My Virgin Office Friend Enjoyed My Dick Part-3

My Virgin Office Friend Enjoyed My Dick Part-3

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan from Delhi, I am back again here to tell the sex story part-3, I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

Read in the last Story that his colleague girl was giving me her massage. His real motive was to have sex with her. How did all this happen?

Readers, I Mohit was writing to you in the form of a sex story about the incident with my married friend Preeti Singhal.

Back of the story “My Virgin Office Friend Enjoyed My Dick

I have read till now that Preeti Singhal was lying in front of me wearing only one panty. Seeing his sexy boobs, the condition of my dick had become very bad.

I somehow noticed Preeti Singhal’s massage and put a few drops of lotion in her navel on her navel, which made her shudder.

Now Next part of the story:

I slowly started caressing his stomach and started massaging her lightly.
She was starting to tickle a little.

I massaged around his navel for a while.
All this seemed very enjoyable to Preeti Singhal.

After some time I told Preeti Singhal – the massage has just been done, now if you want, clean your body.

She didn’t say anything for a while.
After I looked carefully, it was found that his panties had become a little wet.

I said- Preeti Singhal, something is coming out of your panties.
She started laughing and said – I have come.

I said – I mean, how did it go like this? I have heard that the girl’s water does not come out so quickly.
She opened her eyes and said – after a long time I am lying without clothes in front of such someone and the magic of your hands was very exciting.

I told him – your nipples have also stood up.
On this, she said – When anyone becomes more excited, then all the parts of his body get tense as if there is a tent in your lower.
Saying this she started laughing.

She said- Man, you are very straight, I was lying naked in front of you like this for so long and you did not do any wrong thing with me.
I said – I do not want to create a wrong feeling for myself in your mind by doing such an act.

Hearing this, she started smiling.

Then she said – Well I will give you some reward for this trust and patience.
I kept staring at him.

She was still just lying in the panties and seeing all this, I felt that my dick would explode today.
Preeti Singhal was also aware of this situation of mine and now Preeti Singhal was also feeling the same excitement.

It seemed from her words that she wanted me to take the initiative.
But I just didn’t want to be in a hurry.

I said – give the reward later, but change these panties first, otherwise, there will be a stain. All my underwear has been ruined by my scars, and now I have stopped wearing it.
Hearing this, she said – So you are not wearing anything under my lower right now?

I laughed and said – no, that’s why the little master is walking outside.
Hearing this, she started laughing.

He took out his panties lying down and gave them to me.
I said – what should I do with this?
She immediately said – the same thing that I did with the panties I kept in the bathroom.
I remained silent.

Then she said – this is not right man, I am lying in front of you without such clothes and you are still wearing full clothes. You also take off all your clothes for now.

I said – you were being massaged, so you had to remove clothes.

But he ignored my talk and pulled my lower, due to which my standing dick got freedom and he started hesitating in the air.
Seeing my long fat dick, Preeti Singhal’s eyes lit up as if she had been looking for him for a long time.

I also took off my T-shirt.
Now both of us were completely naked in front of each other.

Preeti Singhal lay down again and said to me – are my boobs small?
I said – who said that? They are cool, yes but keep massaging them so that they stay in shape.

He said- Will you massage a little with this lotion?
I said – it will be a matter of luck for me.

I spread his legs a little and sat in the middle. Then a little lotion was dropped on her nipples and one of her teats felt like rubbing lightly.

Preeti Singhal sighed slightly.
I understand that he is having fun now.

I stuffed one of his nipples between my two fingers and started mashing; Along with this, I also started moving my fingers lightly around his areola.
Preeti Singhal’s erotic sobs started increasing.

My condition was getting worse too. My dick was touching his pussy again and again.
Preeti Singhal got better and more excited by the massage of her mummies. She was biting her lips.
His eyes were closed.

My dick was able to feel the vibration of his pussy.
It all seemed like a story to me.
I could not believe that such a beautiful girl would ever surrender herself to me like this.

Now I gave myself some courage and put my lips on one of his nipples.
Suddenly he opened his eyes.

I took both his palms in my hands and carried them behind his head.

I put my lips on his lips and started kissing him.
I was doing all this for the first time. Whatever I had learned from porn movies and infatuation, I was getting a chance to practice today.

The heartbeats of both of us could be heard comfortably throughout the room.

I kissed her lips all the way, then I focused on the boobs, and one by one I started sucking both the moms.

The sucking of the nipples was so much that both his boobs had turned red.

Slowly I started kissing his cleavage and while kissing I started moving towards his navel.
I kissed her navel and waist too wildly.

