Sex Before Marriage | Virgin College Girl Sex Story Part-2

Sex Before Marriage | Virgin College Girl Sex Story Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, from Connaught Place. I am back again here to tell you a sex story named “Sex Before Marriage | Virgin College Girl Sex Story Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it.

How did my virgin college girl pussy fuck, that is what you are going to read in this story? I used to have itching in my pussy, but I did not think of taking any cock in my virgin pussy. First Part Of Virgin College Girl Sex Story, I naively opened the pussy in front of a boy, I read that I went to my identity shop to get a razor to clean the hair of the pussy. He did not have a razor, so he asked to be brought home in some time.

When he came to my house to give razor, I called him inside. He started telling me about how he cleans his hair. In conversation, he convinced me to clean my armpit hair. Then he cleaned the hair of my pussy in the same way. “How are you feeling?” Vijay asked with a wink. “Feeling great brother!” I answered simply.

“Let me see your pussy once again, don’t you!” Vijay said in persuasive words. “Surely see; After all, you’ve worked so hard to get it smooth!” I smiled and showed it to Vijay by lifting my skirt and pulling the panties down a bit. Vijay grabbed me and made me sit on the sofa. Pulling him off my panties completely and started looking at my pussy with admiring eyes.

After looking at the pussy for a while, Vijay said – Your pussy is looking very beautiful. Just as smooth as a slip bandage. “Shhh!” I blushed and lowered my skirt. “I want to kiss your desi fresh pussy once.” Vijay’s voice started trembling a bit.

“Chee: You’re talking such a dirty thing. A kiss from such a dirty place is taken a little!” I spoke while giving Vijay a turn. “Man, your pussy is looking very beautiful! Let me kiss you once!” requested Vijay again. I stood silently. I could not understand what should I do at this time.

In this, Vijay grabbed my hand and took me to the bedroom, and made me sit on the bed. “Let me kiss you one more time. You’ll have a lot of fun too.” Vijay said while lifting my skirt. I did not resist when Vijay raised the skirt. With this, Vijay courageously lifted my skirt up completely and pulled my panties down, and took them off. I felt that my heart rate was starting to increase.

Seeing my smooth bare pussy, Vijay became happy and he made me lie down on the bed, after which Vijay widened my legs a little and he slowly put his lips on my pussy. “UEEE EEE…” I started chirping as soon as I touched the pussy of Vijay’s lips and I closed my open legs. Vijay’s mouth closed between my two thighs.

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He forcibly widened my legs, again and again, he put his lips on my fresh pussy but he kept both his hands on my thighs so that I could not lock my legs again. Now Vijay started licking my pussy from bottom to top with his tongue. With the touch of Vijay’s tongue, I felt something tickling inside and felt some juice leaking inside the pussy.

As Vijay started licking my pussy, my body was not in control and I also started supporting Vijay by tossing my buttocks down. On its own, my fingers started running in Vijay’s hair and I started pressing his head towards my pussy. Whether the words started coming out of my mouth in the form of a murmur.

After licking my pussy for a while, Vijay spread my suck from both sides and started looking at my clitoris. Now he put his tongue in my outstretched pussy and grabbed my fist and started sucking. In this act of Vijay, it was like a fire in me and I started sobbing like a fish. 

I tried to get out of his grip by vigorously shaking my buttocks here and there and up and down vigorously, but Vijay was holding me firmly, he put his tongue deep in my pussy while torturing me more.

“Ah hmmh huhh… ooey eesh… my mouth started to spit and shame slowly started pouring down on me. The mind was saying that what is happening is wrong, but the mind was wishing that someone should fuck me well. Then suddenly my body started twitching and sex juice started flowing from my pussy. I felt as if I had collapsed.

Then suddenly Vijay removed his mouth from my pussy and asked- How is Aisha feeling? “I don’t know Vijay… but it is feeling very hot inside, something strange is happening inside me,” I replied with a gasp to Vijay. I now realized that ‘bhaiya’ was not coming out of my mouth for Vijay and I started calling him by name.

