My First kiss & Sex with My Friend’s Younger Sister Part-2

My First kiss & Sex with My Friend’s Younger Sister Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan from Delhi, I am back again here to tell the story of “My First kiss & Sex with My Friend’s Younger Sister Part-2“, I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

Read in Story that my friend’s sister proposed to me and after that, she was eager to enjoy her first kiss with me.

Hello friends, I am Imran gave you the first part of my story. That wonderful feeling of the first kiss. I was narrating how we first fell in love and agreed.

Now on to the Story, I had just looked at Isha to delete the video that Isha said – don’t be afraid, I will delete the video, but on one condition. You have to say yes to Aisha Khan. After thinking for a while, I said – after all this, I cannot even refuse Aisha Khan. 

Perhaps it was too late for me to say that Aisha Khan came toward me and hugged me tightly to her chest. Now all three of us came downstairs and went to the room and sat down.

Aisha Khan clinging to me sat down with my hand in her hands. We started talking. Time was enough. It was close to 2 o’clock at the night. Aisha Khan was starting to fall asleep.
He said, then I also said – I am also getting sleep.

Isha teased me and said – I think I will have to sleep on the sofa because here you will disturb me by shaking the bed and Aisha Khan’s voices are also going to come out a lot. I said – we are not going to do anything like this, do not take tension. You both sleep on the bed, I’m going to sleep on the couch.

Looking into the eyes of Aisha Khan, she felt that she wanted to sleep together, but could not say anything further because of my refusal. It was enough night, we started sleeping and soon sleep also came. In the morning I was woken up by Aisha Khan and sitting on the sofa herself put my head in her lap.

When I saw the time on the phone, it was 5 o’clock. It was a little dark in the morning, so I thought of telling Aisha Khan my heart. I told Aisha Khan – Look Aisha Khan man, I have said yes and I will also try my best to convince the family members. You just have to wait a bit so that I can achieve something in my life and take you home as my own.

Aisha Khan was stroking my hair and she started smiling – I know Imran, you will never leave my company, that’s why I have fallen in love with you. Above all, you are too cute! I teased and said – well I am cute. “Yes you are very cute, I feel like eating you.” I had just opened my mouth – how. 

Then Aisha Khan put her lips to my lips and broke my lips biting her teeth. My hissing went out – ah.

‘This way.’ I smiled and said – that’s all! Before I could finish, Aisha Khan grabbed my collar and grabbed me by her lips and we got absorbed in each other. She was kissing my lips forcefully. I was hImranng fun. I also thought of making him happy and without parting my lips, standing slightly by his side, sat him on my lap.

Now I was putting both my hands on his neck, not giving him a single chance to separate from my lips, holding his head, putting it inside my lips, and examining his lips one by one inside. was. First, by kissing the upper lip slowly… then slowly sucking it, without separating it, he was taking the lower lip in the grip of his lips. I was kissing her while moving my tongue to her lips and we were lost in each other.

It had been more than ten minutes since I tasted his lips. I was losing consciousness while kissing and only then did my hands start walking on his back. His hands were already holding my head. He breathed quicker on my back, and being on my lap, his chest was almost coming in front of my mouth.

I was still kissing him and my hands came through his back to his waist. I had almost caught both of his pigeons in my hands, and that’s when I quickly opened my eyes and wanted to look into his eyes, separating from him. Aisha Khan’s eyes were closed, her mouth still slightly open. She still wanted to kiss and wanted to come forward so I turned a little behind and started looking into her eyes without saying anything.

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I waited to get his permission. It didn’t take long for Aisha Khan to understand the gesture of my eyes. While removing his hands from my head, he placed his hands on my hands. Looking with great love in my eyes, he held my hand and himself gave the command of both his pigeons in my hand.

As soon as she placed my hand on her nipples, her eyes, which were half open, were completely closed by drowning in the ocean of joy. With the closure of the eyes, his lips again fell on my lips. I started working with my hands while holding his lips again. I had just pressed both his pigeons so that his breathing became as fast as if he had been electrocuted.

At that very moment, his lips parted from my lips with a jerk. His closed eyes, open hair, half-open mouth… and his intoxicating sarcasm that just came out of that mouth ‘Aaah…’ That voice was so sensual that it reverberated in the whole room and my cock, which was already standing, started jerking.

