College Student and the House-Maid Sex Story

College Student and the House-Maid Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “College Student and the House-Maid Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

In Desi House Maid Sex Story read how I made my cook lady fuck by bringing her into the room without any role. it was my first time.

Greetings to all you readers. I am Rahul, a shy boy from Patel Nagar and a regular reader of wild fantasy. After much thought, I decided to send my story. If it is the first story, then definitely inform the errors.

Come straight to the desi house-maid sex story. I was 21 years old at that time and even after the end of the Inter examination, I was preparing without going to the village and staying in my room. So that there should not be much disruption in studies, all three of our room partners had arranged for a maid name Sana who used to cook food for us twice. She will be around 30 years old.

My partner had gone to the village because of the holidays and I was alone. When she did not come to cook food in the morning, I called her. She said that she did not come to work thinking that everyone must have gone to the village during the holidays, now she will come in the evening and disconnect the phone.

I got angry but if money was given in advance every month, I could not do anything. Well, it was only a matter of day, so I started studying after beating my hunger. But on a hungry stomach, the light of the brain does not go on, well, I spent the whole day in the streets of passion.

I was sleeping when she came. I was woken up by the tinkering of utensils in the kitchen. After being in bed for a few moments, I went to the kitchen to drink water. She was making chapatis. He looked at me once with a cursory glance and then started doing his work.

Although she was not beautiful and I had never seen her with an evil eye. But that day was the effect of loneliness or infatuation… as soon as he saw me, a shudder started running inside me. I took water in a glass and started drinking it in the kitchen itself. Drops of sweat emerging on her dusky back after covering her with her blouse and sari were driving me crazy.

After drinking the water I let out a deep breath which might have hit his back. She shivered and I trembled. But he didn’t say anything… I immediately went into the room and sat down with the book. But my mind was not focused on my studies, again and again in front of my eyes, she was dancing in front of her eyes with sweat drops and her trembling.

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After a while his voice was heard – the food is ready and I am leaving. I said – okay. That night I had to chuckle twice before going to sleep. Well, I have read many stories about this, but when it passes on itself, then the matter is different. they say no

Well after a lot of thinking I decided to give it a try… Whatever happens, will be seen. Anyway, those who have studied in Boy’s School will know that we make most of the decisions thinking this. So now I made it a rule that when she was cooking, I would exhale on her back, she would shiver and I would go to my room.

This happened for three days. Then one day after cooking, she came to the room and said – I need 200 rupees, you give it. Take a deduction from the salary! I had money, so I gave it. That night while she was cooking, I went to the kitchen, this time to exhale, when I breathed out, there was a strange sour smell.

Now those who are experienced people will know but this smell got me very excited, and my ears started heating up. There was a tingling sensation in the soles of my feet and sweat started pouring down my forehead. She once turned her head and looked at me with eyes and then started doing her work.

As if lightning ran in my blood. Thinking ‘about what will happen now, I put my hand on his shoulder and gave slight pressure, then he shrugged his shoulder and removed his hand. I was scared that she might be about to cry. But she kept on doing her work quietly. Then my courage increased and I clung to him, I put both my hands in his waist and tightened and started wiping my burning lips on his neck.

She swore badly and while trying to get away, whispering bid – what are you doing, someone will see. I understand that there is a yes from its side as well. I said – everyone has gone on vacation, only we are both, someone will see somewhere. Now she stopped swearing and started taking light breaths.

I sucked his ear pendant in his mouth one by one and then switched off the gas and brought him to the room. She was pulled under the control of some magic and sat on the bed. I came out one more time and closed the kitchen door. Then came to the room, closed the door from inside, switched off the light, and switched on the fan.

I moved toward him and started sucking on his lips. She was not opposing but was not supporting either. I felt that all the hard work had to be done alone. I slipped her sari from her chest and started opening the hook of the blouse. When two or three attempts were not successful, he himself slipped his blouse up.

The blouse was still there on the chest but the boobs were free. I stuffed them in my hands. I can not say anything about the size but they were not coming full in hand. I started rubbing the nipples with my thumb and forefinger. She started swearing once again.

I attacked his boobs without delay and tried unsuccessfully to take them in the mouth one by one. Sometimes I used to move my tongue on the nipples and sometimes sucked them and used to clench my teeth lightly. Now he also started running his fingers in my hair and one of his hands started moving around my waist. I helped him and held my tangled cock in his hand.

She started shaking hands with great love and my precum started leaking. I tried to separate the sari from her waist without delay. But he refused. We separated and she lay down on the bed lifting the sari to her waist. I took off my lower underwear and underwear and gestured to her to suck the cock. But once again he refused.

My head was around his thighs. And then a strong salty smell filled my nostrils. I immediately gave up the idea of licking my pussy.

But he did not feel bad, so he started looking for a burden in his pussy full of gimmicks. When my finger was moving in his pussy, then I felt that his pussy has become very lily. As soon as my finger found his burdock, I pinched it and crushed it badly. And she swore once again.

Now I set my cock in his pussy and increased the pressure. My cock entered his pussy without any hindrance. He took a deep breath. I lay on top of him and started pressing her boobs, kissing him around his neck, and started pushing. His breath was also divided into installments, mixing with my bumps.

Drops of sweat started shining on both of our bodies. Soon I felt that I would not be able to stand for long, so I got up a bit and stuffed his cuffs in my fist. In this way, my palm was on his burdock, which I constantly rubbed. After doing twenty-five pushes like this, my thighs started trembling and I lay back on top of it.

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I took out both my hands from under his armpits, raised his head slightly, and started sucking his lips back. This time he also cooperated a lot. After about twenty pushes, it started getting dark before my eyes, the whole body started trembling.

I told him – it’s going to happen! And wanted to leave. But without saying anything, he put his legs around my waist and pressed me tightly to his chest with his hands, and started sucking my lips very hard. I was as if in paradise. With difficulty, I made four or five more pushes, and as it started floating in the air. The entire veins of my body were pulled and the stream of semen flowed from the penis.

When I returned to normal, he still held me the same way. When I tried to get up, he didn’t show any inhibitions, just lovingly pointed fingers at my face. I remembered one thing men often separate when they ejaculate during intercourse and the woman feels that she has been deceived.’

I tried to look into his eyes but couldn’t see anything. And then I thought you can’t learn everything from stories. I hugged him again and started sucking the edges of his lips. She kept lovingly moving her fingers through my hair and back. About two minutes later, I felt a warm, sticky feeling on my thighs and we parted ways. She sat down and started cleaning her thighs with the edge of her petticoat. I clothed him.

We both got dressed and she left. When she came the next day, she saw me and gave me a sweet smile. I asked – what happened? So said – nothing. I told him – to come to the room after preparing food. Further story sometime later!

This was the true story of my first cohabitation. How did you like the desi house-maid sex story? Do let me know!

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