Enjoying Hot Sex In Front Of Her Bf | Young Sex Stories

Enjoying Hot Sex In Front Of Her Bf | Young Sex Stories

Hello friends, today’s story of Ritu ji is spoken by Shobit, thanks Ritu ji, you have given me this opportunity to preBakshit your stories Hello everyone, it’s Shobit sharing with you another hilarious moment that I had with the wife of one of wildfantasystory readers. 

About me: I am a young handsome, attractive guy working for a reputable MNC and previously wrote an article entitled “Enjoying Kritika Bakshi before her husband’. I received a lot of responses including positive feedback and words of thanks while others wanted to do similar things for their wife but weren’t sure where and where to begin. (Young Sex Stories)

There were a few replies from people who were between 35 and 35 and wanted to be threesomes, however, I ruled them out as I prefer the woman to be under 30. (Young Sex Stories)

One day I received a msg via Hangout from a guy from Delhi (name Mohit, age 25) and he told me that he as well as their GF (name Annie, 23) have decided to form threesomes and are looking for a suitable man and that he was really impressed by my story. (Young Sex Story)

We talked and became more friendly. I was told by him that this was the plan he had to allow Annie to play with other guys, and, after a lot of work, he was able to convince her to do the same. When I asked him by me, he admitted that he has more than a threesome and is looking to be manipulated and watch a guy do the same to his beautiful GF. (Young Sex Stories)

After three days, he had me speak to Annie which made me tell that Annie was also comfortable with the thought of being fucked by a different male and this was a major attraction for her.

Over these few days, We decided to meet at a nightclub in Noida and we had thought of starting the party right there since I was permitted to dance with her in the manner that the BF-GF would. (Young Sex Stories)

I told them that I enjoyed the idea but would like to meet them in person first, or perhaps meet once at a coffee shop or at a mall to make sure that we are compatible (by the way we look and our personalities). We then met for a video chat where Annie put an eye mask over her face. (Young Sex Stories)

We were anxious because this was the first time being more anxious than me, and it was evident.

We had a pretty regular chat that lasted about five minutes, but it was clear that we were in love and were excited to finally meet (don’t worry, folks I’ll detail the way Annie appears in a few minutes and it’s well worth the wait!)

The day was here and I was so excited to be dressed and looked nice. I was waiting at the front in the No Limits lounge when they arrived. Mohit was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt. He was an attractive and stylish guy. (Young Sex Story)

Annie however, on the contrary, was hot! She was extremely pretty and flawless in her skin. She was 5’4” tall and had a body size of 34-28-34 with perfect curves. She wore a black dress that was about 3-4 inches shorter than her knees and showed a little body cleavage. (Young Sex Stories)

She wore heels that made her appear larger, but the best feature she had was her smile! There were dimples on her cheeks and they make me to my knees in pain. The scent was feminine. (Young Sex Story)

I knew it was an opportunity to not miss and I was already imagining her beautiful red lips that would wrap around my intimate dick. (Young Sex Stories)

My mind was racing through all sorts of crazy thoughts, we welcomed one another as we entered the club. The first one to sit was me. one to sit down, followed by Mohit, and when Annie was poised to sit with Mohit He ensured that his GF is sitting next to me. (Young Sex Story)

The discussions started, and so was the meal and drink. The conversation was shifting towards sexuality and the reason we all were there and this provided me with the chance to be even close to Annie and our legs began to rub. Both of us Mohit were drinking beers, whereas Annie initially went to Vodka and then a few drinks. (Young Sex Stories)

I took a chance and laid my fingers on her thighs of her. at the point that my hands were in contact with her skin (which was as smooth as butter), she was able to close her thighs first but I did not move my hands, and then she let and let it loose. There was an expression of happiness on her face, and her cheeks were swollen with dimples. (Young Sex Stories)

My hands were moving in a slow, steady way up her thighs. Then she put her hands close to my bottom. Mohit was unable to comprehend what was happening but could see that we were playing with each other and enjoying fun together.

I took Annie’s hand and put it on top of my crotch. It was extremely hard to get off. In the beginning, for 30 seconds, she didn’t have any sign of response, however, she then squeezed my dick and made me feel into a rage. My fingers reached into her legs, just a couple of inches from her genitals and she was sexy with a smiling face.

Mohit was then adamant to get on the dance floor, however, I arranged for two shots for each of us before starting the dance. After taking the shots, we were on the dance floor, and in under an hour I as well as Annie were in arms, while Mohit was watching and having fun. (Young Sex Story)

Then he said something in her ears before heading to sit down. He was able to see us from the seat. At once, Annie began to get more confident and held me close. My hands were draped over her waist, and I slowly moved them to her thigh.(Young Sex Stories)

I then squeezed them until she let a tiny moan out of her mouth. I continued to swat them around which was the most satisfying memory I’ve ever had. her tummy was more than perfect. The kiss I gave Annie the neck and she reciprocated. Then our lips became locked and I wanted to end the at that point and move on. (Young Sex Stories)

We had overcome our fears of the crowd (anyways everyone was dancing with their friends or couples).

As we parted ways, Annie turned her back towards me. She was moving her sexy ass(gaand) all over my dick(Lund) while my hands were placed upon her hips. In a split second, I glanced at Mohit as he stood staring at us with a smile.

I would kiss the neck of her back often. I then whispered something that was in her ear, which she could not hear due to dancing ( or lied to pretend that she could not be able to hear clearly). I then typed it into my phone and asked her to read it out loud ” I dare you to open your undergarments and then dance with me”. (Young Sex Stories)

She went through it and kissed me on the cheeks, glared at me, and told me to wait sometime before she left for the bathroom.

I returned to the table, and I sat down with Mohit who was curious about what had happened I just casually mentioned to her that she was going to go to the bathroom. Mohit told me that he loved the show immensely and was extremely hard to resist. He said that he’d never seen Annie so sexy and bold. (Young Sex Stories)

Then Annie was out, while I stood up, and we walked back to the ground. She whispered dare finished and then what was do we do next? Her words caused a new rush of blood to flow through my dick. I went over her boobs and arse and could tell that she was not wearing something under her clothes.

The dance continued, as were the kisses. The gush, and her body rubbing my dick. We were constantly greeted with glances from a few guys, but who is going to care when you have a young and hot girl eager to have fun with a guy, and all with her BF’s blessing? (Young Sex Story)

Sometimes she would stroke my dick, and then the next time she would follow it up by kissing my lips. I would offer her a couple of shots every 30 minutes to keep her up. (Young Sex Stories)

I wasn’t aware of how fast the time went by until it was announced by the DJ that he was playing the final track. Then we returned to the seats, in which Annie was kissing Mohit and asked him how was the kiss and if was he content today.(Young Sex Stories)

Mohit claimed that it was hot and it was the most enjoyable ever night. Annie told him ‘Abhi to”Raat Shuru Hui Hai,” Kyu na hum hum Shobit Tumhare Ghar Le Chale. Aj tumhe dikha hu detail ho ki mere choot k Andar dusre use admi ka Lund Kaisa Dikhega’ (the night has just begun, why don’t you go on a ride with Shobit home to return back your apartment.(Young Sex Stories)

I’ll demonstrate to you how a different male’s dick feels inside of my body).

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