I fuck maid all night in my rented house

I fuck maid all night in my rented house

My name is Rohan, Today I am going to tell you how “I fuck maid all night in my rented house”

I am 24 years old now, and I am from Mumbai. This sex story is from 6 months back when I had to go to Dwarka in connection with my work. There I had to stay for 6 months.

I went to Dwarka and stayed there for a few days in the company’s room. But I was not feeling there, so I inquired there.

So a worker from there got me a rented flat in a nearby building. The next day I shifted there and started living.

I asked the watchman there – I want a maid… If there is someone, tell me. He said – Yes sir… I will send a maid to you tomorrow.

The other day when I came back from my work to the flat and went inside and was still sitting when there was a knock at the door.

When I opened the door, a 35-38 year old woman was standing in front of me. Aunty was wearing a green saree. But despite the age of the aunt, her figure was very cool and full.

Aunty’s full breasts were playing a very important role in making her figure cool. She was a maid, who was probably sent by the same watchman.

I asked him – who are you… what is your job? He told- Saab, you wanted a maid. The watchman told me. I said – yes. … come inside.

I called him inside and made him sit and gave him water. Talked to him about work, and explained everything to him. He agreed to work, so I myself gave him Rs.500 in advance. (I fuck maid all night)

When I asked her name, she told me her name was Kritika. I told her – ok aunty, you cook now. She agreed and went to the kitchen. There I told him about all the stuff etc.

and came out. She started working. Then she left after two hours. As soon as she left, I picked up the bottle of whiskey and started remembering Aunt’s body while sipping it.

Her raised milk was making me very agitated. Now I wanted to fuck Aunty. Then after eating food etc. I fell asleep. Aunt Kritika came the next day in the morning.

That day was Sunday, so I was at home and sitting in my room. She came to the flat and started working. I went to take a bath. After taking a bath, I sat down to watch TV.

On the other hand, the aunt cooked the food and came to me and said, sir, eat the food. I went to the dinner table and said to him

you eat too… I alone will not be able to eat so much food. She started refusing. But I forced her a lot, so she agreed and sat down to eat with me.

I talked to him while eating food. Due to this she removed some hesitation from my side and started talking openly.

I asked him – who lives in your house. She said- No one… I just live alone. My husband passed away 14 years back.

I expressed my sorrow and asked him about his children etc. He told the children that he has no children.

Similar things happened to him for some time. Then after finishing the food, I sat in the hall. Now she started wiping.

Just like that, my attention went on her, then the full breasts of Aunty started tempting me. My 7-inch cock got erect as soon as I got a glimpse of her boobs.

Seeing her like this, I wanted to hold her and fuck her now… But I controlled myself and went to the bathroom in front of her and came fisting.

5-6 days passed like this. One day I asked him that you stay with me… I live alone. You pay the rent of that house by exhausting your earnings unnecessarily

while you live alone at home. At first, he said no to this, but later on, I insisted, and he said yes. On hearing his yes, I felt as if I had won the lottery.

My dream of fucking her was about to come true. That aunty came to my flat the next day with a box of hers.

I gave him a vacant room. Now she started living in my flat. From morning itself, she started cleaning the whole house and doing the work of cooking, etc. with great dexterity.

When she used to work, I used to keep looking at her boobs, watching her sizzling ass. She had also noticed all this… But she never said anything to me about this matter.

She was from a good home. Now I started touching her too. Started joking with him too. This is how our closeness started increasing. Aunty’s chudai was getting easier for me. (I fuck maid all night)

I had been with him for 15 days now. Meanwhile, she also came to know about my habit of taking pegs, which she did not oppose, but she herself used to prepare salty or salad, etc.

for me to taste. Now the 16th day was very special for me. I bought a saree for her while coming back from work and also bought a nice ladies’ perfume.

That day was his birthday. I took a cake worth Rs 250 on the way and came home. When I went inside the house, the aunt had gone out somewhere.

Till I set everything. Till then she came home. She was very happy to see all this and said – Why did you do all this?

