Sexy Professor Fucked his Student | College Girl Sex Story

Sexy Professor Fucked his Student | College Girl Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Sexy Professor Fucked his Student | College Girl Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

My teacher fucked me in his house! I used to go to tuition. Those teachers used to live alone and leave me. One day he also had another teacher. Both banged me back and forth.

Today I have brought you my new story. You all know about me. I am Noor… From Aerocity. The exam was near, so after college, I used to go to the teacher for tuition. My tuition used to be from 8 to 10 in the evening. At that time teacher, Vikas used to get me tutoring.

That teacher fucked me! He lived here alone in this city. Because of this, he used to get a little work done in his house and after that used to beat my pussy and ass fiercely. Then he would send me home. On Saturday night we had a program to fuck hard and on that day Vikas sir had also called Jatin sir. So that night I was going to have a group fuck.

That’s why I made an excuse at home and told them to stay with the teacher. Jatin sir came there around 11 o’clock in the night with 2 packets of condoms. Then my pussy and ass started ringing. Vikas sir said to Jatin – you eat food. Jatin sir said- I have come after eating food, now I have to eat only Noor’s pussy and ass. Saying this both the teachers started laughing out loud.

Then Jatin sir came to me and took off my t-shirt. I was not wearing anything below, so the head grabbed both my nipples and started mashing and biting. I started having pain but the fun was coming as well. Then Vikas sir came and put his hands in my jeans and started mashing the grain of my pussy.

Now the nipples of my boobs were being twisted and bitten from above and the grain of my pussy was being rubbed from below. I was caught between two men and in this excitement, my pussy started getting wet. Within no time, my pussy had become watery due to the antics of both teachers.

After thoroughly rubbing, rubbing, licking, and biting my pussy and nipples for about half an hour, Sir took off my jeans completely. Now they bare me. Now I was standing completely naked in the middle of both heads and both of them were kissing my body fiercely.

Then Jatin sir opened his pants and gave his 7-inch dick in my mouth. I started sucking the dick of my head. From here Vikas sir put his tongue in my pussy and started licking my pussy. Now I am having a lot of fun; I was going crazy.

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On one hand, I was getting the taste of dick in my mouth, and on the other hand, Vikas sir’s tongue was filling my pussy with fun in my pussy. Every time the tongue was inside out, the thirst for taking dicks in my pussy kept increasing. I had become very restless for dicks. One dick was in my mouth and I wanted the other dick to enter my pussy just fast!

Then I said- Sir now I am not able to bear it… Now fuck me. Jatin sir said – stop now, let us have all the fun! After how many days you are getting your pussy today! Saying this Jatin sir took out his LND from my mouth and then Vikas sir put his LND in my mouth. Here Jatin sir started licking my pussy, and Vikas sir started licking my mouth by giving dick in my mouth.

Sir had put me in such a habit of sucking gourd that I could suck it continuously for several hours. Vikas sir’s dick was rapidly coming out of my mouth. I was also giving him the feeling of pussy by holding my lips. Here his tongue had made a bad condition of my pussy. Once Vikas sir had got my water removed.

Now the other head also licked my pussy with the tongue so many times that the poor thing cried again. My pussy juice was empty twice. But none of the teachers was taking the name of stopping. After falling for the second time, I was now calm for a while.

But both of them made me hot again by sucking my pussy and nipple. Then Jatin sir said – I kill its ass and you beat its pussy. Saying this Vikas sir lay down on the bed. His dick was taut like a cannon. Without telling them, I started sitting in the middle of their thighs and kept the dick on the mouth of the pussy, and went down. I climbed on top of my head and put his pestle dick in my pussy.

A dick had gone into my pussy. Jatin sir tilted me forward from behind, due to which my ass came in front of the head. Then Jatin sir fixed the dick on my ass hole and inserted it. Now my pussy and ass were going to be kissed together.

Since my ass had been choked by Vikas sir many times before, my ass did not face much problem. He let Jatin sir’s dick come inside him comfortably and my fuck started. After that in my pussy and ass, both the head’s dicks started moving at a fast pace.

