Amazing Horny Girl Fucked by Shopkeeper | English Sex Story

Amazing Horny Girl Fucked by Shopkeeper | English Sex Story

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I licked the pussy of a cool girl by going to her house. She had come to my shop to get a sim along with her husband! Seeing her thick tit, my cock stood up. How did I hit him?

Hello friends, how are you all? I am your friend Naman from Karol Bagh once again with my new story… in which I fucked the pussy of a cool girl in her house! This story is from some time ago but this story is absolutely true. Friends, this story starts from my shop! I have my own mobile shop in Karol Bagh where all types of mobile work are done.

It is June when she came to my shop for the first time with her husband! Her name was Ayushi… She had come to get a new SIM card. But at that time I was running a small Bluetooth speaker which had a very good sound. She liked that speaker and started checking it. Since her husband was also with her, that’s why I did not talk much and started completing the formalities of SIM cards with her husband.

But again and again, I was looking at her and she was looking at me. Then when the work on the SIM card was over, he told me that that SIM card has been taken for him only. When she started returning the speaker while leaving, I grabbed her hand a little sharply while taking the speaker from her hand. He did not say anything with his mouth but indicated with his eyes whether no, he is with me, don’t do all this now.

That’s where it just started. Then the next day I called on the number I had given at around 11:30 in the morning. I was tired of talking to him. Even though I was feeling a little scared, still I called. He picked up the call from there and our conversation went like this:

Queen – Hello, who is speaking? I am speaking Naman, the mobile shopkeeper! Ayushi- Well done your phone! I knew you would definitely call. I still remember your action last night. Me – if you have felt bad, then sorry, such an act will not happen again. Ayushi- If I felt bad, I would have spoken at the same time. So tell me how did you call?

Me-Ji just called to find out if there is any problem with the SIM card. Ayushi- Called just to ask. No problem, can I keep it now? Me – and tell me… how are you? Ayushi- I am fine, you tell me how are you? I am fine, talking to you made me better. Well, let me ask one thing if you don’t mind. Ayushi – Ask me, if I feel bad, I will not tell.

Me- Sir, who came with you at night was your husband? Queen – Yes. I didn’t seem to. Ayushi- Well, tell me… why did you hold my hand at night? Me- Because I like you that’s why!
Queen- If anyone would have seen? Me – when you are in love, why be afraid?

Ayushi- Well… have you fallen in love so soon? Me- why didn’t you? Queen- No, I didn’t. Me- Then why didn’t you stop me at night? Ayushi- That’s just… well leave it, it was good that my husband was with me, otherwise you don’t know what would have caught me! That day I talked to Ayushi for half an hour.

Then we kept talking like this for about a week and don’t know when this thing reached sex. Then one night we talked. Me- Hello Ayushi Ji, let me say one thing if you don’t mind. Ayushi- Still do you think that I will take anything bad about you? Me- Ayushi Ji… I feel like doing that with you.

Queen – what? I- the same Queen- Speak frankly what? I- Sex! Queen- Speak straight, don’t fuck! Me- Ayushi Ji, I really feel like hitting your pussy… I just feel like you are in front of me, then I just don’t know what to do! Queen – What will you do, sir? Me – you who are these fat chicks, don’t you… sucking them and drinking all their boobs.

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Your lips are also full of juice. I will empty them by sucking them too. Then I’ll bare you and lick your pussy. I will fuck your pussy by sucking it and then putting my cock. Ayushi- sssss…hhhh…aaa…just do it, Naman, something is happening to me. My pussy is releasing a lot of water. You made it very itchy in my pussy!

Me – then my dear queen… come don’t come near me… let me lick your pussy and wipe its itch. Look at the condition of my dick too. Since I have seen your nipples in the shop, I am not taking the name of sitting. Only your nipples and pussy are visible. I’ll just fuck you I will put a cock in your pussy, ssss… aaahhhhhh queen… take a chuckle my dick… suck it and put it in your bosom… oooo… ohhh queen ahhh!

Ayushi – Aaaaa… Ahhhh… Naman come… Quickly enter your cock in my pussy… Your cock is very cool, I also have a lot of desire to kiss. Similarly, both of us left our water on the phone itself. The next day in the afternoon, Ayushi came to my shop and told me that the day after tomorrow her husband would go out and there would be no one at home.

