I Eject All My Semen Into My Aunt’s Pussy: Aunt fuck Story

I Eject All My Semen Into My Aunt’s Pussy: Aunt fuck Story

Hello Guys, I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “I Eject All My Semen Into My Aunt’s Pussy: Aunt fuck Story“. I am sure you all will love it.

Read in the Aunt fuck Story that I used to joke with my Aunt. My aunt also supported me. How did I fuck my Aunt at the Holi festival?

Friends, my name is Anil from Delhi and Today after so many days, I thought why don’t I also tell you the story of my first sex.

This Aunt fuck Story happened about 4 years ago when I was studying in 12th.

I have three maternal Uncles, out of which the eldest one works in a company in our city. Uncle and Aunt live here.

My Aunt has a wonderful figure.
Her fair complexion, beautiful eyes, thin lips, thick boobs, Big Ass, and prominent big ass, whoever sees her cannot help but masturbate.

My Aunt jokes a lot and I also joke with her a lot.
Even if I would kiss her cheek jokingly, she would not say anything.

One day it happened that when I went to my Aunt’s house, I took some toffee from the way and after putting it in my mouth and chewing it, I reached my Aunt’s house. (Aunt fuck Story)

When I reached her house and saw my Aunt, she was wearing a deep-neck suit from which some of her boobs and the drain between them were clearly visible.
I kept looking at her boobs for some time.

Aunt is watching me, I was not even aware of this.

After some time Aunt said- What are you looking at?
I also jokingly said – Whatever you are showing.

On this, my Aunt said – You are being very naughty these days!
And I just laughed at that.

Then I sat on the sofa placed there and started talking about this and that.

While we were talking, my Aunt asked me – What have you been eating for so long?
Me: Nothing, just toffee. Aunt- Give it to me also. (Aunt fuck Story)

After I said this, I placed the toffee on my tongue, took out my tongue and said, “Take this and eat it.”
Aunt immediately took my tongue in her mouth and sucked the tongue and took the toffee in her mouth and kissed me for about 2 minutes and then moved away.

I was stunned by her doing so, not even a single word came out of my mouth.
Seeing this, Aunt said – What happened, didn’t you like it?
Me- No, it’s not that, I enjoyed it a lot. Do it one more time, Aunt!

Aunt- Okay, am I your girlfriend who can kiss you again and again?
Me: If you are not there then become one for today!

Aunt- Just for today? And are you looking for someone else for the rest of the day?
Me- No friend Aunt, there is no one. Become yourself!

Aunt- Go away crazy, this doesn’t happen.

And Aunt interrupted and said – The children will be coming from school. I have to cook now. You wait for a while… go after eating today.
I also said yes.

Then within some time the children also came from school and I started having fun with them.

We all had dinner and after that, I left for my home. A few days passed like this. And then came the moment I was waiting for. (Aunt fuck Story)

My family had to go to the village for some important work and since it was my school, I refused to go.

So my family left for the village and I for school.

I came back from school in the afternoon and slept after having dinner.
Woke up in the evening, prepared dinner and went out for a walk.

After returning, had dinner and was about to go to bed to sleep when I got a call from my Aunt on my phone – What are you doing?
Me: Nothing… I have had food, I am going to sleep.

Aunt- Come here, your Uncle has gone to the company, he has the night shift. And you too must be alone at home and here I too am alone. You lock the house and come quickly!

Hearing this, my heart burst and I locked my house and left for my Aunt’s house.

After reaching there, I rang the bell and my Aunt came out.
She opened the door and took me inside.

I asked my Aunt to confirm – when will Uncle come?
So she said – He will be coming shortly. His call came just now!

Me: You were saying that you have stayed on the night shift.
Aunt- Yes, I also thought the same but they were working overtime.

Hearing this my whole mood got spoiled and then after some time Uncle also came.
They had dinner and then everyone went to sleep. (Aunt fuck Story)

When I opened my eyes at night, I saw that my Uncle and Aunt were busy having sex.
Uncle ejaculated very quickly but Aunt had not yet ejaculated.

In this way, Uncle himself became cold but left Aunt warm.
Aunt fell asleep muttering something and then I also fell asleep.

Now many days have passed and the day of Holi has also arrived.
My papers had also been completed so I was completely free, there was no tension.

