First Love and Sex | Hot School Girl Sex Story Part-2

First Love and Sex | Hot School Girl Sex Story Part-2

Hello Guys I am Sofia Khan from Jaipur, I am back again here to tell you a sex story that’s named “First Love and Sex | Hot School Girl Sex Story Part-2“. I am sure you all will love it.

A woman also said – Come on, it doesn’t matter if there is pain, don’t panic even if a little blood comes out. Happens the first time. Blood … !!!? I was very nervous, blood also comes out in the first fuck. Now it is confirmed that I will not fuck with Harshit. What will I get by getting my blood out by tearing my hole with such a fat dick?

I thought, don’t fall under Harshit… come what may. Well, we all came back from the wedding, so the same old routine from the next day itself. But there was a difference in this routine that now I started going to the front gate. ridhimajain still used to go through the back gate only.

Then the next day Harshit’s message came don’t come from the front gate, come from the back gate, otherwise, I will humiliate you in front of everyone. Out of fear, I came the next day through the back gate. So Harshit first told me a lot of lies, and then asked me to suck his dick as a punishment.

When he took out his dirty dick and showed it to me, I refused as soon as I saw it – this dirty thing… I should never touch it! overcome it! But Harshit forced me to sit down and put his dick in my mouth. This was very dirty and ridiculous work. I didn’t like it at all, but because of Harshit’s fear, as he said, I sucked his dick. ridhimajain also sucked Kapil’s dick.

We didn’t have much time, so after sucking for just 1-2 minutes, we got free from his hold and went home. Later when we were coming back home. So I asked ridhimajain – what a disgusting act it was, dirty and smelly, I felt very bad. how did you feel So ridhimajain said – I liked it.

Surprised I asked – did you like it, did you like it? ridhimajain said – I don’t know… but I liked everything, its taste, its fragrance too, everything was nice. I asked – will you suck again?
She said – Yes if I still get a chance, I will suck it now. Then I thought, maybe I had overreacted, if seen then it was not that bad.

Once again Harshit and Kapil made a program to show us the film, we also went to see the film with them by lying in our house, but they did not let us both watch the film. As soon as the lights of the cinema hall went off, both of them put theirs inside our shirts.

Come on, we also liked to press our breasts, and after that, we would kiss, again and again, sometimes the chewed food from his mouth would come in our mouth, and sometimes whatever we were eating, he would snatch it away from our mouth. After a while, both of them took out their dicks by opening their pants. Rigid manly dicks, first we caressed them by hand, when they had more fun both of them forced us to suck their dicks.

ridhimajain was very much in love with Kapil’s dick, he sucked it with great pleasure. But I had a little problem at first, then later I also started sucking and sucking with a lot of heart. The water of both fell before the interval. Harshit as well as Kapil, both of them shot in our mouths. Mouthful of tangy, licorice-filled flavor. Then a cold drink was served especially to improve my mood and taste in my mouth.

Even after that, he kept scratching our bodies. When the movie got over, both of us girls heaved a sigh of relief that now we are free from these rascals. But this frost was not going to leave like this. Next week we got a message that the place has been arranged, next time they will go to that place and they will love us a lot.

Pyaar gaya bhaad mein… I knew the fuck was going to happen. I said to ridhimajain – the year he is taking us there for sex. ridhimajain said – so what happened, it has to be done sometime or the other, so let’s do it now. When they are saying then what is the problem in doing it, friends will have fun. I said- Hey O sex hungry, do you know how much pain is there in first sex?

But maybe ridhimajain had made up his mind that whatever happens, he has to have sex, whether the pain is less or more. That day it was Friday night and I and ridhimajain had a day off from school for some reason. Although we were at home, at 10 in the morning we were called at the back gate of the school itself.

Very scared, lying to the family members that it was a friend’s birthday, I took ridhimajain along with me and reached the back gate of the school. Harshit and Kapil were already there. Taking us along, he reached some other place far away from our locality on his own bike. I have never been to this area of ​​my city before.

We went to a house there. It seemed as if the house had been closed for a long time. When I asked Harshit, he said- Hey, this is the house of an old friend of mine and they have set out. That’s why there is no care for the house. Most of the house had no items. It was just that the floor was covered with wall-to-wall carpet.

Kapil went to another room with ridhimajain and here Harshit took me in his arms. I was very scared. First, he kept kissing me lovingly, then started caressing my chest. I was also intoxicated by his touch. But don’t know why fear was overpowering me. He removed my dupatta from my chest and threw it down and turned me on his side, kissing my face on the lips. His hot breath hitting my face was warming me too.

I also held her tightly in my arms, which made her feel that maybe I am also ready for sex. He pushed me down and lay on top of me. He opened both my legs with his feet and set his waist between my two thighs, in such a way that I could feel his dick on my ass.

He started rubbing his dick on my ass and took both my hands in his hands and pulled them up. Both of their lips were sticking to each other’s lips and both of us were engaged in sucking each other. After that, he got up and in front of me, he started taking off his clothes. He became completely naked in a minute. A young man of 6 feet and 8 inches long thick dick full stem whose brown cap was looking at me with his face raised.