I got a slight sense of where we are… and there is Isha in the room beside us. Then a voice came from behind ‘Yes…ah…’ Aisha Khan also came to her senses from that voice and she realized that Isha is also there. But as soon as we looked at him, his condition was precarious.

His hair was scattered. One of her hands was in her salwar and the other was on her boobs from the top of one of her kurtas, which she was about to uproot.

Mary and Aisha Khan were holding their breath… eyes were wide open. Seeing Isha in this condition, both of us looked at each other and as soon as we met, we understood that Isha saw us kissing and losing her control, started fingering her pussy. As soon as he crossed the limit of his joy, his enthusiasm intensified.

Understanding the situation, both of us started looking back toward Isha and also came to know that we were looking toward her. She hurriedly ran towards the bathroom, Aisha Khan also ran behind… but Isha had entered. The sound of her crying was coming from inside and even after repeated calls from Aisha Khan, she was not ready to open the door.

Aisha Khan kept trying to persuade her for ten minutes. Isha kept quiet a bit and said – send Imran out first. On hearing this, I showed understanding and left the room leImranng everyone on Aisha Khan. I went to the terrace and went upstairs and sat down. It was morning so I thought of going outside the hotel and I came out.

I had just entered a shop when I got a call from Aisha Khan. As soon as I picked it up, I asked him – is everything okay? ‘Yes everything is fine, don’t worry, Isha is normal now… you can come to the room.’ ‘I came outside to get a cold drink, I will come now.’ ‘Well be outside, listen, bring the pads when you come. My periods are about to start.

‘Ok, I’ll bring it.’ Then she whispered a little and said – if you want, bring that too. I said- man your heat is about to come… let it be. She said – there are only four days in that. I fell silent. Now, expressing a little right, she said – I am saying no… quietly bring it. ‘Ok.’

I took a packet of Pro-Eas from the shop and asked for a small packet of condoms. He did not have a small packet, so I said – which one is good? ‘Brother is a pack of 20.’ ‘Brother, give it from an open packet.’ ‘Hey it will be a little bad, it has an expiry of two years… and it is not right… to enjoy with sister-in-law.’

Smiling in my mind, I took that packet from him and after paying the money left for the hotel. When I reached the hotel room, I first put the polybag on the side and went and sat on the sofa. Aisha Khan stood up and said – bring me, I will serve cold drinks, you sit near Isha. He has to talk to you about something. ‘What to talk about?’

I asked her with questioning eyes, so she said – go and ask yourself. I stood up and was just sitting next to Isha and she said sorry. I said- man, look it is normal. All this happens but in reality, the fault is ours. We should not have done all this, yesterday also you caught us in the same condition and today… yaar hai sab, let that matter go.

“Thanks, man, I was feeling that if you do not think wrong about me, that is why I was scared. But Aisha Khan told me that you are very intelligent, you were understanding my condition and then you went out without asking Aisha Khan after listening to me sending you out.

Thanks, Imran… if someone else was in your place, I don’t know what would have been understood about me. “Oh it doesn’t matter, whatever happened, it’s done… let that thing go.” 

“Thank you so much.” She went to the bathroom. Then Aisha Khan pulled my ear and said – Brother-in-law, dog, a while back was saying that let it be, periods are about to come. Now it has come with a pack of 20. Your intentions are not noble. “Dude what should I do, he did not have any small pack nor did he have loose pieces. what could I do.”

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“Dude Imran, it’s my first time, everything will be fine, won’t I be a little nervous.” “Look, if you don’t have a heart and you’re feeling more scared now, then let it be, we’ll do it again someday.” “No, it has to be done today. Later I don’t know whether I will get a chance or not… and I can do anything for you. I know you won’t let me hurt you too much.” “I’ll try.”

Then he said on the lips of a kiss – let’s eat something first, we will do something later. All three of us ate food and did not sleep at night, so sleep was also getting terrible. All three fell asleep. When I woke up at 5 pm, I found Aisha Khan sleeping on top of me. I adjusted her a bit and laid her on the sofa and saw that Isha was not in the room. I checked the bathroom, she was not even there.

