Fucked Bhabhi the whole night and fulfilled her pussy

Fucked Bhabhi the whole night and fulfilled her pussy

Dear friends, my name is Rajeev. Today I am going to tell you how “Fucked Bhabhi the whole night and fulfilled her pussy”

I am a resident of DwarkaDelhi. I am a fair-skinned 21-year-old handsome young boy.

Although I am a cultured family boy, but life sometimes forces you to do something. One day in the morning when I woke up and was looking at the phone like this.

Then suddenly a notification came. It was known from the observation that a friend request had come from Ashika. I saw his profile.

Looking at his profile, it was looking like a fake profile. Still, I accepted. Then in the afternoon, his message of hi came on my messenger. I replied too. The talk started with him.

Let me tell you that she was a Bhabhi, whose age was 30 years. I talked to him for about two hours. I understood from her conversation that she was a single woman

and her husband was working abroad. She used to live alone here in India. At that point, the chat stopped. But now I was starting to enjoy it. Then long talks started with him.

Talking started till 2-3 in the night. It’s been a month since I talked to him. Since we used to talk till late every day, we became very close to each other.

One day I got a call from Aashika Bhabhi. When I spoke, she was crying. I asked her – what happened Bhabhi, why are you crying.

Instead of answering me, he disconnected the phone. I called him again, then I gave him my oath and asked him to tell me. She told me her story that she is feeling very lonely in life.

I consoled my Bhabhi over the phone and pacified her. Bhabhi told me – If you can come to meet me, then come. I said yes, so Bhabhi gave me her address.

I’ve never met like this before But now both of us were close. I asked him what would you do if someone was at your home. She told that she is alone at home.

When I asked her to come to her house in the afternoon, the Bhabhi agreed. I went to Bhabhi’s house in the afternoon. She lived in a flat.

I went to his house and rang the doorbell. He came and opened the door. As soon as the Bhabhi opened the door, my eyes widened.

Bhabhi was very beautiful in appearance and her body was also well-built. I kept looking at my Bhabhi. He called me inside. At his behest, I entered his house.

I sat on the sofa lying in the drawing room of his house. Bhabhi brought me water and sat next to me. I was very shy but still, I started talking to my Bhabhi.

I asked him – why were you crying now tell me. On this, the Bhabhi bowed her head and did not say anything. I said to her – Bhabhi, don’t cry like this..!

On this matter of mine, she suddenly clung to me and started crying. I caressed his head over his hair and pacified him. She hugged me very tightly and was not leaving me at all.

I asked him to leave, he refused. Let me tell you that I have never had sex before. That’s why I started getting lust from Bhabhi’s body.

Before I could say anything further to my Bhabhi, before that she stuck her lips to mine. I was taken aback by his initiative, but could not do anything.

She was constantly kissing my lips. After a few moments, I was also losing my temper. Sometimes she was sucking my upper lips… and sometimes she was biting my lower lip.

After a few moments, I understood that Bhabhi wanted to have sex, so I also took advantage of the opportunity and bitten her lower lips hard.

Due to this, she sobbed completely and separated from me for a moment. But the very next moment she again clung to me. He enjoyed my bite very much.

Now she was putting her whole tongue in my mouth And I was also going to suck his tongue. Then slowly they started taking off my clothes.

She first removed my shirt and started biting me on the chest. I also removed his T-shirt. Her big boobs were yearning to come out of her bra.

I also removed her bra and now she was completely naked from above. Laddoos were bursting in my mind after seeing both the mouthful of Bhabhi.

My cock was completely erect and was hissing from inside the pant. Without delay, Bhabhi unbuttoned my pant and removed my pant and pant came out along with the tights.

Bhabhi made me completely naked. She was very happy to see my cock. I could only recover that she quickly took my entire cock in her mouth and started sucking.

Think that I had started roaming in heaven. My eyes were closed. I could not understand anything. Bhabhi was caressing both my knees very lovingly

and was swallowing my seven-inch cock completely. Bhabhi sucked my cock for about ten minutes. After that, I made Bhabhi stand and removed her jeans and panty.

Now she too was completely naked. I noticed that she had a little bit of hair on her pussy Who was making the pussy even more beautiful? I had not done sex yet

so as I had seen in blue films, I made her lie down on the sofa and started licking her pussy. Bhabhi’s pussy was looking salty. She was making hot hisses – ahhh uffff mmmmm…

Hearing her melodious voice, I was also putting my whole tongue inside her pussy with full force. After sucking Bhabhi’s pussy for about ten minutes, she suddenly fell stiff.

And a stream of water came out of her pussy in my mouth. I didn’t let even a drop of the salty nectar of her pussy go to waste. After that, I pressed her nipples. Bhabhi was very soft.

After that Bhabhi started saying – don’t delay now. As soon as I heard this, I set my cock on Bhabhi’s pussy and gave a slight push. Half of my cock kept slipping inside her pussy.

