How I Fucked my Tuition Friend | Delhi Girl Sex Story

How I Fucked my Tuition Friend | Delhi Girl Sex Story

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Delhi Girl sex story who’s my neighborhood. She and I used to study tuition from the same teacher. How did I get set up with that? This is about the time when I stepped on the threshold of youth. I was looking for a girlfriend. For a few days, I did not get any girls, so I used to masturbate only and get the job done.

One day, when I was standing on my terrace, a girl appeared on the roof of the house in front. Her height must have been about 5 feet 5 inches. Age around 19 years old, round face, pink lips. Her cheeks were red like apples and her figure must have been around 34-28-36.

her hair was slightly blonde or he had colored her hair. Seeing him, my heart was burning that now I should go and put a penis in her mouth. She was looking at me and I was looking at her. Then I got down and came into the street. I came to know that these people have come here to live on rent. All of them are residents of Connaught Place.

I am very glad to know. Anyway, such a hot girl could only be from Delhi. At night I slept with the fist of her name. The next day she saw me going to school but nothing could be said to her. When I went to tuition in the evening, I saw that she also goes to tuition there. When I said hello to her, she also said hi.

But she did not talk much, so nothing else could be said to her. In her affair, I also started going to tuition every day. One day I got a chance and I wrote my phone number in her book.
I waited for her call till 2 pm but her call did not come. As usual, I fell asleep with the fist of her name.

Three days later her phone rang. When I picked up the phone, there was no sound there. I didn’t know whose phone it was. Since the call was from a new number, I thought he might have done it. I saved that number. The next day at the tuition he told me that I had called at night. Hearing this, it was like my lottery had come out.

Now I talked to that Delhi girl on the message, then she said- call me. I phoned him. We started talking on the phone. Now let me tell you her name. Her name was Azra. Slowly both of us started talking on the phone for a long time. Our friendship was starting to deepen. I liked him.

Then one day we both went to see a movie. I was sitting on my seat, he put her head on my shoulder. The film was romantic so kissing scenes were going on. When I asked him to kiss me, he refused. She said- I have never kissed.

The truth was that I had neither kissed nor touched any girl. That’s why I was also nervous but she agreed with my insistence. I turned her face towards me with my hands and placed my lips on her lips. I started drinking the juice from her lips. Kissing for the first time brought current to me. I started sucking her lips mercilessly and started biting.

I put my hand between her legs, but the hand did not touch the pussy. He already stopped me. I put my tongue in her mouth. Then he also put his tongue in my mouth. I sucked his tongue gleefully for two minutes. We both went hot.

After watching the film, both of us caught the auto and kissed twice in the auto too. What is the fun of living life, I knew now. I dropped him off near his house and came to my house. Then I started waiting for the night to happen because both of us used to talk on the phone at night.

At night he got a call, I asked him about sex. She said- I am a virgin now but I have had lesbian sex with my school friend. I asked her – what did you do in lesbian with your friend? She told- we both used to kiss and suck each other’s boobs, used to lick pussy. I was completely surprised to hear all this.

She further told that she likes to lick pussy, but she has never had sex with any boy. I was hurt by his kind words. Dick was not ready to accept. I had to fist twice, then the penis became loose. Now I wanted to fuck her as soon as possible. Wanted to drink the juice of his pussy. Wanted to lick her nipples, wanted to suck.

I asked him for his pussy, but he refused to say that I am scared. I tried to explain it to him, but he said – will do it after a few days. Here my penis was saluting his name, I could not understand what to do. The next day she did not even come to the tuition.

I asked him on the phone at night, then he told me that he is getting a Menstrual Cycle. Only the roundness of his nipples and his pussy used to enter my mind. I wanted to play from his youth. A week later she came to tuition. At that time there were only four people in the tuition class. Me, he and two younger class kids lived on our street.

I looked at him and pressed his teat as soon as he saw the opportunity. His teat was as big as mango and was very tight. On pressing the teat, he did not say anything but smiled. I got the signal. I wanted to touch his pussy, but when I heard some people coming, I opened the book and started reading.

She laughed with her lips pressed. As I told you above that she used to live in front of our house. One day she came to our house for some work. I asked her for her notebook, so she had come again to give me the book. Due to the presence of everyone at home, I could not do anything, but I knew that in the evening there would be no one at home, everyone would go to the wedding.

So I told him to take my book back in the evening. Now I started waiting for the evening. When it was not there, at last, I smacked his name and removed the water from the penis. Now that evening has also arrived, which I was eagerly waiting for. I had also cleaned the hair of my penis. I was sitting with all the arrangements that Azra would come and I would give a penis in her mouth.

Then I’ll lick his ass too. I don’t know why it seemed again and again that her pussy would be pink. It was cold time, I was waiting for him in a blanket. The doorbell of the house rang. I hurriedly opened the gate and saw that she had come wearing a red T-shirt and blue Capri. His hair was open. Lipstick was on her lips.

I brought him to the room. I didn’t want it too early so that he wouldn’t feel bad. I controlled myself and talked normally to him for a while. Then I came to the topic of sex. She said- I am afraid to have sex. I’ve only been lesbian twice. I explained to her and talked with love.

While talking, I started stroking his ear and sometimes stroking his neck. I started kissing his neck and started licking it with my tongue. Now that too started getting hot and we started kissing. Sometimes on the cheek, sometimes on the lips, sometimes on the neck. I put my tongue in her mouth, then she started sucking my tongue.

