Sex With Newly Married Bhabhi | Bengali Bhabhi Sex Story

Sex With Newly Married Bhabhi | Bengali Bhabhi Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Sex With Newly Married Bhabhi | Bengali Bhabhi Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

Read in my Bengali bhabhi sex story that a Bengali couple came to my flat to rent a room set. Seeing his sexy wife, I was tempted that wished he could live in this flat.

This incident happened some time ago. I lived in a room in a 3 bedroom flat of a society. The owner of the flat lived abroad and had made me in charge of taking care of the flat and giving me power of attorney to rent the remaining two rooms and the drawing room.

I used to work as a manager in a multinational company in those days. Whenever someone used to vacate the flat, I used to put two-let (vacant for rent) on it again. I used to give that flat to anyone else at the rent mentioned by the owner of that flat.

The people who had just vacated the flat were two elderly husbands and wives, who had gone to their hometown after retirement. The rent was deposited every month in the account of the owner of the flat.

Two or four people came to hire me but they did not settle for me. The society in which I lived was the prime society of that city and there were all 3 BHK flats whose rent ranged from 18000 to 20000. There was no two-room set, so whoever had to take it, used to take only three rooms and gave 18-20 thousand rupees, whether he needed three rooms or not.

One Sunday, when I went down for some work, I saw a Bengali-looking couple. The man was quite ordinary, but the lady who was with him was the beautiful, milk-like Gauri, a beautiful and wonderfully sexy lady of Bala. Her long jugular sexy neck, very beautiful face cut, big boobs, chubby body, and intoxicating eyes i.e. were wonderful in beauty in every respect.

His size must have been close to 36-34-38. She was wearing a sari very low i.e. very low below the navel in a very good way. The sari was so tight that her ass was seen to be raised just about to come out. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse over the sari, in which her size 38 bangs were getting to come out by tearing the blouse. The lady had put very beautiful black glasses on the top of her hair.

The man was like a mortal. He would have glasses on his eyes, his mouth bulging, about 5 feet 5 inches, which looked strange even while walking with that lady. I was thinking in my mind that if someone comes to take such a couple on rent of the flat, then it should be fun but they went ahead. Then I came inside my flat.

After about half an hour the bull of my room rang, I opened the door and saw the same couple standing outside. I was glad to see them. The man asked- Do you have a vacant flat for rent? Me- Yes, it is. Man – Will you rent?

I said- Sir, you come in, sit comfortably and talk. Man- No, you just tell standing, whether to give or not? I said again – Sir, you come in? Man- No, first you show the house. The lady said in a very soft voice – when they are saying that come in, then we sit down. Man- Who told you to speak in the middle? When you don’t know something, don’t speak like an idiot.

That poor lady remained silent but I felt very bad about it. I stopped myself and said to him – it doesn’t matter, you should see the flat first. Then I opened the whole flat and showed it. There were three bedrooms, a drawing room, and a kitchen in that flat. The flat had two doors for entry. On one side was my room on the right side which had an attached bathroom.

After going inside the left side gate, there were two bedrooms through the drawing room. There were two big balconies in that flat. There was a balcony with a drawing room and a bedroom. It was on the inside of the society, from which other flats and blocks were visible. There was a balcony at the back that housed me and the master bedroom of the remaining portion.

I very rudely showed him the entire flat and said that the back balcony is mine, and the tenant will not have any right over it. I had a beautiful green view from my balcony. Behind it was the golf range. There was a green park and hills were visible in the distance. I also had complete privacy due to the open view in front of my balcony.

He liked the flat very much. The man asked me – how much is its rent? I said – 10000 rupees a month. On hearing ten thousand, the man’s arms blossomed and said – we like this flat, you give it. When my mobile rang, I moved away from them and went to the back balcony and started listening to the mobile.

They kept whispering amongst themselves standing in the room. After talking for a while, I switched off the phone and went to him. The man said – OK, we are ready. Now it was my turn. I realized a prank and I said- Look, you like it, but I have given this flat to someone else. Before you, those people had come to see this flat yesterday and some money was also given as a token.

It was just his call. Hearing this, both of them got very upset and the man said – how can this happen? Now we have done yes. I said- Look, brother, you can see some other flat. Actually, I don’t like you anything.

Man – what do you mean? What have we done? I said – Brother, when you are treating your wife so badly, you will treat me the same way, so sorry in advance on my behalf. When he started speaking further while clarifying, I interrupted and said – now you please go. Saying this I went inside my room and closed the door.

His face was worth seeing. Disappointed, they went downstairs. When I removed the curtain a little and looked down, they were arguing amongst themselves. The lady was fighting with the man. I also did not want that such a beautiful beauty should get out of hand, but for them, that set was very cheap for ten thousand in that society.

I saw he talked about something and the lady started coming upstairs alone. After a while, the bell of my room rang, and I opened the door. Lady started saying – Sir, can I come in?
I said – come on. The lady came in and said – Sir, I want this flat and he folded both his hands. I started pretending to think something.

She said – Sir, God has not given me a husband in the right way, do I not have a good neighbor in my luck? He made a sad face and his eyes became moist. I got up and held his soft hands in my hands and looking at him said – you don’t say that, now this flat is yours.