I was shocked to see his dick. I started thinking, such a big dick will enter this small hole of mine. I got scared. But Harshit’s attention was not on my face, he came forward and started taking off my clothes too. I started crying out of fear and stopped her from taking off her clothes.

But still, he lifted my shirt, shirt, and bra up and took out both my milky white breasts and pressed them, sucked them and unzipped my salwar, and made me naked. He made me lie down hard and he himself also lay down on me. But I started crying out of fear of his huge dick. Harshit also got angry because of my crying.

He called out to Kapil – Oye Kapil, where have you reached? From there he called out – brother has conquered the field. Harshit got up and took me by the arm and took me to another room, I went there and saw ridhimajain lying completely naked under her hair. All the clothes of both were scattered here and there.

Harshit said- Look at her, she is also like you, your sister-in-law is doing drama, and seeing this, he took the whole dick in his anger. Let’s take out the hair and show it. Kapil pulled his dick out of ridhimajain’s burrow, Kapil’s dick was almost as thick as Harshit’s dick, just a little less than half an inch.

After that Harshit said – Come on, put it again! Kapil again placed his dick on ridhimajain’s bore and started pushing inside. ridhimajain screamed a little bit in pain, a little bit in agony, but Kapil pushed and pushed all his dick into her hole, and then started taking it out.

I looked at ridhimajain, at first she was looking at me, but then she looked at Kapil and herself grabbed her face and took out her long tongue, and put it in Kapil’s mouth. Kapil started sucking his tongue and then he also put his tongue in ridhimajain’s mouth. Unmindful of our presence, both of them got engrossed in giving vent to their lust.

I kept watching standing, then Harshit again made me lie down there with his strength and climbed on top of me. Now I was ready for my fuck that it has to happen today. Harshit kept his dick on my ass and pushed it inside, I felt as if someone had started inserting a stone into my body. I writhed in pain and started crying.

Well, some effort of Harshit paid off, and the top of his dick entered my virgin hole. But according to the way I was reacting, I also felt and probably Harshit also felt that something might go too wrong. My crying and shouting spoiled Harshit’s mood.

And he got up on top of me, started abusing me – you bitch, motherfucker, if you don’t have guts in pussy, then why did you make a friend. See how the sister-in-law is crying. sister fucker spoiled the whole mood. Run away from here son of a prostitute. Sister bitch.

And Harshit kicked my ass hard. I woke up in pain. One was a pain in my ass and now he had beaten my ass too. I somehow got up and went to another room, adjusting my clothes. Going there, I fixed my clothes and hair and sat quietly in a corner waiting for ridhimajain to leave.

After some time Kapil came out of the room, completely naked, and came and sat beside me, started explaining to me – see friend, all this happens in love. And anyway one day or the other you have to fuck. Then why is she creating so much drama? If you find Harshit’s dick big, then it doesn’t matter, look at it, mine is small, take it.

I asked – where is Harshit? He said – now you have given it to him, otherwise, he also has to do it. I talked to ridhimajain, and she agreed. Right now your friend is fucking my lover. I felt very bad, man, he used to swear to love me, and now he is fucking my own friend. I got up and stealthily looked in the other room, ridhimajain had his legs up in the air and Harshit was fucking ridhimajain with his fierce dick.

I was shocked to see it. What friendship should be made and with whom? The girl I befriended and the boy I fell in love with, both were unfaithful to me in front of me. I was just standing when Kapil came from behind, took me in his arms, and rubbed his dick on my ass. I pushed him away with hatred. He started laughing like shamelessly.

On the other hand, the sexy voices of ridhimajain and Harshit started coming from the other room, as if both were having a lot of fun, their water spilled and after some time both of them also came to us completely naked. I didn’t look at either of them with anger and hatred.

Harshit said – O Sharifzadi, look here, this is called a woman. you are sitting with a lock on your pussy, and looking here, she enjoyed two dicks to ridhimajain. Why ridhimajain, how did you feel? She also laughed shamelessly and said – It was fun man. You both are strong!

I said – I want to go home. Harshit said – And what pickle do we have to put for you. Come on brother, get dressed and come. Leave this naughty doll at home. But listen to one thing Sharifzadi. You have rejected the standing dick. After this, you will be blessed. Either you will yearn for dicks all your life, or you will become a whore. Not one, 5-5, 6-6 dicks will fuck you together, sister-in-law patrol.

I did not look at any of those three by raising my head even once. After a while, we all came back. After that, I stopped meeting ridhimajain, Harshit, or Kapil. But I would know. ridhimajain had a lot of sex with both of them. Every week they would go somewhere and fuck. Harshit also introduced ridhimajain to his 2-3 more friends. But I never dealt with him again.

Time has turned its back. I got married and didn’t have children, so I fell into the clutches of one of my old boyfriends and he turned me from a decent woman into a whore, and then I had to sleep with 6 men at once. That day I remembered Harshit’s curse. In truth, sometimes bad blessings that come out of the heart also affect a person. I was cursed by Harshit’s dick.

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