Enjoying Hot Sex In Front Of Her Bf | Young Sex Stories Part 3

Enjoying Hot Sex In Front Of Her Bf | Young Sex Stories Part 3

Hi friends, today’s Ritu Ji story is being told by Shobit. I am grateful to Ritu ji for giving me the opportunity to share your stories. Hello everyone! It’s Shobit here sharing another funny moment with one of the wild fantasy viewers. Young Sex Stories. (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

Please refer to the link at the top for the second part. I hope to receive the same love from my wild fantasy family. This story is dedicated also to someone special. It will be known to her when she has read it. Please do not send any queries via email.

kritika Bakshi, a 23-year-old, very fair girl, 5’4″‘, 34-28-24-34 (more details in previous parts), was still peacefully asleep beside me when I woke up the next morning. I hugged Kritika Bakshi tightly and gave her a gentle spank. She smiled at me and kissed my lips. We began to love each other, and Mohit (Kritika Bakshi’s BF), who lives in Delhi joined the fray. (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

Now I had more ideas for Kritika Bakshi, and how to make her my personal slut. Kritika Bakshi was invited to join me at my house for the whole day. She was open to it.

Mohit was informed that I would take her with me for a few days and drop her off at his house the next day. Mohit had no other options, as Kritika Bakshi had already accepted this. She took a few things with her and left them at her home before we headed to my house. (Young Sex Stories Part 2)

She was amazed at how clean and well-organized everything was when she reached my house. I said to her that I didn’t expect it to be messy by the time she left and that I wanted her to see every corner of my home. With her dimples visible, she smiled and lowered her head in shame.

This was quite a contrast to last night. She was all shameless in the club. In exchange for letting her BF watch her fuck, she had blackmailed her BF. (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

We settled down. There were some unsavory touches. I was able to grope her boobs several times and she also squeezed my dick. Kritika Bakshi ka gaand, mazabhut aata hii, I have to say, is very enjoyable to squeeze Kritika Bakshi’s genitals. We didn’t have sex the first few hours. There was also a hangover from last evening. We were all in the right mindset and didn’t want to rush to get fucked.

We shared a light lunch with some juices, and soon we were both in the mood. I challenged her to a striptease. She thought I was being facetious, but I told her I was serious and she agreed after I coaxed her to do it 2-3 times. (Young Sex Stories Part 1)

After asking me to wait, she went into the room with her bag. She returned after twenty minutes. She was wearing a crop-top shirt and a mini-skirt. It wasn’t too tight, but it would be easy to go up if she moved fast.

Her midriff was visible and her skirt was 6 inches below her genitals. Her face was lightened and she was wearing a strong, feminine perfume. (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

She came up to me and squeezed my dick. I couldn’t talk. She captivated me so much that I switched on “Zara Zara touch you” on the music system. (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

She was very seductive. I was captivated by her moves. I would be teased by her with her teasing moves that raised her skirt. She also showed me glimpses of her flawless, fair body that was only half-visible in the lingerie that she wore. It was amazing to see her boobs move and dance with each other.

Soon she was wearing her bra and had removed her shirt. Next was “Tip Tip barsa Pani”, and her skirt was being pulled down slowly. I was forbidden to move from the couch. She would sometimes come up to me and spank her fair, reddened, but I was not allowed to get up from the couch. (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

Soon the top was gone. She had covered her boobs using both of her hands, while seductively swinging her arse (gaand). I couldn’t stop it, so I got up and held her hands. My fingers went into her pants.

Kritika Bakshi was already wet so it was easy to slip two fingers into her chut. I touched her and we soon began to kiss each other. In that wild moment, our tongues were exploring one another and our hands were grabbing and exploring everything. Soon I was sucking her pink-colored nipples. Her body smelled divine. (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

After just a few minutes she was comfortable in her doggy position on the couch. My dick was rock-hard and her pussy was completely soaked in her juices. I asked her “Iss gaand marna hii” and was unsure how she would respond. (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

She said, “Mar na madarchod, kaun roka hai. Chut, gaand, sab maro, sabko use karo.”

My dick was excited by her words and I quickly grabbed some lubricant to get into her genitals. After much effort, I finally succeeded in getting inside my thick dick. It was almost like someone grabbed my dick with both hands. (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

Slowly, I began to fuck her. My moans became louder and louder. I was afraid that neighbours would hear them, but it wasn’t a problem. She also revealed to me that her BF had fucked her recently, and they agreed to let her have sex with another man as they were expecting a trio. (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

Now, she was using all sorts of Hindi abuses, including randi bana mujhe madarchod gaand fat gayi hai Meri, lund haya khamba, and many others. Two of her fingers were constantly rubbing her pussy. We both started to edging, and I began to fuck her ans harder.

She said that her BF loved and cherished her, but she never liked her in these manners. It was one of her best decisions, to allow other men to fuck her while still being loyal to him. She stated that she liked being a slut, and being used as an randi.

