Enjoying Hot Sex In Front Of Her Bf | Young Sex Stories Part 2

Enjoying Hot Sex In Front Of Her Bf | Young Sex Stories Part 2

Hi friends, today’s Ritu Ji story is being told by Shobit. I am grateful to Ritu ji for giving me the opportunity to share your stories. Hello everyone! It’s Shobit here sharing another funny moment with one of wild fantasy viewers. Young Sex Stories. Before I begin, I want to thank everyone for your feedback. It was great to be in touch with a few more couples. (Young Sex Stories Part 2)

The DJ announced that he would play the last track. I was unaware of how much time had passed. We went back to the seats where kritika Bakshi had kissed Mohit. After that we asked him how it was and if he is happy now. (Young Sex Stories Part 2)

Mohit claimed that it was too hot and that this was the most memorable night of his life. kritika Bakshi replied, “Abhi to Raat shuru Hai hai,” kyu Na hum Armaan Ko tumhare Ghar le Chale.” Aj tumhe dikhega hi deti hu, ki merechot kandar dusre-admi ka lund.kaisa.dikhega’ (The night is just beginning, take Armaan home to your place. Today, I’ll show you how another man’s dick feels in my pussy. (Young Sex Stories)

We booked a taxi and drove to Mohit’s house, where he used to live alone. kritika Bakshi, a woman from kritika’s past, sat between us in the taxi, giving the driver a good view of her in the rearview mirror. We were all very happy to kiss each other during the ride. (Young Sex Stories Part 2)

I pulled her boobs out of my mouth and took them with me in the taxi. We didn’t notice that the driver was watching us, but he did not seem to care. kritika Bakshi actually asked the driver to touch her boobs for a minute after the trip was over. He agreed and mutilated her boobs in the 60 seconds.

kritika Bakshi took us to their bedroom once we had reached their home. As she walked towards us, she was moving her ass in a very sexy way. She raised her skirt briefly for us to see her sexy side. kritika Bakshi grabbed my hand and gave me a long, sweet kiss.

I also held her by her hairs, and within a matter of seconds our tongues were locked together. I quickly grabbed her hands and pressed hard.(Young Sex Stories)

Mohit had already started jerking by the time we got to an end. kritika Bakshi came to Mohit and grabbed his dick. She said that this was all you have tonight to watch. Please leave the room. I would like to spend time with Armaan privately. Mohit felt defeated and didn’t know how to move forward. He begged for him to watch. I was silently watching them.(Young Sex Stories Part 2)

In truth, I wanted Mohit just to watch me fuck my hot, fair, and sexy GF. My mind was also thinking that kritika Bakshi might not be as open if Mohit is watching. As I was thinking about all of this, kritika Bakshi just told me something that really surprised me. He agreed to watch her only if she allows her to fuck any man she likes, whenever she pleases.

kritika Bakshi suddenly took her slut game to a higher level and Mohit, after being silent for a moment, agreed. She smiled at me, and then she licked her tongue with her tongue. Her dimples were nearly killing me.(Young Sex Stories Part 2)

I grabbed her by her waist and threw them to the ground. After another long, wet kiss I turned her around and held her waist high. As I made her go to the pub, her sex was already obvious.

I lifted her skirt and gave her nice spanks. kritika Bakshi groaned in delight. Looking at Mohit, she asked her if she could hand over the condom box to Armaan. Both of us stripped off one another. (Young Sex Stories)

She looked like an angel in heaven. Her skin was silky smooth and looked like pearls. Her fair skin was revealing her nerves. Urvashi Rautela is the actress she most closely looks like. (Young Sex Stories Part 2)

After 30 minutes of foreplay, the condoms were put in and I pushed Mohit into her pussy. Her moan was loud and I turned to Mohit, who was looking excited and had released his cum twice. He was now limp.

My dark brown dick contrasted kritika Bakshi’s fair skin tone. We fucked three times that night in different positions – missionary, cowgirl and anal doggy. I also tied her to the bed and gave her an intense fuck. I was shocked to see how innocent she was.

Mohit cummmed again and was left without any strength. However, he watched us and continued to watch.. we fell asleep naked with our hands on each other’s boobs, and her hands touching mine.

kritika Bakshi slept peacefully beside me the next morning when I awoke. I hugged her tightly and gave her a tight spank. She smiled at me, got up and kissed my lips. (Young Sex Stories Part 2)

Mohit joined us and we started to love each other. Now I had more ideas on how to make kritika Bakshi my personal slut. kritika Bakshi was asked to accompany me to my house for the whole day. She was open to it. (Young Sex Stories)

Mohit was informed by me that I would take her to the airport with me. I will pick her up tomorrow from your home. Mohit was limited by his options, as kritika Bakshi had already accepted this. She took a few items that she had left at her home, and we headed to my house. (Young Sex Stories Part 2)

We left his house after breakfast. I’ll write the next part about kritika Bakshi collecting pizzas from the delivery man wearing only her skimpy lingerie. I also made her the trophy for my adult version of Musical Chair. We had a great time and had a lot of fun. (Young Sex Stories)

Keep sending me feedbacks until then. For a cuckold or threesome, couples from Noida Delhi (preferably below 35), can contact me. (Young Sex Stories Part 2)

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