Both Uncle and Aunt came to our house to celebrate Holi.
Papa and Uncle drank liquor together and we all played Holi to a great extent.

It was already afternoon, everyone was taking a bath and I had already taken a bath.

Uncle fell asleep at our house after drinking alcohol, so Aunt said to me – Come drop me home. I don’t know when your Uncle will wake up.
So I left to drop my Aunt at her house.

I started my bike and made my Aunt sit.
Aunt sat very close to me.

On the way, her 34-size boobs were pressing on my waist.
I was having a lot of fun.

Whenever I hit the brakes, my Aunt’s boobs would get squeezed even more.
Ah… what a feeling that was!

After about ten minutes we reached Aunt’s house.
As soon as I was about to come, my Aunt stopped me and said – Wait, I will take a bath and cook the chicken. You take some for your father.
So I said- Okay.

I was just thinking of coming closer to my Aunt on some pretext. Now I parked the bike there and went inside the house. (Aunt fuck Story)

Aunt started going to take a bath took her clothes from the room and went to the bathroom.
When she came back after keeping her clothes in the bathroom, I saw that her salwar was getting torn from the sides.

As soon as she passed by me, I jokingly put my hand on her torn salwar and pulled it and the salwar got torn a lot.

Aunt- Motherfucker…you tore my whole salwar.
Me: It was already torn. I was just watching.

Then I pulled the torn salwar of Aunt further and it got completely torn.

On this, Aunt turned to the other side and started going towards the bathroom with her torn salwar.

I also took advantage of the opportunity and went near her and opened the knot of her salwar.
Aunt’s salwar fell down.

Then I pulled Aunt towards me and placed my lips on her lips.
She did not protest at all on this and we both started sucking each other’s lips.

While kissing, I started rubbing and pressing her boobs.
Aunt started getting excited and she also started getting horny.

Then I slowly removed her shirt made her lie down on the bed climbed on her and started massaging both her Big Boobs and kissing her.

Then I placed one of my hands on her pussy and started massaging it.
A loud sigh came out of Aunt’s mouth – Ah!

I was pressing one boob of my Aunt with my hand and taking the other one in my mouth and sucking it.
One of my hands was continuously rubbing Aunt’s pussy.

Now smooth water was coming out from Aunt’s pussy.

Then I inserted one of my fingers in her pussy and Aunt became even more excited and started saying – Anil is not going to live anymore. You fuck me quickly and extinguish the fire in my pussy!

I pulled down my lower and as soon as I took out my penis, my Aunt said – This is thicker and bigger than your Uncle’s penis.

Let me tell you that my penis is 7 inches long and 3 inches thick which can create a hole in any pussy.

Aunt further said – Hi… seeing this dick of yours, the fire in my pussy is burning even more. Now don’t delay and tear this pussy of mine!

I got excited after hearing this from her.
I spit on my penis and Aunt also spread her legs and invited me – insert your weapon into my thirsty pussy.

Then I held Aunt’s leg and set my penis on Aunt’s pussy and gave a strong push.
A loud moan came out of Aunt’s mouth.
She was feeling a little pain.

Aunt asked me to wait for a while.
After some time I started pushing.

Whenever I pushed hard, a painful sigh would come out of Aunt’s mouth.

Within a short while my speed also increased and Aunt also started responding to every push by raising her ass.

Aunt was saying a lot while getting fucked by me – Oh my king, fuck me faster… today quench the thirst of this pussy of mine with your dick… it was thirsty for a long time. 

Hi… tear it apart today… fuck me and make a hole out of my pussy… hi… it is so much fun… more fast… more fast!

Hearing her words, a different storm was rising inside me and I was thrusting my penis into Aunt’s pussy with full enthusiasm.

After about 10 minutes of vigorous fucking, Aunt’s body started to stiffen and she held me in her arms and orgasmed. I was not done yet so I kept pushing.

And after pushing for about 2 minutes, I ejaculated in my Aunt’s Tight Pussy and lay down on her.

After some time we got up and went to take a bath. There again I fucked my Aunt once more and this time this program continued for a long time.

Now whenever I get a chance, my Aunt calls me and we have a lot of sex.

So, friends, this was the story of my Aunt fuck Story! Please do mail me and tell me how you liked my story.

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