How Me And My Hot Neighbor Lost Our Virginity Part-2

How Me And My Hot Neighbor Lost Our Virginity Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan from Aerocity, I am here to tell you the next part of the story that’s named “How Me And My Hot Neighbor Lost Our Virginity Part-2“, I am sure you all will love it.

In an Indian cock sex story read how my pussy was getting restless for a cock. When my neighbor boy proposed to me, I did not delay. Story of me and my hot neighbor, I read that after separation from my husband I was craving sex. I started developing friendships with a boy who came to my neighborhood.

Suddenly Aman said to me – Kangana, if you do not mind, then I should ask one thing. I laughed and said to Aman- Man, if you think that I will feel bad then do not ask at all, but yes if you believe that we are good friends then definitely ask.

Now next part of me and my Hot neighbor sex story:

My words boosted Aman’s confidence and he said hesitantly to me – Dude Kangana, ever since I got married, I miss my wife a lot and I feel very much in need of her physical presence. This did not happen to me before marriage, but after getting married, there is a great need for physical contact. Because of this, I get restless at times. Do you feel the same way?

Hearing Aman’s question, my tears blossomed. I smiled and said to Aman – yes man, after marriage, physical contact becomes a habit and if one has to be alone after marriage, then that is why there is restlessness. Aman’s courage increased a little more and he said – yes man, before marriage, work was done with hands, but now it is not fun with hands.

Hearing his words, I started smiling in my heart. I was starting to believe now that Aman also wants to fuck me. Controlling myself, I said – that is because after getting the taste of the natural way, you do not get as much fun in an artificial way. And this becomes the cause of restlessness and misery.

Aman got excited with my talk and said – Kangana if you allow me to say one thing? I immediately cut Aman’s point and asked – Do you want to offer me this offer that you and I should fulfill the lack of each other’s company? Hearing me, Aman was stunned and he said in a trembling voice – I wanted to say this, but only if you have permission! And if you feel offended, I sincerely apologize.

Seeing Aman nervous, I laughed and smiled happily and said – man, what is the point of apologizing in this? I myself wanted to tell you this and now I want to say that what is the delay in this work? Let’s start by quickly walking into my bedroom. Aman’s happiness knew no bounds as soon as he got the green signal from my side.

He immediately picked me up in his arms and took me straight to my bedroom and put me on the bed and started kissing my lips. My heartbeat was going very fast. I too warmed up and started responding to his kiss. I could not believe that I am in Aman’s arms and very soon he is going to fuck me.

While kissing me very quickly, Aman separated my dress from my body. And taking off his clothes himself, he came only in tights. I was seeing Aman for the first time without clothes. His body was athletic and his broad chest was hairless and looked very handsome. Seeing me in a pink transparent strap bra and a small pink panty, Aman became happy and said – Looks like today madam is lying down with full preparation.

I smiled and nodded my head yes. Aman climbed up on me again and I held him tightly in my arms and I also started kissing him wildly. Very quickly Aman took off my bra and started sucking my right mum in his mouth and started mashing the other mum with his hand. Soon my pussy became wet and chubby.

I extended my hand and put it in Aman’s underwear. His cock had stood hard. In a jiffy, I put Aman’s underwear down. Now you were completely naked in front of me and her 6-inch long Indian cock was shaking hard as if saluting my pussy. His betel nut was turning red like a mushroom. It was as if it was getting desperate to tear my pussy.

I sat down and took his cock in my hand and extended my mouth towards his cock. Understanding my intention, Aman brought his cock very close to my mouth. I started lovingly caressing Aman’s desi cock and started rolling my tongue on his dick.

Aman got excited by the touch of his betel nut on my tongue and he started pressing my head on his betel nut. Now I opened my mouth and took Aman’s betel nut in my mouth and started moving my tongue around the betel nut. Now Aman’s condition has worsened; Sitkars started erupting from his mouth.

I took Aman’s cock deep inside my mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. I could feel Aman’s betel nut getting thick in my mouth. Aman’s cock was now hot and he removed his cock from my mouth. I smiled and looked at Aman’s face.

He pushed me down on the bed and started taking off my panties. I also helped in taking off my panties by raising my buttocks. Now I was completely naked in front of Aman. Seeing the pussy soaked with my sex juice, Aman’s eyes started shining.

He spread my legs and said to me – Kangana, your pussy is getting completely wet. Looks like it’s getting desperate to fuck. I shamelessly told Aman – yes darling, but first, lick my pussy and warm it up a bit. Aman smiled and put his tongue inside the crack of my open pussy.

At the touch of his tongue, a volcano started erupting in my pussy. Now uncontrollable work started erupting from my mouth and I started licking my pussy by tossing it with Aman. I grabbed Aman’s head with my hands and started pressing towards my pussy, and simultaneously started running fingers in his hair.

