How Me And My Hot Neighbor Lost Our Virginity

How Me And My Hot Neighbor Lost Our Virginity

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan from Aerocity, I am here to tell you a sex story that’s the name “How Me And My Hot Neighbor Lost Our Virginity“, I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that you can visit ““.

In the story of Me And My Hot Neighbor, read how my sex life was on the rise after separating from my husband. I was looking for the perfect dick for my fuck. This is about those days when I was around 24-25 years old and I had left my first husband. Although we were not divorced at that time.

By this time my desi pussy had gotten used to eating dicks. By the way, my pussy had tasted the taste of dick before my marriage. But sex for the heat of the desi pussy was now necessary for me. I used to be very restless these days because of not being able to get fucked. I often used to try to calm my pussy down or put something inside. But I could not satisfy my pussy well.

Obviously, my pussy was desperate for dicks and I was also looking for dicks like a rain bitch. I was a working girl so I rented a flat in a building which was on the top floor. After returning from work, I used to spend most of my time watching blue films and staying at home.

One balcony of my flat was almost adjacent to the adjacent flat. I often used this balcony to dry my clothes. Or she used to sit on this balcony and smoke cigarettes due to occasional boredom at night. This flat seemed empty for a long time.

One day, on the balcony next to me, I saw a handsome man of my age. He told me that he has got a new shift in the flat. I told him that I myself had shifted here a while back. After this, this young man would often see me on the balcony. Seeing this young man, my pussy started smiling in the panties.

Many times I would imaginatively feel this young man with me and caress my pussy. Due to my separation from my husband and mental stress, my inclination toward this young man was natural. I was always looking for a chance to have sex with this young man.

I used to dry clothes on my balcony. One day one of my Kurti flew off and fell on the balcony of the side. The next day the young man gave me back my Kurti from the balcony itself. I smiled and thanked this young man.

In the night suddenly an idea came to my ugly mind to increase my identity with this young man and cure the heat of my desi pussy! I threw one of my sexy bras on his balcony so that I could ask him for my bra back the next day.

My idea worked. The next day I asked the young man – has any of my clothes fallen on your balcony? He smiled and nodded yes and went inside and brought my bra. I smiled a little blushing and took my bra back with that young man by raising my hand through the balcony itself.

After this incident, we often used to smile at each other on the balcony. Slowly both of us got introduced. I came to know that his name is Aman. He is also married but at present, his wife lived with his parents in the village.

To impress Aman, I would often talk to him on the balcony wearing short clothes like shorts or skirts so that he could also get a good view of my body shape and thighs. But I didn’t tell much about myself to Aman. I didn’t talk to anyone about my married life.

One day a bandh was called by a political party in the city for some reason. For this reason, we had a holiday. But I was having trouble because the cooking gas in my house had run out. So I was going to have trouble cooking food. I was a little worried thinking about what should I arrange for food, I was standing on the balcony when Aman appeared to me.

After some formal talks, Aman asked me – Kangana, do you look a bit upset? When I told Aman the reason for my trouble in response, he started laughing. Aman – Kangana Ji, is there any problem with such a thing? What will we do as neighbors? Come do your breakfast, morning tea, and lunch with me. I cook very well.

His proposal not only solved my troubles but I was also very happy inside; Because I was finding a way to build intimacy with him. I happily accepted Aman’s offer and said – not like this, one day I will also invite you to have dinner at my house. And now I come to your house and help you cook. Saying this I went to Aman’s flat.

I was also wearing short shorts and a t-shirt this time. Aman had kept his house very clean, so I praised Aman a lot. After making breakfast, both of us sat on the balcony and started having breakfast. In talks, Aman told me many things about his wife.

Then when he asked about my husband, I had to hesitantly tell Aman – I live away from my husband and that divorce proceedings are going on between us. Hearing my words, Aman expressed his regret, then I said to him – oh man, what is your fault in this that you are apologizing?

Well, we again started having breakfast while talking here and there. Later along with Aman, I made lunch for both of us. Undoubtedly Aman knew how to cook very well. We enjoyed lunch very well. In return, I invited Aman to his house for dinner on Saturday, which Aman happily accepted.

Very early Saturday also came and because I was on holiday, I cleaned my house very well and my body too. I cured myself by going to the beauty parlor, doing facial waxing, etc.
At the same time, I removed the few hairs on my pussy and made the pussy very smooth.

My goal was to somehow seduce Aman so that my loneliness ends and my pussy starts getting dicks uninterrupted. While cleaning the pussy, while bringing cum, I said to my pussy– Muniya Rani, if luck favors you today, you may get a new dick to quench your hunger.

In the evening before Aman’s arrival, I took a shower and wore a halterneck backless dress. The length of the dress was just above my knees and it was sleeveless too. After doing my full makeup, I looked at myself in the mirror and it seemed to me that today Aman might be trapped in my trap. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity either. So …

Aman was supposed to come at around 8:00 but he came half an hour earlier. With this, Aman is also taking interest in me to confirm my belief. Aman brought with him a packet of chocolates and flower bouquets which he gave to me. In return, I smiled and thanked him.

Aman smiled and looked at me from top to bottom and praised my make-up and dressing sense and said – Today it looks like complete doom. On whom is the lightning intended? I laughed with laughter and I said – this is the specialty of lightning that no one has any idea where it will fall, but yes, where lightning falls, that place burns to the core. So you must be careful. Don’t get caught by lightning.

Then I said- Well Aman… I also want to show the world that girls who do not have husbands, can also be happy by dressing up. After listening to me, Aman explained to me and said – Kangana, if your husband is not with you, then his luck is bad in this, and he is not able to appreciate a good wife like you. By the way, you look very hot and in a happy mood.

Again with a smile, I thanked Aman Aman you came inside my flat. I closed the door and gestured for him to sit on the sofa and I went towards the kitchen. Aman followed me to the kitchen and praising the aroma of the food said – Looks like a lot of preparation has been done today. The food smells very nice. And I have started feeling very hungry too.

I started laughing openly and said – by the way, the smell of perfume is also coming from me. So don’t you eat me too? Hearing me, Aman also started laughing and I realized that the atmosphere around us which was starting to feel a bit cumbersome has become normal now.

After the soup, both of us had dinner and kept talking here and there. There was a fire in my pussy, which could have been extinguished by Aman’s dick-like fire engine, but I could not understand how to take the initiative. Suddenly Aman said to me – Kangana, if you do not mind, then I should ask one thing.

I laughed and said to Aman- Man, if you think that I will feel bad then do not ask at all, but yes if you believe that we are good friends then definitely ask.

Friends, you are going to have a lot of fun in the next parts of my story.

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