for a walk on the cruise.

When we reached the restaurant, there were many foreign waiters too. my hot wife’s Aisha Khan really liked the waiter – this guy looks cool. Its dick will also be good. Please talk to this but tell me that I will only suck and drink juice. I will not kiss

As soon as I told my wife to offer to the waiter, he readily agreed. Why would anyone refuse? He followed us into our room.

Aisha Khan- Go and wash it well and come to dick. And don’t stand up, I like to enlarge the penis in my mouth. The waiter came immediately after washing his penis. Seeing his dick, my hot wife’s Aisha Khan said – What a lovely dick. He is older than my husband. As soon as Aisha Khan started drinking dick, the condition of this poor waiter got worse. She was sucking with so much love!

The waiter released the juice within 5 minutes, which my hot wife’s Aisha Khan drank as if she had found nectar. Aisha Khan’s dick said after drinking juice – I have enjoyed it. How thick were the juice and a completely different taste? But your juice ran out very quickly! Waiter- Madam, even if you suck dick, it is such that no one can last long. But I won’t let you down again. one more time I can give you my juice

He had to say this… In this way, Aisha Khan took the dick in her mouth again. This time the waiter blew after a full twenty minutes. This time again my hot wife’s Aisha Khan appeared satisfied. Being happy, Aisha Khan got the waiter to reward me.

Me- are you very happy now?

Aisha Khan- Too much sweetheart! Thank you very much! But now I want more dick to drink! Now I can’t stop. Now I have to drink more dick, squeeze all their juice, and drink it. Please arrange sex for me and don’t!

Me – and the ass you promised to kill?

Aisha Khan- Yes yes will do. But now you won’t kick ass. Please get the ass killed by someone else’s dick. After all, even more, fun should be seen than that or how much it will come. And yes, I will kiss too… but with someone else’s penis! Your number is over… you will only drink dick juice… that too by going to your city! When no one else can get it. Then from today only I want to drink other’s penis!

Me- but it was not decided between you?

Aisha Khan- But nothing… now you agree. Otherwise, I will stop drinking your dick by going to my city even there. It was only after drinking the other’s dick that I understood how much fun it is to drink the other’s dick! And how thick is the material? Never got such goods from your dick. How tasty was… still swirling in my mouth. Now I will only drink others’ penis. Different tastes, different fun. Go and arrange for the other boys.

And then I went. Then after about 2 hours when I could not find any boy, I reached back to the room. But what I see is that my hot wife’s Aisha Khan is sitting naked in the room, 5 boys are standing there with their dicks and Aisha Khan is sucking everyone in turn and maybe she had prepared to kiss there because those boys felt like seeing it. 

Aisha Khan gestured to me and I went quietly and sat on the chair. Aisha Khan got busy again sucking dick. Now the boy who was free started my hot wife’s Aisha Khan’s boobs muscle and started putting his penis in Aisha Khan’s pussy.

So Aisha Khan said – no pussy, first I will get my ass killed and then pussy and ass together! There will be no pussy sex alone. And Aisha Khan started playing with three dicks every time.

Aisha Khan- Aman, you go and eat food. My stomach will be filled with this protein only. Please take some time. Today I will eat a lot and drink a lot of goods. After so much time I am playing freely. Now Aisha Khan started needing a new dick every day. As long as someone does not drink the juice of dick, he does not enjoy it. Now my hot wife’s Aisha Khan had started to kiss her ass and pussy too.

On the whole trip, he himself sucked and sucked a lot of dicks of new boys. At last, our journey came to an end and we came to our city. Even after coming here to her home, the same work of my hot wife’s Aisha Khan continued. Sleeping while drinking dick every night, dick was definitely in his mouth every night. But she used to see dreams only of another boy.

Now his demand was that he wants new land for his city also. So he told me – please get me a new penis here. So that when you are not there, I can suck it and drink its juice! I told my hot wife’s Aisha Khan that she should make a new boyfriend herself so that her dick could suck.

Aisha Khan said- Do you have any problem with this?

I said – no, as long as you keep drinking, I do not mind!

Aisha Khan made two boyfriends. Now when I was in the office, every day my hot wife’s Aisha Khan would call one in the morning and call one in the evening and have fun and drink a lot of dick-sucking juice. And while sleeping at night, he would sleep with my dick in his mouth. In this way,my hot wife’s Aisha Khan was getting a lot of sex juice and life was being spent with great pleasure.

But Aisha Khan kept telling me every now and then – take me out somewhere… I want to drink a new dick. And then we would go on a trip somewhere and do a lot of sex there and my hot wife’s Aisha Khan would drink a lot of dick juice. Once on Aisha Khan’s birthday, I got the juice of dick from some boys in a vial and gave it to Aisha Khan as a birthday gift. But seeing him, Aisha Khan’s mind got spoiled.

She said – I want to drink juice but not like this… I do not enjoy it until I take the dick in my mouth and extract its juice. Now if you have brought juice with so much love, then you will have to drink it. But please get me a penis. I am fond of drinking dick. When the soft penis stands in the mouth and becomes hard.

Then what will you think of the fun of the dick that comes out of love, which moistens my throat? I love to drink. After drinking dick, his juice comes out, he is fond of drinking. But if someone brings me like this, then I do not enjoy it, I will drink it, but I have to drink it after extracting juice from the direct penis. Bring me dick next time.

In drinking new dicks, my hot wife’s Aisha Khan might have even made a world record by now.
His craze is still on… he needs dick every week.

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