When he took out ten thousand rupees from his purse and extended it towards me, I said – it doesn’t matter, you first call your husband once. She happily said – Thank you. I call now. That Bengalan quickly went downstairs and called her husband. Her husband sat silently. The lady gave me the advance.

I explained the terms and conditions to him and again said that he would not have any right over the rear balcony. The man started saying – well, it will happen as you say. We will always keep our back door closed and if my wife comes there then you complain to me, and I will break her legs.

I started laughing and said – Brother, it will be better if you do not say anything. I said – would you like to introduce yourself? The man started saying to his wife – Sana, you speak, because if I speak, the sir may get angry. Lady said – this is my husband Mr. Ankit and I am his wife Sana. We are from Kolkata and we got married just 10 months back. He got a job in a call center in Rohini.

That Bengali told that she is educated but is a housewife, and if she gets a good job, she will do it. In my introduction, I mentioned my name as Jatin and briefly introduced myself to him.

I said- I will make tea for you. When Ankit Babu started refusing, Sana silenced him with a gesture and started saying – Sir, we will go after drinking tea. Then she started saying – you tell me the kitchen, I will make it myself. I said – no Sana Ji, today you are my guest. I will make tea, you sit down.

I made three dipped teas and kept some biscuits together. The three of us started talking while drinking tea. Ankit Babu told me – Mr. Jatin, how old are you? In response, I said- 28 years. Ankit started saying – Then I can call you younger brother because I am 33. I said – well, you can say.

Ankit- Then you can call Sana as sister-in-law. Well, she is five years younger than you. I looked at Sana with a curious look and said – If Sana Ji does not mind, then I will call her sister-in-law. Looking into my eyes, Sana agreed by closing both her eyes.

While we were having tea, I saw Ankit babu’s legs and waist looked like a thin wood. I was wearing a lower and a very beautiful T-shirt. As I tell you every time that at home I do not wear a vest and underwear under my clothes, due to which my penis looks a bit bulging all the time.

Sometimes Sana would look at my body and shapely legs and sometimes look at Ankit’s legs. I knew the sensual eyes of the sister-in-law. The fingers of Sana’s hands and feet were very delicate, fair, and anal. Sana had put very beautiful nail polish on her nails. Sitting in Sana’s sari, her curvy tail and full thighs and her beautiful sleek, sexy belly were visible.

After some time, while sitting, Sana raised one of her legs on the other, due to which the sari slipped back from her upper and lower legs, and seeing her thick, beautiful, anal, fair shin, my penis started tightening. I was wondering how sexy the tails and thighs would be if someone who has calves were so beautiful. My attention was focused on examining Sana’s sexy body which Sana understood very well.

Then Ankit Babu started saying – I have to go to the bathroom. I gave him the key to his portion and said – from today onwards the house is yours, do whatever you want. Ankit got up and left. When I started lifting the tray of tea cups, Sana snatched the tray from my hand.

While taking the tray, my hands were well touched by Sana’s soft hands and both of us felt body tingling. On the pretext of showing the kitchen to Sana, I got up and started going to my kitchen, then Sana came after me and when she saw the back balcony, she said – Sir, this is a very beautiful balcony. This sight fascinated me.

But soon her face became sad and she said – but we can not even come here to see this sight. You have strictly forbidden us. I said softly – Sana Ji, there is no restriction for you, you can sit wherever you want, you can roam, balcony, can you consider my room as your own, but Ankit babu?

At that moment she started laughing and said – thanks, I like you very much. I said – but don’t tell this to Ankit Babu. Sana looked at me with a smile and said softly – well, the matter of both of us will remain till us. Sana walked into the small kitchen in a corner of my balcony and I stood outside at the door. As soon as I started speaking something, then Sana said softly – they are coming.

Then I fell silent as I spoke. This kind of talk of Sana thrilled me to the core because with this gesture the foundation of our further relationship had been laid. After that, all three of us came to my room. Sana started asking me – when can we shift? I said – from today the house is yours, if you want, come today, I do not mind.

Ankit Babu said – but today is the 22nd, the fare will start from the first date, will it not? I said – Ankit babu, the fare will start from the very first, but you can shift whenever you want. I saw that Sana became happy with this thing of mine. He said softly – thanks, sir. I said- Sister-in-law, you can call me ‘Jatin’ instead of Sir.

Sana smiled and said – OK, from today I will speak to Jatin Ji. Ankit babu once again started talking and said – Hey brother, even shifting is a whole problem, which is an easy task? It takes a whole month to do the setting. Sometimes plumber, sometimes electrician, and don’t know what will be needed.

Sana- I have to do all that, you will go to the office. I said – once you guys bring your stuff here, then I will help. Ankit Babu took my phone number from me and saved it in his phone. While leaving, he said – Ok Jatin Ji, we will tell you when we have to shift.

I said – okay. They turned to leave. Sana looked at me two or three times. When I gave a slight smile, he also gave a smiling smile and boycotted his palm and fingers slowly and they left. I was thrilled by his secretly doing all this or rather the way he did stealingly boy, and the desire to fuck Sana in my heart became fourfold.

When he went down, I removed the curtain from the window and saw Sana stealing her eyes and looking upwards. Perhaps the desire to have my last glimpse was in his mind. Thinking about Sana’s tit and her thick anal thighs, something came out of my cock, which had slightly moistened my lower from the inside. My mind went to kill his pussy, but now it was only the support of the hand.

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