Virgin College Boy And His Maid Sex Story

Virgin College Boy And His Maid Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “Virgin College Boy And His Maid Sex Story”. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

I enjoyed the pussy of a desi girl in my aunt’s house! That girl used to work there. I was living there and studying. How did I get her pussy?

My dear readers, today I am going to tell you all how did I enjoy the pussy of a desi girl in my life.

This thing happened when my 12th result was declared. I came third in the whole school with 89 percent marks. Everyone congratulated me. I came to my aunt’s place in Tilak Nagar to prepare for the next engineering exam. In Tilak Nagar, the house of the aunt was in a posh area. His house was huge and luxurious, but including me, there were only three members in the house. Me, Fufa ji and Bua ji.

The house was of three floors and just a few years ago another house was built in the adjacent part of the house. The house was made for the tenants and we all started using the new house. I joined coaching here to prepare for maths and chemistry. I started going from my aunt’s house to coaching by bicycle.

This is about summer. It was the month of May. At night, when I came back from the day’s coaching, I was so tired that I went to sleep after drinking only milk without eating. Climbing up the stairs, I came to my room and covered the sheet, and slept on the AC. It had just caught my eye that the bathroom door opened.

I got up in fear and saw a woman in a petticoat and a blouse, wiping her hair and coming out. I was surprised to see him, who is this? When I asked him, he told me that Babuji, I am the new maid here. I have come from the village today. Aunt Ji has asked me to stay here. He told me about you too. Don’t worry, I will sleep here, my bed is fixed.

At first, I felt a bit strange but slowly I got used to it. Not only this, but now she started taking care of me in every way along with all the household chores. At that time the Internet had come in a new trend and there was competition between boys and girls in cyber cafes.

Some of my coaching friends told me about the internet. By the way, let me tell you in advance that till that time I did not know anything about sex. Yes, that thing is different than on a girl from my school, I used to die from school time itself. She was also my good friend but I love her… never dared to say that.

Once upon a time, it was decided with my friend Arun that I would go to the cafe on the pretext of extra classes on Sundays. I picked up the books on Sunday and walked with the cycle kept at the gate. My friend Arun was already waiting. We both took a system and sat down with a curtain.

Arun immediately opened a sex site in front of my eyes and I kept staring. It was the first time I saw naked girls. After some time it felt my dick also started roaring. After an hour I came home and went to the bathroom and masturbated for the first time. What can I say, how was it feeling?

My goods fell in the bathroom and I washed my hands and slept on the bed. In this dilemma, I could not remember that our maid Preeti also used to sleep in my room. When I suddenly woke up after an hour I remembered that the bathroom had to be cleaned. When I opened the bathroom door, I saw that the bathroom was already clean. I wondered who cleaned the bathroom.

When he did not understand anything, he turned back and came out. Looking outside Preeti was lying down on the mat next to my bed. His chest was rising with his breath. Remembering the naked girls of the sex site, I started looking at the puja’s nipples. What was her mother’s… just seeing her mouth watered. His petticoat was raised to the knee.

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When I went to his feet hushedly, I saw that he was not even wearing panties and I could see his pink pussy. As soon as I saw her pussy, I sighed and my voice opened her eyes. I started looking under the bed in a panic as if I was looking for something. He asked – what are you looking for, little babu?

I said that I could not find a book. I don’t know where I put it. So she got up and took off the book ‘Mast Ram Ki Haseen Raatein…’ from the rack and started looking at me smiling. My senses were blown away by his intoxicating smile that now my theft has been caught.

I had come from Arun to read these stories in private at night only today but when I slept after coming out of the bathroom… Maybe then Preeti must have taken it out of my bag. I told him – this is not my book, a friend has given it. I started pleading with folded hands not to tell anyone about it. Whatever you say, I will do.

She agreed but she said – I believe that you are growing up but all these dirty things happen. After that, I remained calm for a few days due to fear, but after seeing the evil of worship, I wish again and again that I could see the bad again. But how could I tell him all this?

Six months passed slowly by this thing. Meanwhile, I enjoyed seeing Preeti in every way. She probably showed me herself. I had also seen the bathing Preeti naked and also saw her finger in the pussy. But my ass used to burst that I should say something to fuck him.

One day when I woke up in the morning, I saw the driver standing outside taking out the car and both uncle and uncle were keeping some things outside. I did not understand anything, so I asked the uncle – where are you guys going? So he told me that there have been some problems in the village, so he is going to the village for about a week. Don’t you worry, Preeti knows everything. She will take care of eating and drinking. You stay downstairs in our room. Preeti will sleep in your room.

I said – okay. After some time they left. I came in and sat down at the breakfast table. Preeti seemed to have changed a bit today. When I looked carefully, I found that she was wearing a deep-neck blouse, from which it seemed that her three kilos of chicks were trying to come out. The urns of boobs looked completely white.

I kept looking at her losing my mind and when she came and stood in front of me, I did not know anything. When he said – Little babu is watching so carefully that it seems that you will drink boobs from your eyes. I was immediately stunned by this and started having breakfast. She went inside with a chuckle of ass.