Then according to the scheduled time, the day her husband went out. That day I too quickly went to him by expanding the shop. He closed the door as soon as I entered. That day both I and the queen were alone. After leaving, he gave me water and asked – will you? I will take your pussy, my life… It has been a long time since I saw it from the outside!

Ayushi- I myself have been waiting for this opportunity for long, my dear… today I am yours… do whatever you want. After that, my lips and the queen’s lips met as if we were thirsty for birth. For 10 minutes we both kept on sucking each other’s lips. Then I started pressing his nipples from the top of the suit and the queen caught my cock.

We kept warming each other. Then I took off his shirt, then took off his salwar as well. What a cool figure he had… 38 fat big tits, 32’s waist, and 40’s heavy ass. Seeing him naked, my nerves of cock started to burst. Then he took out my pants and grabbed my cock from the top of the pan and started rubbing it. We both kept kissing each other.

Ayushi- Aaa… Ahhhhh… Naman… Where did you keep this penis hidden… Since then I have been longing for such a thick and long cock. Look my pussy sssssssssssss aaah aahah Naman don’t give me a quick… My pussy is on fire! Please fuck. Me- yes my darling… it’s for you, my cock… let it suck… make it wet. Then the queen started sucking my cock.

Ahh friends… was she sucking dicks… my hiss started coming out. She started sucking my dick in her mouth and just ahhhhhhhhhs from my mouth. Suck my queen…ahhhhhh…sucks… these kinds of intoxicating hissings were coming out. Then I untied her bra.

As soon as I opened the bra, both her bare nipples were in front of me. I started sucking by pressing them. Now it was the queen’s turn to sigh. I used to press one of his nipples, then suck the other, and with one hand was teasing his pussy. By now the queen’s pussy was completely watery. Then when I took off his panties, the panties were soaked with pussy juice.

I spread the legs of the queen and started licking the pussy of that cool girl. Friends, the queen’s pussy was such that to date she has been very less fucked. Then we both came to the position of 69. Now the queen was sucking my cock and I am the queen’s pussy. Friends, the fun that is in licking a girl’s pussy is not in anything else.

After licking the pussy for about 10 minutes, the queen said – please Naman … now put your dick in my pussy … and can’t wait. Then I put dick on the queen’s pussy and started putting it inside. The queen felt a little pain but this pain was nothing for that fun.

By putting a cock on her wet pussy, it seemed as if I should churn it so much that I should make a filling of its pussy. Her pussy was very hot and the suck was utterly smooth with juice. Slowly I started to take the cock in his pussy. With every push, she shuddered. I went on pushing the cock.

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Slowly, I took off my entire cock in his pussy. When my whole penis went into the queen’s pussy, then the queen also started having fun. She now started shouting in fun- faster… Ahh… Naman… faster … brock my seal… Nice dick you have… suck my nipples… Hurts me aaah ssss… Sss Naman… I love you.

Me- Ayushi, very cool pussy is yours… Seeing how much fun you are giving to my dick… Absolutely tight pussy is yours… and your chicks are so cool… are very fat mangoes… I will eat them… ah I will squeeze by squeezing! Ayushi- eat Naman … squeeze my nipples … take out all the heat of my pussy today … I will fuck all night … just you keep fucking my pussy!

Similarly, it had been 15 minutes since we were joking. Then the girl’s pussy started releasing water and I was also going to imitate my water.
He sobbed- ahhh… Naman… more sharp fuck… ahh… and gushed… to the inside… dug de… fuck me ahh.. ahh… ahh!

Me- take my life… take… ah… take the whole cock and eat it… you are very chubby… you give full fun man… take mine too. Ahhh…sss…ahh queen… my water is running out queen! I love you. Ayushi- ohhh… leave your water in my pussy… put all the juice inside! Then the water of both mine and the queen came out together.

Friends, during that whole day and night, we had sex a lot of times. I must have licked that girl 9 or 10 times. Then the next day I went to the shop. The lunch was brought for me by the queen. After giving me food and a kiss, the queen went to her house and I started working in the shop.

After that, whenever we got a chance, we had a lot of fun. Twice we’ve had sex at the hotel. He will tell again how I had kicked his virgin ass in the hotel. Friends, the story of Ayushi’s ass-fucking is even more fun. Those who have a virgin tight ass of a girl, they know how fun it is to fuck a girl’s ass.

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