First Time Sex With My Neighbour | Married Girl Sex Story

First Time Sex With My Neighbour | Married Girl Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan from Aerocity, I am here to tell you a sex story that’s the name “First Time Sex With My Neighbour | Married Girl Sex Story“, I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that you can visit ““.

I enjoyed young boy sex. My purse got lost. When a neighbor boy came to return my purse, I became friends with him. How did I enjoy his dick in friendship?

Hello friends, my name is Preeti and I am 30 years old. My height is 5 feet 6 inches, fair complexion, figure 34-30-36. I am a married woman. My husband works on a ship so he comes once in 6 months or 1 year. I used to stay alone at home that’s why I busy myself with other things. Like waking up at 7 in the morning and going to the gym at 8 o’clock in the morning, coming back from there at around 10 o’clock.

After that make breakfast for yourself after taking bath, take a diet at 12 o’clock, diet at 2 o’clock, drink coffee at 4 o’clock, talk to friends, and family members by phone, and go to sleep around 10 o’clock with the last diet at 8 o’clock at night. Now I used to spend my daily time like this.

One day after the gym I had to go to the market to shop for the house. As soon as I reached the market, I saw that my purse was not in the car and neither was it in my gym bag. I made a complaint to the police about the loss of the purse and then I came back home disappointed.

After 1 hour the doorbell rang. When I saw there was a boy from my colony and he had my purse in his hand. The name of that young boy was Harsh and he was about 22 years old and was the son of our accountant. I asked him- How did my purse reach you Harsh?

He started telling- When you were going to the gym in the morning, it was left out of your bag. I called you too but you were wearing headphones. I called her in and checked her purse. All my belongings including the money in the purse were the same. I thanked Mohawk and offered him tea. Then we talked while drinking tea.

I asked him every morning you sit alone at my gym time outside… don’t you have friends etc.? He started telling that he does not get along with the boys on the street. Then I told him – if you are bored then come to my place. I get bored here too. That day he left. The next day Harsh himself came to my house.

Then I made tea and started drinking. I remembered that the purse I had reported to the police had to be canceled as well. I took Harsh with me in the car and we went to the police station to get the complaint back. When we started coming back, I asked Harsh – are you hungry?

He said – yes, but I will go home and eat food. I said – let’s go to the hotel for food. He started saying that he has no money. I said – I am not asking you to pay me. just go with me I have to eat alone in the house. He agreed.

After that, we came home. The next day when I started going to the gym, I saw two or three boys talking to Harsh. Then when he came to my house, he himself started telling me that today other boys on the street came to talk to him. I said why? He said- I don’t know, whenever I go with you, they see, and then now they have started talking on their own.

I said – yes, they are doing this so that they also get a chance to talk to me through you. He said – yes, maybe it is so. Now Harsh and I had taken each other’s phone numbers. We used to talk on the phone too. Two months passed like this.

Harsh’s birthday was on 28th November. When I went to Harsh’s house to congratulate him, his father met me. He was our accountant, so seeing me he said – son how are you here? I said – I have come to wish your son a birthday. He started asking how I know seductive.

I told him the whole story of how my purse case happened. I said that Harsh is a very nice boy, otherwise who gives back purses full of such money in today’s time? Hearing this, his father became happy, he said – I have to get out of work now. Harsh must have come from college, you wait for him. I said – I will come again. But he started insisting and started saying that consider it your own home.

I started waiting for Harsh over there. When I went to his room, I found a diary in which he had written only about me. I was surprised to read it. It was written in it – today I saw the Preeti… was looking very beautiful. I want to talk, but I don’t know how to do it. In this way, he wrote many things. There was also a mention of the purse thing in it.

Then when the sound of the door opening came, I kept that diary. When I looked outside, Harsh had come from college. Then I went and hugged Mohawk loudly and wished him a birthday, he also hugged me and said thank you. I asked Mohawk to go out and have a party. We went and came partying. We had a lot of fun that day.

When Harsh came to my house the next day, I was wearing a red sari with a deep-neck blouse. His waist was also wide open. Harsh kept looking at me. I said – what are you looking at? Harsh said- You are looking very beautiful.

Then we started drinking tea. I then deliberately dropped the spoon. When I bent down, the pallu fell and my boobs looked very bare. Young boy sex seductive staring at my bare tits. I knew he wanted sex. I again blushed and corrected the pallu of the sari and asked him – what else will you do? He said – no. That day he left.

The next day when I went to his house on the pretext, I read his diary. In that she had also mentioned the sari thing; It was written- Today I saw the pallu of the Preeti falling down. I felt something in my pants. I liked it very much but I could not say anything to Diya so that she should not feel bad. I don’t want to lose his friendship.