Then suddenly it started raining outside, so I also canceled my coaching. When I was going out after keeping the plate in the kitchen, suddenly there was a roar of lightning with a loud sound. In just such a voice, Preeti hugged me loudly. I also did not understand anything and I also held him tightly in my arms. When the urns of his boobs started pressing from my chest, what should I say about how I felt?

My chest was on his nipples and both my palms were fixed on his big round buttocks. We wrapped up for about five minutes. After a while Preeti said- Babuji… leave it now. I immediately left him.

He looked at me lovingly and said – I know you are mad at me and you have seen my bad. I know this too. But maybe you do not know that for the last six months I see you taking a bath and also your dick. Still, I didn’t say anything because if anyone had come to know, there would have been a problem. Just today the person above has probably listened to me and today you are in front of me. Then today there is no one in the house either. Babuji, if you want, you can quench both your thirst and mine.

I was speechless after hearing such an outrageous thing and kept looking at him standing. Then when he said – Babuji O Babuji! Then I came to my senses. I took him and sat in the hall. I Said – why only me? You seem married. Then she started crying. When I asked, she told her ordeal that after three months of her marriage, her man had left her. He was in love with another girl.

I thought her husband was a strange bastard. Whom was Chutiya lying behind, leaving such a chubby body? Then he told them that even on the day of their honeymoon, he was not with her. After telling all this, Preeti started crying. I put my lips directly on his lips and started sucking vigorously. She also started supporting me.

Then after about five minutes she separated from me and ran outside. I thought she might have been nervous but she had gone outside to lock all the doors. She came back after locking everything, but this time she did not have her sari on her body. As soon as she came, she hugged me and started sighing.

I grabbed him from behind and started mashing his big chunks by filling them in my hands. His hand went on my dick. I untied the hook of his blouse. Her nipples came naked in my hands. Her eyes were completely closed and she was enjoying herself. I put him to sleep on the sofa lying in front of him and a jiffy separated him from his body by opening the belt of his petticoat.

Ah, his body was shining fully. I also took off all my clothes and at the same time started caressing my dick. Now she was suffering like a fish without water. I lay on top of her and started drinking her teats. There were so soft nipples that even all the porn stars were nothing in front of it. She was having fun sucking boobs and was pressing my head on her mummies.

While drinking her teats, I came down and kissed her navel. When she shivered, I spread her legs and placed my lips on her burrow. Suddenly she woke up and her narcotic hissings started coming out. I started sucking and licking his pussy with my tongue. Was licking someone’s pussy for the first time. Initially, it felt a bit sour, but the intoxicating smell of her pussy started setting fire to my body, so I was enjoying it very much.

She was getting so much pleasure in getting her pussy licked that she was sighing ah on ah and pressing my head on her chute and was shouting- Aah suck babu more suck. Here I was raising my hands and mashing her nipples as if boobs would come out of them. My dick was full. I had seen in the video that before drinking, they drink only by spitting on the pussy. So that the dick can easily enter inside.

As soon as I spit, he said- wait babu… today spit will not work… this is my first-time case. She brought a box of oil from the kitchen and said- Put it on and pay it. You will enjoy it and I will too. She was just looking like a nymph. I applied oil to the dick and rubbed it in the pussy. Then I put him on my head and climbed up.

I slowly inserted the dick into the pussy of the desi girl. So she felt pain but she was being tolerated. When I asked, you said, Babu, the more pain it is, the more fun it will be. Then when the whole dick entered, I took out the dick outside and this time put it inside in a jiffy. She could get some relief now that I started jerking.

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He said with trepidation – ah it hurts but you keep doing it, Babu… I am having fun. After a while, she picked up her big ass and started getting fucked. It was great fun. It was my first time, yet after about twenty minutes my juice ran out. I fell and lay on top of him. He caught me too.

Only after five minutes, my dick stood in his pussy again and this time there was a long fuck, that too a fight. This time I also entered his ass but he did not succeed for long. Then he sucked my dick and drank its juice.

Now both of us were tired, so clinging to each other, we slept barefoot. Woke up after about two hours and saw that Preeti was cooking food in the kitchen in front, too naked. It was great fun to see me. I got up and started licking his ass from behind. She also started chugging with fun and was also cooking food.

Then both of us sat and ate together and after a while went to take a bath. There we both cleaned each other entirely and then on coming out, she did not seem that there should be a maid. She looked like an apsara. I gave him a suit of aunt which he wore. Taking some money from me, she brought contraceptive medicine from the medical store.

I said – I will also bring condoms. He refused to say that wearing a condom would not be fun. Then we slept together at night and we wore nothing for the next seven days. As much as she was suffering, all her agony went away. She said- Even if you get married… but I will remain your first wife. Now only you have the right over this body of mine.

We used to quench our thirst with each other every afternoon and night except for a few days of the month. I also started taking interest in my studies and when given competition, my result was also good. I got admission to NIT Jalandhar. Today I am a software engineer.

Preeti has now gone to her village but even today she talks to her on the phone. If the person above wanted, then once again he is my dick … and I will suck his nipples, I will enjoy his desi pussy. How did you like the maid sex story of the desi girl’s pussy in my own life, please mail.

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