I gave her the saree and said – Here you go… Today is your birthday gift. wear it She wore that saree happily. She was looking 35 years old in a red saree.

Along with the saree, I also brought a blouse made of hosiery cloth with a matching T-shirt… which is free size. The neck of this blouse was too open

and the roundness of half of her milk was visible. He got ready and expressed his happiness in front of me. I asked him to cut the cake

so he cut the cake very shyly. I picked up a piece of cake and fed it to him and wished him a happy birthday. He also fed me cake.

Then we both ate cake together. She expressed happiness with her moist eyes, so I spread my arms toward her to understand her happiness.

Although I was feeling that maybe she would be shy to come in my arms, she happily hugged me and said thank you. As soon as I hugged her

my cock got excited, her big breasts had given a strange pleasure to my chest. He too had felt my erect penis.

Now the aunt said smilingly – Now tell me what you want from me… which you have given me such a good gift. Looking at her big tits, I said – I don’t want anything.

She was following my eyes. She slowly pushed her aanchal more, due to which I could see the lovely shade of her intoxicating boobs. (I fuck maid all night)

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She said – will you not put the peg today? I looked at her eyes turning red with lust and said – will you also support me today?

She didn’t say anything, just started picking up the liquor bottle and glass. He raised two glasses today.

I told him – I make pegs, you bring the cigarette box from the room and get some tasting. She went to do my work while dancing her eyes and shaking her ass.

I made two large pegs and asked him to raise the glass as soon as he came. He raised the glass, so I raised the glass towards him and said cheers.

He also looked at me smiling and touched the glass to his lips. She started making faces as soon as she took the first sip. I laughed and asked – what happened?

She said – very bitter. I said – drink it all at once by closing your eyes. He obeyed me and closed his eyes and gulped down the whole glass.

When the liquor went down his throat, he felt like vomiting. But I extended a piece of tomato towards him. Instead of taking it from his hand

he opened his mouth. I put a piece of tomato in his mouth and put my hand on his cheek. She shuddered for a moment, but the next moment Aunty smiled.

I also finished the glass and lit a cigarette. After drinking a couple of pegs, the smell of alcohol started appearing in his eyes.

She said – now speak. I said – first eat food, then I will speak. We both ate food. After eating food, she got up with staggering steps and went to the kitchen.

As soon as he left, I also went to the kitchen from behind. She was washing the dishes. I wrapped her in my arms

from behind that aunt and said in her ear – my love, will you have sex with me? I was also pressing her boobs slowly. At this time my erect cock was rubbing in her ass.

She didn’t say anything. So now I started pressing her boobs hard. She started taking hot sobs making the sound of ‘ahhh..’.

After a minute she turned with a jerk and got into my arms. I started kissing her. Now I put my hand in her petticoat and started touching her pussy.

As soon as my hand touched her pussy, she got electrocuted and she started kissing me uncontrollably.

I was surprised to see his impatience. My cock was also excited. I wanted to lift her in my lap but I could not lift her

so I took her by the hand and made her lie on the bed of my room. As soon as she fell, I removed her saree.

She was looking lustfully into my eyes and was supporting me. I took off all her clothes and made her naked.

For the first time in my life, I was seeing a woman naked in front of me. I pounced on him the very next moment. Now I was sucking one of her milk and pressing the other.

She was just saying out loud- Aaahh… Oooooo… Umm… Aaah… and press… I feel good. After listening to her, I started rubbing her even more boldly.

Then I came on her pussy and started feeling the warmth of her pussy. Her pussy was starting to get wet by now. Kritika Aunty was not old today but had become young.

I opened her legs and started licking her pussy. As if she got completely mad and started muttering loudly – ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lick hard!

I put my fingers in her pussy and started licking them. After some time she started pressing my head in her pussy

and immediately her pussy released water. I kept licking the water of her pussy. It was really salty water.