“This is happening because my dear Aisha, your pussy is wanting a cock now. If you say yes, should I fuck him?” Vijay looked into my eyes and said. I could clearly see the lust for myself in his eyes. “Do whatever you want to do, just take care that I don’t get pregnant,” I said compelled by the hands of my heart.

“Don’t worry about it, Aisha! I will fuck you with a condom.” Vijay said while caressing my pussy. Vijay quickly took off all his clothes and became completely naked. His cock was fully erect and his betel nut was looking ruddy red. Vijay has now taken off my skirt and t-shirt completely; Next to me, he kissed my lips and took me in his arms, he also opened the hook of my bra and took off the bra, and threw it aside.

Now I too was completely naked and ready to kiss from inside. Vijay started sucking my lips down and he kissed my neck after that, he felt the pussy while caressing my breasts. Due to his work, the flame started becoming prevalent in me too. I also took her in my arms and started replying to her kiss by twirling fingers in her hair.

When Vijay put his tongue in my navel, I got intoxicated as if I was in a swoon. Vijay kissed my whole body diligently. Now Vijay put a condom on his cock and sat in between my legs. By spreading both my legs, Vijay put his cock in the hole of my pussy and pushed. But the target of his cock was missed.

Vijay once again tried to put it in my pussy but his cock slipped again and could not enter the hole. Now Vijay put a pillow under my waist and spread my legs and folded them.
By doing this, my pussy opened a little from the front and this time when Vijay pushed a cock on my pussy, then the cap of his cock entered my tight pussy.

But I started having some pain so I asked Vijay to take out the cock. Vijay took out his cock and put some oil in my pussy and again put his cock inside. This time his cock went a little deeper in my pussy and I did not feel much pain. When Vijay lightly hit six-seven more, he got success in putting the whole cock in my pussy.

When Vijay was putting a cock in my pussy, I did feel a little pain, but overall I was enjoying it more than the pain. After putting the whole cock in the pussy, Vijay started putting the cock inside out in my pussy. Friends, very soon my pussy started enjoying it and I wrapped both my legs around Vijay’s waist and I also started enjoying the fuck by bouncing my bum from below. Vijay now lay all over me and he continued to fuck me.

The room now began to make a sound of fluff in the form of fuzzy ahhhhhhhhhhh coming out of my mouth and the cocks being inside out. Vijay’s cock was getting inside out very easily in my pussy. And friends, I was enjoying sex so much that I was thinking that he would keep me trapped in my pussy like this for the rest of my life. In between, I used to feel in my body and I used to feel something leaking from my pussy, I understood that I am falling again and again.

After a while, Vijay started choking me very fast and fell off making a vague sound from his mouth. Along with me, Vijay’s heart was also beating very fast like a bellow. Vijay immediately took out his cock from my pussy and removed the condom from his cock.

When Vijay took the cock out, he saw that there is no blood from my pussy anywhere on the condom as it usually comes out in the first kiss. Vijay asked me in surprise – Aisha, have you taken someone’s cock before? Is your seal already broken?

Then I explained to Vijay that I have definitely inserted a finger in my pussy by being in solitude, but this is my first interview with the cock of my pussy. I may have broken my seal when I put my finger in my pussy and I didn’t have any bleeding from the first kiss.

For a while, Vijay and I lay bare in each other’s arms. After some time I felt the desire to pee. When I went to the washroom and did my pee, I found that I had a lot of urine and during urine discharge, a slight whistling sound was coming out of my pussy. After some time Vijay’s cock got up again and he once again expressed his desire to have sex.

He warmed me again by caressing my pussy. Once again my pussy enjoys the hot fuck from Vijay’s cock. After licking me twice, Vijay happily went back. The itching I was having for cocks in my pussy for a long time has now subsided. After Vijay’s departure, I went to take a bath for the third time and I cleaned the whole body by rubbing it.

I felt that the scent of Vijay’s body was still coming from inside my body. Coming out, I again looked at my bare body in the mirror and started smiling at the sight of my smooth pussy. After sex, I felt very light in my body and I fell asleep happily. The next day I was again fucked by Vijay and after that whenever we got a chance, both of us used to enjoy sex.

Friends, this was the story of my Virgin College Girl Sex Story! I hope you must have liked it.

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