Very soon I got very agitated and started begging Aman again and again to start my sex. Aman now put a pillow under my waist and himself came between my two legs and sat down and started rubbing the betel nut of his cock on my little Bhagankur. Due to the rubbing of Aman’s betel nut on his Bhagankur, my pussy was flooded like Kamras.

I pushed my pussy upwards from below so that Aman’s cock could enter my pussy! But Aman was also a solid player of sex. He took his betel nut out of my hole and after a while started torturing my betel nut by rubbing it back with his betel nut.

My body was getting uncontrollable from me when suddenly Aman placed a betel nut on my hole and gave a big push. By the time I could understand something about this sudden attack, Aman’s entire cock had landed in my pussy. I could feel the vibration of Aman’s betel nut near my uterus.

Now Aman lay on top of me. I tightened both my legs around Aman’s hips and wrapped Aman in my arms. Aman started sucking my lips well and took me in his arms and started putting his cock in and out of my pussy. “UEEE ah ah ah ah ah! ieeeee ahh huh!” While whistling, I jumped my ass from the bottom and started kissing Aman.

The room was slowly starting to heat up. We were both covered in sweat. As Aman was outside inside the cock, the sounds of ‘Fach-Fach’ started reverberating in the room, which was making our chatting more fun. After a while, Aman pulled his cock out of the pussy and lay down himself. Now Aman signaled me to come from above.

I sat on top of Aman, facing him. Now with my hand, I put his cock on the hole of my pussy and slowly started sitting on his cock. His cock had also become very smooth due to sex, so the whole cock easily penetrated my pussy. I leaned forward and gave one of my boobs into Aman’s mouth.

Aman started sucking my boobs and started pressing my buttocks with his hands. My arousal increased a lot now and I jumped and started putting his cock inside out in my pussy. I could feel the hot betel nut of Aman’s cock with every push on my uterus and it was increasing my excitement.

After fucking me like this for a long time, Aman fell in my pussy. I had fought twice in the meantime. I leaned down and lay on top of Aman. After a while, Aman’s cock became soft and came out of my pussy. I cleaned the semen flowing from my pussy from Aman’s vest.

My pussy was also satisfied now. But both of us remained naked in each other’s arms for a long time. After a while, both of us got up after taking a bath and kept talking to each other without wearing any clothes. Then after some time, I felt the desire to have sex again, so I asked Aman to have sex once more.

Aman agreed with a laugh because he too was getting the desire. He now started biting and sucking me around the thighs. He warmed me by licking my pussy. I told Aman why don’t we do linking like 69? Asking Aman to lie down, I sat on top of him in such a way that my pussy would remain on his face.

I grabbed Aman’s cock and took it in my mouth and I sat up and started sucking his cock. We both had a lot of fun doing Sixty Nine like this and I was rubbing my pussy on his tongue.
His cock had also become very thick in my mouth. I was afraid that he might leave his goods in my mouth.

So I told her to start fucking now. Aman now sets me up like a bitch and comes after me, waving his cock. Keeping the cock on the hole of my pussy, he put the whole cock inside my pussy in one push. A scream came out of my mouth when Aman inserted his cock.

He now grabbed both of my breasts from behind and began to rub his cock inside and out in my pussy. As if my pussy had no place for happiness. While whistling, I started moving my ass back and forth so that Aman’s entire cock could eat my pussy. After fucking me like this for a while, Aman dropped me on my stomach on the bed and lay down on me.

Now in this position, he had kept my breasts tight and he was pushing the cock into my pussy. I twisted my neck backward and Aman began to push hard in the pussy while sucking his limbs with my limbs. Now once again the sounds of ‘Fach Fach’ of sex started reverberating in the room.

This time the sex went on very long and both of us were having more fun this time than before. After fucking me for a long time, Aman suddenly increased the speed of his sex. While fucking, Aman said – Kangana, today you will remain as a Bhosda of your pussy. I pick up bales and said – Darling, girls’ pussy is only to become Bhosda.

Hearing me, Aman got more excited and started banging me to the best of his ability. Finally, after playing long innings, Aman fell into my pussy again. During this time I do not even remember how many times I had erupted but my pussy was satisfied very well.

After playing 2 long innings of sex, we fell asleep in each other’s arms barefoot. When I opened my eyes it was morning. When I got up and saw Aman sleeping naked next to me. I picked up Aman and after drinking tea sent him to his house. Later, while taking a bath, I noticed that most of my thighs and body were covered with traces of his kiss.

I took a bath and slept. Friends, after this incident, Aman started choking me regularly. I will tell you in the next story how I had fun with Aman.

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