As I went down a little more, I turned it upside down. Now I started kissing his neck.
Sometimes I used to bite his ear lightly too, due to which his hissing started increasing even more.

Preeti Singhal had started sweating now. I increased the cooling of the AC of his room further.

I did not leave any part of his back without kissing.
Now I had reached near his ass.
I started kissing his butts.

It was a surprise to him.
Preeti Singhal said – it is messy, don’t do it there.
I said – you have just come after taking a bath, if you are not enjoying it, then I will not.

She didn’t say anything, I understood that she was having a lot of fun.
I continued to kiss her butts, as well as kiss her thighs.

Now I asked him to lie down straight.
Preeti Singhal’s breathing was running very fast.
I went to his ear and asked – are you enjoying it?

He opened his eyes and gave me a forceful kiss on my lips.
This was proof that she was very happy with this.

I started licking her mum again for another round.

Her boobs had become very hard and the nipples had grown almost an inch.
I slowly came downstairs and started looking at his pussy.

Preeti Singhal opened her eyes with my paused movements for a while and said – what happened… what are you seeing?
I said – today I am seeing it so closely that people call it Paradise.

She blushed.
He said- Now this paradise is yours.

I said – has anyone ever kissed your pussy?
She was shocked, said – chi: … why would anyone kiss there? These are the lips to kiss, aren’t they?

I said – a girl has two types of lips and it is the duty of the man that he should not make any difference between these two lips.
She blushed.

I told him – today I will do a French kiss with the lips of your pussy.
She started looking at me in amazement.

I lightly separated the slits of her pussy, due to which the pink shade inside her started showing.
Her pussy was looking full of red and pink art.

I kissed his nephew lightly with my lips.
A shiver ran in Preeti Singhal’s body as I did this.

I started kissing her pussy again.
Then as I saw in porn, took out my tongue and started dividing her pussy into two parts with my long tongue.

This was a new experience for Preeti Singhal. She was holding the hair of my head in excitement and was pushing my head towards her pussy.

I put both my hands on his nipples and started mashing them.
Preeti Singhal’s whole body was trembling with lust.

My tongue was measuring the depths of his pussy till inside.
I was starting to taste the salty water coming out of her pussy.

While licking her pussy, sometimes my tongue used to hit her ass hole, due to which Preeti Singhal would jump her ass right away.

In this way, my tongue used to go deeper into his pussy.

After licking the pussy for about 15 minutes, I felt a flood of salty water coming from her pussy.

Preeti Singhal tightened the hold on my hair and tightened her legs on my back.
His body was trembling badly. The lips of his pussy were taking sobs.

My mouth was completely over the pussy, which I could not even move now.
After two loud sighs, he opened the mouth of his pussy and all his salty water was on my mouth and face.

After two minutes he loosened the grip of his legs.
I removed my face from her pussy and looked at her.

She smiled looking at me.
There was a look of satisfaction and contentment on his face.

In this whole process, my dick was completely suppressed, and now that too had come to the edge.
I cleaned my face with a towel and also cleaned her pussy.

Preeti Singhal said – Enjoyed today, it was a very different experience for me.
I said- you are fine, but now my dick is starting to hurt a lot, this too has to be enjoyed a little.

Without delay, Preeti Singhal took my dick in her hand and started moving it up and down.
I asked to take him in the mouth, but he refused.
But she was starting to play with my dick now.

I told him – I will not be able to stay for long. My bus is about to happen.

In a short while, suddenly my dick attacked Preeti Singhal’s face with 5-6 pichkaris and threw all the goods on her mouth.

I do not know from where for the first time so much water came out in my dick that I could not believe it.

Now I got a sigh of relief.
But still, my dick was still stiff.

It was evening now.

We both got up and started coming to the bathroom to take a bath.

I told Preeti Singhal – take a bath together? He nodded her head yes.

We both started bathing together and again the phase of kissing and sucking started.

I licked her pussy even while taking a bath and forced her to fall.
This time she erupted a little early.
He also caressed my dick and took out my water too.

After bathing, we both came out and put on our clothes.
I told Preeti Singhal- After all this, I am still a bachelor.

She blinked her eyes and said – your reward is yet to be… and you will not be able to remain a bachelor without me. Wait for a little.
Then we both went out to eat something. This time she was sitting very close to me on my scooty and was rubbing her nipples on my back again and again.

Taking advantage of the evening, sometimes she used to rub my dick on top of the jeans.

Wait for the next story to know what happened next in this Sofia Khan sex story.

As I waited for my reward. In the same way, enjoy the wait a bit.

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