Now I hold him tightly. I started running my hand all over his body. At last, I put my hand on his velvety smooth pussy. As soon as he touched the pussy, he felt like a current. She was getting a man’s hand on her pussy for the first time.

At the same time, the sobs of ‘Aa…aa…em…em…is…’ started coming out of his mouth. His voice got me excited. I was stroking his pussy with one hand and putting one hand inside his T-shirt. She was not wearing a bra or panties, the smell of her body was making me intoxicated.

Then I unbuttoned his Capri and lowered the Capri a bit; Started caressing the pussy properly. He was having fun. It was exactly as I thought. Her ass was also completely pink. After all, the girl was from Delhi. I started mashing the grain of his pussy and licking his whole body. His pussy was releasing water.

The fingers of my hand were wet with pussy juice. I put that juicy finger in his mouth. She started licking the juice of her pussy. Then I took off his Capri and started pressing his ass hard, started mashing. His ass turned red because of pressing.

Suddenly she said that I can’t have sex right now, it’s all wrong, they all do it after marriage. She started freeing herself from me, but where was I going to leave? I held him tightly. I said- I want to suck your pussy. She didn’t say anything and went away wearing her Capri.

But the house upstairs is late, not dark. I stopped talking to him on the phone. Two days later his phone rang. He said- Today my parents have gone out. Whatever you want to do today, do it. I will call at night, come. My happiness knew no bounds after listening to him.

At night I was sitting ready. When his call came, he said that the gate of the house is open and there is no one in the house. You come in without a knock. I happily came to his house. She was wearing a baby doll with a black net and a cent. With red lipstick on her lips and kajal in her eyes, she looked like a hero of paradise.

I went and hugged her and started sucking on her lips, started kissing her neck, and started mashing her teat. I took off his clothes. She was wearing bra panties. I started kissing her again. The tongue started rolling on his navel. I started sucking on Azra’s nipples, then she started filling in a drunken hiss- mmm… ahhhh… aess!

Sitting on my knees, I started kissing his stomach, started pressing his ass hard. Then I started moving one of my fingers on the crack of his pussy and started caressing the grain of the pussy from the top of the panty. She shivered and at the same time, I grabbed the grain of her pussy and started mashing it. She just went crazy.

From the top of the panties, I started rolling my tongue on his pussy and started biting on the pussy. She started pressing her pussy in my mouth. After some time I started kissing his waist and started licking his thighs. My penis was hurting due to stiffness. I was not being stopped.

Then I came to the main work and in one stroke I took off his bra panties and separated them. Ah… she looked no less than a porn star. I put him on the bed and spread both his legs. Now in front of me, her pink pussy was openly smiling. The grain of the pussy was raised like a red grain of pomegranate.

I caressed his pussy and rubbed the grain for a few minutes. His water had started coming out. Without delay, I put my tongue on his pussy and started licking the water of the pussy. As soon as I felt my tongue, it shook as if it had been electrocuted. I had made his pussy red by licking it.

She was hot again and she trapped me in her legs. Raising her ass, she started saying – ah, lick my pussy full … ah and lick it hard and suck it … ah suck all its juice … it has bothered me a lot. Suck even the grain of my pussy, chew it, put your whole tongue in the pussy… ussss… Mmm…

She was moving like a fish without water and was pressing her boobs. I was intoxicated by the intoxicating scent of his pussy. I was licking a girl’s pussy for the first time.
Hearing his words filled me with more enthusiasm. My penis was getting worse.

Then she grabbed my head and started pressing on my pussy. She herself started moving her ass vigorously. He had again let go of the water in his pussy. I licked all the water. She was taking long deep breaths lying down and looking at me. I took off my jeans and gave the penis in his hand.

She started caressing the penis with her hand. Then as soon as I said, he immediately took the penis in his mouth and started sucking. Sometimes she was sucking my penis inside and sometimes she was rolling her lips on betel nut.

Now my hissing started coming out – ah… sass… mmmmm mmm… aaaashah… sucking whore sucks my penis! She was also engaged in sucking my penis for fun.

After some time I made him lie straight on the bed and put my penis in the mouth of his pussy. She began to whisper to take the penis in a sigh. When I applied a little force, only the betel nut had just ripped the clefts of the pussy and went inside that she screamed – Aa… dead mother!

I put my lips on his lips and in one stroke put the penis in his pussy. She started sobbing and groping my waist, trying to shout. I removed my lips looking at his trepidation. She started crying to me and said – I am in a lot of pain. You take out your penis and my pussy bursts.

But I did not listen to him and slowly started putting the penis inside out. After a while, he also started having fun. She shook her waist and started kissing. Now his voices had changed – ah… and fuck me… and fuck fast… ah tear my pussy, tear my ass too… ah and put the penis inside… put the whole thing inside… fuck fast.

For some time, the banging went on, then it started twitching. I understood that his water was about to come out, so I started banging him harder. Then his water came out and he squeezed me. I stopped and let him calm down. After a while, I started pelting him again. She also started enjoying it.

After ten minutes my water was about to come out. She started saying – don’t take your water in my pussy. I pulled the penis from the pussy and turned it towards his mouth. She started sucking my penis in her mouth and the water of my penis came out of her mouth.

She drank all my water. Then we both went to the washroom. There were marks of blood on his pussy. We both took a bath and I kissed her on her pussy. He kissed my penis. Then I came to my house. Friends, it was fun to have Delhi sex for the first time. After that, I fucked him several times.

I will tell you in the next sex story how I fucked him and his uncle’s girl together. Friends… how was my Delhi girl sex story. You will definitely tell me.

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