I felt pain in the first few moments but then the dick started showing its magic and I started enjoying it. I was chugging between them naked like a scoundrel. Only ahhhhhhhhhsahhs were coming from my mouth like happy hissing sounds. The whole room was resonating with the sobs of the three of us.

Some such sounds were coming out of my mouth- ahhh…sir fuck me…ahhh…sir… having a lot of fun…ahh…ooh… … ah. Then Jatin sir said – Sister-in-law Chhinal… Today your pussy and ass will be so well-chosen that you will always remember the sex of tonight. I gasped and said- ahhh…ahhh…yes sir…today my f… tear my pussy and ass… ahh… play me well.

Both the heads of my head were running fast in and out of both my holes. My pussy and ass were blossoming and becoming Bhosda. Both the pussy and the ass were making a sound. After a long chat Vikas sir said – Ahhh… Noor… I am about to fall. Saying this, Sir left his semen in the condom.

Then Jatin sir made me a mare and in one stroke put his entire horse-like penis in my pussy. The hissing came out of my mouth, I said – ah sir… take it easy… my pussy is getting torn. After listening to me, Sir slowed down his pace a bit, so I got some relief. My pussy had left the water 2-3 times till now, but Jatin sir’s dick was not ready to leave the water.

Jatin sir started licking my pussy. My pussy had already left the water, so my pussy started hurting. But he kept on fucking and fucking. I got hot once again while getting fucked. I started mashing my nipples and began to caress the grain of the pussy.

Seeing me getting upset, Vikas sir started rubbing the grain of my pussy. Jatin sir’s dick was constantly hitting my pussy. After kissing for so long, I started going into a state of indecisiveness, but it was so much fun kissing that I was ready to cross every limit.

Jatin sir kept licking my pussy continuously. Then he grabbed my hair and pulled it back and doubled the speed of his bumps. Now the walls of my pussy started collapsing. My pussy started creaking with the loud bangs of such a thick pestle dick. Jatin sir suddenly started hissing – ahhh… Noor… ahhh… ahh… my scoundrel… I’m about to fall… ahhh… ahh!

Then suddenly he pulled the dick out and took off the condom and left his semen on my ass. He fell on one side while gasping and I also spread there gasping. I was fucked by the teacher and my pussy and ass were well bandaged. It was as if someone had torn open my pussy and ass with both hands. There was tremendous burning in both the holes.

For a while everything was quiet. We rested for a while. After that, there was a light meal and again both of them started playing with my body. I was lying naked between them. Both my pussy and ass were swollen. The blood that came down in his veins due to mashing my nipples was still showing him red.

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But both heads had nothing to do with my moaning body. He again started caressing me and sucking. Sometimes by putting a finger in my ass and shaking it, sometimes I would try to give my hand in the pussy. I was enjoying his cruelty. Even such sensual sex has its own pleasure. The pain may take away life, but the fun that one gets is no less than any reward.

Then Jatin sir brought a cucumber from the kitchen and put Vaseline on it and started giving it to my pussy. I had already chuckled for an hour with two fat lads so that cucumber easily fit inside my pussy. Then he spread my thighs and started putting the cucumber inside my pussy.

Friends, what should I tell… When that cucumber was seen in my pussy going inside and out, I was having a lot of sex. The coolness and thickness of the cucumber and its rubbing were giving a very pleasant feeling to my pussy.

I agonized for the dick while taking the cucumber, now I wanted the dick again. After warming me, both the heads tore my pussy and ass twice more. Then Jatin sir said – Noor … today after a long time you killed your pussy; It was fun. After this, all three of us slept there barefoot, hugging each other.

Even while sleeping at night, whenever any of them woke up, they used to squeeze my nipples. Sometimes I used to get up due to a finger going in my pussy and sometimes I was waking up with the feeling of the dick going on my face.

Both of them kept teasing my bare body all night but I enjoyed it a lot. After that, I will tell you the story again. So, friends, this is college girl sex story.

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