Sex Before Marriage | Virgin College Girl Sex Story

Sex Before Marriage | Virgin College Girl Sex Story

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan, I am back again here to tell you a sex story named “Sex Before Marriage | Virgin College Girl Sex Story“. I am sure you all will love it. If you want to read more stories like that so you can visit “

Friends, when I took admitted to college, I was a little over 19 years old. I lived at Lajpat Nagar in a hostel and my room partner was a girl named Preeti. Both of us had taken a new step in our youth and due to this reason, both of them started itching more in their pussy.

Staying in the hostel, we started taking interest in reading books with bare pictures. Later on, gradually, a lesbian relationship also developed between me and Preeti. We both used to point fingers at each other’s pussy and also used to suck on each other’s breasts. Now both of us started having a lot of desire to take cocks in our pussy.

That’s when I came home during the winter holidays. For the past many days, I had not removed the hair from my underarms and pussy. One day everyone had gone out of my house for two days, so I thought why not do this work alone? I also had to buy some other items from the market. So I went to the market with my scooty and after buying all the goods came to a general store.

This general store belonged to an uncle who lived very close to us. But his son Vijay was sitting on the counter, not his. Seeing me, he smiled and said – Hello Aisha! What do you want? “Brother, I want a lady to shave razor!” I replied in reply to Vijay’s namaste.

Vijay looked in the shop and found that ‘Lady Shave Razor’ was over with him. He told me – Aisha, I do not have it now, if I order it in two-three days, will it work? “Brother, there is no one in the house right now, so I was wishing that today I will do the shaving. Come on, it doesn’t matter, I go to the market and buy it from somewhere else. I went on speaking in my own tune without thinking.

“Hey, there is no need to go anywhere else for this much work. You come home, I will order it in a while and give it to you at home myself. Vijay explained to me and sent me home. I came home following Vijay’s advice and after preparing my own food, I thought it would be better to shave after taking a bath because both skin and hair are soft and shave well.

When I came out of the washroom after taking a bath, I saw someone ringing the main door call bell. At this time I was wearing an armless gown. Vijay was standing when I opened the door. He gave me the Lady Shave Razor. I thanked Vijay and asked him to stop so that I could bring the money from inside and give it to him.

Vijay asked me for a glass of water so I asked him to come and sit in the house and I went inside to get water and money. When I wanted to give money to Vijay by giving water, he refused and said – don’t pay money for such items. If you need anything else, then definitely remember me.

“thank you so much. You solved a big problem for me.” I said thanking Vijay. “If you have to remove the hair of a delicate area, then remove it with a little care, otherwise the skin gets cut with the razor! Before you shave, apply shaving cream and make foam with a brush, then shave. What should I do if I need help?” Vijay smiled mischievously. “No no… I will do it myself; Now you go.” I told Vijay.

“Then why are you shy, man? If I shave well, it will be great to see your boyfriend.” Vijay stood up to leave and spoke to me. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, but I don’t have a boyfriend anyway,” I said almost pushing Vijay. “If you really don’t have a boyfriend, then shave well, you will get a good boyfriend. Believe me, know one thing from me the right way of shaving. Then always keep moving smoothly. Vijay said in a mood to tease me.

Hearing Vijay’s argument, my mind also started feeling a bit turbulent from the inside. I was so brainwashed by his arguments that I also felt that I should shave well. I thought to myself that if I allow Vijay to save my underarms, then later I will be able to shave my own pussy knowing the right way of shaving.

With courage, I told Vijay – Brother, if you think it right, then by shaving the hair of my underarms, tell me the right way. I’ll do the rest myself. Vijay became very happy after listening to me and he said – Exactly Aisha. If you are ready, I will shave now. You wait, I bring home the shaving brush and cream.

Saying this Vijay went to his house and immediately came back with shaving cream and a brush. Vijay asked me to sit on a stool and I sat down on the stool as he said. I was wearing a sleeveless gown so there was no need to expose my underarms too much.

Vijay first raised my right hand and applied shaving cream on my underarm and made the skin soft by foaming it with a brush. After this, with the help of a ladies’ razor, all the hair on the underarm was shaved. He repeated the same process for my left underarm.

After this, he wiped my underarm clean with a wet cloth. After this Vijay said to me – Aisha now look, your underarm is smooth and clean looking so beautiful. I looked up at the mirror of the dressing table with my arm up. Actually, both my armpits were smooth and looked very beautiful.

Vijay took some body lotion and massaged it by applying it to my underarms. Then I happily thanked Vijay. I told Vijay – you sit. I’ll make your coffee. “Let me shave there too, then you can make me drink coffee together!” Vijay said, pointing to my legs.

“shameless! I will do the shaving of the rest of the area myself.” I laughed and refused Vijay and brought him coffee. While drinking coffee, Vijay again explained to me that the shaving of that place is done very carefully. Otherwise, the skin gets cut. He told me again and again that he would be very careful shaving my clumps.

Vijay hypnotized me with his words and arguments so much that I agreed to get my pussy shaving done by him. As soon as I agreed and gave my consent, Vijay’s face was as if the joy of conquering Everest was filled. After drinking coffee, Vijay took an old towel from me and laid it on the bed. As per Vijay’s instructions, I lay down on the bed in such a way that my buttocks were on the towel.

Climbing on the bed, Vijay also sat by my feet and he slowly started lifting my gown up. Out of shame, I covered my eyes with my hand and closed them. Seeing this, Vijay laughed out loud and asked me to open my eyes. When I did not open my eyes, Vijay removed my hand from my eyes and lovingly said to me – there is no need to be so shy, Aisha! In just 15 minutes your forest will be wiped out.

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Now Vijay has completely lifted my gown. Inside I was wearing plain panty. Vijay started taking off my panties and at his request, I helped him in taking off my panties by raising my buttocks. Now my bare pussy was in front of Vijay’s eyes and he was looking at the curly black hair on my pussy.

When Vijay kept staring at my pussy for a long time, I told him – Hey hurry, what are you looking at? When I said this, Vijay was hesitant and he applied some shaving cream on the pussy and started making foam in the hairy part of my pussy with a brush. I was getting a slight tickle when the brush touched the pussy and in spite of not wanting to, the sound of ‘ahhhhhhh’ started coming out lightly from my mouth.

After the skin became soft, Vijay shaved my pussy with a light hand and after that asked me to take my side and widen the legs. I lay down on my side as instructed by Vijay. Now Vijay applied the cream to my anus and removed the hair around the anus by shaving too.

To be honest, in this whole action, Vijay kept himself under control and removed the hair from my pussy as well as the area around my ass, which I could not remove myself. “Beautiful!” After finishing his work, Vijay said, wiping the part of my pussy with a towel.

“Now take a shower and see… you are looking smooth and beautiful everywhere.” Vijay said while washing his hands. “Thanks a lot, brother. You sit, I just took a bath.” I smiled at Vijay and went to take a towel. I took a good look at my body while taking a bath, really my inner parts looked soft and beautiful. Because of the hair removal, my pussy looked really beautiful.

I was getting thrilled even thinking that my pussy has been shaved by a boy. Well, I came out after taking a bath and put the towel to dry. Now I sat in front of Vijay smiling. Vijay was also smiling mischievously looking at me.

The sexy story of the virgin college girl sex story will continue.

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