As soon as she took the cock, she started sobbing and a loud voice came out of her mouth, ‘Ahh… died..’ After a moment or two, Bhabhi started enjoying my cock.

I was watching her bouncing boobs she is enjoying it a lot. Seeing this, I again gave a strong blow and put the whole cock in the pussy.

She screamed again – Aan aan died… take out… my life will go away… will he kill me… please take out the cock… otherwise my pussy will explode.

I stayed and after a minute slowly started jerking inside and out. My seven-inch cock was completely tight. Bhabhi’s sobs were not stopping.

After some time Bhabhi started enjoying and now she was saying to me again and again- Oh fuck me… Tear my pussy today… Make me a complete whore and fuck me

Come, my king. Hearing all this, I started jerking very hard inside her pussy. Fuch from the union of her pussy and my cock. … Fuch.. … voices started coming.

I started enjoying a lot in Bhabhi’s pussy fuck. After ten minutes of sex, Bhabhi fell again and her pussy removed all the water on my cock.

After they fell, I asked them to turn upside down. She started refusing… So I sucked her lips hard and planted a tight kiss.

This made her laugh and agreed to do anything for me. Due to the happiness of Bhabhi, I also got permission to fuck from behind.

She lay down upside down and said to me – come to my king… today wave your cock on this ass of mine too… and remove her loneliness too.

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Taking advantage of the opportunity, I set the cock on her ass, and with a light jerk, I pushed the top of the cock inside. Electricity ran through her body and she started sobbing.

Bhabhi said in pain – don’t suffer anymore… don’t worry about my pain… tear this ass of mine too. My ass is itching a lot. Fuck me like a whore… I have become crazy about you today.

After hearing this from Bhabhi, I put the whole cock in her ass in one stroke. As soon as the cock was taken inside the ass

she screamed loudly – Aanh mar gayi re… Nikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… I closed his mouth and started jerking hard.

Within no time, tears like pearls started coming out of his eyes. I took the tears on my tongue and kept on jerking cocks.

After fucking Bhabhi’s ass for about ten minutes, I was about to ejaculate. I asked him – where can I get the juice? He said – take it out in the ass itself.

On his saying, I jerked hard and removed the juice in his ass itself. And piled on top of them. For about ten minutes, it was lying on top of him like this.

After that he removed me and started sucking my cock with his mouth. I also started supporting them

And while caressing his hair, he was sucking cocks. Within no time my cock became very tight again. It felt as if a bullet had been fed.

Even the Bhabhi could not resist seeing such a wonderful cock and she said to me – wow my king (she started calling me king with love) if you keep such a cock strong

then I will make you my second husband. I also smiled at his words and said- Aashika bhabhi, if you don’t stay so lonely… I am made for you only. You consider me your own.

By saying this, I saw a different happiness on his face. The pain in his ass was also gone now. Now both of us were again ready to merge into each other’s love.

I turned my Bhabhi with a push and I climbed on top of her. She became very happy after I did this and started telling me that keep on giving me pain like this

Now this seems to be a newness in this lonely life. As soon as I heard her answer, I squeezed one of her clits hard and put my tongue inside her pussy, and started fucking her.

She started moaning in pain- Ah don’t suffer like this… save me from this fire today… have mercy on me. As soon as Bhabhi said this, I got on top of her and bit one of her nipples.

Due to this, she did not know what happened… But with a strong current, she screamed – Ahhhhh… oppressor. I shut my Bhabhi’s mouth.

She started taking my fingers in her mouth and started sucking them. I was also putting my fingers to his throat. I saw that she is hungry for this lover of mine

So why not give them their pleasure, so I went higher and pressed their juicy lips between my two teeth. Due to this, she was able to take only sobs.

I put my hands on his eyes so that he cannot see anything… just feel it. By doing this, I suddenly gave a strong blow to her pussy with my cock.

This made her shiver and started trembling all over. She was continuously begging me- ah… trample my body today. I was taking her in this intoxication with full love

due to which she started loving me very much. This sudden shock of mine had given him the pleasure of a lifetime. Now she was completely cooperating with me to fuck her ass.

I caught hold of his throat… and started fucking him with a slight grip and was going on. When I increased the jerks slowly, then Bhabhi also started enjoying it.

After about 20 minutes of sex, we both fell down. She lay down hugging me. She was also very tired of this banging fuck. Tears were coming out of his eyes.

I wiped her tears and we both put on our clothes. That day I fucked my Bhabhi thrice and at around 7 in the evening we both got up from the bed.

Bhabhi took me to the bathroom and bathed me with her own hands and took care of me well. Fed me good food.

While eating food, we both had a lot of fun with each other. After this, it was my turn to leave. She was not letting me go… Still, I decided to go.

While leaving, I gave a big kiss to my Bhabhi and took leave of her, and left there. Even now and Aashika Bhabhi continues to have sex.

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