So when I called her, she told me that she has gone out to get food. I had got a good chance. When I kissed Aisha Khan’s lips, Aisha Khan’s eyes opened a bit. When I was a little away, he grabbed my collar and pulled me closer, and put his lips on my lips. 

I made him sit and put his hand on his waist and lifted him up. She felt very light to me as if I was carrying a child.

I picked him up and without separating my lips, I took him to the bed and slammed him. We parted, she was lying on the bed and I was standing. I began to unbutton my shirt to take off. I could clearly see the hunger for food in Aisha Khan’s eyes.

I rolled my eyes and took off my shirt. Aisha Khan began to press her lower lip under her teeth and in a very sensual manner waited for the union of our bodies. As soon as I took off my shirt, I broke on Aisha Khan and started kissing Aisha Khan wildly by pressing her lips between my lips. 

One hand of mine was holding his neck and the other hand this time went straight to his chest and had made a stronghold. We were lost while kissing.

When ten minutes passed, I did not know. We were both breathless and we had forgotten where we were. I parted my lips and resting my lips on Aisha Khan’s fair marble neck, started kissing her again. Aisha Khan’s breathing was fast, she was also losing her senses.

She started playing with my hands in my hair and her legs had taken my waist in their grip. Sometimes I would kiss his neck, sometimes the flame of his ear, sometimes his shoulders. At this time both my hands were busy in measuring Aisha Khan’s mummies thoroughly.

When I started kissing his nipples, he could not stay with him, he immediately separated me from the bed and lifted his back a little, and started taking off his shirt. When I helped him, he threw the shirt. She was wearing a beautiful red white bra with blue flowers on it. 

What should I say after holding her mummies again in my hands and pressing them, just thinking of them as flour, I started mashing and kneading them. A melodious sound of sensual voices started coming out of Aisha Khan’s mouth- Aaaahhh!

I parted my lips from his body and lifted him up a bit. Then he took his hand back to open her bra, but before that Aisha Khan’s hands had reached there and she had opened the hook of her bra. My job was to just take off the bra and throw it away. When I took off her bra, her milky white mother was strained in front.

Green veins were clearly visible on them. His boobs looked like thick oranges. I didn’t stay long and my lips kissed her. I was also kissing his boobs, as well as squeezing him with my other hand. Sometimes I would kiss one and play with the other and sometimes I would kiss the other and start rubbing the first. Aisha Khan was going on doing very sensual sobbing with her eyes closed.

Then his hands held my head and showed the way to his nipple. As I licked the nipple with my tongue, Aisha Khan started sobbing and her hands pressed me in the middle of her milk. Now I had a nipple of Aisha Khan in my mouth, which I was sucking too and my tongue was going to grope it inside. Aisha Khan was in bad shape; His hot breaths and sensual gestures were filling me with more enthusiasm.

I sucked on one of his nipples for two minutes, then went to the other, it was like a button. That nipple was swollen. When I looked at the other, I found that both had blossomed. I quickly grabbed the other nipple in my mouth and started sucking. For five minutes, I kept on kissing and sucking on his nipple, then slowly started moving towards his stomach.

Kissing every part of his stomach, I reached near his navel. As soon as she kissed his navel, she went mad and started pushing my head down with the force of both her hands. I quickly took off his shorts and his panties also came out.

Without thinking much, I threw them away. When I looked in front, I found that a lovely pink pussy was crying for me. Her pussy looked absolutely untouched and innocent.

She was very smooth and was waiting for my cock. Aisha Khan had probably cleaned her hair today, her perfectly smooth pussy was leImranng its water. She was probably waiting for my cocks to open. I slowly kissed the thigh under the clefts of her pussy and also kept on kissing her for a minute around her pussy to slowly provoke her. 

She was inviting me to kiss her pussy with all her might, but I wanted to hear from her mouth. Then he said the very next moment – ​​Imran please yaar… why are you longing? I bowed before this sensual desire of her and proceeded to kiss her pussy when the room bell rang. Maybe it was Isha.

Friends, sorry for interrupting the sex story. But the sex-laden story is yet to come.
You will soon get the story of virgin pussy sex in the next part.

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