Now I know that Harsh has nothing wrong with me. When he came to my house the next day, I was wearing a sari the same color as my skin. She was looking great on my fair body. That day Harsh kept staring at me. I knew he liked me a lot. Then I asked him to dance with me. We both started dancing.

I put his hand on my waist. He was a little hesitant but I said consider me your friend! Make a girlfriend if you want. He started laughing at this. But I noticed that by placing my hand on my waist, something started rising in his pants. I knew it was getting hot.

He started getting more nervous so I left him and he went to his house. Now I too wanted to enjoy sex with that young boy. He was young and I had not enjoyed sex for a long time. The next day when it was time for him to come, I had come after taking a bath. I was wearing a black saree and it had a padded blouse.

I was getting ready in my room so I called Mohawk inside. I asked her to tie an open string to my blouse. He came to me and started tying the string. Then I asked him looking in the mirror- Harsh, how am I looking at you today? He said – very beautiful … it looks as if I am having a dream. I said – so you do not want to make this dream a reality? He said – I do not understand?

Then I took him towards the bed and laid him down and started kissing his lips. He was surprised once, but as soon as I put my hand on his shirt and started caressing his chest, his eyes started closing. Now he too started enjoying sucking my lips. He started kissing me loudly and I was slowly getting drunk.

Harsh removed the pallu of my sari and grabbed my waist with both hands and started kissing me. It seemed that Harsh had been waiting for this moment for a long time. He was kissing me as if he had waited for years. While kissing slowly, he took his hands on my back and opened the hooks of my blouse.

Then he opened my blouse and seeing my fair and fat boobs, he went crazy. He broke down on them and started sucking them by pressing hard. Harsh was mashing my boobs with both his hands and I was being kissed in between.

Then we got up and Mohawk took off his shirt. He opened my sari and opened the petticoat and left me only in panties. I was standing in front of a young boy today in only panties with bare tits. Now I also opened Harsh’s jeans and took off his underwear too.

His dick was completely taut. I pushed Harsh onto the bed and started moving his dick in my hand. He started sobbing with pleasure. Then I took his dick in my mouth and started sucking. He closed his eyes and now started traveling to another world. I was eating his dick like a cougar.

For several minutes I sucked his dick and after taking it out I said – now it is your turn. I lay down in front of him. He pulled off my panties and started licking my pussy. I also started getting drowsy and hesitatingly said – ahh seductive… ahh…suck… ahh keep licking.

For several minutes, he kept running his tongue and finger in my pussy. Then he broke my nipples. He started clapping his fingers. Sometimes the neck and sometimes the lips started kissing. I couldn’t stop now. I said – make me tempting now… now fuck me.

He put his hot iron-like dick on my pussy and pushed it inside. When the dick went into my pussy, my scream came out. His dick was very thick and big. I somehow began to bear the pain. Then he gave another blow and inserted half the dick into the pussy. In the third stroke, as if he took my life out. I was sobbing with pain.

His dick was stuck in my pussy. I started sweating. Then he started kissing me by putting his lips on my lips. I also started kissing him. After some time my pain subsided and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Now he slowly started hitting and clinging to my body, he started kissing me.

Within no time I was filled with sobs – oh baby… take it loudly my… take my pussy… don’t stop today… keep fucking my love! I was having so much fun kissing Mohawk that I can’t tell. After some time, he made me in the doggy style and holding my waist from behind, gave his dick in my pussy with a loud push.

As the speed of his bumps increased, so did my hissings – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… The speed of sex increased so much that my pussy started bursting. Then we came to the missionary pose. He started sucking dick in my pussy from the front and lying on top of me.

Now I tightly glued it to my body. I was thinking that I should not let his dick come out of the pussy. We had both reached the extremes. At that very moment, there was a severe stiffness in my body and a lot of water started coming out of my pussy. That too was about to leave now; He said- Diya… what should I do… speak quickly?

I said – you take it out inside, only then I will get complete peace. Hearing this, he fired three or four shots with full force and he fell down on me. I squeezed Harsh’s dick hard in the pussy and squeezed all the juice of his dick and let it go inside. After a long time, I got such satisfaction in young boy sex.

After that, we lay clinging to each other for an hour. I loved him very much and he loved me too. After that day we became girlfriend-boyfriend. After this, then Harsh did not know how to fuck me. I will tell you all those stories in the time to come.

How did you like this Married Girl Sex Story, I must write about it. This is my first story, so please write your response in the comment on the story.

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