Now he took off my clothes. Kritika took my cock in her hand and said – I have been thirsty for this for so many years, this is the best birthday gift for me. (I fuck maid all night)

Saying this she started sucking my cock. I was as if in heaven. Aunty was sucking my cock very hard. After sucking cocks for about 5 minutes, I fell in his mouth.

She also drank all my water. Now we both started kissing. After some time she started kissing my cock again. As soon as my cock was erect

I pushed her and spread both her legs, and came in between her. I put a pillow under her ass and started rubbing my cock over her swollen pussy.

She turned red with lust. She started saying- I am thirsty for fifteen years… don’t torture me anymore… put it inside quickly. When I gave a push, the cap of my cock entered inside.

She screamed a little ‘Ah died…Vicky rest easy.’ I gave one more push. My 7-inch long and 3-inch thick cock entered completely in Kritika Aunty’s pussy.

She screamed loudly and started crying. Seeing his agony, I stopped. After a few moments, I slowly started shaking my waist.

Now Kritika was also enjoying the cock and intoxicating sounds started coming out of her throat ‘ahh ahh … aaa … ooo.’

Till now it was 15 minutes since we had sex. After a while, she held me tightly and started wringing her body.

I was still going to fuck her in full speed. This was my first time, so I could not understand anything. I was just enjoying the pleasure of rubbing my pussy.

That’s why my cock started feeling very hot in the pussy. I didn’t stop just kept fucking her. After some time she said – I have fainted, just wait.

I took out the cock from her pussy and told her – I have to do more now. She smiled and became a bitch. I understood and started fucking him like a dog.

Aunty collapsed again after some time. Now mine was also about to leave. When I asked her, she said – leave it inside… nothing will happen to me.

I fell in her pussy and lay on top of her. My cock was still in her pussy. Then I took out the cock. I saw her pussy while taking out the cock, then blood was coming from it.

He told that this has happened due to kissing after twenty years. She was very tired of my sex and was also satisfied. She said- You have given me that happiness after 20 years

which I was searching for for a long. I said – I also enjoyed fucking you. Kritika said – You can fuck me whenever you want… Now don’t even give me money for work

just keep giving me happiness with your love. I fucked her twice more that night and we both fell asleep at 3 am. She woke up in the morning and started sucking my cock

and went to work after picking me up. I also got up and left the routine. Then my friend’s call came from the office. I told him – I am not feeling well… I will not come today.

Then I undressed and went to the kitchen to see Kritika. I caught him and started fucking him from behind in the kitchen. She also started enjoying me. I came to him in the hall.

Kritika brought my tea. I saw that he was not even walking properly. She came close to me, so I told her – today I want to fuck you. She laughed and said – do it later.

I pulled her and took the bottle of coconut oil kept there and applied oil on my cock and applied it on her ass as well. She came in the pose of kicking ass.

I set the cock and pushed and because of the lubrication, half of my cock went on entering her ass. She screamed and started trying to get rid of me.

She ran away from me and went to the corner and started pressing her ass. I understood. This was his first chance to kick ass. I went back and cornered him.

She kept saying no no to put it in the pussy further… My ass is hurting a lot. I lied to her and made her bow down and put her cock in her pussy first.

She started enjoying herself carefree. That’s why I immediately took out the cock and put it in the ass. In one stroke, the entire 7-inch cock entered Kritika’s ass.

She was suffering a lot from the pain… but did not say anything. Then slowly she said – You are very hot, brother… you tore my ass… now don’t fuck.

I started fucking Aunty’s ass vigorously. After ten minutes I fell in her ass. Now every day she started playing with my cock. Six months passed like this.

We used to have sex every day. Now Kritika had become young. When it was time for me to go back home, that day she kept my cock erect till evening. (I fuck maid all night)

She kept my cock in her pussy all day long. She came to the station to drop me off and went away after saying bye.

I gave him ten thousand rupees and told him – I will come again. You stay in the same flat, I have come here after paying the rent.

Then after 18 days, I came back there. Now we both have sex every day. How did you like the story of Aunty’s fuck.

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