Her bold words drove me crazy, along with her body. I stopped cumminating just as I was about to turn around. I pulled out, and she too turned around. It was an incredible session. Both of us were both happy and exhausted. (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

Now, we were watching TV together. She was wearing her lingerie and I was wearing my underwear. Her phone was constantly buzzing with messages and calls from her BF. It was a long time before she responded. I advised her to talk to him otherwise he might be unnecessarily concerned.

Finally, she picked up her phone. There were many messages. She replied saying she was having a lot of fun and not to worry. She promised her that she would give all the details to her when they meet up and fuck next. (Ending with a kiss and love emoticon). (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

I had an idea while we were having fun with our company. I can recall how she allowed the Uber driver to grope her boobs for free. She also liked the idea that she was being treated like a randi. I ordered pizza online and set the mood for some drinks.

I started with beer, and she with Vodka. I started to rub her pussy a few minutes later. I explained to her that her pizza order was not paid for and challenged her to receive it for free, just like her cab ride.

She asked, “Have I gone mad?” “I was extremely high and horny at that time. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done that.”

I explained to her that she would love it. Although she liked being a slut and a whore, she only accepted it when she was horny. I asked her to discover her evil, slutty side. She also agreed to have some fun. I asked her to give it a try, but she refused. (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

After a few more drinks, the bell rang. Her hands were sweaty and she was definitely nervous. She didn’t move but I pulled her up and spanked her ass.

She took a deep breathe and said that she remembered what we had agreed to. The delivery man was also taken back by the sight when she opened the door. (Young Sex Stories Part 3)

The place was dimly lit, but it was bright enough to see a semi-naked girl open the door in her small lingerie. Her curves were clearly visible from the way she stood. He was asked to enter and close the door.

Then she said, “Uncle, mera BF Pizza ke liye rupaiye nahi raha. Par mujhe 5 minutes ke liye apko taiyyar hi. Aap mujhe puri tarah feel kar sakte hai, par kapde kholne ka try mat kariyega, BF yehi baitha hai. “Deal?” (Uncle: My BF isn’t willing to pay for the pizza, but is ready to make a payment with my body. It’s only for five minutes. Feel me up, but don’t undress me. My BF is right there. Deal? ). (Young Sex Story)

I took a close look at the delivery man for pizza. I assumed he was in his 40s with a lot of potty and some black/white hair. He looked shocked and may have thought it was a trick. Kritika Bakshi moved slowly, but he wasn’t moving. Kritika Bakshi finally stepped in and ran her hand over his head. It was difficult enough to see from his trouser. (Young Sex Story)

He may have been convinced, or he started to think with his dick and began feeling up for her. I had also placed a call from her phone to her BF. I didn’t speak to him when he answered the call, but instead turned the camera toward his GF and the delivery man who started his action.

He turned the volume down so that he doesn’t disturb anyone. (This was the deal she made with me, she wanted her BF watching when a poor delivery man uses her body). (Young Sex Story)

His hands almost fell apart as he tried to feel the hot, young, semi-naked girl. He probably wouldn’t have ever seen someone as sexy or fair in his entire life, except in TV or porn. He soon had his hands all over her boobs, and he continued pushing his body against hers.

His hands were gripping her ass, which was only half-visible because of her tiny panty. She had slid down in the middle towards her ass Crack, so that he could feel, grope and use her entire body. (Young Sex Story)

Her BF watched the action closely and was jerking on the video camera. She pulled out her boobs in the heat and asked the delivery uncle to seduce them. He quickly took her nipples and didn’t waste any time. His hands ran over her back and her stomach, her thighs, waist, hips, neck, cheeks, and even her pussy. (Young Sex Story)

Everything above her knees were well felt. Her hands were in the pants of the pizza delivery uncle and she was tugging and pinching at his lund. After about 8-10 minutes, she finally pulled herself up, adjusted her bra, and then signalled to him that it was finished. Young Sex Story

The uncle who delivered pizza showed happiness and sadness, but mostly wild lust. He was asked to go. I was greeted by her with the box of pizza. Young Sex Story

I handed her the phone and her BF was on the other end. She picked up the phone and made a gesture to kiss him before disconnecting the line. I handed her the glass. I gave her the glass.

My mind was reeling from all the events that had occurred since last night as she walked off, swaying her sexy gaand in order to wash her hands. What a young, hot, and committed girl had done in the last few hours to dance seductively in a club wearing only her underwear.Young Sex Story

After she let me feel her up, a cab driver felt her boobs and I was able to fuck her in her front of her BF. Finally, she came to my house. I let her have it in my sex, and she was treated like a randi. Kritika Bakshi was a complete slut. We had one more session before she fell asleep.

I switched between her chuts and gaand all the time, giving her the pleasures that she has always desired.

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